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20+ Best Wedding Dress Cleaning, Preservation & Storage Australia [2022]

Cleaning, preserving and storing wedding dresses is a beautiful thing. They're delicate and irreplaceable, so taking care of them is important. 

Choosing the right wedding dress preservationist and cleaning service is not an easy task. There are many things that should be considered before making your final decision. This article will provide you with a list of the best wedding dress cleaners, preservationists and storage in Australia.

This blog post will share a list of the best wedding dress cleaners and preservationist in Australia. If you have ever had to clean, preserve or store your wedding dress, this post is for you!

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    Best Wedding Dress Cleaning, Preservation and Storage

    MyDressbox - Wedding Dress Cleaning Specialists


    0477 480 325

    According to a recent survey, 67% of brides plan to have their wedding dress cleaned and boxed after the big day. MyDressbox is designed to make that process as easy as possible, without breaking the bank. Welcome.  Entrusting someone with your wedding gown to bring it back to its original glory is a big deal, but it needn't cost you the earth!

    MyDressbox offers three choices for washing your wedding dress, depending on the type and condition. It's as simple as picking the image that most closely resembles your garment. Choose the following box if your dress is filthy. Send us a photo of your dress and we'll help you choose.

    If you've already had your gown cleaned and just want to store it, you can buy MyDressbox storage boxes separately. Dress Box Company Wedding Dress Storage Boxes are also available. If you want a dress box that makes a statement, don't store a Dress Box Company box in the attic or closet. MyDressbox is a team of devoted bridal cleaners, dressmakers, and customer service professionals.

    Jeeves Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    jeeves dry cleaners wedding dress cleaning
    jeeves dry cleaners

    0418 622 690

    Jeeves Dry Washing is a family-owned business on Sydney's North Shore that specialises in wedding dress and curtain cleaning. Sydney's North Shore homeowners have trusted us with their daily dry cleaning and valuable clothing for over 30 years. The pleasant Jeeves staff will return your prized items in the finest condition possible.

    Only an experienced, skilled crew should handle your wedding gown. The Jeeves Wedding Gown cleaning service has 20 years of experience cleaning marks and stains from weddings.

    Jeeves dry cleaning plant features sophisticated, ecologically safe technology to clean Wedding Gowns. Our Wedding Gown washing team is equipped and skilled.

    Prestige Preservation - Wedding Dress Cleaner Australia

    prestige preservation

    screenshot taken from

    1300 131 513

    Preserve bridal dresses and other mementoes. Your once-in-a-lifetime dress should last forever! You may clean and preserve a new wedding dress, baptism gown, or third-generation heirloom with our MuseumStyleTM Heirloom Preservation Program.

    Specialists in Australia and New Zealand clean and launder bridal gowns. It's thoroughly checked. Trim, sequins, and lace are carefully cleaned for apparent and undetectable stains.

    Wedding dresses are treasured. Many brides prefer to heirloom their dress after carefully selecting it. A well-kept wedding dress might be passed down to a daughter or family friend.

    A one-day-old gown may not look dirty, but it needs meticulous cleaning. Perspiration and body oils are hidden. Long gowns will get dirty at the hemline and train, and there will be spills. Some stains grow with age through oxidation, causing discoloration, fabric weakness, and gown damage.

    White Knight Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    white knight dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    07 3865 2423

    Our customer support email has begun. Questions, complaints, compliments? White Knight Dry Cleaners is Brisbane's premier dry cleaner. We care for your clothes because you deserve to look well.

    White Knight Cleaners restores fire- and flood-damaged items. We can remove smoke odours after a fire or avoid mould, mildew, and other organisms when drying out water-damaged items. Our method eliminates germs, viruses, mould, and smoke odour.

    White Knight Dry Cleaners will dry clean your everyday clothes, wedding dress, and formal wear. We clean bedding, linens, and other household things. Most of your belongings are dry cleaned onsite and can be picked up within 24 hours.

    Crest Quality Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    crest quality dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    (03) 5229 2041

    Crest Dry Cleaners knows that your wedding day is a day to cherish forever. Same goes with your wedding dress. Crest preserves your wedding dress and memories.

    Wedding gowns are fashioned with delicate materials and might feature pearls, glass beads, plastic beads, diamantes, etc. These accessories can change your dress. You'll likely encounter drink spills, water, food, grass, dust, and soil stains.

