Top 30 Wedding Photographers in Sydney, New South Wales (2022)

Planning your wedding can be stressful and difficult, but one thing that doesn’t have to be is photography. So often, when couples are planning their weddings, they don’t think about what kind of photographer they want or how important it is for them to find a good one. You can make sure you’re getting a quality photographer by looking at their portfolio before booking them. If the pictures in the photo album aren’t clear or well-lit, then it’s likely not going to be a great experience on your wedding day either. 

Have you been searching for the perfect wedding photographer? Do you want to find someone who will not only capture your special day but also make it as memorable as possible? Wedding photographers are one of the most important parts of a wedding and can be hard to choose. If this sounds like something that is up to your alley, then read on!

To help you get started on your wedding photographer hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite wedding photographer from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Photographers in Sydney, New South Wales

    Wild Romantic Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    wild romantic

    +61 434 484 811 

    Wild Romantic Photography & Video Melbourne

    My name is Elle, and I’m a Melbourne wedding photographer and videographer. I specialise in weddings and elopements that have a unique editorial and artistic feel. We specialise in romantic, timeless wedding photography and video that has a modern appeal. We are best known for our creative approach to composition, documentary style of capturing natural moments and heartfelt dedication to our customer service.

    Combining fine art and editorial photography with a skilled and sensitive eye for portraiture, our images garnered acclaim for their honesty, vulnerability and unfeigned connection to their subjects. Named one of the top Wedding Photographers in Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula by Vogue Ballroom, Brighton Savoy and Vines of the Yarra Valley.

    Capturing The Spirit of Your Melbourne Wedding

    We are passionate about telling the story of your wedding day with original and romantic photography that’s made to last a lifetime. Our creative collective specialises in documentary-style images that express love, joy, community and connection.

    Wild Romantic offers bespoke Photography & Videography packages that perfectly match your needs.

    Our wedding photos look beautiful, but they’re raw and genuine, too – with timeless landscapes, divine portraits, colourful fashion shots and dreamy reportage. We’re all artists, and our clients are our muses. Based in Melbourne, we can find beauty in locations across the world, as well as those closer to home. We’ve shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

    Wild Romantic is a cutting-edge editorial fine art wedding photography company based in Melbourne who love shooting weddings. Since 2004 we've been creating amazing and honest images that connect with couples on an emotional level. They aim to capture the spirit of everyday life, going beyond traditional glamour shots and incorporating personality, authenticity and intimacy into everything they do.

    Capture the moment your hearts connect

    From quaint weddings in Sydney to lavish weddings in Melbourne – our professional photographers are trained to capture those priceless candid moments of love, laughter and joy. We even offer pre-wedding photography should you wish to proudly display your love through photos on a special day.

    We are a boutique studio dedicated to capturing gorgeous images and video of your most special day. We believe in creating something that is unique, memorable, timeless - and all for you! From the moment we start working together up until after the wedding when it comes time to edit our favorite photos into an album or share them on social media so everyone can be part of this exciting journey with us.

    About Wild Romantic Photography

    Founded in 2016, Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of passionate image-makers and energetic doers. We are dedicated to telling love stories with photography that captures authentic moments of joy and connection.

    Based in Australia, we can find beauty in locations across the world, as well as those closer to home. We’ve shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

    We partner with our clients to help them navigate their big day, and we know it’s just as important to have fun and be in the moment as it is to document the event.

    Our photographs are taken with care and skill and made to be treasured for a lifetime.

    Splendid Photos & Video - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    splendid photos & video

    02 9572 8887


    We at SPLENDID Photos & Video believe that love, weddings, and commitment are huge aspects of what life is all about. It is our honour to capture these subtle and meaningful exchanges and turn them into your beautiful story!

    Our boutique studio is based in Leichhardt, Sydney. Our 10 years of valuable experience in shooting weddings have made us highly recognised, trusted, and talented wedding photographers. Our works have been featured many times in well-known wedding magazines and blog sites. If you are looking for professional wedding photographers in Sydney, contact us now.


    Welcome to Splendid Photos & Video. As an award-winning wedding photography studio in Sydney, our devoted professional photographers are experienced, and we utilise the state of the art equipment to capture priceless and impressionable wedding photos and video. Our WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) & AIPP (the Australian Institute of Professional Photography) qualified Sydney wedding photographers to have an extensive background in the wedding industry. We understand each wedding is a once-in-lifetime event and believe that every single moment is priceless for you. We strive to capture every moment in an unobtrusive way. Being one of the best teams in Sydney wedding photography, Splendid Photos & Video has over ten years of experience in this industry, so that you know you are in good hands.

    We have built excellent connections with Sydney’s core wedding suppliers to provide you with fantastic package offers. As the trusted studio of professional wedding photography recognised by major wedding venues, Splendid Photos & Video is proud to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction through our premium services and top quality photography. Your actual experience throughout the whole event is an important consideration when finding the top wedding photographer for your own special wedding day. We make the post-production process much easier. Therefore, if you are seeking the best wedding photographer in Sydney, then Splendid Photos & Video is looking forward to hearing from you.

    Our top wedding photographers can capture every heartfelt glance, fulfilling embrace, and sealing kiss, to replicate the same promising moments when you think of your Big Day years later.

    About Splendid Photos & Video

    We, at Splendid Photos & Video, believe that love, weddings, and commitment are huge aspects of what life is all about. It is our honour to capture these subtle and meaningful exchanges and turn them into your beautiful story! Our boutique studio is based in Leichhardt, Sydney. Our 10 years of valuable experience in shooting weddings have made us highly recognised, trusted, and talented wedding photographers. Our works have been featured many times in well-known wedding magazines and blog sites.

    Our style is all about storytelling, editorial and fine art photography. Our approach is a blend of candid moments with fine art portraiture. We combine a novel artistic approach with storytelling to produce meaningful images that show the connection. Splendid Photography focuses not only on creating amazing images but also on offering you the best experience both before and after your wedding day.

    Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    sydney wedding photography by katsu

    0407 064 045

    About us

    “We love what we do. That’s wedding photography.”

    Welcome to the home of professional wedding photography by Katsu Nojiri.

    Hello! I am Katsu. I am the owner and principal photographer for Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu based in Surry Hills. We are a small creative team of photographers and videographers that captured over 1,300 happy couples in Sydney and around the world. We have over 20 years of valuable experience in photographing weddings which have made us a highly recognised and trusted photography studio. 

    I hope you enjoy our work.

    After moving from Japan to Australia over twenty ago, Katsu quickly built up his reputation as a promising photographer in the wedding industry. 

    With hard work, experience and professionalism come awards. Katsu has won awards for his creativity and eye for a beautiful pictures. 

    Katsu’s passion for wedding photography is coupled with a friendly approach to business. 

    After working for so long in the industry, Katsu can provide advice on how best to capture your perfect day and will work closely with you to ensure everything goes as planned. 

    With passion comes enthusiasm, and making your day magical is as important to Katsu as it is to you. A love for the city, its people, and of course, the many magical weddings that happen here is enough to keep this photographer right where he is. For now, Katsu will continue to provide professionally tailored photography services adapted to your needs.

    Wedding Photographers FAQs

    Beautiful photography is paramount. It’s a priority at 37 Frames. It can become easy to exceed a budget by including every little detail you want for your wedding day or elopement. When that happens often, the photography becomes eclipsed by the planning, the dress, the venue, the details, & the choice of amazing food and drink.

