1top 30 couture wedding dress shops melbourne, victoria

Top 30 Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Looking for a wedding dress shop in Melbourne, Victoria? Here is a list of the top 30 couture dress shops in the area. From high-end boutiques to indie designers, this list has it all! So whether you're looking for something traditional or offbeat, these shops will have you covered. Happy shopping!

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    Ultimate List Of Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne, Victoria

    Romeo Bastone - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    romeo bastone


    0412 402 945

    Wedding Custom Made Wedding Dresses Melbourne

    Melbourne Wedding Dresses; Designer Wedding Dresses Melbourne – We are the Affordable top award-winning Melbourne Bridal Couture Designer & Designer Bridal Fashion House, renowned for Affordable Bridal Luxury Gowns. Although we like couture, our heart lies in bridal design and the bespoke creation of dream gowns for brides. We are very appreciative of the numerous images and kind feedback we have received from our customers. For your ideal Australian or international wedding, we would adore the opportunity to work with you to custom design a wedding dress that you will adore.

    Bridal fashion by Romeo Bastone One of the top bespoke bridal/wedding couture boutiques in Australia is located in Melbourne. Click below to read more about our tale.

    Vasiliki Couture - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    vasiliki couture


    About The Brand

    A custom premium bridal evening dress line that embodies refinement with a contemporary flair is Vasiliki Couture. Founded in 2009, Vasiliki Couture has built its brand based on crafting intricate gowns that create a perfect fusion of classic and contemporary couture, further enhanced by hand-appliqué French lace and beading.

    Where it all begins

    Finding your ideal wedding dress may be a thrilling yet intimidating process. The steady inflow of fresh designs on social media can both inspire and bewilder soon-to-be brides. Vasiliki Couture can help you through the design process, from picking the appropriate shape and style to choosing the ideal fabric that will meet the concept and budget, thanks to its considerable experience in the fashion and textile industries.

    At Vasiliki Couture, we strive to offer each client a one-on-one, individualized, and distinctive service that caters to both the mother of the bride and groom as well as the bride.

    Lookbook Bride - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    lookbook bride



    Our Story

    A breathtaking 2022 bridal dress collection is made by Lookbook Bride using lovely, exclusive materials, gorgeously decorated trims, and shrewd, exact technological talents. Our luxurious, reasonably priced wedding dresses are built to order. We want to celebrate and enhance a woman's form by highlighting her natural curves and lines with flowing fabrics and chic design.

    We at Lookbook Bride recognize that today's brides are influenced by social media and combine ideas from other gowns to create their own personal style, which is why we provide reasonably priced, exquisitely handcrafted, and uniquely designed wedding dresses.

    Brides frequently ask us if we can recreate gowns from the original couture they saw on Pinterest or Instagram. Your requests and images might serve as inspiration for us as bespoke dressmakers. We are assured of the quality of our workmanship and the design of our gowns, which are individually made with years of expertise, a variety of luxurious fabrics, and lace in a cozy boutique atmosphere. We're here to make your concept a reality.

    The newest styles of designer wedding gowns created for modern brides are reflected in our new 2022 collections of lace and couture wedding dresses. Despite being situated on the lovely Mornington Peninsula, we provide modern brides in Melbourne and all of Victoria wedding dresses.

    Couture Wedding Dress FAQs

    Because made-to-order wedding dresses typically take about 6-9 months to create, it's actually a good idea to head to the bridal salon sooner rather than later.

    The term couture refers to custom-made gowns which have been made with high-quality, luxury fabrics. Couture gowns are also hand-made or feature hand-sewn elements, and they are designed only for the intended wearer, rather than for mass-production.

    From the initial design to the wedding dress coming to life. Around 80 hours are invested in the final dress pattern, a very laborious, hand-crafted process, which is, without a doubt, one of the keys to the success of Pronovias´ dresses.

    Depending on the dress style, they take between 25 and 40 minutes to sew.

    And “demi” means “half,” so “demi-couture” literally means “half-couture” or if you want a longer meaning, “half-custom-made women's clothing.”With that in mind, it makes sense why demi-couture is still classified under ready-to-wear in the fashion business.

