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    Are you missing a few teeth, or perhaps you’re having multiple teeth removed? If so, having large empty spaces in your mouth isn’t a good idea for many reasons, and either permanent or temporary dentures may be an excellent solution for you.

    Today’s dentures are nothing like your grandparents’ false teeth! Technology has come a long way over the years. Old dentures may have been uncomfortable and look fake, but modern dentures are incredibly well-made. 

    They are designed to look completely natural to both the wearer and your friends and family. Being fitted for a set of dentures from the experienced team at our denture clinic can help improve your confidence while allowing you to eat all the foods you love.

    When Do You Need Dentures?

    Many conditions may cause you to need dentures, such as age, advanced decay and illness. A few common reasons where we might suggest looking at dental dentures are:

    • Decayed cavities in your mouth which can’t be restored.
    • Injury or trauma to the mouth.
    • An illness that led to teeth erosion.
    • Cancer treatment that affected the teeth roots.
    • Advanced gum disease.

    Dentures in Melbourne are not just for “old people” but an alternative solution for any adult who has lost many teeth.

    Melbourne Dentures

    Dental on Clarendon

    Address383 Clarendon St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
    Health and safety: Temperature check required · Staff wear masks · Staff get temperature checks · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits

    Here at Dental on Clarendon, we are dedicated to improving the appearance of our patient’s smiles as well as their overall dental health.

    Our state-of-the-art practice – combined with our commitment to providing the best cosmetic, general, and child dentistry procedures in Melbourne – ensures that everyone who visits us receives the best possible care in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

    After each consultation, we give you a preventative care and maintenance program using the latest techniques for taking care of your teeth.

    We also send friendly reminders when you need a check-up and are there for you in case of an emergency. With the highest standards of comfort and care and a commitment to delivering the most pleasing results, Dental on Clarendon is at the forefront of the oral health industry.

    Caring South Melbourne Dentists That Serve You

    Get the support you need for a healthier, happier mouth. Dental on Clarendon is a modern office providing Melbourne dental care for all patients, offering a comprehensive range of general, specialist and cosmetic dental procedures and treatments for everyone. Our fully qualified dentists in Melbourne endeavour to provide superior services, focusing on your satisfaction – with everything explained in ‘plain English’ along the way!

    Our practice is conveniently located at 383 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne (corner of Clarendon and Napier Streets) – we are a stone’s throw away from the leafy suburbs of Albert Park, Middle Park, the bayside suburbs of Port Melbourne and St Kilda, the eastern suburbs of Hawthorn, Richmond and Toorak, and the cityside suburb of Southbank. 

    Free street parking is available, or Tram number 12 runs past our front door if arriving by public transport. Get off at stop number 129 (corner of Clarendon and Park Streets) and take a one-block stroll (approx. 3 minutes) to arrive at the practice.

    Oral Care for the Whole Family

    From baby’s first check-up through to design and installation of dental implants, our team of professionals are here to act as your ‘lifetime partners’ for Melbourne dental care

    Our general dentistry area of practice includes fitting and designing partial and complete dentures, root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal and restorative procedures. 

    Meanwhile, parents can rest assured knowing that their child is in good hands when they book an appointment with our South Melbourne dentists, oral health therapists or hygienists, providing first check-ups, teeth cleaning and much more.

    Patients requiring specialist or cosmetic care are also in good hands. We have the best cosmetic dentists in Melbourne to fit dental crowns and bridges and consult Invisalign invisible braces. 

    Our cosmetic services include porcelain veneers and single-visit Zoom teeth whitening, as well as more comprehensive smile makeovers to address chipped or misaligned teeth. Our goal is always to ensure that you’re provided with the information and treatments you need to get the optimal outcome for your circumstances.

    Problems that Can Arise if You Don’t Get Dentures

    If you’re only missing a single tooth, we may suggest you opt for a dental bridge or a dental implant. However, having multiple infected or decayed teeth that can’t be treated can lead to more significant problems such as jaw bone loss. Other health concerns you may encounter include:

    • Difficulty biting and chewing.
    • A sunken, sagging face around the jawlines.
    • Problems speaking clearly.
    • Increased risk of infection.
    • Self-confidence impact.

    Staff will be able to advise you of the best course of treatment and if your dental insurance plan will help pay for some of the cost. You will need help to get fitted for your new denture implants so you can get on with your life without worrying about your teeth. Today’s dentures look great and totally natural. They will look just like your real teeth.

