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    In our research of Melbourne and Geelong, we found these attractions to be the best playgrounds and family outings. In the text above, you'll find additional details about each of the places we think you should see. Every one of these locations is special in its own way, and you should spend at least some time exploring and appreciating them.

    Eliston District Park Playground

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    Adventurers, assemble! This fantastic playground has a lot to offer. To begin, imagine a big, three-story tower with two enormous slides that empty children into a depression in front of the tower. A spot has been reserved for the adults to sit and observe the chaos.

    The slides are accessible through a set of spiral steps, and there is also a large, sloping rope nett that may be used to reach the ground level. Choose your amount of adrenaline excitement as you slide down either level 2 or level 3!

    In addition to the enormous slides, we are big fans of the squishy, brightly coloured surfaces that create hills with climbing grips and slides, gullies with rope climbing nets hanging above them, and balancing beams across the gaps.

    There is a beautiful climbing wall, a flying fox with a disc seat, several regular swings, a basket swing, and a circle you can spin around on your arms in the "Big Kids Playground."

    On the opposite side of the picnic area is the 'Little Kids Playground,' which features a large sandpit covered by shade sails and stocked with various sand play apparatus, a mound with dual wave slides, swings, a trampoline embedded in the ground, and a series of ramps connected by tunnels, bridges, ladders, and balance beams.

    There is a picnic shelter with two shaded tables, one uncovered table, barbeque grills, and a drinking fountain in the middle of the playground. Two other tables, without any overhead cover, may be found off to the side of the playground.

    Skate park, three exercise stations, half basketball court, community garden, orchard, and a large green lawn are just a few of the many features this park has to offer.

    The Nobbies (Phillip Island)

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    Either the official Penguin Parade's exorbitant pricing stink or penguin dung has a fishy odour. Anyhow, if you want to observe penguins up close for no cost, take a stroll down the boardwalk at The Nobbies on Phillip Island.

    The Nobbies, located on Phillip Island's easternmost point, provides breathtaking views of the island's southern coastline. Wander along the boardwalks to the magnificent blowhole. The boardwalks carry you through the nesting colonies of seabirds including Little Penguins and Silver Gulls. Just 1.5km offshore lies one of Australia's biggest Fur Seal populations at Seal Rocks.

    The Nobbies Centre provides a rare opportunity to see seals up close via specially designed cameras and to get insight into the region's spectacular coastline.

    Antarctic Trip - Take a virtual journey into the realm of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and participate with the various interactive and immersive activities in this exhibition.

    Hands-on activities in "The Lab" are both entertaining and educational. 'Feel the cold' as you approach the Antarctic Chill Zone before looking out your thermal picture and comparing it to an Emperor penguin. Check out the Virtual Cafe or try to sink a bowling ball!

    There are animal cries, microscopes, and interesting specimens on display at the Sound Lab and Research Station, providing a glimpse into the fauna of Antarctica.

    The ultimate stage is one of total immersion employing a state-of-the-art multimedia experience.

    Find yourself enchanted by the multimedia spectacular which puts you right in the middle of the action. All owing to the cutting-edge 'augmented reality technology, you will be able to stand on an ice floe and feel like you can reach out to pet a penguin, stroke a seal or gaze at a whale who all appear on the screen with you.

    A portion of the admission money goes towards daily 20-minute Guided Tours (often three times daily).

    Free admittance and hence it delivers extremely excellent value for money! An interesting time to take a stroll down the boardwalk is during the breeding season, when there are many different kinds of marine birds to watch and even the possibility of seeing penguins. If I really wanted to see penguins up up and personal, I may skip the pricey Penguin Parade and come here instead.

    In poor weather, the boardwalk may be quite windy and chilly, so be careful to dress appropriately. There are some breathtaking vistas of the rocky shoreline.

    While the exhibits in the Visitor Center are educational, most children favoured the Indoor Games room. It's no surprise that getting to The Nobbies from Cowes via Ventnor Road would incur exorbitant transportation expenditures, given the Cafe seats many people yet charges steep prices for its cuisine.

    Images of Australian fur seals may be captured using a remote camera. If you pay $5, you may spend four minutes watching the seals and snap three images, all of which will be on sale in the gift shop.

    North East Melbourne

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    Wombat Bend Playspace, Duncan Street, Templestowe Lower

    This is no mere sparkler of a playground; it's a bona fide firecracker! It's not a vast playground, but the equipment that is there is well-designed and looks great in the well-landscaped space that is completely enclosed. Modern playground sets cater to children of varying ages, heights, and physical capabilities.

    How exciting the journey is will depend on how active the parents are. What about the amazing bat wing carousel? Possibly; I'm inclined to believe that I did.

    At the centre of the playground is a natural garden with several winding walkways. Picnicking by the river is encouraged, and there are plenty of options to use the restrooms and use the BBQ outdoors.

