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    Do you have a few missing teeth, or are you getting numerous teeth extracted at the same time? Dentures, either permanent or temporary, might be a great option for you if this is the case. Having huge empty gaps in your mouth isn't a good idea for many reasons, therefore dentures could be a fantastic answer for you.

    Dentures manufactured nowadays are nothing like the fake teeth worn by your ancestors. Technology has made significant strides forwards in recent years. Dentures of yesteryear may have been awkward to wear and artificial looking, but today's dentures are remarkably lifelike and well-made.

    They are created to seem entirely natural to the person who is wearing them as well as to the person's friends and relatives. Your self-confidence may benefit from having a new set of dentures custom-made by the knowledgeable staff at our denture clinic, which will also enable you to enjoy all of your favourite meals without restriction.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    According to the 2020 national dental fee survey, a full upper and lower conventional denture (item 719) in Australia can cost up to $4,000. For either an upper or lower denture (not both) the cost can be up to $2,200.
    Metal dentures are significantly more expensive than plastic ones because of the skills and materials required to make them. ... Dentists have to advise the lab on things the correct size of teeth required to ensure the dentures look as natural as they can do when fitting in the mouth
    Cosmetic dentures look more like real teeth, by their very nature. They're called cosmetic because they're intended to make your smile look beautiful! Cosmetic dentures also tend to feel much more natural than other denture options. They'll fit naturally in a person's mouth to help them chew and speak efficiently.

    Regardless of the type of dentures you're using, wearing them in your sleep is a bad idea, and will cause you a number of health issues down the line. To keep your mouth bacteria-free, your gums healthy, and your bones unaltered and strong, make sure to remove your dentures every night before going to sleep.

    The other two types of dentures that are available are partial dentures and full dentures. Each of these takes anywhere from four to six visits to install correctly.

    When Do You Need Dentures?

    Dentures may be necessary for you for a variety of reasons, including extensive tooth decay, old age, or sickness. Listed below are some of the most prevalent scenarios in which we would recommend considering dental dentures:

    • cavities in your mouth that have been destroyed by decay and cannot be repaired.
    • Mouth trauma, often known as oral injury.
    • An sickness that was responsible for the erosion of teeth.
    • Treatment for cancer that had an effect on the teeth's roots.
    • gum disease at an advanced stage

    Dentures are an option for any adult who has lost a significant number of teeth and are not limited to being worn just by "old folks" in Melbourne.

    Dental on Clarendon

    Melbourne Dentures

    Dental on Clarendon is a dentist in South Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria. It is located at 383 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia.

    When patients come to see them, customers can rest assured that they will receive the highest level of care in a comfortable setting thanks to the cutting-edge technology at their practise as well as their dedication to offering the most advanced procedures in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and paediatric dentistry in Melbourne.

    Following each appointment, Dental on Clarendon provides you with a regimen of preventive and maintenance treatment for your teeth that will make use of the most up-to-date dental hygiene practises.

    They also remind you in a polite manner when it is time for your checkup, and we will be available for you in the event of an emergency. Dental on Clarendon is at the forefront of the oral health business because to its dedication to providing patients with the best possible levels of comfort and care, as well as the most satisfying outcomes possible.

    Caring South Melbourne Dentists That Serve You

    Get the assistance you need for a mouth that is both healthy and happy. Dental on Clarendon is a contemporary facility that provides dental care to people in Melbourne. They provide a wide variety of general, specialised, and aesthetic dental operations and treatments available for patients of all ages. Their dentists in Melbourne are all highly trained professionals, and they are committed to providing you with excellent care while putting a strong emphasis on ensuring your complete contentment with the treatments they give.

    If you are travelling by public transportation, the Tram number 12 stops just outside our front door, and there is parking on the street that is free of charge. Get out at stop number 129, which is located on the junction of Clarendon and Park Streets, and then walk one block (approximately three minutes) to get to the practise.

