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Top 10 Freight Management Software Companies in Australia

In the ever-evolving landscape of logistics and transportation, effective freight management has become a cornerstone for success in various industries. Australia, known for its vast geography and dynamic market, presents unique challenges and opportunities in this domain. Recognising the pivotal role of technology in streamlining operations, numerous companies have emerged, offering innovative freight management software solutions.

This listicle aims to highlight the Top Freight Management Software Companies in Australia, showcasing their unique features, services, and how they are revolutionising the freight and logistics industry. Whether you're a small business owner, a logistics manager, or a large corporation, these software solutions are designed to optimise your freight operations, enhance efficiency, and drive business growth. Let's delve into the world of freight management and discover how these top players are redefining industry standards in Australia.

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    Freight Management Software Australia

    Cario is a cloud-based freight management software designed to streamline and enhance supply chain operations in Australian freight management. The platform is tailored to support the growth and complexity of managing multiple carriers, rates, transport modes, and destinations through an intuitive interface. Cario positions itself as a next-generation solution for freight management, offering a range of features that cater to various freight types, including pallets and parcels, and integrating seamlessly with internal ERP or custom systems. The software is trusted by over 20,000 businesses and processes a new consignment every 2.8 seconds, showcasing its efficiency and widespread adoption.

    Key Services Offered by Cario:

    • Scalable freight management solutions that grow with the business.
    • Comprehensive visibility and tracking of freight, including customer notifications via text, email, and website tracking.
    • Integration capabilities with internal ERP or custom systems for automated information flow.
    • Simplification and automation of freight management processes.
    • Support for various freight types, including pallets and parcels.
    • Access to over 280 carriers through a single platform.
    • Customisable options for adding new carriers and rate cards.
    • Services for managing all freight and carrier relationships.

    Phone: 1300 822 746
    Address Sydney Office: Unit 10, 1 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
    Address Melbourne Office: 11 – 15 Smeaton Ave, Dandenong South, VIC 3175


    Myfreight is an Australian-based company specialising in freight management software and services. They offer a comprehensive range of solutions to streamline freight management, including warehousing integrations, multi-carrier dispatch platforms, and business intelligence and analytics. 

    Their services are designed to simplify freight management and offer seamless system integration, unified consignment management, accurate cost reconciliation, customised rate selection, hassle-free shipment tracking, and insightful business analytics.

    Services offered by Myfreight include:

    • Commercial Freight and Logistics
    • Freight Managers
    • Transport Management Software
    • FreightSafe Online Claims
    • FreightSafe Warranty Terms & Conditions

    Phone: 1800 737 600

    Couriers and Freight

    Couriers and Freight, a data-driven logistics company, offers a full-service digital freight and logistics platform tailored for the Australian market. Their freight management software is designed with a holistic approach to supply chain management, aiming to simplify and economise the process of managing freight bookings. 

    This software accelerates booking processes and provides real-time delivery confirmation, ensuring reliability and efficiency. The platform is user-friendly, catering to the needs of both occasional shippers and businesses requiring regular shipping services. Couriers and Freight's commitment to understanding and addressing customer pain points has resulted in a software solution that is both practical and adaptable to various logistics requirements.

    The services offered by Couriers and Freight include:

    • Ship Now: For one-off shippers or businesses needing immediate shipping, offering access to discounted domestic and international carriers, live instant quotes, and online customer support.
    • Ship Lite: Ideal for occasional shippers, providing instant savings of 5% to 15% off discounted rates, quick quotes, single booking, and least-cost carrier routing.
    • Ship Pro: A more advanced option for businesses with specialised services, offering up to 65% off retail rates, a dedicated account manager, phone and online support, and options for PAYG, prepaid, and 7-day accounts.
    • Ship Enterprise: Designed for large-scale global B2B organisations, this service includes BYO SMS gateway notifications, standard third-party EDI integration, data analytics, inventory management, and global returns management.

    Phone: +61 1300 101 110

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    Allotrac is a cloud-based Transport Management System designed to provide businesses with comprehensive visibility of their transport operations. This innovative platform is tailored to streamline transport management processes, offering a paperless workflow that integrates seamlessly with key business systems. 