    We know that your day is all about the experience, about celebrating you, being with your people. You are living in the moment and celebrating life. But recording your day, a historical family event should always be a priority. We believe in the power of words in celebrating location and recording it authentically.

    The value of photography only increases with time. Reliving your day, sharing with future generations and reminiscing about those no longer with us. Great wedding photographers take you on an emotional journey long after you’ve watched the sunset on your wedding day. And catch the moments and the people who mean the most to you.  

    Weddings involve a lot of expense. But when the dress has been put away, the food & drink long eaten, and the laughter & beautiful tears of family and friends are cherished memories, it’s the photos that remain. Your tangible takeaway of an important life event. Isn’t it the photos that everyone says they’re going to grab first in the case of an emergency?! It’s because memories matter. Professional wedding photography may seem like a luxury.

    Still, when you think of how the universe aligned to have this particular group of people all in the same place at the same time to celebrate you, then photography becomes a priority, not a luxury. Wedding photographers can differ greatly in price, just like any service. There’s always a range of quality, skills and experience. We can only advise making sure that if your memories are important to you, hire a professional—a certified photographer accredited by an industry body. Storytelling is so much more than a shutter.

    It’s a personal, emotional journey. Try to choose a photographer whose images speak to you—someone who can photograph in all types of weather, under all types of pressure. Someone experienced with natural light and can make light themselves when none is available. Time always runs short on your wedding day. Always. A wedding photographer who can photograph fast, make decisions on the run and most importantly, has a sense of who you are. 

    Make sure to see a full wedding gallery and not just a highlight reel. It’s easy to get one or two great images on a wedding day, but only a professional can produce a beautiful story for 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours or, in some cases, 24 hours. We believe that every single moment matters and will matter in years to come. We know the incredibly hard work that goes into the planning of your celebration. We’re planners, after all. But after 20 years in the industry, we know what matters most at the end of the day—your story. Time moves on. The memories are forever. 


    • Invitation, program, special signs, & gifts
    • Wedding rings
    • Wedding dresses/suits
    • Outfit accessories like shoes, cuff links, or jewellery
    • Bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres


    • Bride(s) and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done
    • Wedding party having fun
    • Mother and bride/groom portraits
    • Father and bride/groom portraits
    • Family shots


    • Couple alone for a first look
    • Bride(s) and bridesmaids/flower girls
    • Groom(s) and groomsmen/ring bearer


    • Venue shots including ceremony site, flowers, interior, and exterior details
    • Groom and groomsmen waiting inside the venue
    • Guests
    • Bridal party entrance
    • Bride(s) walking down the aisle
    • Groom’s reaction
    • Father/mother giving the bride away
    • Exchanging of vows
    • Exchanging of the rings
    • The first kiss as a married couple and the moment after
    • Signing the marriage certificate
    • The recessional (couple walking back up the aisle)
    • Confetti throwing


    • Couple with bridesmaids/groomsmen
    • Couple with the entire wedding party
    • Bride(s) with bridesmaids/maid of honour
    • Groom(s) and groomsmen/best man
    • Couple with any children
    • Couple with each set of parents
    • Couple with both sets of parents
    • Couple with siblings
    • Couple with close family members


    • Details and room decor shots, including table settings, place cards, favours, centrepieces, etc.
    • Wedding cake detail shots
    • Grand entrance
    • Toasts and speeches
    • Cake cutting
    • The first dance
    • Bride(s) dancing with father/groom (s) dancing with mother
    • Couple mingling with guests
    • Guests dancing
    • Musicians, singers, DJ
    • Grand exit

    A pro knows exactly what they are doing.

    An experienced wedding photographer knows how a wedding day flows like the back of their hand. They know when they should arrive, what they need to wear, what key moments to be on the lookout for, and what looks good and what doesn’t. Professionals also know how to adapt to weather and lighting changes. Having an experienced wedding photographer puts you at ease knowing that your memories are being captured by someone who knows what they’re doing. Being at ease allows you to be fully immersed on your wedding day and focused on celebrating with the ones you love.

    You want quality images from your special day.

    A pro wedding photographer has invested hours of practice and study in developing the skills needed for wedding photography. Hiring someone who has taken the time to hone their skills and develop their style ensures that you receive high-quality images. In addition, working with an experienced photographer allows you to have someone you can trust to guide you and help you get the kind of wedding images you want. Remember: your wedding photography isn’t just a collection of images. These are important memories.

    Stress less = celebrate more

    An experienced wedding photographer doesn’t require any hand-holding. They will know to discuss items needed with you as you plan the wedding and arrive ready to do their job on your wedding day. This means you don’t have to worry about your wedding images because your photographer has your back, and you can trust them to capture your wedding images well without a constant reminder from you throughout the day.

    Your wedding images will last a lifetime.

    Your wedding photos will last decades and generations. They will be seen by your children, grandchildren, and other future generations to come in your family. This is all the more reason to hire a photographer who knows what they are doing to make sure your images stand the test of time. You want to be able to look back at your wedding day and remember every single key moment from that day. You have images that not only last a lifetime but hold precious memories within them that you can easily remember.

    You only have one wedding day. Make it count

    Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime and many of the moments in that single day have no do-overs. So why not invest in the best that you can get? It may mean compromising on other low-priority items on your wedding budget to make sure that you walk away from your wedding with preserved memories. However, your wedding photography is something that you will have with you and will stay with you when the day of your Hawaii wedding is over.

    You want a reliable photographer.

    Your wedding photographer should approach the job with responsibility and do their best to be reliable and punctual. We aren’t there to socialise and party (though we do enjoy making friends with our couples and meeting their guests!), but we are aware that our job is to make sure you have the best wedding images we can deliver. So you need someone who will take that responsibility seriously and seek to provide you with the best wedding photography experience possible.

    A pro knows what to expect.

    Your wedding photographer should know what crucial moments to look out for and when. Hiring a professional also means you can rely on them to guide and instruct you with posing. Everyone wants to look good in their wedding photos. An experienced photographer will not hesitate to provide you with direction and guidance during the process and make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

    A pro can provide security and commitment.

    Pro wedding photographers come with contracts, ensuring that you get what is promised in their wedding package or collection. This could be the number of hours or items included or even the number of images you should receive. So you can rest easy knowing that your photographer is committed to honouring your agreement.

    Premium print and album options

    Premium quality print options such as framed photographs, wall art, and wedding albums are a way to make the most of your wedding photography. These add-ons help you utilise the wedding photography you invested in and provide you with a way to display them in your home. You don’t want your wedding photographs left forgotten in a hard drive somewhere, and these print options make it easy for you to show off your images with less work on your part. In addition, having statement pieces in your home makes it easy for you to have a reminder of your treasured Hawaii wedding displayed, within reach and seen daily.

    You will regret it if you don’t

    Regret is something we don’t want any bride or groom to feel. Your wedding day will pass by very quickly, and a complete set of wedding photos will help you look back and remember. Not hiring a professional photographer can mean receiving a set of images with plenty of missed moments and lost details. Being able to capture details and tell the story of your wedding in Hawaii completely is something that an experienced wedding photographer can do, and having someone capable of doing that on your wedding day is something you won’t regret.

    Creativity and Imagination

    It is almost impossible to look back and smile fondly at wedding shots that were not taken with a touch of creativity. Wedding photography is an art, and the photographer is an artist – not merely your typical guy behind the camera. A good wedding photographer uses imagination and admirable creativity to give life to ordinary moments.