    Oral Care for the Whole Family

    General dentistry is one of our practise areas, and it encompasses a wide range of services, such as fitting and designing partial and full dentures, performing root canal treatment, removing wisdom teeth, and restorative operations.

    When parents schedule an appointment with one of their dentists, oral health therapists, or hygienists in South Melbourne, they can have peace of mind knowing that their child is in good hands. These professionals offer a variety of services, including initial examinations, teeth cleaning, and much more.

    Patients who want aesthetic or speciality treatment are also in excellent hands at this facility. We have some of the most skilled cosmetic dentists in Melbourne, and they are able to place dental crowns and bridges, as well as provide consultations for invisible braces like Invisalign.

    Their aesthetic procedures include porcelain veneers and Zoom one-visit teeth whitening, in addition to more extensive smile makeovers, which may address issues such as chipped teeth or teeth that are not aligned properly. It is always their top priority to see to it that you have access to the information and therapies you need in order to get the best possible result given your specific set of circumstances.

    Problems that Can Arise if You Don’t Get Dentures

    If you are just missing one tooth, we may recommend that you have a dental implant or a dental bridge instead of a traditional tooth replacement. Having a number of teeth that are diseased or rotting and that cannot be treated might, on the other hand, lead to more major issues such as the loss of jaw bone. Other potential problems with your health include the following:

    • Biting and chewing are both difficult to do.
    • a face that is sunken down and sags around the jawlines.
    • Difficulty in communicating effectively.
    • a higher likelihood of contracting an illness.
    • Influence of one's own self-confidence.

    The staff will be able to advise you on the most effective course of treatment, as well as determine whether or not your dental insurance plan will contribute to the payment of any portion of the cost. You are going to require assistance in order to have your new denture implants fitted properly so that you may get on with your life without being concerned about your teeth. Dentures manufactured nowadays have come a long way and seem quite natural. They will seem to be your natural teeth in every way.

    What to Expect

    • To prepare your mouth for dentures, we will first need to remove any damaged teeth and give your gums time to recover from the procedure.
    • Following that, they will make an imprint of your mouth that will be utilised in the fabrication of your new dentures.
    • They will call you in for a fitting about two to four weeks after we have received your new dentures.
    • During the fitting, they will evaluate the dentures and make any required changes to ensure that they provide a comfortable fit.

    Living With Your New Dentures

    There will be a period of adjustment as you get used to your new teeth. However, some common things noticed by our patients are:

    • Acclimating yourself to the consumption of your prefered meals.
    • Consuming foods that are easier to chew throughout the first few days.
    • You may experience some pain at first as you adjust to your new teeth. To begin, we can suggest some mild pain relievers for you to take.
    • Cleaning your teeth twice a day is the best way to keep your mouth healthy.
    • Follow-up appointments with our dentist on a consistent basis.

    Denture Care Centre

    Melbourne Dentures

    The Denture Care Centre in Melbourne has earned a well-deserved reputation for improving both the oral health and aesthetics of individuals who are missing teeth. Patients who get dentures in Melbourne are able to experience the benefits of having a completely functional set of teeth that seem and feel virtually identical to natural teeth.

    Depending on the specific needs of each patient, our skilled team of prosthetists may provide dentures that are either complete or partial to replace missing teeth. Patients who have gaps in their teeth filled in report experiencing significant health advantages as well as an improvement in their ability to eat and talk.

    Dentures can provide patients with a considerable improvement in their look by avoiding face drooping and providing support for the lips and cheeks. They make your grin seem noticeably better while also giving your face contour and definition and making you appear years younger.

    The appearance of dentures as well as their level of comfort have seen significant improvements as a result of technological and material advancements in Melbourne. Patients no longer moan about the pain of dentures and instead adore the form-fitting dentures that behave like real teeth. Dentures have come a long way since the invention of dentures.