    Allotrac's features are particularly beneficial for the transportation and logistics industry, enabling companies to automate their workflow, reduce administrative burdens, and gain real-time access to job and vehicle information. The system's configurability allows it to meet various customer and organisational requirements, ensuring compliance with safety and operational standards.

    Key Services Offered by Allotrac:

    • Paperless Job Management: Integration with business systems for streamlined operations.
    • Reduced Administration: Minimising paperwork and double-entry to cut overhead costs.
    • 360-Degree Visibility: Real-time access to job and vehicle information from order to invoice.
    • Configurable Workflows: Customisable to meet specific customer and organisational needs.
    • Safety Compliance: Ensuring adherence to regulatory and organisational safety standards.
    • Features for Workflow Streamlining: including paperless document management, automated job status notifications, drag-and-drop allocation, full visibility subcontractor management, and real-time job and vehicle tracking.

    Phone: 1300 766 873


    MachShip is a dynamic freight management software company that offers a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for simplifying and automating logistics operations. The company, proudly independent and based in Melbourne, Australia, serves a diverse clientele, including wholesalers, retailers, and third-party logistics (3PLs & 4PLs). 

    MachShip's platform is designed to match the growth of businesses, providing a centralised solution that eliminates the need for multiple carrier portals and ensures consistency across operations. Their system is acclaimed for improving the accuracy of carrier service selection and providing enhanced visibility over freight operations.

    Key Services Offered by MachShip:

    • Carrier Integration: Seamless integration with various freight carriers.
    • E-commerce and ERP Integration: Enhances productivity and efficiency by integrating with e-commerce websites and ERP systems.
    • Freight Management: A single dashboard for managing day-to-day freight movements, saving time and manual effort.
    • Customisable Solutions: Offers customised functions for e-commerce integrations.
    • Real-Time Tracking and Visibility: Provides holistic visibility for leaders and users, improving time management and freight cost savings.
    • Customer Support: Exceptional customer service with a focus on providing swift solutions.

    Phone: +61 1300 869 201


    MyTrucking is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of trucking businesses. The platform is packed with time-saving tools and features aimed at growing the bottom line of such businesses. It offers a user-friendly experience where no training is required, ensuring that every team member can be productive from day one. 

    MyTrucking simplifies the process from job entry to invoicing, boasting a seamless flow that integrates with popular accounting software like Xero and MYOB. The service is tailored specifically for the trucking industry, emphasising simplicity and practicality.

    Key services offered by MyTrucking include:

    • Simplicity: Easy to use with no training required.
    • Auto Pricing: Automated application of the last used rate to save time.
    • Driver App: Compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets.
    • Easy Job Management: Features like splitting, copying, replicating loads and jobs, and changing vehicles.
    • Single Entry: Streamlined job flow through to invoicing.
    • History: Easy access to client job history.
    • Custom Reporting: Powerful and user-friendly reporting engine.
    • Integrated Invoicing: Seamless integration with Xero and MYOB.
    • Customer Portal: Enhances customer-business interactions.

    Phone: 1800 001929

    Tall Emu CRM

    Tall Emu CRM is an Australian-based customer relationship management software specifically designed for small businesses in Australia and New Zealand. It offers an end-to-end business solution, integrating with MYOB and Xero to manage customers, stock, orders, and fulfilment. 

    The software is celebrated for its ability to connect all areas of a business, thereby streamlining operations and supporting growth. As a locally managed and owned solution, Tall Emu CRM provides the advantage of local phone support from an Australian team, ensuring tailored assistance for businesses in the region.

    The services offered by Tall Emu CRM include:

    • Customer Support and Sales & Marketing: Enhancing customer relationship management and marketing efforts.
    • Ecommerce: Facilitating online retail operations.
    • Inventory Management: Offering real-time order and inventory management.
    • Manufacturing: Assisting in planning and tracking manufacturing activities.
    • Warehouse and Freight Management: Streamlining warehouse operations and freight handling.
    • Accounts Management: Integrating with accounting software like MYOB and Xero for seamless financial management.
    • Powerful CRM Integrations: Allowing integration with various business apps.
    • Comprehensive CRM System: Covering aspects like pipeline management, selling, inventory, accounting, manufacturing, pick, pack & ship processes, customer service, online retail, and marketing.