    Sonia Dochoa - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    sonia dochoa


    03 9415 1845


    With more than 25 years of experience, Sonia Ochoa can craft opulent, one-of-a-kind gowns that are specially customized for you. All gowns are created to make you seem and feel glamorous, sophisticated, and seductive with the ideal balance of traditional accents and modern edges. Sonia, the company's founder and sole designer, works with her team to hand-design and adorn each garment, blending premium French and Italian laces with pure silk to provide a sophisticated look. Sonia D'Ochoa dresses and corsets, which take their cues from French couture, enhance your body and personality while exhibiting your individual style with a flattering design for the ideal fit.

    The Making of the Mermaid Wedding Gown

    On your big day, wearing a hand-made, custom-designed bridal gown can bring even more personality to the occasion and make it even more unforgettable. When Tania's wedding came approaching, she contacted me because she wanted something customized for her that would match her personality and sense of style. Tania expressed her admiration for the concept of a "mermaid"-shaped gown during our session; this is a dress style that...

    Designer Bridal House - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    designer bridal house


    61 3 9670 2845


    Enter a store packed with stunning and opulent ready-to-wear wedding gowns that have been imported to Melbourne for our lovely brides-to-be from worldwide and locally famous designers. In a very private atmosphere, sample our coveted brands like Milla Nova, Eliza Jane Howell, Adi Shlomo, Studio Levana, and many more.

    For the bride who is more inventive and daring, we also provide in-house couture services. From start to finish, we will work with the bride to design and create a one of a kind custom made wedding dress that is perfect for her in every way. Make an appointment today to see our exquisite collection of wedding dresses at our shop in the Melbourne Central Business District.


    Any ready-to-wear wedding dress can be customized to the bride's own taste. Your wedding dress will be ideal for your special day, and we'll make sure of it. For the bride who is more inventive and daring, we also provide in-house couture services. We will collaborate with the bride throughout the entire process to design and make a unique, custom wedding dress that is ideal in every way.

    Zhanel Bridal Couture - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    zhanel bridal couture


    0404 153 645

    About ZHANEL Bridal Couture

    The Zhanel Studio, which creates Zhanel Bridal Couture, is situated in Melbourne, Australia. For more than 25 years, Angela has worked in the fashion sector. Her enthusiasm for creativity and love of fashion served as inspiration for her to begin designing. When she was a teenager, she frequently found herself admiring fabric shops and daydreaming about the beautiful bridal fabrics and laces that were too expensive at the time to buy.

    Angela is currently a skilled and well-known bridal couture designer for brides around Melbourne and Australia. Her favorite aspect of designing is hand appliquéing gorgeous European lace combinations to produce original looks that are distinct from those of other fashion houses and designers. She draws influence from traditional, older styles of gowns and adds a contemporary touch to provide a fresh appearance.

    The built corsetry bodice of Zhanel's dresses is renowned for its exquisite lace detail. When it comes to the fit and detailing of the dress, especially the bodice—possibly the most significant component of a bridal gown—eye Angela's has a vision.

    Bonita Couture - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    bonita couture


    0431 484 644


    Since its founding in 1984, Bonita Couture has grown to become synonymous with superb workmanship and unmatched customer service. Bonita is regarded as a top-tier courtier and draws her inspiration from the customs of the major European Houses.

    Our highly skilled and creative designers at Bonita Couture are here to fulfill your dream of wearing a bridal gown. Expert seamstresses and master beaders delicately make each garment in our atelier using European design influences. Are romance, whimsy, drama, or elegance more your style? We collaborate with you to design a one-of-a-kind, classic masterpiece with the idea that every wedding gown should be an aesthetic representation of the woman who wears it.

    We take great pride in providing individualized service. From the moment of your initial consultation, you will only be given private, one-on-one sessions in the atelier. Once we've come up with your ideal design together, we'll draw up a thorough fashion picture and start working on making your dream dress. We put a lot of effort into making sure your time with us is as exquisite as the gown you'll be taking home.

    Judith Penak Couture - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    judith penak couture


    61 421 493 045

    For your special day, make your ideal wedding dress a reality. Each bride-specific outfit is built to order. Created with care and artistry. Present the dress when you're ready! At the races, the catwalk is where the real action takes place, and there is only room for one winner.

    On their child or son's special day, mothers should also sparkle! Create a unique outfit that exactly matches the wedding party. Opportunities to stun and delight in a personalized couture dress crafted specifically for you include the red carpet, significant birthdays, and debutante.

    Any item may be made into a custom, perfectly-fitted dress or ensemble with high-quality tailoring and adjustments.

