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What Are The Best Wine Regions In Australia?

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    It calms the nerves, raises spirits, is rich in protective antioxidants, and may even lessen the likelihood of contracting serious illnesses. However, despite its rising profile, Australian wine is often overlooked. You can relax in the great outdoors, try some delicious regional specialities, and get in touch with nature all while visiting some of Australia's finest wine regions. If you're a wine addict, you'll find paradise in one of these stunning locations.

    List Of Wine Regions In Australia

    Hunter Valley - New South Wales

    If you're interested in trying some of the world-famous Hunter Valley Sémillon, you can stop by any of the region's 120 wineries. You'll also be close to plenty of high-end eateries, where you can sample everything from truffle salami to velvety camembert. There's always a chance to catch a live show or attend a hip festival, and a hot air balloon or helicopter ride will give you a bird's-eye view of the breathtaking landscape.

    • Best for: A romantic hot air balloon ride, a weekend getaway with friends that includes wine tasting, golf, or a significant music event.
    • Popular wineries include Audrey Wilkinson Winery, Mount Pleasant, Tyrrell's, Brokenwood Wines, De Bertoli, and Lindeman's.
    • Drive in less than 3.5 hours from Sydney or 90 minutes from Newcastle. Spend a little extra money on the opulent Spicers Hunter Valley Retreat or stay in one of the charming Airbnbs in the Pokolbin area.

    Barossa Valley - South Australia

    The world-famous Barossa Valley is the place to be if Shiraz is your poison. The Barossa is a pleasant 50-minute drive from Adelaide, and it features villages, stone churches, and lush hills alongside its staggering great 150 wineries and 80 cellar doors. Australia's most renowned red wine, Penfolds Grange, is produced there, along with other well-known brands like Jacob's Creek and Wolf Blass. Discover seven generations of growers and winemakers with German, Prussian, and British ancestry in the Barossa, a region with a rich and fascinating history that is still very much present today.

    The Butcher, Baker, and Winemaker Trail features some of the best food and drink in the country, so be sure to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a bottle of wine, a cheese board, and an assortment of condiments as you go. The helpful staff at the Adelaide Central YHA can arrange every detail of your trip to the Barossa Valley, ensuring that it is one you will never forget. Whether you choose to travel by motorcycle, vintage automobile, hot air balloon, or helicopter, just make sure you do it.

    Margaret River - Western Australia

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    Stella Bella, Voyager Estate, and Evans & Tate are three of the most well-known wineries in the area; they produce a wide variety of wines, but their sauvignon blanc and cabernet sauvignon are particularly well-known. The Eagle Bay Brewing Co. has a fantastic selection of craft beers and wood-fired pizzas if beer is more your speed.

    The best and freshest produce can be found at the Farmer's Market every Saturday. After a night of fine dining, relax at Surfers Point in Prevelly and take in the breathtaking sunset over the Indian Ocean. If you're looking for casual vineyard work, the Margaret River YHA is just a few hundred metres from the heart of town. There is something for everyone in this breathtaking area, whether they're looking for a place to work or play.

    • Best for: A one-stop shop for wineries, surfing, and coastal walks. Excellent upscale restaurants like Miki's Open Kitchen.
    • Amelia Park, Cullen Biodynamic Wines, Vasse Felix, Juniper Estate, Voyager Estate, Victory Point, and Leeuwin Estate are well-known wineries.
    • You can drive three hours from Perth or take a flight to Busselton to get there. Stay in the nearby towns of Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, or Augusta, or the Cape Lodge or Indijup Spa Retreat.

    Yarra Valley - Victoria

    The Yarra Valley is a unique and unforgettable wine region located less than an hour's drive from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne. Victoria, with its mild climate, is the place to be if you enjoy drinking pinot noir, chardonnay, or sparkling wine. Additionally, the Yarra is stuffed to the gills with one-of-a-kind attractions. From November through April, you can go to Blue Hills Berries and Cherries and pick your own juicy Australian cherries. If you go to the Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm, you will definitely catch yourself some delicious rainbow trout to cook up.

    The Healesville Sanctuary is a great place to get up close and personal with some of Australia's cutest critters, including the elusive platypuses. Each month on the third Sunday, visitors to Omaru Alpaca Stud can pet and feed the lovable animals. Are you exhausted from a day of sight-seeing? Relax in the midst of a tropical rainforest at the incredible Piaf Day Spa.