    An Eye for Detail

    Wedding photography is all about capturing beautiful moments that other people might be oblivious to. Therefore, a wedding photographer should decipher the tiniest of details and turn an ordinary photograph into a work of art. Every element of the photo must tick the right boxes. Be it the subjects, lighting, to composition, everything must be perfect.

    Patience and Flexibility

    The best international wedding photographers understand that patience and flexibility are priceless virtues. If everything is not going according to plan, a good wedding photographer should remain calm and confidently come up with an alternative solution. For example, let’s say lighting is not adding up. A good photographer will patiently wait instead of going ahead to take poor quality pics.

    A photographer who panics or wants out if things go wrong is not worth your money or time.

    Social skills

    Wedding photography is largely about interacting with people from all walks of life. Professional wedding photographers can painlessly work with people, even those that are hard to work with. They must have admirable people skills that enable them to interact with the couple freely and those present.

    A photographer with good social skills elicits more cooperation and emotions from the subjects and make them be at ease.


    Passion for the job sets a good wedding photographer apart from those just trying to pay the bills. It is the passion that will ensure that all of the other above qualities are triggered. In fact, without passion, it is impossible to have any of the other qualities of a good wedding photographer.

    Before settling on a wedding photographer, make sure that they are passionate about their job.

    Image quality/style

    Worcestershire-wedding-photographer-Paul-Willetts quality of a photographer’s portfolio should be the first thing that captures your attention. A good photographer should offer clients a variety of styles, capturing the personalities of the bride and groom and showcasing the happiness and fun of the day. Be clear on what style you would like and make sure the photographer can provide this in their portfolio.

    If you are drawn to a particular photographer, make sure you ask to view all of their images (not just the favourites they pick for their websites!) so that you can check the image quality is consistent throughout.

    Be aware that photographers have different editing techniques. If an image is heavily edited, then chances are this will be a common theme within their photography portfolio and is usually an attempt to try to cover up poor quality.

    Above all, the style of the images should say something about you both as a couple. So whether you are looking for relaxed and informal photography or going for a more adventurous and contemporary style, be sure to do your homework and shop around.


    As a bride and groom, you put a lot of trust and faith in your wedding photographer. To get the best images and a true account of the most important day of your life, it is imperative that you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence. Photographer-Worcestershire

    Within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone, you can usually tell whether you feel a rapport or connection. First impressions are key, and if you instantly strike a bond, then you are on to a good thing. If you feel uncomfortable around your photographer for whatever reason, then this will become very apparent in your wedding photos.

    Also, think of your guests. Suppose your wedding photographer is approachable, friendly and down to earth. In that case, your guests will be at ease, allowing the photographer to blend in and capture the day as it naturally unfolds rather than a forced and posed account.

    Remember, a genuine smile is impossible to fake, so choose wisely and ensure you meet with your photographer a couple of times before confirming your booking.

    Value for money/cost

    This can often be a deciding factor for many brides and grooms, and although it is a vital element, it should not be the basis for your decision. High-end prices do not always guarantee the highest quality, but reasonable pricing does not always depict low quality.

    A photographer should be open about their pricing structures, and in turn, you should be clear on your budget. Neither one of you wants to waste any time, so a clear dialogue right from the beginning will resolve this. Wedding-photography-paul-Willetts

    Your photographer should offer various packages to suit all and should always be flexible with pricing and what is included within each package. Your photographer is providing a service, and each couple will have different expectations and requirements, so make sure that your photographer can tailor make a package to suit your needs.

    Always remember to ask about any hidden extras. For example, some photographers charge an additional fee for editing, VAT, creating artwork for an album or even travel and food expenses. You should always ensure that all costs are detailed in a quote before entering into any contractual agreement.


    The experience a photographer has will play a large part in the organisation and structure of the day. Many photographers will agree that they have often played the role of coordinator, photographer, master of ceremonies and children’s entertainer. However, taking photos is just a small part of being a wedding photographer. Without the necessary experience and the ability to perform under constant pressure, important moments can be easily missed.

    Always try to choose a wedding photographer who has already worked at your wedding venue. This isn’t a necessity, but your photographer must show a willingness to meet at the venue regularly, exploring the best photo locations and opportunities, as well as taking the time to run through the structure of the day. It is also good for the photographer to meet with the venue proprietor/wedding coordinator to make sure everyone is clear on the day’s schedule from start to finish.

    Ensure you ask how many weddings they have covered since they began trading and how long they have been in the business. This doesn’t mean they are any less capable if they have only been trading for a short period but will give you a good idea of the experience gained. Similarly, if a photographer has been in the business for years and has experience in abundance, you may want to check that their style has moved with the times and will meet the expectations of a modern-day bride and groom.

    Recommendations/Word of Mouth

    A lot of my bookings have come through recommendations from previous clients and word of mouth. If your friends and family have been happy with the quality of the service and work of a particular photographer, then chances are, you will be too. But, again, this should not be the main reason for your choice but should be the final jigsaw piece.

    Speak to your friends about their experiences with their wedding photographer and try to use tips and advice from those who have organised their weddings. A good photographer will always be able to give you a testimonial from previous clients upon request or even provide you with contact details should you wish to hear from them directly.

    A2Z Weddings - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    a2z weddings

    1300 797 141

    How We Represent Your Special Day

    Providing extraordinary wedding photography services in Sydney is our art form. At A2Z Weddings, we pride ourselves on ensuring your images are perfect, and we capture your perfect moments with beautiful angles and shots.

    As an experienced and trusted Sydney Wedding Photography service provider, A2Z knows how to tell you’re amazing love story. We can bring a family portrait to majestic levels by adding scintillating effects to the traditional and emotional aspects.

    We know the best spots, the best angles and the best backdrops that represent the coolest, happiest day of your life.

    Magical Moments Captured

    At A2Z Weddings, our style of wedding photography allows for captivating, magical moments you will cherish forever. Concentrate on enjoying yourself while feeling calm and relaxed in front of the camera as we direct the day’s photography for you.

    We are one of the best companies to create magic in your wedding album with our creativity and attention to detail. Our aim is to offer you the highest standard services at a very affordable or reasonable price without compromising with your wedding budget.

    Our award-winning Sydney Wedding Photographers are committed to capturing unforgettable moments and lasting impressions that will stay with you forever.

    Cinematic Wedding Video Sydney Packages By A2Z

    A2z Weddings, Cinematic Wedding video services offer cinematography at its best, right here for Sydney based customers. Our team consist of the best wedding Video producers not only on-site but in the studio where editing occurs and our moviemakers, directors and managers who work together to capture some brilliant wedding moments.

    The vision of our services is to make the wedding experience of the couple one of a kind. We have maintained a level of consistency in our services when it comes to achieving the satisfaction of the customers.

    Perfect Combination of Timeless, Romantic & Elegant Video

    When you are working with A2Z wedding video producers and wedding cinematography in Sydney, you get a perfect combination of timeless, romantic and elegant videos with which you can share your love stories with anyone you desire.

    Telling stories from wedding films is one of the most attractive parts of our job as professional wedding videographers and wedding cinematography Sydney service providers. We assure you that our team will pay attention to every little detail of the event so that they can capture the best shots in the cinematic video.