    Full Dentures

    Patients who are missing most or all of their natural teeth often benefit tremendously from having complete dentures fabricated and placed. A complete denture is one that replaces all of the teeth on the upper and/or lower dental arches of the mouth. Patients have the option of selecting between the "traditional" or the "instant" kind of complete dentures to replace their missing teeth.

    Because the gum tissue needs time to recover after having teeth extracted, a standard dentures fitting in Melbourne takes place about eight to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed. Patients are left toothless throughout the time in which they are required to recuperate.

    On the other hand, the instant complete denture makes it so patients don't have to go through the healing period without any teeth.

    As its name indicates, it is put in place shortly after the tooth or teeth have been removed. Nevertheless, when the bone that supports the teeth reshapes itself throughout the healing process, your dentures in Melbourne may become less secure. A readjustment of the denture is required quickly after it has been fitted because of these particular situations.

    Partial Dentures

    Patients who are missing multiple teeth in the arch may benefit greatly from partial dentures as an alternative treatment option. The detachable partial dentures are designed to replace just the teeth that have been lost.

    During Melbourne's recovery period, there are two kinds of partial dentures available: partial acrylic dentures and partial metal dentures. Partial acrylic dentures, on the other hand, may be built from either rigid or flexible acrylic material, whilst metal partial dentures are constructed from either cobalt chrome or titanium.

    People who are just missing a few teeth may find the flexible partial dentures more suitable for their needs. They are also favoured in terms of aesthetics when retainers and clasps are visible since they are more discreet.

    Denture Relines

    Following the extraction of teeth, the bony ridge that formerly supported the gum tissue will start to recede and will continue to do so over the course of time. Because of this, the dentures will become loose as a consequence. It is necessary to reline the denture's fitting surface in order to bring the dentures back to their original state of perfect fit.

    In order to do this, the dental prosthetist will apply a new lining to the denture, which will assist it in conforming to the shape of your gum line. It is recommended that you see your prosthetist once every two years to check that your dentures continue to fit well and do not cause irritation.

    Denture Repairs

    Since we are aware that many individuals depend on their dentures to maintain a level of self-assurance and comfort in their daily lives, we make it possible for them to get repairs on the same day. You may count on our prosthetists to repair your dentures in a prompt and effective way in the event that they have been damaged and need maintenance.

    Protec Denture Clinic

    Denture Clinic

    Their denture repair clinic serves clients from all across Australia, including families and dental professionals. Protec Denture Clinic is located in Burwood East and specialises in the most recent dental prosthesis treatments and technology. The nearest local tram stations are just a short two-minute walk away from our location.

    Dentures of the highest possible quality are provided by our highly trained staff, who make use of the most advanced and advanced denture technology available. We provide a relaxing atmosphere in which to collaborate with you in order to craft the denture that best suits your needs.

    They are aware of the significance that your teeth have for you, so they make lifelike dentures and provide the greatest quality of service when it comes to fitting and maintaining them. In addition, they provide emergency denture repairs, relines, and additions on the same day that you bring it to them. This ensures that you won't have to go more than a few hours without your stunning smile.

    ProTec Denture Clinic will be able to provide you with a complete set of dentures. Whole dentures are a replacement set of teeth that consist of a full set of false teeth that are fitted by our professionals into an acrylic foundation. This plastic foundation has been carefully created and shaped to replicate the appearance of your natural gums as closely as possible.

    A complete denture will have a plate attached to the top section of the denture, and this plate will cover the roof of your mouth. The bottom part of a complete denture is designed like a horseshoe, and we will adjust it so that it fits snugly against your bone and gum tissue while yet allowing for comfortable chewing.

    Ideal Candidates for Dentures

    People who have lost a substantial number of teeth are often excellent candidates for either complete or partial dentures. Additionally, an ideal candidate for dentures should have adequate bone and gum tissue that is healthy in order for dentures to attach properly.

    The sort of denture that we will eventually prescribe to you will be determined by the extent of tooth loss as well as the amount of healthy jawbone and gum tissue that we have available to fit the denture against.