    Phone: +61 2 9299 9959

    Freight Controller

    Freight Controller, based in Australia, is a leader in providing comprehensive freight management services. They focus on optimising freight operations to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance visibility. With a commitment to precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, Freight Controller caters to a wide range of logistics needs, ensuring that each consignment, regardless of size, is managed effectively. Their services are designed to address common challenges in the logistics sector, such as rising freight costs, subpar carrier performance, and the need for better data and time management for carrier reviews. By offering complete visibility across all freight data, Freight Controller helps businesses stay competitive, uncover hidden inefficiencies, and identify cost savings and improvements that can significantly enhance performance and customer experience.

    Freight Controller's range of services includes:

    • Customised Carrier Solutions
    • Accurate Freight Profiling
    • Advanced Reporting with Interactive Dashboards
    • Future-Proof Data Warehousing
    • Predictive modelling with Freight Tender Review Analysis
    • Comprehensive Freight Auditing
    • Economical Shipment Matching

    Phone: (03) 9568 6609


    TransVirtual offers comprehensive freight management software designed to automate and streamline freight processes across multiple carriers. This software integrates seamlessly with both major and smaller carriers, providing a wide range of options for businesses. It features automated, reliable, and paperless freight management capabilities, ensuring efficient dispatch workflows and real-time tracking of progress. 

    The system is designed to handle every aspect of courier business operations, including automated orders, dispatch, route optimization, consignment consolidation, GPS tracking, and automated billing. Additionally, it allows for the management of pricing, invoicing, and proof of delivery (POD) data across multiple carriers in one platform, making it easier for businesses to create labels, consignment notes, and manifests. TransVirtual also offers carrier integrations with major transport companies in Australia, such as DHL, Mainfreight, Aramex, and Border Express, enhancing its utility for a broad range of logistics needs.

    Key Services Offered by TransVirtual:

    • Integration with hundreds of carriers, including major and smaller ones.
    • Automated and manual order processing.
    • Freight consolidation services.
    • GPS delivery tracking.
    • Customer notifications.
    • Automated invoicing.
    • Management of pricing, invoicing, and POD data across multiple carriers.
    • Creation of labels, consignment notes, and manifests.
    • Real-time status updates for customers.
    • Carrier integrations with major transport companies.
    • Flexible options and competitive pricing.

    Phone: 1800 975 305

    Elite Logistics Australia

    Elite Logistics Australia specialises in advanced freight and fleet management systems (FMS) designed to optimize and streamline logistics and supply chain operations. Their state-of-the-art enterprise freight/fleet management software incorporates real-time freight tracking technology, enhancing the dispatching process and boosting logistical efficiency. 

    Utilising the latest cloud-based software technology, Elite Logistics Australia offers comprehensive visibility of the entire domestic supply chain, ensuring both time and cost savings.

    The services offered by Elite Logistics Australia include:

    • A multicarrier dispatch platform.
    • Centralisation of all freight bookings.
    • Selection of the most economical and appropriate service across multiple carriers.
    • Centralised consignment tracking, PODS, and enquiry management.
    • Automated SMS or email notifications.
    • Consolidated reconciled freight invoices.
    • Live reporting and Business Intelligence.
    • Fleet Management Software with features like route planning and optimisation, allocations management, reporting and dashboards, order and dispatch management, GPS driver tracking/order tracking in real-time, digital dashboards, delivery timestamps, and notifications, accessible on Android and iOS apps.

    Phone: 1300 652 157

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    Freight management software is a type of logistics software that helps businesses manage and optimise the shipping and delivery of goods.

    This software streamlines the shipping process, reduces costs, improves efficiency, and provides real-time tracking of goods.

    Yes, most freight management systems can integrate with ERP, CRM, and accounting software.

    Yes, there are scalable solutions available that cater to the needs of small businesses.

    It typically includes features for customs clearance, international shipping regulations, and currency conversions.

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