    Dreamlife - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW


    02-9518 6867

    Scintillating and Stylish Wedding Photography in Sydney

    Your wedding day is the culmination of a unique love story that transcends time. To memorialise this auspicious occasion, our Sydney wedding photographers have the flair and skill to visually tell the story of your love, your union, & your personalities with candid, natural shots taken throughout the day. Avail of our professional quality wedding photography services. We will capture all the unforgettable moments of your special day and deliver wedding photos that will entertain your family & friends for years to come.

    From stunning angles of dapper suits, lacy bodices, intricate floral arrangements, and decadent table displays to perfectly timed and framed shots of stolen glances, proud smiles, and tears of joy, your wedding photos will unobtrusively capture all those special moments throughout the day as a testament to a perfect day of celebrations and togetherness, love, family and marital firsts. At Dreamlife, we offer a wide range of wedding photography, cinematic, and combo packages, all of which include a second consultation meeting before your wedding day. Please browse our wide range of wedding packages and feel free to get in touch if you want any more information or just want to chat about a tailored package to get the coverage you want for your special day.


    Whether your wedding is to be a large, formal affair against the backdrop of an iconic Sydney landmark or a chic, intimate gathering within the historic confines of a quaint, inner-city chapel, the Dreamlife team in Sydney will capture every breath-taking moment of your special day.

    The Dreamlife team in Sydney are skilled wedding photographers and cinematographers who are passionate about capturing not just the moments but the essence of your special day. Dreamlife Sydney will produce wedding photography and wedding videos that will not only reflect your unique love story but showcase the shared joy and excitement of your family and friends too.

    The Dreamlife Team Sydney is not just expert wedding photographers and wedding videographers. They are also artists and masters of their craft; they will capture the subtle, reflective moments: stolen glances, cheeky grins and teary pride. Their attention to detail and ability to identify candid shots and ideal lighting means they are able to create a picture that tells a story and captures a moment in time.

    When choosing your wedding photographer or cinematographer, we understand that you are trusting us to capture beautiful and professional wedding photos and videos that will preserve the memories of your special day. The Dreamlife wedding photography and cinematography team located in Sydney would be honoured to be a part of your wedding day to capture all those special, delicate moments. Our main priority will be to ensure that we understand your expectations so that we can deliver imagery that you will treasure forever. Get in touch with the Dreamlife Team in Sydney today to discuss how we can help make your wedding day perfect by capturing all the special moments, the beautiful location, and all the amazing people who will help you celebrate your big day.


    Images by Kevin - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    images by kevin

    0420 882 664


    I encourage you to see wedding photography as an investment, not just another cost. 

    In a decade, a year a month after your wedding, you won’t be thinking about how much your photos cost - all you’ll be hoping is that you got the right ones.

    I know how important this day is and what it means to you. You need a photographer you can trust hand on heart to capture one of the best days of your life. 

    In 10 or 20 years, I want you to look at your photos and instantly be transported back to the joy and awesomeness that was your wedding day and relive it all over again without any regrets. 

    You can trust in me. I’ll check in regularly, be there to laugh and cry with you and guide you every step of the way.


    Hey guys, I’m Kevin, and I want to be totally honest with you from the start - I’m not like every wedding photographer. 

    You already know how you want your wedding to look and feel. Tell me your goals, your dreams. Together, we can bring your vision to life. Then you can go relax knowing it’s all taken care of. 

    Your story is uniquely yours, and I’ll make you feel it through the pictures. All the ones that mattered but also the moments that you didn’t even know notice. Like the time when your father had a blissful moment to himself before walking you down the aisle. Or your grandma out-twerking the maid of honour!

    You want someone you can trust wholeheartedly and bring you to that safe place so you can be your absolute best on what is the biggest moment of your life so far. I’m just as excited as you are, and I’ll do it with as much love, respect and care as I can. 

    Scott Surplice Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    scott surplice photography

    0415 314 837

    The Story So Far

    How good is life! I’m one of those rare people you hear about that actually wakes up excited to go to work. Yeah, ok, maybe not so much the days staring at a computer screen like a zombie but meeting cool and interesting people like yourself is where it’s at.

    Getting out there, exploring, trying new things and having a good time is what it’s all about. My photography is pretty much the same. I’m all about capturing the real you, those natural moments, and searching for the epic light.

    My little fam pictured here in the b&w image is my everything. These guys rock my world, and getting to live under the same roof as them and experience life together is the best thing in the world.

    In addition to those 3 humans, I also love the ocean, hiking in the mountains, growing vegies in my backyard, drinking beer by a fire, cracking thunderstorms, laughing so hard you can’t breathe, caffeine kick starts, night skies and distant lights.

    Get in touch if you’re after a chilled photographer whose specialty is capturing all the raw moments and emotions that happen throughout a wedding day. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    Salt Atelier - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    salt atelier

    02 9698 2644

    Our Approach

    We are passionate about timeless photography with every moment we capture. We believe that a really awesome photograph should always create some level of emotional response in the viewer. We want to journal stories with images over words.

    Our approach is to document your love story in a creative way – photos told truthfully and expressively, not only the magnificent moments but also some secretly significant moments, in between, for a style of artistic storytelling that you can look back on those days, months and years later and still bought you back the little feelings and emotions of your day.

    We are passionate about timeless photography with every moment we capture. We believe that a really awesome photograph should always create some level of emotional response in the viewer. We want to journal stories with images over words.

    Our approach is to document your love story in a creative way – photos told truthfully and expressively, not only the magnificent moments but also some secretly significant moments, in between, for a style of artistic storytelling that you can look back on those days, months and years later and still bought you back the little feelings and emotions of your day.

    Salt Atelier is a Sydney based wedding photography studio with a group of creatives who have over 10 years of experience in professional photography, and we have worked across the globe in places like Australia, New Zealand, France, Turkey, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, India and Bali. Our works have appeared in VOGUE, HELLO MAY, Polka Dot Bride, Morden Wedding, Together Journal, along with a number of online publications. If our works connect with you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Ozphotovideo Studio - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    ozphotovideo studio

    0406 544 159


    We, OZPHOTOVIDEO STUDIO was founded by a team of talented professional Sydney wedding photographers and videographers who are dedicated to capturing your most important and treasured love moments. We take the time to capture every detail, including the smiles, the joy, the tears and the laughter of you and your guests. It is our privilege to film the finest and meaningful day of your life; We use top of the range professional photographic equipment with the latest photographic and editing techniques to guarantee a high-quality finish to all our photos and videos. Our decades of valuable experience in filming & Photographing weddings have made us one of multi-award winning, trusted and talented Sydney wedding photographers and cinematographers.


    Sydney Wedding Photography & Video by Ozphotovideo Studio is a renowned wedding photography and videography company situated in Sydney, Australia. Throughout the years, our team of photographers and videographers has been able to retain a strong reputation while providing high-quality services.

    By choosing our Sydney Wedding Photography & Videography, you can be confident that you have made the perfect selection, with no worries or second thoughts. With their devotion and friendliness, our team of specialists will exceed your highest expectations, delivering you wedding photographs and videos that are going to wow you and your family/friends.


    We’re a group of award-winning professional photographers and videographers in Sydney. We provide top quality photography and video services that will transform your special occasion into lasting, precious memories. We specialise in weddings but also cater for birthdays, christenings and any other special occasion you would like captured on film, customising any package to suit your individual taste and style. We combine our top range equipment with our exceptional and admirable photo shooting skills to ensure that your wedding date is not only memorable but enchanting as well. Our highly professional and friendly team of Sydney photographers and videographers will work with you to create a memorable experience for all parties involved in your special day. Peace of mind for our clients that every precious moment and joy your special day brings will be captured, recorded, and presented to you with the highest quality. This is our number one priority.