    What to Expect

    • Before you have dentures fitted, we will have to remove all damaged teeth and allow the gums to heal.
    • Next, we’ll take an impression of your mouth that is used to create your new dentures.
    • About 2-4 weeks later, we’ll receive your new dentures and call you in for a fitting.
    • We’ll check the dentures and make any adjustments necessary to make it feel comfortable during the fitting.

    Living With Your New Dentures

    There will be a period of adjustment as you get used to your new teeth. However, some common things noticed by our patients are:

    • Getting used to eating your favourite foods.
    • Eating soft food for the first few days.
    • Some discomfort as you get used to your new teeth. We might recommend some light pain killers at first.
    • Daily cleaning to maintain a healthy mouth.
    • Regular follow-ups with our dentist.

    Melbourne Dentures

    Denture Care Centre

    378 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills, VIC 3127, Australia

    Phone: 1300 508 553

    Opening hours
    Monday to Friday
    8:30 am to 5.00 pm

    The Denture Care Centre in Melbourne has become renowned for enhancing patients’ oral health and appearance with missing teeth. Denture Melbourne allows patients to enjoy a fully functioning set of teeth that look and feel almost real. 

    Our team of professional prosthetists replaces lost teeth with either full or partial dentures, depending on the patient. Patients experience considerable health benefits and an enhanced ability to chew and speak by filling in the gaps. 

    Dentures also dramatically enhance patients’ appearance, preventing facial sagging by supporting the cheeks and the lips. They vastly improve your smile and give your face shape and definition whilst making you look younger. 

    Advancements in technology and materials have greatly improved the look and comfort of dentures in Melbourne. These days, patients no longer complain about the discomfort of dentures but love the form-fitting dentures that act like natural teeth.

    Full Dentures

    Complete dentures are the ideal solution for patients who have lost the majority of their natural teeth. The full denture replaces all of the teeth on the mouth’s upper and/or lower arch. There are two types of full dentures for patients to choose from: the ‘conventional’ and the ‘immediate’.

    A conventional dentures Melbourne service is fitted approximately eight to 12 weeks after removing teeth to allow healing time for the gum tissue. During the healing period, patients are without teeth. 

    Conversely, the immediate full denture ensures patients aren’t left without teeth during the healing process. 

    As the name suggests, it is fitted immediately after the removal of teeth. However, your denture Melbourne can become loose as the bone supporting the teeth reshapes during the healing time. In these circumstances, a realignment of the denture is necessary shortly after being fitted.

    Partial Dentures

    Partial dentures are the perfect option for patients who are missing several teeth in the arch. The partial dentures replace only the missing teeth and are removable. 

    There are two types of partial dentures available: partial metal dentures and partial acrylic dentures during Melbourne’s healing time. Metal partial dentures are manufactured from Cobalt Chrome or Titanium, whereas partial acrylic dentures and made from hard acrylic or flexible acrylic material. 

    The flexible partial dentures are more suited to those missing a small number of teeth. They are also preferred from an aesthetic perspective when retainers and clasps are visible.

    Denture Relines

    After tooth loss, your ridge supporting the gum tissue begins to shrink and continues to do so over time. This results in the dentures becoming loose. In order to restore them to the perfect fit, the fitting surface of the denture needs to be relined. 

    To do this, The dental prosthetist applies a new lining that helps the denture contour to your gum line. It is advised to visit your prosthetist every two years to ensure your dentures fit correctly and do not rub.

    Denture Repairs

    We understand people rely on their dentures to live comfortably and confidently, which is why we offer same-day denture repairs. If your dentures have broken and require repairs, you can rely on our prosthetists to fix them in a fast and efficient manner.

    Denture Clinic

    Protec Denture Clinic

    265 Burwood Highway,
    Burwood East, Victoria 3151

    Please look at this map carefully as threre is similar address found in Burwood, not East Burwood which is where we are. Give us a call should you require further assistance.

    P: 03) 9886 5414

    Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

    We are open from 7am — 5pm week days.

    Protec Denture Clinic specialises in the latest dental prosthetic treatments and technologies, based in Burwood East, their denture repair clinic caters to families and dental professionals Australia wide.

    Located in Burwood East (Postcode 3151), we are 30 minutes outside the Melbourne CBD and are a short 2-minute walk from local tram stops. Our highly trained team provide high-quality dentures using the latest and the best in denture technology. We offer a comfortable environment where we work alongside you to achieve the denture you desire.

    We understand how important your teeth are to you, we offer life-like dentures, along with the highest care to fit and maintain them. In addition, we offer same-day emergency denture repairs, relines and additions, ensuring you won’t be without your beautiful smile for any longer than a few hours.

    ProTec Denture Clinic is tailored to give you a smile to be proud of.