    Tamar Valley - Tasmania

    The Tamar Valley is representative of all that is special and lovely about Tasmania, yet it is widely regarded as one of the most underappreciated wine producing regions in all of Australia. Wines like chardonnay and pinot noir, which thrive in cooler climates, can be found here. When you visit the well-known James Boag's Brewery, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind beer and food pairing. More than 30 vineyards dot the Tamar Valley landscape, which also features fruit orchards, forests, and lush pastures.

    The Wine Route is the best way to see them all. And yet, you must be wondering how on earth you're going to transport all of these fantastic bottles of wine back to your apartment. Have no dread! In order to have your collection shipped to you, you need only present it at your final winery of the day and pay the shipping costs. One should be saved for later in the evening. Then, from Hobart Central YHA, take a day trip to Launceston to experience the breathtaking scenery, local fare, and clean air of the Tamar Valley.

    South Burnett - Queensland

    South Burnett is the place to go if you're looking for Queensland wine, which is on the rise and is one of Australia's best-kept secrets. South Burnett is Queensland's youngest wine region, but it has already become the largest and most rapidly developing in the state. Though this was once known primarily as a peanut-growing region, dry spells and economic uncertainty encouraged some farmers to shift to grapes. The combination of the region's rich volcanic soil, hot, dry summers, and cold winters, however, proved to be ideal for cultivating grapes, and the wine industry was thus established.

    South Burnett is a wonderful day trip from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, and it's known for producing full-bodied chardonnays and award-winning Shiraz. Is hunger setting in? Indulge in regional specialities like cheese, olives, preserves, and capers and revel in the pure joy of their one-of-a-kind flavours. Nothing beats the feeling of discovery, and this quaint regional town and its emerging wine industry are true gems.


    Given its size and relative isolation, the area's cuisine is surprisingly impressive. Visit one of the 35 cellar doors to taste award-winning chardonnays and full-bodied reds. Enjoy a meal at a restaurant that serves food straight from the farm, or learn about the region's rich history with a stroll through a vineyard or a hands-on cooking demonstration.

    • Ideal for: a change of pace within driving distance of Sydney. Crossing vineyards on two wheels.
    • These are some of the most well-known wineries in the country: Lowe Wines, Logan Wines, First Ridge, The Cellar by Gilbert, Burrundala Wines, and Manners Wines.
    • How to Get There: From Sydney, it takes about 3.5 hours to drive to Mudgee, or you can take a direct flight to Dubbo (1.5 hours from Mudgee) or Orange (2.5 hours from Mudgee). Peppertree Terraces or Perry Street Hotel are where you should stay.

    Griffith Riverina Region

    Been there, done that, and ready for a change? Australian wines and a Mediterranean-style climate meet in the Riverina. Take in the sights of Cocaparra National Park, including its waterfalls, lookouts, and caves, before relaxing with a bottle of the region's renowned Semillon dessert wine.

    • New South Wales country retreat with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine.
    • The wines of the LillyPilly Estate, the De Bertoli Wines, the Calabria Family Wines, and the Yarran Wines are all well-received.
    • Travel to Griffith via direct flight from Canberra or a 4.5-hour drive from Sydney (6.5 hours). Catania Fruit Salad Farm is a unique place that offers tours and tastings every day.

    Best Australian Red Wines

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    The quality of Australia's red wines is recognised all over the world (and, usually, fair price point). It's safe to say that red wine is here to stay in Australia, whether you're sipping Pinot Grigio by the ocean in the summer or a big, peppery Shiraz in front of the fireplace in the winter. The good news is that if you happen to be located in Australia, you won't have to go far to find some of the world's finest red wines, as the country is home to a plethora of acclaimed vineyards and wineries that specialise in producing world-class examples of the colour rouge.

    Pinot Noir

    There are a plethora of excellent red wine producers in Australia, and their Pinots are consistently high quality. One of the best Australian red wines, they can range from complex and spicy to elegant and floral to simple and smashable.

    We prefer a robust Australian red wine over a delicate Pinot Noir today. Something more complex and potent, with more tannins, mouthfeel, and finish. Recent travels to Tasmania allowed me to track down the ideal Pinot for me: bold Pinots with extra depth, just the thing to pair with a juicy steak. When you don't feel like snacking with your wine, Pinot is a great option.

    Some of our more traditional, full-bodied wines can be difficult to drink if you'd rather not end up looking like your drunk uncle. This is because of the wine's high tannin content, high alcohol percentage, and heavy body. You can't go wrong with producers from Victoria (especially the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula) and Tasmania because the Pinot Noir grape thrives in cool climates similar to those of Burgundy.