    Patients who are without all of their teeth are often candidates for complete dentures, which we suggest. Dentures, whether whole or partial, as well as dental bridges, are options that we provide to our patients after taking into account their individual preferences.

    Who Is a Candidate for a Partial Dentures?

    A person who has had multiple teeth pulled or who may be missing teeth as a result of an accident or other incident is the perfect candidate for a partial denture since they meet both of the requirements. These partials contribute to the creation of an appearance that is as natural as is practicable.

    After the applicant has met with our dental prosthetist, they will be able to begin the process of designing a partial denture that is the ideal size and shape for that particular person.


    Dentures could be a great solution for you if you have large gaps in your mouth for a variety of reasons. Today's dentures are far more lifelike and natural-looking than the dentures of the past, which were cumbersome and artificial-looking. Dental on Clarendon is a modern dental clinic serving Melbourne residents. General, cosmetic, and specialised dental procedures are all available through this practise. You can trust your dental health is in the best hands when you see a Melbourne dentist.

    It's possible that we'll recommend that you go with an implant or a bridge to replace a single tooth. It is possible to lose jaw bone if you have a lot of teeth that are damaged or rotting and can't be saved. The Denture Care Centre in Melbourne has a well-earned reputation for helping people with missing teeth improve their oral health as well as their appearance. Complete or partial dentures are possible with the help of our highly trained prosthetists, depending on the individual demands of each patient. Dental prosthetic treatments and technology are the focus of Protec Denture Clinic in Melbourne.

    Families and dental professionals alike can visit their denture repair centre in Australia. When you require denture repairs, you can rely on our prosthetists to get the job done quickly and effectively. Full or partial dentures can be made for you by our dentists. Those who have had many teeth extracted or who may have lost teeth in an accident are ideal candidates for partial dentures. Because of the quantity of good jawbone and gum tissue available, we will ultimately prescribe you a denture type based on that.