    As soon as possible after the wedding, bring your dress to one of our locations. Our dry cleaners can then remediate stains quickly. Crest Dry Cleaners can have your gown cleaned, pressed, and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packed to prevent age-related discoloration. Your gown should never be stored in plastic.

    Contact us for our bridal discount package. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridal party parents, and flower girls are included. Crest Dry Cleaners serves Geelong, Surf Coast, and Melbourne. Since 1995, it's grown to three Geelong locations with around 20 employees. With 23+ years in the business, we can handle practically any clothing cleaning project.

    Centennial Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    centennial dry cleaners
    centennial dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    9560 4111

    Centennial Dry Cleaners is a Sydney institution. With a reputation for quality and convenience, consumers have entrusted us with their precious, priceless garments for over 20 years. The pleasant Centennial Team will do everything necessary to return your treasures in pristine condition.

    We don't take shortcuts and follow a strict Quality Control methodology. Both establishments employ GreenEarthTM and Hydrocarbon equipment and solvents. This ensures that every clothing is completely washed and cared for while being environmentally friendly.

    You won't find a more quality-focused Sydney dry cleaner and team. As a firm, we want to be outstanding continually. Our store awaits you. Your wedding dress may be your most precious attire. After a wedding, the bride's gown is often ruined. We know how vital it is to restore a bride's wedding gown to its original state.

    Farrington Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    farrington dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    (08) 9418 1129

    We can clean, package, and box bridal dresses. We store using acid-free tissue paper to prevent colour change. Worried about a family heritage bridal dress? Let us give you a professional appraisal before you decide to restore an older clothing.

    Wedding dress cleaning costs vary by style, intricacy, beading, and stains. If you live in the metro area, we'll come to your home for a free, no-obligation quote. We utilise eco-friendly chemicals and state-of-the-art gear to restore blouses, skirts, and pants. If you can wear it, we can clean it, including business suits, formal attire, and coats.

    Our Dry Cleaners & Key King - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    our dry cleaners key king

    screenshot taken from

    (02) 6262 9991

    Quality, convenience, and trust built our reputation. We offer dry cleaning, tailoring repairs, key cutting, vehicle & garage remotes, rubber stamps, hand & laser engravings, and more. We're a family-owned business that takes pride in serving our community and providing reliable service.

    Our expert crew provides superior clothing care, shoe repairs, etc. Regular training helps us hone our abilities and stay current on best garment care techniques. Two-hour dry cleaning and while-you-wait shoe repairs are also available.

    Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    karl chehade dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    1300 850 610

    KC Dry Cleaning has cleaned bridal gowns for generations of brides. We pay attention to every detail and take delight in creating smile-inducing results. Let KC Dry Cleaning protect your gown now.

    Wedding gowns are treasured. Many brides treasure their dresses after carefully selecting the perfect one. A well-kept gown might be passed down to a daughter or family friend.

    A one-day-old gown may not look dirty, but it needs meticulous cleaning. Perspiration and body oils are hidden. Long gowns will get dirty at the hemline and train, and there will be spills. Some stains grow with age through oxidation, causing discoloration, fabric weakness, and gown damage.

    Town & Country Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    town country dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    (03) 5241 3583

    We're dry cleaning professionals, so we use the newest technology, cleaning procedures, and stain-removal treatments. We respect local, national, and environmental safety guidelines to ensure corporate integrity. We want to change how you view dry cleaning.

    We've serviced Waurn Ponds, Highton, Belmont, Freshwater Creek, Armstrong Creek, Grovedale, Geelong, and neighbouring regions for over 20 years, so we understand your needs. Unlike other cleaners, we use eco-friendly procedures and care for your items.

    Wedding/Bridal Gowns are valuable. It's costly and contains particular memories. You must clean and store your wedding dress properly to prevent fading, damage, and ageing. If you take your Wedding/Bridal Gown to a non-specialist dry cleaner, beads may melt, diamante adhesive may dissolve, and colours may run or fade.

    Clean As A Whistle Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    clean as a whistle dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    (02) 9262-4823

    We offer a dry cleaning and laundry service that blends personal attention, hand finishing, and the latest microchip technology. Some of the most experienced experts in the industry work to improve and update systems to give customers the finest quality and service. Your gown will be cleaned, pressed, and preserved in a box.