    The Best Australian Pinot Noir Red Wines:

    • Priced at $30, the 2017 vintage of Mac Forbes Pinot Noir from Australia's Yarra Valley is a steal. One of the best Australian red wines for the money, made by a brilliant Yarra Valley producer who blended the delicious fruit from 6 vineyards to achieve a vibrant drop with great acid.
    • Wine Review: 2016 Ocean 8 Pinot Noir Mornington Peninsula ($55) – Delicious beyond words. One sip and you'll want the whole bottle to yourself thanks to the intoxicating blend of bright and fresh red fruits, a tickle of spice, and cured meats.
    • This 2015 Pinot Noir from By Farr in Geelong costs $75, and it is one ripped and savvy Pinot. Savoury and earthy, with energising notes of red and black fruit.
    • Excellent right away, or save a bottle for a special occasion. Mr. James Halliday is a devoted follower.
    • The icing on the cake of YUM is this 2016 Sinapius Clariet from Tasmania for $68. Lovely floral and fruity overtones, with a hint of game and minerals. It was aged for fifteen months in French oak barrels before being bottled unfiltered and unfined. Delicious!


    Shiraz, also known as Syrah, a red wine known for its spicy, sexy, and sultry character (its French name). More often than not, Shiraz will be the first red wine that comes to mind when wine enthusiasts around the world consider Australian offerings. Shiraz is the most widely grown red grape in Australia, and consequently is the most widely consumed red wine in the country. It is the undisputed king of Australia's wine industry and enjoys widespread acclaim across the globe. Expect flavours that are robust and earthy, with hints of spice and dark fruits. It's a hit in my book and seems to appeal to a wide range of people. Until now, I haven't met a red wine connoisseur who didn't like Shiraz. Always a good bottle of wine.

    Medium-bodied and peppery to full-bodied and bold, the best Australian Shiraz has it all. The climate and soil it was grown in will have a major impact on the flavour of your delicate sip. Places that won't disappoint include those listed below.

    • Barossa and McLaren Vale, two of Australia's most prestigious wine-producing regions, are located in the state of South Australia. They have old vines and a slew of international accolades to show for it. You can count on huge, powerful wines with tonnes of tannin.
    • My two favourite places in Australia are Canberra and the Hunter Valley. You'll notice a complex flavour profile that includes lots of pepper and spice with a dash of attitude. Elegant and youthfully vibrant, though slightly more subdued than SA's heavy hitters.
    • Heathcote is plush and smooth, with hints of chocolate and soft tannins. The extended time spent in oak barrels gives this red wine its silky texture and helps to moderate the wine's abundant fruit flavour.

    The Best Australian Shiraz Red Wines:

    • An unbelievable bottle of wine is the 2016 Clonakilla O'Riada Shiraz Canberra ($36); it has a high concentration of dark berry flavour, is spicy and smooth, and has a high alcohol content.
    • Earthy, approachable, and spicy with lovely black fruit; the $58 Ruggabellus Archelaus (Shiraz dominant). GET THIS WINE. It's wonderful in every way, like a sealed mystery contained in a vase of glass.
    • For $72.99, you can indulge in a bottle of Salvatore Shiraz Beechworth 2013. When you have a free moment, you should come here. This wine gives you a sense of the owner and winemaker, Keppell Smith, as well as the sunburnt, bushranger landscape.
    • Henschke's Hill of Grace or Rockford's Basket Press – No need to bury the lede here. In that case, I recommend two of our best examples of Australian Shiraz from the past century: the Rockford Basket Press and the Henschke Hill of Grace, both of which hail from South Australia and are considered to be among the region's finest wines. Timeframe is not important. They will completely blow your mind while completely emptying your wallet.
    • Penfolds Grange – Grange has been produced continuously since 1951 and has proven to be a great wine to crack for special occasions and a wise investment.
    • It is arguably our most famous and best red wine brand. When discussing the finest red wines produced in Australia, Penfolds Grange must inevitably be included.


    Australia's wine is gaining attention, but it's still underappreciated. A total of 150 wineries and 80 tasting rooms can be found in South Australia's Barossa Valley. You can get a bird's-eye view of the stunning scenery in the area from a hot air balloon or a helicopter. Surf, native forests, and caves make the Barossa Valley a coastal paradise. Some of the finest wineries in the United States can be found in this area.

    In spite of producing only 3% of Australia's wine, Margaret River's vineyards are responsible for 20% of the country's best bottles. The Yarra Valley is a remarkable wine region that is only about an hour's drive from Melbourne. The Healesville Sanctuary is a wonderful place to meet some of Australia's cutest animals up close and personal. One of Australia's most underappreciated wine regions is Tamar Valley. The Wine Route visits some of Australia's most celebrated winemaking regions.