    There is a playground at Finns Reserve, which is also the beginning point of the Ruffey Creek Linear Trail and has a swing bridge leading to the Main Yarra Trail.

    Coolart Wetlands and Homestead (Somers)

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    Just how likely is it that I will encounter a koala in the wild, without having to visit a zoo? Although koala sightings are seldom so low as Flinders Street, they are more likely among the trees of Coolart Wetlands & Homestead in Somers. Seeing the canopy above could give you a stiff neck, but it's well worth it. You may also check out some wetlands with bird hides and an abandoned farmhouse.

    Magnificently perched on the beaches of Westernport, the Coolart house dates back to the late Victorian era. The surroundings are beautiful, with a lagoon where thousands of Australian white ibis nest each year and dynamic wetland areas that may be seen from the observatory.

    Things to Do:

    • Enjoy a stroll in the woods while on the lookout for koalas.
    • Do some bird-watching. Various bird species may be seen in every area of Coolart. During the winter and spring, over a thousand Australian white ibis and other water birds assemble on the lagoon to mate, making for a very beautiful sight.
    • Take use of the grounds for a picnic, or fire up the wood or electric grills. If you're planning a picnic and the weather is chilly or damp, you may want to find out more information about the Stables picnic spot.
    • Take a look around the old barn and try to picture how people lived when they had to manufacture their own butter from scratch.
    • Walk around the lovely gardens and learn about the exotic species that have been brought in, or head down to the shore and take in the sights of Phillip Island and Westernport.
    • For parent-led activities that count towards the Junior Ranger Certificate, such "Let's Go Around the Farm" and "Let's Go Beachcombing," enquire at the Visitor Center.


    • If you need a wheelchair or binoculars, you may get them at the tourist centre.
    • The Wetlands Observatory runs a daily slide presentation titled "Introducing Coolart" (1:30 PM weekdays and 2:00 PM weekends)
    • Guests may make use of the available wood and electric grills, picnic tables, and hot water.
    • Places to change infants.


    Coolart's current name comes from the Bunurong term for neighbouring Sandy Point, "Colourt" or "Callert," which was spoken by the indigenous residents.

    Frederick Sheppard Grimwade purchased the property in 1895 and constructed the stately mansion there as a vacation house for his family. Thomas Armstrong, James Balmain, and John Sylvester Feehan all controlled Coolart from 1907 and 1937.

    A haven for local species, the late Tom Luxton bought the land in 1937 and immediately began a habitat building effort. In 1977, the Victorian State Government bought an initial 87 hectares of land in the Coolart region and designated it a conservation and education reserve.


    Despite its tiny size, Coolart is home to a wide variety of animal species. There are nine different types of frogs there, one of which is the endangered Growling Grass Frog. Among the thirteen mammal species found here, the smallest is the mouse-sized Agile Antechinus, and the largest is the Swamp Wallaby.

    Common Long-necked Tortoises, Blue-tongue Lizards, Copperheads, White-lipped Snakes, and a few different kinds of skinks are among the eleven reptile species found here. Of the bigger animals, 177 species of birds have been documented. They have discovered eight different kinds of fish and four kinds of crustaceans living in the rivers.

    Opening Hours:

    You may enter the park at 8 in the morning and leave at 5 in the evening every day. Lord Somers Road in Somers is the entrance.


    Old fashioned furnishings and decorations adorn the bottom level of the farmhouse, while the top level offers pleasant views.

    Several hides of varying sizes may be found around the main wetland area. Large windows and informational panels may be found in the largest one (Wetlands Observatory) close to the farmhouse, while the others are more intimate in size.

    There is a potential of seeing a wild koala if you follow all the routes, particularly the outer loop, through the gum tree sections (we managed to see one high up in a tree). There are paths carved through the grass, but the tall grass on each side of many of these trails provides ideal summertime cover for snakes. There are several seating options spread out over the wide space.

    There are restrooms and several shaded picnic tables at the homestead's entrance. Several of the exhibits in the Information Centre are worth your time.

    Bayswater Park, Mountain Highway, Bayswater

    Melbourne Park

    This playground is more aggressive than a Mike Tyson fight and more powerful than Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier combined. This is an unusual playground with several interesting elements. If you've gotten jaded with playgrounds, this will be like a cold shower.

    A full-size red steam engine (named James after the fictional island of Sodor), a covered railway station with seats, a ticket window, and a miniature wooden train with two carriages are all on display beneath a canopy. Under the canopy of trees, everything here is safe.

    Henrietta and Horatio, two lazy hippos in a rubber lake, tiles and artwork on a brick wall covered with animals and either gremlins or lemurs, and two swings without a safety chain that may be swung around in a circle by a strong member of the family.

