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Do Melbourne Restaurants Have The Best International Food?

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    When it comes to dining out in Melbourne, you have a vast range of cuisines to select from, including Indian curries, Italian pasta dishes, and more. If you're planning a trip to Australia, you should definitely make reservations at a few different restaurants while you're there. You will not be sorry.

    Melbourne, dubbed the "culinary capital of Australia," is a real haven for those who appreciate discovering a new city through its restaurants and bars. It will satisfy any foodie at any time of day or night, starting with the first expertly crafted flat white of the day and continuing through brunch, lunch, late-night meals, and even later intoxicated nightcaps.

    Melbourne has had multiple waves of migration throughout the years, and as a result, the city's culinary identity is ever-changing, culturally diverse, and fearlessly bold. As a result, wattle seed, banh mi, and xiao long bao are frequently as recognisable to locals as saganaki and salumi. This is due to the fact that the indigenous Australian components found here are blended with elements from many cultures.

    The fact that Melburnians enjoy eating out so much and do it so frequently is most certainly the key element contributing to the city's thriving epicurean culture. Even better, the best dining in the city is easily accessible and affordable; it's a democratic affair and a passion shared by nearly all of the city's nearly five million citizens.

    These 18 Essential Melbourne Restaurants Epitomize The City’s International Culinary Scene.

    In search of an International Restaurant in Melbourne? Our Dining Guide compiles a list of the best restaurants in Melbourne and the suburbs. It's that easy!

    Allow your taste buds to travel the globe without leaving Melbourne's CBD.

    Around 200 nations are represented in Melbourne. Overseas births account for more than 66 percent of the population. So, if you want to experience your hometown food or fly internationally without boarding an aircraft, visit Melbourne's eateries.

    All of this is within a short walk or free tram ride of your home away from home at Waterfront Melbourne Apartments.

    Annam for Vietnamese Food

    With a substantial Vietnamese population in Melbourne, it was only a matter of time before a new-generation Vietnamese-Australian chef repackaged the cuisine for a broader, cocktail-drinking audience.

    Gazi for Greek Food 

    Greek cuisine has traditionally maintained a particular place in Melburnians' hearts. When skilled local chef George Calombaris abandoned fine dining in the mid-2000s to embrace his roots and recreate Greek street food, he sparked a real Greek renaissance.

    This lively café serves up tasty and bright dishes rich on generosity and soul and elevates Greek cuisine in a new, modern way, drawing hungry audiences at all hours.

    Daughter in Law for Indian Food

    When you thought Melbourne was all subdued, chilly, and brooding sophistication, along comes Melbourne-based chef and restaurateur Jessie Singh's newest contemporary Indian eatery. Expect large tasty flavours, loud music, fantastic cocktails, and guaranteed fun times in a frenzy of colour and commotion (like a rickshaw trip across Mumbai during Holi).

    The tasting menu is packed with hits and a great value—get ready for the tactile delights of Singh's "Happiness Balls" and Colonel Tso's cauliflower.

    French Saloon for French Food 

    The team behind this effortlessly exquisite cafe has also built some of Melbourne's most evocative wine-centric establishments, including The European, City Wine Shop, and Kirk's Wine Bar. Chef Todd Moses takes the best of Australian produce, reads some French poetry over it, and serves it with a modern-Australian twist.

    Osteria Ilaria for Italian Food

    This beautiful Italian restaurant, located in one of the city's busiest dining districts, is all leather banquettes, whitewashed brick, and quiet refinement. Chef-Owner Andreas Papadakis helped the city fall in love with pasta again (hard) at sibling venue Tipo 00 (a few doors down and equally as deserving of a visit), and here he broadens his focus, with seafood and game taking centre stage (try the octopus with nduja and anchovy).

    The staff is really pleasant, making the pub an ideal spot for a solo martini.

    Bar Saracen for Lebanese Food

    This cosy, low-lit bunker serves up some of the most vibrant and flavorful food in the city that is inspired by the Middle East, as well as plenty of warm hospitality. It is located in a quiet laneway that does not have a specific name, and it has been cheekily dubbed "a bar of Middle Eastern appearance.

    Carlton Wine Room for Europe-Meets-Australian Wine Country

    This laid-back cafe and bar is known for providing the kind of inviting atmosphere. It is located in the Carlton neighbourhood, which is known for its green surroundings. This dimly lit ambience works just as well for an intimate cocktail hour as it does for a leisurely tour of Australia's wine districts.