    South Burnett is the youngest wine region in Queensland, but it is also the largest and most rapidly developing. There are over sixty high-altitude vineyards and thirty tasting rooms to explore in the Orange area. Within a day's drive from Sydney, you can reach Mudgee, Dubbo, and Orange. The Catania Fruit Salad Farm is a one-of-a-kind attraction that welcomes visitors every day for tours and samples. Retreat to Griffith Riverina, a country inn serving up Mediterranean fare.

    LillyPilly Estate, De Bertoli Wines, and Calabria Family Wines are all highly regarded for their excellent winemaking. If you want a light, fruity wine but don't want to pair it with food, Pinot is a good choice. A variety of styles exist, from complex and spicy to elegant and floral, but all can be considered among the best red wines produced in Australia. In cool regions, like Burgundy's, the Pinot Noir grape really shines. To a greater extent than any other red grape, Shiraz is grown in Australia.

    In terms of Australia's wine market, it is supreme. The delicate flavour will be heavily influenced by the climate and soil it was grown in. These locations are guaranteed to provide a memorable experience. The best Australian Shiraz red wines include Clonakilla O'Riada Shiraz Canberra and Rockford's Basket Press. The top three wines are Penfolds Grange, Henschke Hill of Grace, and Salvatore Shiraz Beechworth.

    Content Summary

    • Some of Australia's finest wine regions also double as excellent places to unwind in nature while sampling the local fare and learning about the area's history.
    • Wine-Producing Areas in Australia
    • It's in New South Wales's Hunter Valley.
    • You can visit any of the 120 wineries in the Hunter Valley to sample the region's renowned Sémillon.
    • The beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia
    • If Shiraz is your drink of choice, you need to be in the renowned Barossa Valley.
    • In order to make your trip to the Barossa Valley one you will never forget, the friendly staff at the Adelaide Central YHA will gladly arrange all the details for you.
    • Victoria's Yarra Valley
    • Located less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is a unique and unforgettable wine region.
    • Queensland's Southern Burnett Region
    • Queensland wine, which is on the upswing and one of Australia's best-kept secrets, can be found in abundance in South Burnett.
    • South Burnett is the youngest wine region in Queensland, but it is also the largest and most rapidly developing.
    • Travelers from all over the world come to the Central West of New South Wales to enjoy the world-famous vineyards and exceptional dining options.
    • The Riverina is a place where Mediterranean weather and Australian wine collide.
    • Resort in the New South Wales countryside that serves Mediterranean food.
    • Numerous high-quality red winemakers operate in Australia, and the country's Pinot Noirs are reliably superb.
    • In this case, a Pinot Noir would be too delicate, so we'll go with a hearty Australian red wine instead.
    • Australia's most popular red wine, Shiraz, is made from the country's most popular red grape.
    • It reigns supreme in Australia's wine industry and is highly regarded around the world.
    • Whether you like your Shiraz medium-bodied and peppery or full-bodied and bold, you'll find it in Australia.
    • The Australian capital of Canberra and the Hunter Valley are two of my favourite locations in the country.
    • An indulgent bottle of Salvatore Shiraz Beechworth 2013 can be yours for just $72.99.
    • Penfolds Grange is a staple of any conversation about the best red wines made in Australia.

    FAQs About The Best Wine Regions In Australia

    Barossa Valley: Shiraz is king in this region. Barossa Valley lies northeast of the city of Adelaide. This is the most famous wine-growing region in Australia.

    Commercial winemaking in North West Victoria makes up the majority of wine production in the entire region. However, the growing areas of interest are cooler and closer to Melbourne, such as Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. The cool climate areas in Victoria have received a lot of praise for their Pinot Noir.

    The Barossa zone is located just outside the northeast of the Adelaide metropolitan area. The Barossa Valley wine region is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious premium wine-producing regions, known for its Shiraz production. The area's climate is very hot and dry (for a wine-producing area).

    The oldest winery in the region, Sevenhill Cellars, was established by Jesuit priests who first planted the vines to make sacramental wine.

    • Australia's oldest wineries
    • Wyndham Estate, NSW – 1828.
    • Olive Farm, WA – 1829.
    • Houghton, WA – 1836.
    • Yering Station, Vic – 1838.
    • Sandalford, WA – 1840.
    • Oliver's Taranga, SA – 1841.
    • Penfolds Magill Estate, SA – 1844.
    • Orlando, SA – 1847.
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