    Heather Sellick - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    heather sellick


    613 9728 4445

    About Us

    Heather has had extensive expertise in the bridal industry over the course of a 30-year career. She is an expert in her field because of her skills, experience, and knowledge in everything from designing, making custom patterns, and making your wedding dress to specializing in how to remake or alter modern or vintage wedding dresses for clients who already have their own but need help making the "fit" excellent.

    Her knowledge is backed by experience as a Designer & Patternmaker in Bridal, Formal Wear & Debutantes (having literally made thousands of Gowns), a Colour & Image Consultant, and, in the past, a Trainer (specialising in Women's Body Shape Analysis - Design, Color, Fit, Fabric and Wardrobe Selection for their particular "figure"). She graduated with distinction in "Arts & Fashion" from RMIT in 1982.

    Although Heather has a wealth of knowledge in many facets of women's fashion, due to her heavy workload and her passion for helping every woman feel and look stunning on her wedding day, she has focused all of her efforts on....Wedding dresses.

    Gwendolynne - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne




    Through my play as a child, I came to understand the beauty of dressing up. I used to pirouette around our living room while covered in white sheets as my mind carried me to opulent settings far from the Adelaide suburbs' foothills, where I was raised. When my family and I migrated to Australia in the early 1970s, we brought antique relics from England with us, which served as more inspiration for our adventures. The artwork includes watercolors of classy women dancing in dresses to a dapper pianist. Then there was the Chinoiserie furniture with ornate plaster patterns and hand-painted scenes of other worlds that were concealed behind the plush pillows in royal blue velvet. In my daydreams, I frequently saw myself in those lavishly patterned vistas of cherry blossoms, bridges, and graceful women.

    For a while, I aspired to be a ballerina, but I soon realized that I was more captivated by the dancers' costumes, styles, and grace, and that my hobby of sewing took precedence than the actual dancing. I was constantly creating things. I therefore purchased two books, one on ballet and the other on craft, with my first paycheck from work.

    I was a textiles and art fanatic who spent my lunchtime in the sewing and art rooms. I used to get in trouble at school for my enormous sewing output—my instructors couldn't believe I did it all myself! But I must give my mother the glory for her unflagging support and direction as a skilled sewer. I am always being prompted to read the directions attentively and to emphasize the importance of quality over quantity.

    Alishta - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne



    0412 721 745

    Thank you for visiting Alishta Couture & Accessories. Each Alishta product is one-of-a-kind and meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials to create wearable works of art. Bespoke clothing is made to match your wedding dress or formal attire. Every item is exclusively created and manufactured in Melbourne, upholding the greatest standards of craftsmanship and ethics.

    The company Alishta Couture & Accessories was founded in 2000 by Amber Taralaikov. With 25 years of expertise creating stunning hand beading and decoration designs for Australia's leading bridal designers, she is an expert in her profession. Despite having received her training at a renowned Parisian couture beading and embroidery school, her work exhibits a rigorous attention to detail.

    Amber blends her numerous influences to produce a distinctive line of designer accessories. She draws inspiration from her intrinsic love of flowers, her passion for fashion history, classic couture techniques, French wrought iron embellishments, and baroque art.

    Mariana Hardwick - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    mariana hardwick


    61 393 856 945


    We aim for our gowns to be highly current and relevant, with a twist that makes the collections representative of modern life. We admire and uphold the best of classic design processes. The brand embraces social and lifestyle trends and creatively uses these to foresee the preferences our bride would have for styles and experiences. Our dresses are elegant, refined, and effortlessly stunning because they are made to enhance the feminine figure.


    The Mariana Hardwick Boutique is the top store in Australia for high-end bridal attire. collections of bridal gowns for the forward-thinking bride. The bride shops sustainably, knows quality, and has a distinctive sense of style. She looks beyond the typical bridal gown and draws ideas from the current global fashion scene.

    The brand aims to offer the best bridal gown purchasing experience in a beautiful setting with friendly and knowledgeable bridal styling consultants. In a market for wedding dresses that is continuously changing, Mariana Hardwick offers a unique and modern perspective.

    Ziva Wedding Dresses - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    ziva wedding dresses


    03 8618 6845

    About Us

    We are an Australian owned business that creates custom-made wedding and bridesmaid dresses. We collaborate with brides to design and recreate their ideal dress at a fraction of the cost of a designer version.

    Your dress will be made to order by a team of skilled dressmakers at Ziva using your preferred pattern and dimensions. We provide our soon-to-be brides with a service that offers advise, knowledge, and practical recommendations in addition to a selection of high-quality materials to choose from. Send us an email with the dress or dresses you've chosen, and we'll set up a quote for you so we can collaborate. Really, it's that easy.