    Clean As A Whistle was founded in 2011. With over 25 years of combined expertise and knowledge, we provide 5-star service. Because of our impeccable service, we're called Clean As A Whistle. We offer a dry cleaning and laundry service that blends personal attention, hand finishing, and the latest microchip technology.

    Some of the most experienced experts in the industry work to improve and update systems to give customers the finest quality and service.

    Bendigo Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    bendigo dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    (03) 5443 3236

    Our award-winning facility combines green energy and environmentally friendly techniques, producing brighter, fresher, cleaner clothing. Your wedding gown is layered with magnificent fabric and refined elegance. You've spent so much on your wedding dress that you want it to last forever. Your gown demands your attention before, during, and after the wedding.

    Ask your wedding dress consultant about dry cleaning. Identify the care label on your outfit or ask for written cleaning instructions. Why? In some circumstances, decorative trimmings yellow when their finishes deteriorate, and an ivory or ecru trim may no longer match the gown if a dye component is removed in cleaning. Poor dye colorfastness, not inappropriate cleaning, causes these colour failures. Cleaning can dissolve beads, imitation pearls, and adhesive trims.

    Before putting on your outfit, apply perfume, tanning lotion, makeup, and other liquids. These products' alcohol basis might discolour or fade some textiles. Don't spot-clean your dress. Light rubbing can cause fabric damage and irrevocable colour loss. Metal jewellery and bags can damage fabric, discolour it, and transfer dye, which dry cleaning can't fix.

    Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners Australia

    syndals bridal dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    (03) 9824 6949

    Your wedding dress is lovely. trust a pro. australia's finest wedding dress designers and bridal registries suggest syndal's bridal dry cleaners. unlike other dry cleaners, we only clean wedding dresses, wedding gowns, and delicate after 5 evening wear.

    Hire a wedding dress dry cleaning. Given the money and time invested on your gown, professional cleaning makes sense. Syndal's Bridal Dry Cleaners is an expert at removing wedding dress stains. They clean beaded laces, trimmings, silks, chiffon, and crystals.

    Syndal's Bridal Dry Cleaners recommends cleaning your bridal gown as soon as possible to remove stains. If stains are left on materials for too long, they can set, especially on porous, delicate silks.

    Cloud Nine Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    cloud nine dry cleaner

    screenshot taken from

    0411 479 091

    Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner professionally cleans garments. Since 2006, we've become the dry cleaners Perth locals trust to treat each garment like our own. Using state-of-the-art technologies to clean every client's clothes. Perth CBD, West Perth, South Perth, East Perth, and Western suburbs dry cleaners.

    We prioritise service delivery. Our dry cleaning charges are affordable and leave garments and linens nice and clean. Our drying cleaning, ironing, and laundry services are delicate and affordable.

    Cloud Nine will take care of your clothes whether you're married with kids or single and don't want to do your own. With the best cleaning detergents, your clothes will last longer and look excellent for years to come.

    Pennant Hills Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia pennant hills dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    0415 103 451

    Window view boxes save your gown's memories. Pennant Hills dry cleaners clean wedding dresses best. Sydney bridal houses consider Tony a top dry cleaner. All our gowns are hand finished using only the safest Australian produced goods and treated with utmost care, then kept in non-acetone tissue paper folded between the layers of the dress to protect the fabric, then boxed in our glazed window view boxes, and sealed for a lifetime of preservation.

    Specializes in richly beaded gowns, old laces, and delicate silks. we'll box your gown after washing if you're satisfied. you can browse photos on your phone or at our store.

    Tony & Joanne, owners of Pennant Hills Dry Cleaners for 20 years, are second-generation dry cleaners who have grown up in the industry. They can be trusted with your clothing due to their knowledge and expertise, combined with the latest machinery and only the best quality products on the market today. Trusted by top designers for testing sample work and cleaners of leather & suede for NSW police leather jackets, we have a history of satisfied customer recommendations.

    Presto’s Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    prestige preservation

    screenshot taken from

    07 5479 3748

    Presto's Dry Cleaners is owned by Eddie & Katrina. The company is 20 years old. Our workforce has 40 years of dry cleaning experience. Our customer service and textile care knowledge are top-notch.