    Content Summary

    • It's possible that dentures, either long-term or short-term, could be a good alternative for you.
    • Dentures could be a great solution for you if you have large gaps in your mouth for a variety of reasons.
    • When your teeth are severely decayed, old age, or illness necessitates dentures.
    • We've included some of the most common situations in which you might want to think about getting dentures:
    • You have decayed cavities in your mouth that are beyond repair.
    • advanced stages of gum disease
    • Dentures are not exclusively for "old folks" in Melbourne; they are a possibility for any adult who has lost a substantial number of teeth.
    • Dentistry in the Clarendon neighbourhood
    • An Australian dental practise in South Melbourne, Dental on Clarendon is located on Clarendon.
    • When it's time for your checkup, they will politely remind you. And if the worst happens, we will be here for you.
    • In the field of dental health, Dental on Clarendon stands out for its commitment to providing patients with the highest levels of comfort and care while also achieving the most pleasing results.
    • Get the help you need for a healthy, happy mouth from caring South Melbourne dentists.
    • Dental on Clarendon is a modern dental clinic serving Melbourne residents.
    • For customers of all ages, they offer comprehensive dental care, including general, specialised, and aesthetic dental procedures and services.
    • Tram number 12 stops right outside our front door, and there is free parking on the street if you arrive by car.
    • Dental services include fitting and designing partial and full dentures; doing root canal treatment; extracting wisdom teeth; as well as restorative procedures like dental implants.
    • A visit to a South Melbourne dentist, dental therapist/hygienist, or oral health care provider can provide parents with peace of mind that their children are in good hands.
    • Aesthetic and specialised therapy patients can rest assured that they'll receive first-rate care at this clinic.
    • Some teeth that are sick or decaying and cannot be saved may lead to more serious problems, such as the loss of jaw bone if they are not addressed.
    • You may also be at risk for the following health issues:
    • To eat, you have to bite down and chew at the same time.
    • There are many factors to consider, including whether or not your dental insurance plan will cover any amount of the cost of treatment.
    • You'll need help getting your new denture implants fitted correctly so that you can get on with your life without worrying about your teeth.
    • In every way, they will resemble your actual teeth.
    • Expectations Dentures cannot be fitted into your mouth until damaged teeth are removed and the gums have had time to heal.
    • A mould of your mouth is then taken for the dentures that will replace your missing teeth.
    • A fitting appointment will be scheduled within two to four weeks of receiving your new dentures.
    • You'll have to get used to your new teeth for a while.
    • Get used to the idea of eating the foods you enjoy.
    • Getting used to your new teeth can be painful at first.
    • To begin, we recommend that you take some mild painkillers.
    • The greatest approach to maintaining your mouth healthily is to brush your teeth twice a day.
    • On a regular basis, we schedule appointments with our dentist.
    • Those who are missing teeth can rely on the Denture Care Centre in Melbourne to improve both their dental health and their appearance.
    • It is possible for denture wearers in Melbourne to enjoy the benefits of having an entirely functional pair of dentures that look and feel like natural teeth.
    • Our highly trained prosthetists can produce full or partial dentures to replace missing teeth, depending on the individual's specific requirements.
    • Dentures with a complete set of teeth
    • For patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth, full dentures can be a life-changing solution.
    • Dentures that replace all of a patient's teeth are known as complete dentures.
    • In order to replace missing teeth, patients can choose between "conventional" and "instant" complete dentures.
    • As a result of this, patients no longer have to go without teeth while they're undergoing the healing process with an immediate denture.
    • Because of this, your dentures in Melbourne may no longer be as stable as they were before the healing process.
    • These specific circumstances necessitate a timely revision of the denture after it has been fitted.
    • In cases where numerous teeth are lost from the arch, partial dentures might be an excellent alternative treatment choice.
    • To replace only the missing teeth, removable partial dentures are used.
    • Partial acrylic dentures and partial metal dentures are both available for use during the healing process in Melbourne.
    • In order to restore the dentures to their original state of perfect fit, it is necessary to reline the fitting surface of the dentures.
    • This is accomplished by having the dental prosthetist place a new lining on your denture, which helps it take on the contours of your gums..
    • A visit to your prosthetist every two years is recommended to ensure that your dentures are still comfortable and free of irritation.
    • It's important to us that people who rely on dentures to maintain a certain level of self-confidence and comfort in their daily lives have access to same-day repair services.
    • In the event that your dentures are broken and in need of repair, you may rely on our prosthetists to handle the job quickly and efficiently.
    • Families and dental professionals alike can visit their denture repair centre in Australia.
    • Dental prosthesis treatments and technologies are the specialities of Protec Denture Clinic, which is located in Burwood East.
    • We'll work with you to create the denture that's right for you in a comfortable environment.
    • They know how important your teeth are to you, which is why they produce lifelike dentures and provide the best service when it comes to fitting and maintaining them.
    • In addition, they offer same-day denture repairs, relines, and additions for those in need.
    • As a result, you won't be able to go more than a few hours without a radiant smile.
    • A full set of dentures can be obtained from ProTec Denture Clinic.
    • Unlike partial dentures, full dentures include a full set of false teeth that are attached to an acrylic base by our dentists.
    • As with a partial denture, the upper portion of the upper denture will be fastened to the roof of your mouth via a plate.
    • Those who have lost a significant number of teeth are often good candidates for dentures, whether they are complete or partial.
    • To ensure a secure fit, dentures should be worn by someone with healthy gums and enough bone in their jaw.
    • The degree of tooth loss and the amount of healthy jawbone and gum tissue available to fit the denture against will dictate the type of denture we ultimately recommend for you.
    • Complete dentures are a good option for patients who have lost all of their teeth.
    • A partial denture is an excellent option for someone who has had a number of their teeth extracted or who may be lacking teeth as a consequence of an accident or another incident.
    • Our prosthodontists will be able to begin developing a partial denture that is exactly the right fit for the patient after they meet with the applicant.
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