    At Ziva, we take great pride in what we do and consider it an honor to be able to provide you with a wedding gown that was exclusively designed for you. In ancient Slavic mythology, Ziva is the Goddess of Love, and at Ziva, it is our mission to make every bride feel like the ideal Goddess on her wedding day. - the Ziva Wedding Dresses Team.

    Vincenzo Pintaudi Couture - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    vincenzo pintaudi couture


    61 3 9939 7745

    About Us

    One of Australia's most well-known bridal designers, Vincenzo Pintaudi has worked with brides and celebrities in Melbourne, Sydney, and abroad over the past 20 years. Every woman who wears Vincenzo's creations walks down the aisle or the red carpet in a personalized, one-of-a-kind gown because of the designer's approach to wedding dresses and red carpet gowns.

    Vincenzo sources and has exclusive access to some of the most exquisite fabrics, laces, embroideries, and trims available from across the world. Vincenzo has experience in both the bridal couture and ready-to-wear industries. Every time a woman enters his boutique, Vincenzo and his staff of experts go above and beyond to make sure she leaves with the gown of her dreams.

    Catherine Couture - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    catherine couture


    61 3 9499 9645


    The flagship store of CATHERINE R COUTURE in Melbourne was shut down in February 2019. After 25 years in the couture industry, Catherine has decided to limit her efforts to creating unique gowns for her stockists.

    The quality and design of each garment produced by the Label Catherine R Couture are a direct result of Catherine's distinctive aesthetic and unwavering commitment to the fashion industry. The Curvy Collection, Catherine's new brand for sizes 16 and up, was also introduced in May 2020. The following stockists carry the designer clothing lines.

    Black Caviar Collections - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    black caviar collections


    1300 908 054

    Our Story

    Shahnaz's main passion as the founder and head creative fashion designer of Black Caviar Collections is developing feminine-inspired designs. Shahnaz has over 30 years of expertise in the fashion industry and has created gorgeous gowns for both regular brides and Australian celebrities searching for "the one" dress. Her next voyage was sparked by her passion for French lace, European designer materials, and elegant silhouettes.

    Black Caviar Collections, which was founded in 2013, is an expert in making women's couture gowns, formal wear, unique corsets, industry-leading pattern-making, and different adjustments. Shahnaz's meticulous craftsmanship, which has been honed using methods passed down from three generations, sets her apart from other designers.

    Her fashion studio is conveniently close to Melbourne's central business district, in the southeast suburbs of the state of Victoria. Shahnaz is renowned for making you feel welcome from the first greeting to the last fitting, ensuring a flawless experience each and every time. She embraces ethnic diversity and women of all shapes, ages, and sizes.

    Helen Manuell - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    helen manuell


    61 412 933 045

    Helen Manuell

    International bridal company Helen Manuell Bridal Couture specializes in creating unique gowns for your very special day. The wedding dress of your dreams is painstakingly created with opulent fabrics and delicate laces that are acquired from all around the world. Each dress offers a tale of modern chic intermingled with the time-honored practice of couture and genuinely expresses the personality of the bride.

    Our Custom Couture dresses are expertly made in Melbourne to fulfill every want for your wedding day by Helen and her team of dressmakers. For a bridal gown that is brought to life through contemporary design, professional pattern creation, skilled construction, one-on-one fittings, and thorough finishing, luxury fabrics and delicate laces are obtained from all over the world.

    Each dress tells a distinct tale of a contemporary lady intertwined with the timeless technique of couture, reflecting the bride's individuality and sense of taste. This is the choice for you if you're dreaming of a unique gown. Come into our studio and allow us to bring this moment to life so you have a lasting memory.

    Aleem Yusuf - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    aleem yusuf


    (03) 90883945


    We are dedicated to using ethical, sustainable business practices that uplift and support our suppliers and employees. Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted in our Collingwood (Melbourne), Australia, studio. Sketching, measurement, pattern-making, construction, fits, and final finishing are all steps in our production process. Aleem and a small group of employees handle these tasks internally.

    We are devoted to upholding ethical standards and giving our employees living wages in our business, which is predominately made up of women. By doing so, we can strengthen micro-economies and generate local employment. Additionally, it guarantees internal quality control and the high level of manufacturing that our customers are entitled to.