    Sunda for Southeast Asian Food

    A native Australian finger lime is used to give a contemporary twist on the traditional grilled fishcake dish known as otak otak. In contrast, the grilled pork cutlet utilises the rich synergies of kohlrabi, rhubarb, and rainforest tamarind. Take advantage of the opportunity for adventure because there is nothing else in the city that can even come close to replicating it.

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    Stalactites Restaurant

    177/183 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

    A vertical formation of rock that protrudes from the ceiling of a cave.

    Stalactites creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a cave while maintaining a high standard of culinary excellence, as its name suggests. This Greek eatery is one of the most well-known in Melbourne for delivering decadent Greek staples such as mixed dips, beef, or seafood, whatever suits your fancy. They are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Rather of eating in the seclusion of your apartment, you can consider picking up some takeout for the evening.

    Reservation? Without a reservation, they are typically able to accommodate smaller parties at a table.


    334 Flinders Ln, Melbourne

    They prefer to think of themselves as being sophisticated but laid-back.

    You are cordially invited to experience the genuine love that goes into preparing Italian cuisine at Vapiano. You may watch them prepare your pizza or pasta exactly how you want it while you place your order at the restaurant.

    Because the pasta is produced right here on the premises, you can rest assured that what you consume will be completely fresh. It has a laid-back vibe, and there's seating available for groups of one or more.

    Reservation? Walk-ins won't be a problem, even for huge groups.


    Melbourne location at 41 Little Collins Street

    At Lupino, you can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere without sacrificing the quality of your meal or your wine selection thanks to the restaurant's classic terracotta decor. The menu features six different types of pasta, three different pizzas, an appetiser, and a main course. When you are finished with Italian, you would do yourself a favour by going to an Italian restaurant that is run by experienced professionals who will assure that the service and the food are of great quality.

    Bodega Underground

    55 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

    Where exactly is this eatery that you are looking for?

    Underground. You should go there for the beverages and the Mexican menu that has everything you could possibly want. In order to sample everything, you have the option of ordering a large service or opting for smaller meals that may be shared.

    Check out the statements that have been scribbled on the lampshades, as well as the Mexican movie posters that make up the background. It comes highly recommended for those looking for a unique eating experience.

    Reservation? Strongly suggested if you're looking for a good table underground.


    1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne

    This restaurant is always packed because it serves the most delicious tapas in all of Spain. Try the establishment's sister restaurant next door rather than going for something less upscale.

    The location of MoVida, which is in the graffiti lane known for its eclectic atmosphere, contributes to the overall uniqueness of the venue. If you are in the mood to be spontaneous, you should let the cook place your order for you so that you can try a variety of the restaurant's speciality dishes.

    Reservation? Yes, well in advance (months), or else you'll have to wait in line.

    Roule Galette

    Scott Alley, 241 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

    Roule Galette, An alternative for the early morning, or a reward after finishing an early desert. Explore the side streets off the main strip to find this narrow alley that leads to France. The cosy little café exudes genuineness thanks to its close quarters. Everyone can find a crepe that suits their tastes, whether they want savoury or sweet fillings. The experience will scream "homemade" because it is based on a traditional recipe.

    Reservation? It is not required.


    115 Collins Street, Melbourne (Victoria), Australia

    Philippe Mouchel, whose name the restaurant bears, is a talented chef who has received numerous distinctions for his work. His enthusiasm is contagious, and it shows in the thoughtfully created menu, which aims to be "gourmand, generous, and cheap."

    Reservation? If you have five guests or more, please check the website for the reservation rules.

    Rice paper scissors

    Mama's Buoi

    Postal Lane (behind H&M)

    After spending the day in Bourke Street Mall, are you starting to feel peckish?

    Rice paper scissors

    Or are you simply yearning for the flavours of Vietnam? There is nothing else to go, but if you go down this alleyway behind the famous GPO, you will find a bar that serves some of the greatest home-cooked Vietnamese food, as well as a selection of Asian beers from the area and a cocktail menu with a focus on speciality drinks.

    Reservation? Not required on a regular basis, but helpful to have on evenings with a lot of activity.

    The Top Foreign Cuisine Restaurants in Australia

    Australia is a cultural melting pot. This contemporary nation only exists as a result of massive immigration from all over the world, and the gastronomic culture reflects this reality.