    Additionally, there is a big sandpit with a motorised scoop at a different location. a pentagon of five swings without a safety chain, where everyone swings towards the centre; a giant goanna on a stump; a hopscotch area; and a massive slide to go down (needs high climbing abilities).

    The playground has a fence around it, but it's rather big, so it may be hard to keep an eye on the kids at all times. Quite a few picnic tables are available.


    There's a lot to do at Eliston District Park Playground. Two enormous slides in the 'Big Kids Playground' dump children into a pit. Little Penguins and Silver Gulls can be spotted along Phillip Island's boardwalks. One of the largest populations of Fur Seals in Australia can be found just 1.5 kilometres from shore. The Nobbies Centre offers a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with seals thanks to a series of cameras.

    The Lab's hands-on activities are both educational and fun. Be aware that the boardwalk can be windy and chilly in bad weather, so be sure to dress appropriately. Each year, the lagoon at Coolart serves as a nesting ground for tens of thousands of Australian white ibis. Coolart House, built in the late 1800s, is a Victorian-era mansion on Westernport Beach. As a conservation and educational reserve, the Victorian State Government purchased the 87 hectares in 1977.

    The Bunurong term "Colourt" or "Callert," used by indigenous people to refer to Sandy Point, was the inspiration for the name Coolart. One can also find a variety of skinks, white-lipped snakes, copperheads, blue-tongue lizards, long-necked turtles, and more among the region's eleven reptile species. There are currently 177 known bird species. The large room is furnished with a variety of places to sit. Mountain Highway, Bayswater, Bayswater Park.

    Many interesting features can be found in this unusual playground. Full-size red steam engine (named James after the fictional island Sodor) and a miniature wooden train are all on display at the exhibition Another location has a large sandpit with an automatic scoop.

    Content Summary

    • a group known as the Nobbies (Phillip Island) So it's either the price of the official Penguin Parade is exorbitant or penguin excrement has an off-putting smell to it.
    • Take a walk along the boardwalk at The Nobbies on Phillip Island to see penguins up close and free of charge.
    • Visitors to the Nobbies Centre will have the opportunity to see seals up close with the aid of specially designed cameras and learn about the region's magnificent coastline..
    • Check out the interactive and immersive activities in this exhibition, which will take you on a virtual journey into Antarctica and its Southern Ocean realms.
    • Visit the Virtual Cafe or give it a go at bowling!
    • At the Sound Lab and Research Station, visitors can hear animal cries, examine specimens, and learn about the fauna of Antarctica.
    • Remote cameras can be used to capture images of Australian fur seals.
    • A natural garden with a number of winding paths is located in the middle of the playground.
    • The Ruffey Creek Linear Trail begins at Finns Reserve, which also has a playground and a swing bridge leading to the Main Yarra Trail.
    • Wetlands and Homestead of Coolart (Somers)
    • In the wild, how likely is it that I'll come across an actual koala?
    • In Somers, you're more likely to see koalas in the trees of Coolart Wetlands & Homestead than on Flinders Street.
    • Activities:
    • In search of koalas, take a walk in the woods.
    • There are picnic tables and charcoal or electric grills available.
    • 87 hectares in the Coolart region were purchased by the Victorian State Government and designated as a conservation and education reserve in 1977.
    • The fauna of Coolart, despite its diminutive size, is diverse.
    • The entrance is located on Lord Somers Road in Somers.
    • Review:
    • The farmhouse's lower levels are furnished with antiques and decorated in a vintage style, while the upper levels have expansive views.
    • Many hides of various sizes can be found around the central wetland area.
    • If you follow all the trails, especially the outer loop, through the gum tree sections, you have a good chance of seeing a wild koala (we managed to see one high up in a tree).
    • At the homestead's entrance, you'll find a restroom and a few shady picnic tables.
    • The Information Center has a number of worthwhile exhibits.
    • Mount Pleasant Highway, Bayswater Park, and the Bayswater Seawall
    • Compared to a Mike Tyson fight, this playground is as aggressive and powerful as a Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier showdown.
    • Many interesting features can be found in this unusual playground.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    When your kids are looking for fun games & activities to play at home with friends inside, they could try any of these games.
    • Indoor Bowling.
    • Sock Basketball.
    • Marbles.
    • Board & Table Games.
    • Card Games.
    • Dice Games.
    • Dominoes.
    • Rube Goldberg Machine.
    The best times to visit Melbourne are between March and May and September and November. These shoulder seasons feature moderate temperatures and tourist crowds, plus lower airfare rates.

    There are several Aboriginal art galleries within Melbourne's city centres and surrounds, as well as an extensive collection of Aboriginal art within the City Gallery (inside Town Hall), the Flinders Lane Gallery, the Ian Potter Museum of Art and NGV International.

    There are many reasons why life in Melbourne is so highly valued: there are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers an awesome arts and culture scene, first-rate universities and an easy lifestyle.

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