    We are also your one-stop shop, providing everything you need for your wedding. Our packages include wedding MV, pre-wedding photos, wedding day photographs and video and makeup services. In addition to this, we are also partnered with exceptional wedding planners and wedding celebrants who will ensure that your wedding will run smoothly from beginning to end at competitive prices.

    Lightheart Films and Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    lightheart films and photography

    02 9568 4386


    Lightheart Films and Photography is a Sydney based wedding photography and wedding videography studio. At Lightheart Films and Photography, we strive to deliver quality wedding videography and photography services for your wedding day at a competitive price. As your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, you should capture and treasure every moment.

    You can trust our experienced wedding photographers and wedding videographers who have extensive experience to deliver quality results that you will treasure for years to come. Each one of our team has filmed and photographed at least 100 weddings in Sydney. We have vast experience to draw from to deliver the best wedding photos and videos. If you are looking for reliable wedding photographers or wedding videographers in Sydney, Lightheart is the right choice.


    Lightheart Films and Photography is a Sydney based wedding photography and wedding videography studio. At Lightheart Films and Photography, we strive to deliver quality wedding videography and photography services for your wedding day at a competitive price. As your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, you should capture and treasure every moment. You can trust us and our extensive experience to deliver the quality results you will treasure for years to come. Each one of our team has filmed and photographed at least 100 weddings in Sydney. We have vast experience to deliver the best wedding photos and videos.

    If you are looking for reliable wedding photographers and wedding videographers in Sydney for your special wedding day, look no further. Choose Lightheart Films and Photography to capture your most important event.

    Our devoted Sydney Wedding Photographers are experienced and utilise state of the art equipment to capture priceless and impressionable photos and video. Our Wedding Photographers have vast experience in the wedding industry. We understand that your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life, and we believe every single moment is precious. We pride ourselves on being one of the best wedding photographic teams in Sydney, with over ten years of experience in the Wedding Photography and Videography industry. We have always been able to deliver quality results for hundreds of weddings, not just images but portfolios, framed mantelpiece photos, and complete videos.

    The storyteller approach to wedding video reminds us of the unfolding narrative that is our lives. What greater transitions are there than weddings and births? A video can never capture every moment of the day, but it will capture what the day was all about and how it all fits together. Compliment your ceremony’s still images with a video from the same special day.

    We have plenty of wedding photo packages and wedding video packages; please check our price list for more details.

    Inlighten Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    inlighten photography

    (02) 9550 0333   


    Beautiful photos that capture real moments – And Wow shots that will take your breath away.

    As one of the top wedding photographers in Sydney for more than 18 years, we know what couples are looking for in a wedding photographer. We are honoured to have been featured in many Bridal Blogs, as well as Vogue Brides, Bazaar Bridal, Cosmo Bride and the Today Show.

    Our wedding photographers are passionate about photography and weddings. We love getting to know our couples so that we can personalise their photos to suit them and show off their own personal style.

    Your wedding day is likely to be the most important day of your life – so your photography needs to be special! We understand the importance of creating the ‘Wow Shot’ that you’ll show off to all of your friends. We want your photos to truly highlight just how spectacular your wedding day was!


    Weddings are a time of love, happiness and fun. We love sharing your joy with you and capturing memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Inlighten is Sydney’s best wedding photographer with over 25 years of capturing wedding photos.

    Your experience with us begins with meeting your Wedding Photographer at your very first meeting. Our State of the Art studio allows you to view thousands of our images as you start to visualise just how your wedding photos will look. And chatting with your Photographer about the details of your day ensures you form a personal connection. 

    While the true essence of your day will shine through in your candid images, we also love to fuse that with our fresh, artistic approach and incorporate the locations you’ve chosen. This way, your collection of images will have a unique feel which you will always cherish.

    Inlighten Photography is recognised amongst brides and the Wedding Industry as a trusted and highly talented Wedding Photography in Sydney. With more than 15 years of experience shooting weddings all around the world, Inlighten offers a personalised experience for your wedding photography, both before and after your wedding day.

    We know weddings are a celebration, so we’ll have the champagne and chocolates ready for your arrival.

    Why Choose Enlighten Photography?

    Owners Dean & Rachael Bentick have been at the helm of Inlighten for 19 years, with Dean personally photographing weddings for over 27 years.

    The Inlighten team consists of 12 photographers with multiple teams available to help cover your big day. You will also have access to your own client manager to help with selecting the best photos for your album. 

    Inlighten has extensive experience covering weddings of all styles and cultural backgrounds, including Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Jewish, Egyptian, Muslim and LGBTQIA+ weddings.

    We love travelling, so look out for the weddings we’ve shot in Tuscany, the Maldives, New York and New Zealand in our portfolio!

    We also understand that our couples are busy professionals. That’s why our brand new, state of the art studio is conveniently located in the creative heart of Sydney, at 535 Crown St Surry Hills. We’re open 6 days a week with after-hours appointments available Monday – Thursday at 6 pm and 7:30 pm. Every couple that comes in will meet their personal wedding photographer at their first meeting so that you can see their work and connect on a personal level. Our belief is, if you feel relaxed with your wedding photographer, you’ll get naturally beautiful photos.

    Xtraordinary Photos & Video - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    xtraordinary photos & video

    02 9550 9312


    A wedding photography/video business providing unique services for every client in Sydney

    Voted in the Top 10 Photography Studios by Fairfax Award

    Our team knows what it takes to offer a superior service to every couple on one of the biggest days of their lives. We know how important this special day is, not only for the couple but for the two families that are coming together. That is why we provide quality photos and videos to help you remember this special celebration for years to come.

    We understand that every couple is different, with each celebration being unique in its own way. At Xtraordinary, we believe just as every couple is different, so too should be their photos. That is why our team takes the time to get to know our clients and the celebration they have planned, to create an album that truly showcases who they are and the bond they share at a fantastic price.

    We believe the best wedding photography encapsulates the personality of every couple, their family and friends, to create images that leave a lasting impression. Whether you would like to book a photographer or require videos of your big day, let us show you the Xtraordinary difference.

    The leading wedding photographer in Leichhardt and throughout Sydney

    While we’re located in the inner west suburb of Leichardt, our wedding photography and video services are available for clients all over Sydney and all around NSW. So, wherever you are, we are here to deliver an outstanding photography service with a stunning end result.

    If you’d like to have a chat with us for additional information, please feel free to send us an online enquiry, and we’ll make sure to respond ASAP.

    Divon Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    divon photography

    +612 9161 0001

    Team Divon

    “timeless, classic, and intimate because we value sentimentality, and we believe that the sentimental is priceless.” – Franky Tsang, originator of Divon Photography.

    Situated in Sydney, Divon Photography is a multi-award-winning wedding photography and videography company specialising in capturing joy and romance at weddings. Our talented, professional team has been shooting weddings for more than 10 years, with specialisation in an array of artistic backgrounds – interior design, portraiture, black & white artistry, graphic design, video and sound. We’ve been working together since 2008, previously known as Beani Photography. Since then, we have become one of Sydney’s renowned photography studios.

    What truly sets Devon’s timeless and intimate style apart from other wedding photography companies is both our passion for telling you’re once in a lifetime story and our transcending ability to build a connection so that we’re not just an instrument of your narrative but an important part of it.