    Traditional Australian cuisine bears clear traces of both the culinary traditions of Australia's original inhabitants and those of the early British colonies. Nevertheless, the influence of various civilizations may be seen throughout the course of the nation's history.

    In this day and age of increasing globalisation, Australian food has grown even more international, and some of its restaurants are considered to be among the best examples of international cuisine anywhere in the world.

    Mr Wong

    3 Bridge Lane, Sydney

    Mr Wong, This restaurant serves Cantonese cuisine and combines traditional elements with more contemporary ones. The interior is decorated in a traditional Chinese style that is updated for the modern period, and the head chef, Dan Hong, has designed a cuisine that meets everyone's requirements. With more than 80 different dishes to choose from, there is something on the menu that will satisfy everyone's cravings.

    Spice Temple

    10 Bligh St, Sydney

    Spice Temple is a contemporary Chinese restaurant that serves cuisine from less well-known regions of China, such as Guangxi and Xingjiang, among others. The elegant decor emits an air of high-class sophistication, which, when combined with the daring menu, makes for an experience that is hard to forget.


    Mosman is home to D'Albora Marinas on The Spit, which is located on Spit Road.

    Ormeggio is a wonderful restaurant that serves up modern Italian food and has great views of Middle Harbour and Pearl Bay. The menu, which may be eaten either à la carte or as part of a multi-course degustation experience, is based on the many regions of Italy. The wine list highlights the accomplishments of both Australia's wine producers as well as those from other countries throughout the world.

    Café Di Stasio

    31 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

    The life experiences of Café Di Stasio's founder, Rinaldo Di Stasio, are intricately woven into the very fabric of the café's character. Di Stasio, the son of Italian immigrants, founded the restaurant in the image of his family's culture and heritage. He served a menu of traditional Italian cuisine in an ambience that was also traditionally Italian.

    Masala Theory

    545 Crown Street, in the neighbourhood of Surry Hills

    The restaurant known as Masala Theory serves neo-Indian food and is boldly colourful without apology. The restaurant serves traditional cuisine that have been updated with its own unique spin, providing customers with a dining experience that is both flavorful and novel. Masala Theory's proprietor, Yashpal Erda, is quick to point out that the restaurant places an emphasis on "taste above everything" by using genuine, fresh, and nutritious foods.

    Tetsuya’s Sydney

    529 Kent Street, Sydney

    Tetsuya's provides guests with an authentic Japanese ambience and a tasting menu that lives up to the standard. Each meal evokes Japan and is crafted in accordance with the Japanese principle of making use of the natural flavours that are available at the appropriate season. Tetsuya Wakuda's expertise and originality produce the ideal atmosphere for commemorating a momentous milestone, despite the fact that the tasting menu's price tag may come as a surprise to some customers.


    Richmond, British Columbia address: 4 Lord Street

    Sushi is just one of the many things that have helped make Japan famous around the world.

    The Black Toro

    Address: 79 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia

    Mexican food is still relatively unheard of in Australia despite its meteoric rise in popularity over the past ten years.

    The Black Toro serves its customers food with a Latin American influence, such as tacos and tostadas, as well as beverages based on the culture of the area. The restaurant provides a balanced environment that is appropriate for a variety of eating experiences, since it is able to accommodate both everyday meals and more formal celebrations.


    11 Collins Street, Level 1, Melbourne, Australia

    laying claim to the position of being Melbourne's first legitimate taqueria.

    Since 2010, Mamasita in Melbourne has been offering flavours that are influenced by Mexican cuisine. Your tongue tacos or braised goat tostadas will taste even better with some expert advice on "all things agave spirits" from the mezcalier who works right here in the restaurant.

    The combination of an upscale food with a laid-back ambience has contributed to Mamasita remaining one of the most highly regarded restaurants in Melbourne year after year.

    There is no indication that Australia's internationally influenced food culture will ever stop expanding. The restaurants on this list, which range from the Middle East to North America, are among the absolute best that their respective countries have to offer; nevertheless, new establishments are opening up every day. It is highly advised that you make reservations, and all of the necessary information may be located on the website of the restaurant.

    international food



    Australia's "culinary capital," Melbourne, has been dubbed as such by many. Culinary culture in New York City is constantly evolving, culturally diverse, and fearless in its approach. Restaurants in Melbourne and the surrounding area are listed in our Dining Guide. In Melbourne, there are people from about 200 different countries. Chef Jessie Singh's newest contemporary Indian restaurant, Daughter in Law, is located in Melbourne.