    A bride's dream is to pass down her wedding gown to her daughters. On the way, though, that magnificent train was dragged through mud and grime. At Prestos, we hand wash these outfits and use soak tanks to bring the train back to life. As each gown is different, bring it to our main store on Maroochydore Road near to BP for a quote.

    Presto's Dry Cleaners has 40 years of dry cleaning experience. We offer dry cleaning, laundry, leatherwork, alterations, wedding dresses, and Airbnb management. Each garment is meticulously inspected to assure quality. We're the only ones who can remove it. We offer dry cleaning, pressing, repairs, adjustments, and pick-up and delivery. Our dedication reflects in our work and devoted consumers. We look forwards to serving you again with a smile.

    Happily Ever After Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    happily ever after

    screenshot taken from

    0406 857 791

    Happily Ever After Wedding Dress Cleaning is a three-generation family company. Our experience in bridal clothing extends 40 years. Pre-wedding ironing ensures your gown and bridal party look their best. After your wedding, we'll hand-clean and store your gown in a gorgeous display box or fabric bag.

    We know you want to look great on your wedding day. Happily Ever After Wedding Dress Cleaning offers mobile dress pressing. Before your wedding, our cleaning professionals will steam your dress at your house or hotel. Our service removes any creases and wrinkles that arise during dress shipment, storage, and handling.

    We press suits, bridesmaids' dresses, mother-of-the-bride outfits, and flower girl dresses. All fabrics cannot be pressed. If we think pressing may damage the fabric, we'll tell you and explore your choices.

    Contact us today for wedding dress washing services.

    Neweys Dry Cleaning - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    neweys dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    07 55378 718

    Neweys Dry Cleaners specialises in Gold Coast dry cleaning, alterations, and garment care. Neweys has 8 Gold Coast sites and is committed to customer service, quality, and sustainability. Neweys uses non-toxic dry cleaning products and the newest garment finishing equipment to make your clothes appear fresh.

    Wedding gowns are treasured. Many brides preserve their gown in hopes of handing it on to a daughter or keeping it as a keepsake of their big day. A one-day-old gown may not look dirty, but it needs meticulous cleaning. Some stains grow with age through oxidation, producing discoloration, fabric weakness, and gown damage. Our sophisticated technology will restore your gown to its original condition.

    Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistsTM will give your new or vintage gown award-winning care. MuseumCareTM is truly ecological and endorsed by couture gown makers worldwide.

    Eporo Dry Cleaning - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    eporo dry cleaning

    screenshot taken from

    0449 007 630

    Eporo dry cleaning reduces wedding-day stress. with eco-friendly wedding dress and suit dry cleaning, you can walk with pride. we can meet any timetable and budget, from last-minute cleans to changes.

    Our technology reduces wait times. We'll clean and prepare your garments quickly. We handle your wedding dress carefully. Dress preservation uses on-site storage and acid-free paper and packing. Before your dress leaves the store, our professionals check for discoloration and yellowing.

    Our wedding dry cleaning service includes suits of all styles and sizes. Prompt, professional service. Personalization is key. Each garment has a narrative, so it's handled with care.

    Leon’s Fine Dry Cleaning - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    leons fine dry cleaning

    screenshot taken from

    (07) 3391 1411

    Brisbane's Leon's Fine Dry Cleaners provides personalised service. Your clothing go through many stages. Each item is inspected and packaged without crushing. Leon's Fine Dry Cleaning offers a broad range of services for a variety of clothes and apparel. If you're unsure about your garment, phone one of our knowledgeable staff members. We dry clean high-value clothing that others can't. Only high-quality solvents are used to dry clean all clothing.

    Leon's Dry Cleaning handles gowns, chiffons, silks, sequinned, beaded, and hand-painted materials. Our couture dry cleaning service is staffed by professional craftsmen. We check every item for damaged or missing buttons, loose threads, and hems.

    Our heirloom preservation can preserve your once-in-a-lifetime gown. Few things are as cherished as a wedding gown, therefore many brides choose to heirloom it. A well-preserved gown might be passed down to a daughter or family friend.

    Even if a gown has only been worn for one day, it must be dry cleaned. Perspiration and body oil cause hidden soiling on long gowns' hemlines and trains. Food and drink stains are also likely. Some stains grow with age through oxidation, causing discoloration, fabric weakness, and gown damage.