    Photography is an art form. No less than Michelangelo’s emotional connection in creating the Sixteenth Chapel, at Divon, we will create an honest relationship with each individual wedding.

    If anyone is going to attend the most important day of your life, they mustn’t be a stranger. So throw out the traditional idea of client and provider, and let’s truly create a connection.

    Moments Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    moments photography

    0452 335 251


    I’m Simon (pronounced ‘Simon’), a lover of sports, interior design and gardening. In a previous life, I worked as a freelance event/runway photographer for Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan Australia, 2threads, Norton Rose Fulbright, Flaunt Marketing and a fashion photographer for Disney.   

    I started my photography journey shooting nightclubs in Sydney’s Kings Cross in the early 2000s before turning to Wedding and Portrait photography/videography, firstly with Simon Wilde Photography before joining forces with Shyani to create Moments Photography & Film.


    I’m Shyani (pronounced ‘Sharni’), a self-proclaimed multipotentiality who loves cake decorating, reading biographies and painting with watercolour. I have a Diploma of Professional Photography from The Photography Institute.

    Sometimes the connection and true emotion between family and friends cannot be expressed through words but can be felt through the visual language of a photograph or video. We use as much natural light as possible to achieve bright light and airy images that have a romantic, timeless feel.

    We observe and document the unique little details that took months of your preparation, the candid moments that show the romance, laughter and happiness between loved ones, and, together with beautiful portraits, we tell the narrative of your wedding day.

    We feel so privileged to tell these stories through our lenses, creating beautiful memories that grow more valuable with each passing day. Say hello if you like our style and want us to be a part of your big day!

    Fuss Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    fuss photography

    0402 327 356


    Fuss Photography is Sydney based. Extensive experience in the wedding photography industry, along with our natural, candid and own unique personal style of photography, enables us not only to capture an event but the moment that tells your story. A special day that symbolises the love between two hearts that become one.

    At Fuss Photography, our focus is for our couples to have the best wedding photography experience with beautiful wedding images. Capturing wedding photography in Sydney, across Australia and overseas.

    We are not only known for our wedding photography service but also for people, portrait and commercial photography. We offer this service in our studio or on location.

    Looking for a Wedding Photographer in Sydney?

    Being actively involved within the wedding photography industry for many years, we know and understand the time and effort taken by couples to prepare for their special day. Our photographers remain unobtrusive as possible throughout the wedding day to ensure our couples focus on enjoying and mingling with their guests.

    Having extensive experience enables our photographers to capture the love, happiness and joyful moments of your wedding day by presenting you with stunning images.

    We look forward to getting to know our couples so that we can personalise their photography to suit them with our unique style.

    We love photography and love to share your happiness. That is when your journey begins, and your search ends here with Fuss Photography.

    A beginning of a journey that will tell your story.

    Fame Park Studios - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    fame park studios

    02 8051 3206

    Wedding Photographer Sydney

    The memories of a wedding should last a lifetime; after all, it is often considered to be among the most important days in a person’s life. However, even the best memories have a tendency to fade away over time, which is why having photos and videos to capture the essence of the event is often a great way to capture the memories. For some of the highest quality wedding photographers Sydney has to offer, look no further than the accredited professional team of photographers at Fame Park Studios in Sydney, Australia.

    Many consider us to be the best wedding photographers in Sydney, New South Wales. We create film and imagery that you’ll love for years to come.

    Why Hire Us As Your Professional Cinematographers in Sydney for a Wedding?

    For most, their wedding day is a big deal. This is one of the main reasons for picking a team of professional wedding photographers in Sydney to take care of capturing those precious and beautiful moments that can often be so vital.

    From the technology used to the experience needed to get good photography shots that capture those special moments of a wedding day, hiring a professional wedding photography studio that specialises in filming and photographing these precious beautiful moments is often the most surefire way to ensure that the memories will live on forever.

    Typically, a high-quality wedding photography studio will have access to the latest technology, as well as the ability to make the most of every shot that they take during a client’s beautiful wedding day. And, since a good Sydney wedding photographer can make all the difference to a beautiful wedding, it’s not hard to see why it can be so important to try and find the right photographers for you.

    Those looking for high-quality Sydney wedding photography and videography in Sydney may want to consider checking out Fame Park for their wedding photography needs. We offer world-class Sydney photographer wedding services that are often thought to be not just outstanding but friendly and professional. For Sydney weddings, many find that they’re one of the best photography services around.

    Transtudios Photography and Video - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW


    +61 431 168 159


    At Transtudios Photography and Video, we have a simple philosophy - to capture your unique wedding day through candid, artistic and modern photography along with exquisite cinematic wedding video.

    We’re an award-winning creative team based in Sydney, Australia. With over 10 years of valuable experience in capturing modern weddings, natural weddings & luxury weddings, we’re highly trusted & recommended amongst our newlyweds.

     Our Creative Director will personally collaborate with you and your fiancé to provide seamless wedding photography and wedding video experience from start to finish, as we understand that searching for the right wedding vendor to suit your wedding day can be quite overwhelming!

    With our creative, qualified professional background in Wedding Photography, Wedding Cinematography, Wedding Videography & Editing, we’re on hand to help you create timeless wedding memories.

    Our Sydney Wedding Photo and Video packages are affordable, and we offer seasonal promotions. We’re one of the best award-winning wedding vendors for Wedding Photography and Videography in Sydney.

    We intertwine a modern approach with storytelling to produce beautiful photos and video that really captures your moment.

    TranStudios Photography & Video offers you a fantastic personalised experience, both before and after your wedding day, with our Creative Director guiding you every step of the way.

    Trust in TranStudios to bring your dream wedding to life! Head over to our contact page and take the first step.

    Khon Enam - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    khon enam


    Hi there, Thanks for visiting my website and having a look at my portfolio. I’m a Sydney based photographer and cinematographer working in the industry for almost 10 years. I love capturing weddings, fashion and other events. I also love travelling and exploring new places around the world. I do travel outside Sydney and outside Australia for various projects. When I capture weddings, I focus on capturing what’s most natural - laughing, crying, dancing and grinning from ear to ear. I look for the candid and real moments shared between you, your partner, family and friends, to craft a film that you’ll look back on forever. 

    I moved to Sydney in 2004, and now I call this my home. And it’s here that I was inspired to capture stories through my photographs and videos. Because I strongly believe The human experience is dynamic, unique and wholly unpredictable - it’s an exciting challenge to explore it through my photography. The ideal image captures the convergence of light, moment and composition. And when everything aligns, it’s just beautiful. 

    I specialise in romantic and artistic wedding photography/cinematography, trendy fashion photography/videography and any event photography/videography with a modern twist. Please inquire more about my photography and videography services and rates! 

    Two Peaches Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    two peaches photography

    +61 416 111 452

    Sydney Wedding Photographer Two Peaches Photography.

    Hello and welcome to Sydney Wedding Photographer Two Peaches Photography. We are based in Sydney and provide wedding photography and cinematography coverage in Sydney, Melbourne, all over Australia and Destination weddings as well.

    Weddings are very special and a special moment in your life. Entrusting these precious moments and memories forever to someone who shares the same values as you is important.

    Here at Sydney Wedding Photographer Two Peaches Photography, we specialise in Wedding Photography and Cinematography only. We are an industry-recognised team of wedding photographers and cinematographers in Sydney and have been recognised by a number of Wedding Blogs and industry experts as being one of the top 10 studios. We have a team of very dedicated professionals who are as passionate about weddings as you are. Our team of experts have well over 10 years of industry experience, and over the years, we have formed a reputation as being one of the most trusted and popular wedding photographers in Sydney. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our google reviews and what our customers have to say!