    Our fabrics, lace, and decorations come from sources who practice ethics and sustainability. Small family-run mills that have been passed down through numerous generations are among them. Aleem has a working relationship with the family that runs these mills after having a personal meeting with them. These business owners take pride in empowering their staff, preserving and fostering artisanal skills, and honoring their tradition of lace and fabric weaving.

    Luci Di Bella - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    luci di bella


    03 9500 2154


    Each couture and made-to-order gown is created by hand in our stunning Armadale loft design studio. We continuously introduce new silhouettes to help you design the garment of your dreams using materials chosen from exquisite artisan suppliers all over the world. We therefore strive to make the design process lovely, whether you choose to fall in love with one of these pieces or have us design a dress specifically for you.

    Marquise Bridal - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    marquise bridal



    Our first launch in March 2015 saw Marquise Bridal gain a cult following for our seductive style and stylish designs. Marquise Bridal was born out of a desire to build a brand for the modern bride. With a dedication to unwavering quality craftsmanship and opulent textiles, Marquise Wedding continuously redefines bridal trends as part of its ongoing quest of perfection and an expanding vision of modernity.

    Anna Campbell - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    anna campbell


    61 3 9822 1245

    About Us

    Using opulent silks, unique lace designs, and sparkling hand-beaded decorations, Anna Campbell is enthusiastic about making the most exquisite wedding gowns and bridal accessories.

    Our tiny team in Melbourne designs and hand-makes each gown, and we are fortunate to be able to ship our designs to brides all over the world! For over ten years, our reputation has been built on creating beautifully unique, hand-embellished and

    Effortless wedding attire that reflects a uniquely Australian brand of bridal grace by fusing modern glitz with bohemian beauty. These are the settings where you will find an Anna Campbell Bride, embracing a passion for originality, romance, and glittering bridal design. These settings range from lavender meadows to sunset beaches, from rustic vineyards to mystical woodlands.

    Karen Willis Holmes - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    karen willis holmes


    61 2 9519 3945

    About Us

    Since the company's founding in 2000, Australian wedding dress designer KAREN WILLIS HOLMES has been at the forefront of bridal fashion, offering exquisitely created wedding gowns for the sophisticated, contemporary, and traditional bride. Every member of our Australian team is committed to the goals of our business and the brides we enjoy working with. Our objective is to always provide brides with a unique, genuine, and personal experience when searching for the ideal wedding dress.

    Karen has made a name for herself as a leading Australian wedding gown designer since the year 2000. Since starting KAREN WILLIS HOLMES bridal, Karen has received awards in the industry, been part of several prestigious projects and dressed notable people who have become friends of the brand.

    Oleg Cassini - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    oleg cassini


    61 2 9317 3145

    Who Is Oleg Cassini?

    Since its founding in 2017, Oleg Cassini Australia has established itself as a leading manufacturer of exquisitely priced bridal, bridesmaids, and evening attire. The idea was to make the most stunning, classic, conventional, yet modern dresses available to Australian brides. While the original Oleg Cassini wedding dress clearly symbolizes the man himself, under the direction of Creative Director Viola Chan, the brand has developed to reflect the fashion sense of the current bride, with each gown allowing her personality to be shown. Numerous women have found their way down the aisle in a comfy bridal gown that combines modern glitz with traditional designs to represent a one-of-a-kind bridal elegance thanks to Viola's keen eye for detail and gorgeous silhouettes.

    Cassini, Oleg Mandy Daddia, an Australian managing director and mother of three, is well known in the bridal industry and has over ten years of expertise assisting women in finding their ideal gown. Because of her experience, Mandy is an expert in all things bridal and is aware that every bride is unique. Mandy discovered a significant gap in the market when she was looking for her wedding dress since it was then that she realized something was missing for future brides. The typical Australian woman does not have the need or desire to spend tens of thousands of dollars on her wedding dress, but she still wants something that will make her feel beautiful and be something she will always remember. Oleg Cassini, Mandy's fourth child, was born in Australia.

    Miss Bella - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    miss bella


    03 9762 6554

    Wedding Dresses

    Our wedding dresses are affordably priced, tastefully constructed, and wonderfully designed. You may find reasonably priced bridal gowns at Miss Bella Bridal that don't sacrifice quality or style. On our bargain rack, you may also find a huge selection of stunning bridal gowns. We cordially invite you to stop by the boutique to view our current selection of bridal gowns and dresses with discounted prices.