    Greythorn Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    greythorn dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from

    (03) 9857 9287

    Over 50 years, we've served Boroondara. They've won 'Dry Cleaner of the Year' thrice. All of our operations crew has completed apprenticeships. You treasure your wedding dress. It has memories of a beautiful day, thus it must be treated with care. Dress old, new, borrowed, or blue doesn't matter. After the wedding, clean your dress. Greythorn's wedding gown washing service preserves dresses.

    Today's wedding dresses are produced from many fabrics. You've chosen silk, taffeta, chiffon, organza, brocade, and lace. Beads, gems, sequins, needlework, silk flowers, and appliqué may be used to embellish the garment.

    Greythorn Dry Cleaners has cleaned gowns of many styles. Before cleaning and storing your gown, we must examine it and discuss any issues you have. Please consider the cost of our services in your wedding budget.

    Adastra Wet & Dry Cleaning - Wedding Dress Preservation Australia

    adastra wet dry cleaning

    screenshot taken from

    (08) 9381 6683

    Since 1950, Ad Astra has cleaned garments, linens, and other household items. Excellent customer service is our speciality. As the best dry cleaners in Perth, WA, we offer the most individualised service.

    We offer dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundry, repairs, and modifications. We pledge to assess each item individually for the best treatment. Ad Astra doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all, so each piece of clothing is analysed individually and treated with creative cleaning procedures.

    Ad Astra Drycleaning specialises in bridal attire, evening gowns, mom of the bride and groom, bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, communion and baptism gowns. Ad Astra Wet & Drycleaning has cared for Perth's finest clothing since 1950. Wedding gowns and other special occasion evening gowns are priceless to you and must be cleaned with care.

    The Wedding Dress Specialists

    the wedding dress specialists

    screenshot taken from

    0433 021 511

    We clean and preserve bridal dresses. We don't outsource and do everything in-house. We value quality. Australia-wide service.

    How Does It Works?

    Follow our 4 steps to order. After that, we'll finish. We'll give you a bag to put your dress in, arrange for a courier to pick it up, clean and preserve it, then courier it back to you.


    First, clean the dress. Select your wedding dress type below. Professional wedding dress washing makes dresses look like new.

    Our Exclusive Designer wedding dress cleaning service caters to selective customers.


    After cleaning, we'll preserve your wedding dress. Choose a preservation box type. All of our boxes are made from Acid-Free (PH Neutral) materials to protect your dress.

    4 Styles to choose from:

    • Standard Box — This is a robust, white gloss box. The acid-free (PH neutral) box protects your dress from seeping acids.
    • Window Box - This box allows you to show off your garment without opening it. The acid-free (PH neutral) box protects your dress from seeping acids.
    • This handmade luxury pattern box is for the discerning consumer who needs only the best preservation box for their beloved garment. This gorgeous handmade box is created from Acid-Free (PH Neutral) materials. It's guaranteed for life.
    • Different pattern as above.


    We have options to preserve wedding dresses longer. Choose a preservation method below. Acid-Free (PH Neutral) tissue paper is STANDARD in all boxes. Extra ways to preserve your gown:

    • Standard Wrapping Paper – This white tissue will wrap your outfit. The acid-free (PH neutral) paper protects your dress from leaking acids. Annual replacement.
    • Muslin Cloth Wrap –This offers the best protection and durability. Muslin textiles are great for those who wear their dresses at least once a year.
    • The White Knight Barrier –This is the most scientifically sophisticated material on the market and a MUST for clothing protection. The White Knight Barrier uses molecular technology to eliminate hazardous poisons and gases that enter the preservation box, while maintaining optimal moisture content. This keeps your clothing as fresh as the day you first tried it on.
    • Preservation Gloves – 100% cotton gloves prevent hazardous oils from leaching into your wedding dress and creating irreversible damage.


    Finally! Review your order now.

    On the checkout page, you must select your shipping location. This drop-down option shows shipping costs. The price includes pick-up and delivery of your dress.

    After choosing, check out. After payment, we'll complete your purchase and send you a wedding dress satchel within 3 business days. The satchel is pre-labeled.

    When you're ready, send us an email and our courier will pick up the dress. After washing and preserving your dress, we'll courier it to you.