    Have a look at our portfolio of work and see what all our clients are raving about.

    Be sure to follow our Instagram and our Facebook to get the latest updates and latest photos and videos of our amazing brides and grooms!

    So relax, enjoy and let our team of wedding professionals take care of your special day. Our investments start from $2990.

    About Us

    Wedding Photographers Sydney Two Peaches Photography was established in early 2010 and had been operating in Sydney and surrounding areas since. Our Teams of Photographers have accredited AIPP Professional Photographers and has built a reputation for being extremely OCD with the smallest details, his attention to details, the desire for everything to look meticulous and perfect and all, capturing all things pretty and feminine. Take a look at our portfolio and marvel at the level of detail, and OCD captured in the photos!

    Our Two Peaches Team of Wedding Photographers in Sydney also has a reputation for being very fun, down to earth and knows how to work with you to manage your wedding day so that it runs perfectly without a hitch.

    Two Peaches Photography is and will remain a boutique wedding photography studio whose motto and ethos is to provide every single customer with individualised customer service and care. Two Peaches Photography has a small team of dedicated Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers based in Sydney who shares the same enthusiasm and passions as Robert.

    Want to see what our clients are raving about? Read our clients testimonials and reviews and see what they have to say about us!!

    Love our work and want to chat? We’d love to hear from you about your amazing wedding! Come and say hi and drop us a line!!

    Precisepix - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW




    ​Hello, and welcome to my website; my name is Daniel. Here you will find information on the services I provide and experiences as a wedding photographer. I live to tell authentic stories and share in the moments, and I love adventure, and weddings are of the best kind.

    ​I document the fun and positive vibe of your wedding whilst keeping a non-intrusive demeanour. I believe in letting your wedding speak for itself and not interrupting the natural flow of emotions and excitement. I’m there for all the beautifully intricate details and the big family photos. I have a very open and social personality, and I find it easy to talk to anyone. If you are looking for an easy and relaxed professional, here I am!

    ​As a Sydney based wedding photographer, I am available for weddings throughout all Southern Highlands, Wollongong, South Coast, Central Coast, Hunter Region, Snowy Mountains, Outback Straya, Canberra and internationally.


    Hello, my name is Daniel Brunt.

    Precisepix is a business built around the passion for creating beautiful artworks that will be cherished for generations and documenting those special moments that make you feel something.

    Before starting Precisepix, I had achieved many impressive life goals like property and travel. Still, in my heart, I always knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer. With the help of my amazing fiancée Christine, I have been able to build my business from the ground up and follow my dreams to this very day.

    ​I get anxious before every wedding, which has always been a sign that I am about to level up and achieve greatness. I know that I am living my true destiny to become the best wedding photographer I can be.

    Every couple deserves to have a photographer that desires to do their very best no matter the situation.

    My Dad always told me that wedding photography is such a fantastic job because you are the one to capture the most outstanding photo of that family’s history.

    Ben Newnam - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    ben newnam

    0419 624 950


    Thank you for stopping by and browsing my website. Following is a little bit of information about me and the service I offer. So you can get to know me a little better. If you would like to read about other peoples experiences, simply follow the following link to the many reviews from satisfied couples. REVIEWS

    Voted in the top 21 Sydney photographers by shutter turn

    Photography is all I know. Throughout my high school years, photography was the one thing I excelled at, which makes sense, because generally when you have a passion for something, you will immerse yourself into it. Learning everything, there is to know. Honing your craft until it becomes second nature. My first wedding, straight out of high school some 20 years ago, and I haven’t looked back.

    With over 20 years of experience as a professional wedding photographer, I have become one of Sydney’s most trusted wedding and portrait photographers.

    Located in the suburb of Berowra on the upper North Shore of Sydney. The level of service I offer is my trademark. Along with a consistently high level of quality photography, my other top priority is taking the time with each and every client, planning, advising and taking on-board every detail of the wedding so that nothing is left to chance.

    Wedding photography is an art unto itself, and the finished product is almost always a reflection of the planning, experience and expertise of the photographer.

    Your wedding day is a unique event, and your wedding photos are the most permanent record you will have of that day.

    Offering some of the best wedding photography Sydney has to offer. Flexible packages include many options such as an images-only coverage, offering all the high-resolution files in your own personal online gallery, without any watermarking. Every image is colour corrected. Also included are approximately 30-70 ART finished images of my choice. You also receive, as part of the coverage, 6 images of your choice with ART finished files at no extra cost. An Images-only coverage means you are not obligated to have your images printed through me, but rather you are free to have them printed wherever you choose. Of course, I offer a print service should you wish to have them printed through me. Also offering a large range of beautifully crafted wedding albums to choose from. All of which include a generous 36 sides as part of the standard optional album package.

    Be sure to look around and really get a feel for what is out there because you don’t want to risk your wedding photographs with just any wedding photographer. Contact me on 0419 624 959 and discuss your photographic requirements today.

    Professional wedding photographer servicing Sydney – Newcastle – Hunter Valley – Central Coast – the Blue Mountains – Wollongong – Australia Wide – International

    Terms for booking are as follows. A $1000 non-refundable retainer is payable to secure your booking. In the event of cancellation, a refund will only be issued if I were to secure the date with another wedding booking. Then a full refund will be given.

    JS Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    js photography

    02 9557 8869


    Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most meaningful and memorable occasions of your life, and you’ll want to make sure you capture it perfectly so you can look back on it for years to come. From the dress to the flowers, the guests and the food, and that special moment when you and your loved one say “I do,” our professional wedding photographers and videographers will capture every detail of your special day.

    At JS Photography, we offer affordable wedding photography and videography to those in Sydney, Liverpool, Western Sydney and beyond. Our experienced team of professional wedding photographers, videographers, graphic designers and makeup artists will ensure that you get the best results for your wedding photography, capturing stunning photos that will allow you to relive your wedding day for years to come. Our wedding photography packages may be cheap, but our results never are.

    Affordable Wedding Photography Packages to Suit Your Budget

    At JS Photography, our professional photographers understand the desires of local couples when shooting affordable weddings around Sydney, Western Sydney and beyond. Our professional wedding photographers draw on their years of experience to create a relaxed atmosphere when photographing your wedding, allowing them to capture those beautiful, candid moments. We realise that every wedding is a distinct, unique experience, which is why we offer a range of photography packages at affordable prices.

    How We Achieve the Best Results for Your Wedding Photos

    To ensure that you receive the best possible wedding photos and videography, our Sydney photographers are trained in using state-of-the-art photography and videography equipment. They combine top-of-the-line cameras and lenses with the talent and theoretical knowledge they possess to capture beautiful one-of-a-kind photos of your wedding day. Take a tour of our online gallery to view examples of our work, and see why we’re one of the most preferred wedding photography and videography businesses in the Sydney region!

    Jonathan David Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    jonathan david photography

    +61 420 972 355

    Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I’m thrilled that you’ve found me.

    Weddings have it all: belly-aching laughter, wide-eyed anticipation, nervous excitement and totally uninhibited joy. Sometimes even a tear or two. I unobtrusively observe those cherished moments and translate the love, intimacy and warmth I see around me into wedding photographs that you will love.