    One of the city's busiest dining areas, Osteria Ilaria can be found right in the heart of the action. At Bar Saracen, diners can enjoy authentic Lebanese cuisine and friendly service. Stalactites create a cave-like atmosphere while maintaining a high level of culinary excellence. At Lupino, you won't have to compromise on the quality of your meal or your wine selection because of the relaxed atmosphere. There is no doubt that the food and service at Bodega Underground will be top-notch because it is run by seasoned professionals.

    Due to its small size, this cosy café exudes an air of sincerity. The best tapas in Spain can be found at MoVida, which is always packed. The best Vietnamese food can be found at a Vietnamese bar. Mr. Wong incorporates both traditional and modern elements into his designs. Spice Temple specialises in dishes from China's less-traveled regions.

    Ormeggio is a fantastic Italian restaurant in Middle Harbour with a stunning view of Pearl Bay and Middle Harbour. Rinaldo di Stasio, the founder of Café Di Stasio, was inspired by his Italian heritage when he created the restaurant. Masala Theory specialises in neo-Indian cuisine and is unapologetically colourful. Tetsuya's is a traditional Japanese restaurant with a top-notch tasting menu. Tacos and tostadas are among the items on the Black Toro's menu.

    Mamasita says it's Melbourne's first real taqueria, and they're not lying. This list includes some of the best restaurants in the world, but new ones are opening up all the time, so keep an eye out.

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    • It's no surprise that Melbourne is dubbed the "culinary capital of Australia" because of its numerous restaurants and bars.
    • Melbourne's culinary identity is ever-changing, culturally diverse, and fearlessly bold because of the city's long history of migration.
    • Restaurants in Melbourne and the surrounding area are listed in our Dining Guide.
    • Bar Saracen for Lebanese Cuisine
    • If you're looking for some of the city's best and most vibrant Middle Eastern cuisine, look no further than this low-lit bunker.
    • Traditional otak otak fishcakes are given a modern makeover with the addition of a native Australian finger lime.
    • Australia's Best Foreign Cuisine Restaurants
    • Australia is a melting pot of different cultures.
    • As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, Australian cuisine is becoming increasingly global, and some of the country's restaurants are regarded as some of the world's best examples of international cuisine.
    • Founder Rinaldo Di Stasio's life experiences have been woven into the very fabric of Café Di Stasio.
    • The restaurant was founded by Di Stasio, the son of Italian immigrants, in the image of his family's culture and traditions.
    • Masala Theory is located at 545 Crown Street in Surry Hills.
    • Masala Theory, a neo-Indian restaurant, serves boldly coloured food without apology.
    • Tetsuya's is a Japanese restaurant with an authentic atmosphere and an excellent tasting menu.
    • Tacos and tostadas, as well as drinks influenced by the local culture, can be found on the menu at the Black Toro.
    • declaring that they are Melbourne's first and only legal taqueria.
    • Mamasita in Melbourne has been serving Mexican-inspired dishes since 2010.
    • Mamasita's reputation as one of Melbourne's most highly regarded restaurants has endured year after year because of the restaurant's combination of high-quality food and a relaxed atmosphere.

    FAQs About Melbourne Restaurants

    But there's one thing Melbourne can claim as a world culinary capital – RANGE! Melbourne fares well in fine dining, with restaurants like Attica of world fame.

    • Lamb Roast. There's nothing more Aussie than a Sunday roast.
    • Banh mi. Thousands of refugees settled in Melbourne after the Vietnam War, and with them came a wave of incredible Vietnamese bakeries. 
    • Meat pie. Visiting Melbourne between March and September? 
    • Gozleme. 
    • Hot jam doughnut. 
    • Pippies in XO. 
    • The magic. 
    • Capricciosa pizza.

    While Sydney has always had more of Australia's swankiest (and most expensive) restaurants, thanks in part to tourist dollars and corporate entertainment, Melbourne's attraction is built on more casual (often cooler, more fun) places to eat, as well as a dizzying collection of bars and great cafes.

    A whopping 94 per cent of respondents ranked Melbourne highly for its food and drink scene, helping it come in sixth on this list of the world's best cities for eating and drinking.

    This Australian city is widely considered to be the food capital of the country, thanks to its incredible variety of restaurants and cafes. You'll find everything from cheap eats to high-end dining, so there's something for everyone. Plus, Melbourne's vibrant culture makes dining out here an experience in itself.

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