    It's that simple and quick!

    Why Us? preserves wedding dresses. Over 35 years, we've done dry cleaning. Brisbane serves Australia-wide customers.

    UNIQUE SERVICE is Australian-first. We're Australia's first and only online booking service for Wedding Dress cleaning and preservation.


    Our interest in science mixed with the latest in materials technology has allowed us to offer a new preservation approach that is superior to anything else on the market from other 'cleaners'


    The team behind Australia's first online Wedding Dress washing and preservation service has years of professional dry cleaning experience in Europe and Australia.

    We've built an unique set of abilities that allows us to provide higher results every time. Our staff incorporates science and materials technology like no other dry cleaner in Australia, both in our cleaning and preservation processes. is the ONLY company to clean and protect your dress.

    Master Dry Cleaners  - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    master dry cleaners

    screenshot taken from


    Wedding Dress Preservation

    Wedding gowns are rare treasures. Many brides preserve their gown in hopes of handing it on to a daughter or keeping it as a keepsake of their big day.

    Master Dry Cleaners cleans wedding gowns. Only a few Australian dry cleaners are members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS). Master Dry Cleaners is 60 years old. Certified Wedding Gown Specialists are available in 5 Melbourne locations.



    Cleaning And Preservation Include:

    • A Certified Wedding Gown Specialist inspects, cleans, and presses your gown, paying special care to the hem and other areas as needed.
    • Your gown is then carefully packaged in a premium wedding box for safekeeping.

    Cleaning Only Includes:

    • A Certified Wedding Gown Specialist inspects, cleans, and presses your gown, paying special care to the hem and other areas as needed.
    • Your gown is placed in a Gown Bag or your bag on a rack.

    We Specialise In:

    • Wedding Dresses
    • Christening Gowns
    • Debutante Dresses

    We can also provide you with Free Pick Up and Delivery to some areas.

    Seven Steps To Wedding Dress Care

    A long-lasting wedding dress requires excellent cleaning and care. Here are our seven steps for wedding dress upkeep.


    Before cleaning, we inspect all gowns. A report determines a dress's fabric and construction.

    After washing and preserving the dress, we can check the photos to make sure every detail is still there.


    A certified and experienced specialist always chooses the best mark or stain removal treatment. Delicate brushes clean hemlines and underarms. After using a steam gun to sanitise the area without ruining the dress, gently "feather out" the area with air.


    Each gown is cleaned individually, per label instructions. We offer dry cleaning in PERC or HYDROCARBON solvents or skilled wet cleaning.


    We'll fix loose hems, buttons, and trims. Our skilled specialists will reattach any ornamentation or embellishment that was removed and cleaned separately, using images taken throughout detailing to ensure every detail is correct when a dress arrives home.


    Our trained technicians finish gowns using sophisticated equipment and pressers.


    Our skilled crew inspects all gowns before returning them to clients. The report and photos can be taken now.


    All gowns are wrapped in acid-free tissue before being placed in our deluxe wedding gown chests.

    Master Dry Cleaners' stringent standards ensure you look great. Master Dry Cleaners strives to make your experience enjoyable and gratifying.

    Our range of services include

    • Dry Cleaning
    • Business Shirt Laundry/Pressing
    • Wash/Dry/Fold Service
    • Bedding and Linen Cleaning
    • Suede and Leather Cleaning
    • Household Furnishings
    • Curtain and Drapery Cleaning
    • Repairs and Alterations
    • Silk and Evening Wear Specialists
    • Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation
    • VIP Express Service
    • Ironing Service

    Please ask about our free pick-up and delivery service, Master 2 Your Door.

    Master Dry Cleaners can handle your dry cleaning and laundry.

    Why Master Dry Cleaners?

    Master Dry Cleaners is a 60-year-old family enterprise. Five Melbourne sites offer dry cleaning and laundry services. Malvern, Albert Park, Sunbury, South Kingsville, and Werribee.

    We're one of the oldest family-owned dry cleaners in Melbourne, so you can trust us.

    Three family memb​​ers have held office at the National and State levels of the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia for years.

    Our stores offer garment preservation, free pick-up and delivery, carpet and rug cleaning, and excellent business shirt care. Our services page has more details. Three of our stores offer 7-day-a-week service, and our Albert Park store is open 24 hours.