    For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to immerse myself in a good story. A wedding day is no different. I very strongly believe in artfully documenting the real and unrehearsed “you” to produce relaxed and natural photos that reflect who you really are and the things and people you love. The way I know how to do that best is by getting to know you and by providing you with a personal and individual service. You deal with me from your initial enquiry, right through to receiving your finished product. My philosophy is to keep everything transparent & as simple as possible so that you have an unrivalled photography experience. So, stick around, check out some of my recent weddings, and if you feel a connection to my work, I would love to hear from you.

    Jonathan David Photography is a Sydney based wedding photography studio specialising in creatively documenting the intimate moments of your wedding day, providing relaxed and natural wedding photography in Sydney, the Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley, the South Coast and across New South Wales. Available Australia-wide and internationally.


    I’m Jono, a Sydney-based wedding photographer.

    I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my amazing wife, Britt. Undeniably, she is the woman behind the man. Together we’ve travelled the world and have an adorable canine child, Gus. We’re alike in so many ways, but between you and me, Britt’s creativity, selflessness and heart of gold far exceed any human being I know.

    We’re both obsessed with weddings and know the importance of having your wedding day documented truthfully – just as it unfolds. We see the unrehearsed and real moments, and we want your day to be relaxed and completely stress-free just as much as you do.

    When we’re not busy creating amazing photos for our couples, you’ll probably find us out rummaging through antique shops and markets, dreaming of our next holiday to an exotic faraway land or cuddled up watching Netflix (or, dare I say it, reruns of Dateline and 48 Hours – we’re hopelessly hooked on crime & mystery shows!).

    Don’t be shy. Shoot me an email and get in touch using the contact form and say hello! Tell me a little bit about yourselves and the exciting plans you’ve got in store for your big day, wherever in the world it may be. I’ve got my passport at the ready!

    So when’s the big day? I’d love to be a part of the celebration.

    Skipping Stone Photography - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    skipping stone photography

    +61 434 934 767

    Sydney Wedding Photographers

    Hi! We’re Nick and Lindsey Stewart, the Sydney based team behind Skipping Stone Photography. So here’s the big question – why choose us? You probably wouldn’t describe yourself and your partner as ordinary, so why settle for ordinary wedding photographs? 

    We provide a unique experience and images that will amaze you! We focus on true emotion, relationships, and real stories, and we will capture images that you’ll love for a lifetime. We’ve also been there, and we know that planning your wedding is like having a second job. We want to make your planning process fun and effortless. We’re professionals, and we’ve been in business since 2009, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We offer pricing and packages that are easy to understand. Most of all, we can offer beautiful, timeless photos that you will treasure for life.


    We are a bit of an international couple - Nick was born in New Zealand, while Lindsey grew up in snowy Canada. When trying to decide where to set up our lives and business, we were sold on all that Sydney had to offer. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is so varied, from endless sandy beaches and coastline to dense bushland, and for a city of its size, the culture is quite laidback and easygoing.

    What makes Sydney a great place to live also means that it is an amazing place to get married! Having a wedding in Sydney leaves you spoilt for choice. You can opt for a beach wedding in the Northern Beaches or the Eastern Suburbs and choose from dozens of beaches to host your nuptials. The wedding venues offered around these areas are plentiful and amazing too! For a more classic wedding, Sydney CBD has some beautiful parks and historic buildings to provide a perfect backdrop for your photographs.

    Sydney is central to so many beautiful destinations as well. Within a few hours drive from the centre, you can be in the mountains, the vineyards, national parks, rolling hills, farmland, and secluded, empty beaches. We love the fact that you can get away from the hustle and bustle very easily.

    Some of our favourite areas for weddings nearby to Sydney are:

    • Newcastle and the Hunter Valley: Newcastle has a host of beaches to hold a beautiful wedding, as well as some very cool venues and a nice, laidback feel. The Hunter Valley has some amazing wineries, many of which host weddings and receptions. It’s a great location for a wedding because your guests feel like they’ve had a mini holiday, and they get to do some wine tasting as well! The landscape itself is beautiful, with rolling hills and manicured gardens. It’s one of our favourite places to photograph weddings!
    • Northern Beaches and the Central Coast: We may be a bit biased, but being Northern Beaches locals means that we love photographing weddings here! The beaches are very unspoilt, and the further north you get, the quieter and more secluded they generally are. The scenery is simply amazing, and the wedding venues on offer are top-notch, offering something for every budget and taste.
    • Blue Mountains: A true bushland retreat, the Blue Mountains offers a quaint and tranquil location for a wedding. Couples that love nature and vast, open views will find some amazing venues for their wedding here. 
    • Southern Highlands and Wollongong: The Southern Highlands are such a beautiful place for a wedding. The region seems to have it all - countryside with rolling hills and quaint villages, amazing coastal landscapes and wineries to visit along the way. This unspoilt location is perfect for couples wanting a country wedding with a relaxed feel.

    Creek Street - Wedding Photographer Sydney, NSW

    creek street

    +61 2 9918 4590


    Creek Street Portrait and Wedding Photography Sydney Studio are run by husband and wife team Anna and Ronny Berg. Our passion is capturing natural, beautiful and relaxed photos of all our wonderful couples and families.

    Both Anna and Ronny have a Master of Arts in Photography, are members of the AIPP and are two of the most experienced portrait and wedding photographers working in Sydney today.

    Ronny is an experienced and professional Sydney wedding photographer. His style is natural, documentary and photojournalistic, and his photos are artistic, relaxed and candid. Ronny works all over Sydney, the Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands.

    To see more of Ronny’s work, check out the Wedding Gallery and Sydney Wedding Photography Blog.

    Anna specialises in pregnancy, newborn and baby portraits. To view Anna’s work and for more information, please go to pregnancy & baby.

    Our main studio is in Avalon, close to Mona Vale and Palm Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

    We also have a viewing studio in Marrickville, in the inner west of Sydney.


    Your wedding is a precious and momentous day for both your families, and Ronny is a motivated and relaxed photographer who will blend into the background of your wedding party while he captures every special moment.

    Over the last 17 years, Ronny has attended more than 1000 weddings, documenting all the beautiful and poignant moments shared between couples, their united families and their friends. Ronny’s candid and artistic photography style catches all the small funny and quirky moments as well as the deeply significant emotional moments, capturing the essence of the day so you can cherish those memories forever.

    When you book Creek Street Photography, you know that the person you speak to at your first meeting is the person who will take your photographs on the day. Ring us on 02-9918 4599 or use our Contact Form for more info or to arrange a no-obligation meeting to talk about your photo session.

    Ronny’s first experience as a wedding photographer happened by chance – one day, while he was living in Prague and studying for his Master of Arts degree in photography, he looked out the window and saw a gypsy wedding parade proceeding merrily past his apartment. Grabbing his camera, Ronny raced into the street and asked if he could take some photographs. Three days later, he was still part of the gypsy family’s wedding celebrations as the joyous festivities continued, all captured by Ronny’s camera.

    This experience inspired Ronny to become a great wedding photographer, so he could highlight the beauty and the joy of these occasions. Whether he needs to climb walls or lie on the ground, Ronny will find the most interesting and artistic angle for each shot, so your personal wedding album is unique to your celebration and your family.

    Ronny has a Master of Arts Degree in Photography, and he is an award-winning member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). He has exhibited his photographs extensively throughout Europe and Australia. Since that first gypsy wedding, Ronny has now been a professional wedding photographer for more than 17 years.

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