    • Quality Control: We ensure to use the highest quality materials and latest techniques.
    • We Listen: We work in consultation with you to achieve the smile you desire.
    • Tailored Solutions: We know each individuals situation is different, so we try our best to offer solutions within patients budgets.
    • After-Care: To ensure your new dentures are being handled to last, we give invaluable advice for your new denture care and maintenance.

    At ProTec Denture Clinic, we can outfit you with a full denture set. Full dentures are a complete set of replacement teeth that our staff fits into an acrylic base. This acrylic base is perfectly crafted and formed to mimic the look of your natural gums.

    The upper portion of a full denture comes with a plate, and this plate covers the roof of your mouth. The lower portion of a full denture is horseshoe-shaped, and we fit it to rest securely and comfortably against your bone and gum tissue.

    Ideal Candidates for Dentures

    Good candidates for either full or partial dentures are individuals who have experienced significant tooth loss. Additionally, an ideal denture candidate should have sufficient healthy bone and gum tissue to adhere to dentures. 

    We ultimately recommend the type of denture will depend on the severity of tooth loss and how much healthy jawbone and gum tissue we have to fit the denture against.

    We typically recommend full dentures to patients who are missing all of their teeth. However, we also consider all of our patients' preferences when we're deciding on full or partial dentures or a dental bridge. 

    We'll make sure you completely understand all of your options before making your final decision so you're satisfied with the final results.

    The Process

    When you come in for your consultation, our friendly and professional staff will work with you to help you decide which course of action you're comfortable with and which type of denture you want to commit to. Our goal is to surpass your expectations and give you a beautiful smile you can't wait to show off.

    We have a state-of-the-art facility, and every staff member receives comprehensive training to further our goal of patient satisfaction. In addition, we work hard to make the entire process an easy and hassle-free experience for every patient.

    Who is a candidate for a Partial Dentures?

    The ideal candidate for a partial denture is someone who has had several teeth extracted or may be missing teeth due to an accident or other event. These partials help maintain as natural of a look as possible.

    Once the candidate meets with our dental prosthetist, they can begin to create a partial that is the perfect size and fit for that individual.

    The Process

    Our partials are designed to match the rest of your teeth, using nanotechnology to create aesthetically pleasing and durable partials. 

    Our on-site prosthetic laboratory allows you to eliminate the middle man and deal directly with the people who will be creating and/or repairing your new partial denture. In addition, weto determine beeline take our time when consulting with a new client to determine best how to create a partial that matches the client.

    We also use nanotechnology to determine best to create durable and beautiful teeth, which involves making five nanomaterial layers. 

    To create a custom fit, we use an injection moulding process, which is the most precise process for creating partials, implants and other dentures.

    Our dental prosthetists are highly trained professionals who specialise in creating dentures. Their goal is to create the best partial possible for your mouth.


    That's where we can help. Our processing system uses injection moulding, which we believe is the best choice for moulding dentures, whether for creating new sets of dentures or for denture repairs. Injection moulding allows us to be precise, so the teeth in your dentures match and have the finest quality shape.

    We also use nanotechnology to create beautiful and durable teeth that will last longer and look more realistic. Nanotechnology uses five layers to create stable teeth that will stand up to everyday wear and tear and look great as well. In addition, we will work to create teeth that will match your dentures, so your dentures wear exceptionally well.

    Our head dental prosthetist is an expert at repairing dentures to look the way they are supposed to. Mr. Rodney Amsha has received highly specialised training in dental prosthetics in addition to his original training as a dental technician. He meets with customers regularly for consultations to help them determine how to make the best denture repairs work for them.

    Emergency Repairs

    Life happens, and sometimes dentures get damaged in the process. We are here to help you, even when emergency denture repairs are needed. Our goal is to help your dentures return to their functionality so you can get on with life.

    Our highly trained professionals will be able to pinpoint any problem and make the repairs necessary with minimal turnaround time. In fact, it only takes one afternoon to reline dentures.

    According to the 2020 national dental fee survey, a full upper and lower conventional denture (item 719) in Australia can cost up to $4,000. For either an upper or lower denture (not both) the cost can be up to $2,200.
    Metal dentures are significantly more expensive than plastic ones because of the skills and materials required to make them. ... Dentists have to advise the lab on things the correct size of teeth required to ensure the dentures look as natural as they can do when fitting in the mouth
    Cosmetic dentures look more like real teeth, by their very nature. They're called cosmetic because they're intended to make your smile look beautiful! Cosmetic dentures also tend to feel much more natural than other denture options. They'll fit naturally in a person's mouth to help them chew and speak efficiently.
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