    Our business and staff have won numerous awards over the years including:

    • International Dry Cleaner of the Year
    • Life member DIA (Vic)
    • Apprentice of the Year (twice)
    • Innovation Award (DIA – Vic)
    • President International Dry Cleaners Congress
    • President DIA (Vic)
    • Board Member DIA National

    Master Dry Cleaners are one of the best within the dry cleaning industry, and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our Melbourne stores to service all your dry cleaning and laundry requirements.

    Baci Wedding Gown Preservation Australia

    baci wedding gown preservation

    screenshot taken from

    1300 866 739

    Wedding gown preservationists

    Most Sydney brides have never had their wedding dress cleaned. It's crucial to find a Sydney bridal dress dry cleaning service that understands how to manage beautiful fabrics, delicate laces, and high-quality beads and crystals.

    Baci Wedding Gown Preservation exclusively cleans wedding gowns. Sydney's best bridal boutiques encourage our services and trust us with their stock gowns. Baci can dry clean your wedding dress in your Sydney home or office. Boxing or bagging your gown will protect the fabric and beading.

    We'll press your bridal gown in your house or hotel. We can provide wedding-day pickup from your hotel or reception site. After your honeymoon, we return your gown safely.

    Our wedding dress preservation service is reliable. Contact Baci for wedding dress dry cleaning in Sydney.

    Cleaning Process

    Many things affect Gown Cleanin:

    • Who manufactured your dress?
    • Care labels indicate how to clean.
    • What's the dress's condition? Wine, grime, make-up, etc.?
    • Your dress may need particular care for sequins and beads.
    • Sewn or glued?

    Baci Wedding Gown Preservation uses two cleaning methods, based on fabric and beading.


    Dry washing is used on silk, rayon, and some acetate wedding dresses. We always utilise virgin solvents. We have several dry-cleaning options. We'll select the safest and most effective technique. Based on the designer's instructions and your beading.


    Most synthetic fabrics employ this technology. It protects crystals and beading from dry cleaning's heat and chemicals. Hand-cleaned gowns.

    The benefits of wet cleaning :

    • It cleans sugar spills, food stains, and hems.
    • Wet cleaning removes all chemicals.
    • Dress and beading aren't heated.
    • Chemicals protect delicate beading.


    We'll dry clean your gown using the latest and safest methods. Our policy favours fabric, beading, and laces above stains. This may result in gown marks. Especially silk. We have used our skills and ability to ensure the gown remains intact. During final inspection, feel free to discuss the clean.

    30 day money-back guarantee on your dress. You can have your gown re-cleaned if you're not satisfied with the cleaning and preservation.


    Cleaning, boxing, collection, and delivery are included:

    • Slimline $295.00 - $345.00
    • A-Line $295.00 - $395.00
    • Full Princess From $395.00
    • Shoes $25.00
    • Wedding Gown Pressing From $95.00-$150.00

    Baci Wedding Gown Preservation presses your gown at your house or hotel.

    Price variations are affected by:

    • Type age
    • Extreme mud or marks
    • Type of fabric
    • Beading and embellishments


    • Specify if you want your gown unboxed.
    • Tears, ripped seams, or rebeading due to earlier damage require special pricing.
    • We accept Mastercard/Visa, EFT, and checks.

    FAQs About Wedding Dress Cleaning

    Preservation refers to the special cleaning and packaging techniques used to ensure your gown retains its beauty. A professional preservationist will survey your gown—the materials, embellishments and various stains, and will then formulate a specialized cleaning procedure.
    If you have an older gown, or a gown that you haven't gotten into the cleaners even weeks or months after your wedding, don't fret. While ideally, sooner is always better than later, the actual truth is that it really is never too late to have a wedding dress cleaned and preserved.

    The delicate fabrics in a wedding dress will begin to yellow after just six months if your dress is not cleaned, cared for, and stored properly after your wedding day.

    Brides may wait weeks to take their dresses to be cleaned, and that's no good. By that time, stains may have had time to really set in. Take your dress off as soon as the reception is over and make sure it gets to the dry cleaner the very next day.

    Washing wedding dresses at home requires attention to detail (and, ideally, a large wash bag), but it can be done if the fabric and any embellishments are safe to machine-wash or wash by hand.

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