    Call our store to speak with our bridal consultant, who will walk you through our appointment procedure and provide you with a questionnaire to ensure you get the most out of your appointment. After that, we'll give you some "homework" so you can see what other gowns we have available other the ones in the store. You will have the most time to try on gowns during your consultation when you first arrive. We advise making an appointment in advance so that we can accommodate you as best we can. We appreciate your patience as you schedule an appointment on Saturday, which is frequently our busiest day of the week.

    Maison Oui - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    maison oui


    61 415 181 345

    About Us

    Oui The Label is made for the contemporary bride who dresses for herself and is looking for a wedding dress that is understated yet sophisticated, current yet timeless. She embodies the modern lady who celebrates her femininity, is always true to herself, and exudes easy calm.

    Chérie by Oui was created for the contemporary bride and is a lovely fusion of tradition and modernity. She is seeking for a wedding dress that will outdo her original thoughts and inspiration. bringing to prêt-à-porter sophisticated style and elaborately embroidered items reminiscent of vintage wedding fashion sensibility.

    Along with our house brands, we provide a selection of looks made by bridal companies who share our commitment to quality and sophistication. The varied characteristics of the Maison Oui woman are eagerly awaited in our clothing.

    Ravish - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne



    0422 375 055


    Our specialized bridal showroom on the first level features a collection of carefully chosen gowns from renowned Australian and international designers. For brides on a budget, we offer a range of dresses discounted up to 80% off the RRP all year long. We have been in business at Ravish since 2003, and we take great pleasure in our exceptional customer service and attention to detail, which help to make your dream gown a reality.

    In addition to our bridal salon, our boutique specialises in gowns for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride/groom and guests. Additionally, to complete your dress or attire, we carry a beautiful range of accessories in-store, including veils, jewelry, furs, bags, and shoes. We offer in-house modifications at Ravish, ensuring that you will fit perfectly on your special day.


    Our South Brisbane outlet store specializes in dresses for the complete bridal party. The company's skilled advisors will work with you to help you locate the dress of your dreams. They have a wide variety of off-the-rack bridal gowns at up to 90% off the original price. Browse our enormous selection of styles, which includes plus-size examples, or customize your own creation in our laid-back yet fashionable environment. Don't forget to complete your style with our exquisite selection of veils, jewelry, purses, and shoes to go with your dress.

    Cathleen Jia - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    cathleen jia


    61 0385245245


    The Cathleen Jia muse is a genuine, unassuming seeker of simple elegance who moves to the rhythm of her drum. She likes the aesthetics of fine detail with a personalised touch and welcomes the surrounding natural beauty. She imagines having a private, tradition-free relationship to celebrate her love story with cherished family and friends.

    Cathleen's adventure began at a young age when she diligently hand-stitched one-of-a-kind items for her dolls as the daughter of a seamstress. She chose to major in design at RMIT in Melbourne since she loves to create. She developed a tactile approach to design as her passion of fashion and design grew, discovering a fondness for delicate fabrics. She accidentally entered the bridal industry and was moved by the love tales that were taking place all around her. The Cathleen Jia brand was established in 2012.

    Elegant and romantic, Cathleen Jia is intuitively led by the silk's soft, fluidity, which adapts to the body's elegance and glides and emphasizes it. Our range of minimalist dresses, romantic tops, and textured skirts captures the wearer's authenticity via the organic approach to design, which is elegant and timeless. The brand's core values are firmly rooted in the idea that drama does not always have to be overt. The designs are wearable beyond the big day and become treasured heirlooms that remain forever thanks to the designer's acute eye for tiny details and simple grace.

    Holly Butler - Couture Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne

    holly butler


    61403 921 245

    A Little About Us

    We are all, in various ways, attractive, and this truth serves as the foundation for our business. We aim to use our works in a way that elevates this celebration of you, your beauty, and your personality. We also want to stand against mass production and unethical clothing production as we strive toward more sustainability and thoughtfully made products within Melbourne.

    Holly Butler, Designer

    Since my earliest memories, I've always been obsessed about fashion. I used to change my clothes seven times every day, use excessive amounts of scrap paper for fashion doodles, or just go around in my favorite bathing suit and gumboots. I'm passionate about using my abilities to encourage others to embrace their unique cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, interests, and body types as well as themselves.

    Prior to launching her own brand, Holly collaborated with some of Melbourne's top business leaders to bring Meagan Gale, Scherri Briggs, and Brooke Hogan's visions for couture to life.

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