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25+ Best Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Epoxy flooring isn't just for garages anymore! With these cost-effective options, you'll be able to use it anywhere in your home with ease.

Here are some of the best epoxy coating companies Melbourne has to offer, so you can find one that suits your needs and budget. Read on to learn more!

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    Ultimate List of Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies in Melbourne 

    Concrete Grinding Solutions Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    concrete grinding solutions epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    0490 386 281

    At Concrete Grinding Solutions, we offer a range of professional concrete floor polishing and concrete grinding services to homes and businesses across Melbourne.

    Our services include mechanically polished concrete such as the HIPERFLOOR polished concrete system, grinding and sealing concrete finishes, epoxy and vinyl chip floor coatings and surface rectification and more.

    We can use state-of-the-art grinding and polishing machines to restore tired and worn-out concrete floors, resurface damaged concrete, and bring just about any concrete surface to a high marble shine.

    All of our processes are relatively dust-free, with an emphasis on safety and eco-friendly processes and materials. Our premium finishes will result in a tough, permanent finish that requires very little in the way of maintenance and can be expected to last decades, even with the heaviest commercial traffic usage.

    We have 20 years’ experience providing professional residential and commercial concrete polishing, sealing, grinding and resurfacing services.

    We have provided concrete polishing and concrete grinding across Melbourne for a range of businesses, including pubs and cafes, warehouses, car parks, offices, healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities and more. So if you want polished concrete floors anywhere in Melbourne, talk to our friendly team today.


    True polished concrete involves mechanically grinding and buffing the concrete surface. While it is more costly and time-consuming than concrete sealing, it results in a permanent surface finish that is incredibly durable and can be expected to last decades with minimal maintenance.

    At Concrete Grind Solutions, we are also HIPERFLOOR certified applicators. HIPERFLOOR is a Husqvarna-branded mechanical concrete polishing system that comes with a warranty from Husqvarna.

    With true concrete polishing, you can choose from a matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. You can also choose the level of stone or aggregate exposure you want for the surface, from fully exposed to a commercial/random exposure or minimal exposure, depending on the concrete slab.


    Concrete grinding and sealing can be used for new concrete slabs or resurfacing old slabs. It’s a two-stage process that involves grinding the concrete down to the desired aggregate exposure level before applying a high-grade concrete sealant.

    Concrete sealing is quicker and cheaper than true concrete polishing. However, the surface finish isn’t quite as tough. Over time, the finish can dull, especially in high foot traffic areas, and the sealant will need to be reapplied or resurfaced about every five years.


    We can also provide vinyl chip flooring and epoxy floor coatings for homes and businesses in Melbourne. Epoxy floor coatings are scratch and abrasion resistant, water and chemical resistant and available in various finishes.


    An epoxy floor coating is a great way to give an old or new concrete floor a great looking, durable finish. At Concrete Grinding Solutions, we provide epoxy floor coating services for homes and businesses across Melbourne.

    Perfect for commercial or industrial flooring, epoxy coatings can be used to create a variety of ultra-smooth finishes, including matte, high-gloss, coloured and flecked. Epoxy coatings are resistant to chemicals and acids, are abrasion resistant and water-resistant.

    Epoxy coating is a grind and seal process that involves mechanically grinding and smoothing the surface and removing any inconsistencies or contaminants. The surface is then prepared with a curing agent and base mixture before applying an epoxy resin sealant. This resin can be infused with a grit mixture to create a smooth, non-slip surface that’s ideal for high-traffic commercial and industrial flooring in pubs and cafes, warehouses, offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, schools, manufacturing facilities and more.

    The resulting epoxy resin surface is seamless, incredibly tough and durable, looks as good as mechanically polished concrete and requires almost no maintenance to keep it in pristine condition.

    All epoxy surfacing is carried out by trained and experienced technicians who will get your floor polished to the absolute highest standards.


    • Low maintenance and easy to clean
    • Incredibly durable even in heavy traffic commercial or industrial environments
    • Resistant to most chemicals and acids
    • Available in a range of colours and finishes
    • Non-slip finishes available
    • Cost-effective
    • Hygienic
    • Smooth, level surface
    • Suitable for commercial machinery like forklifts


    At Concrete Grinding Solutions, we offer a full range of concrete grinding, concrete floor polishing and resurfacing services to homes and businesses across Melbourne. If you’re looking for HIPERFLOOR polished concrete, we have also accredited providers of the HIPERFLOOR concrete polishing system.


    At Concrete Grinding Solutions, we provide premium customer service and guaranteed results on all jobs. We can restore, resurface and refinish just about any concrete surface, leaving your floors ultra-tough and looking great.

    Epoxy Flooring Co. & Coatings Melbourne

    epoxy flooring co. & coatings melbourne


    0438 444 409

    A Custom Epoxy Floor Design That Fits Your Budget Perfectly

    Epoxy Flooring on the Sunshine Coast can be frustrating, but we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on your dream. Our surprisingly affordable epoxy flooring solutions mean you can have the look you want without having to worry about selling a body part to afford it!

    This is because our low overheads and personal onsite consultations mean it’s easier and more affordable than you think to create the floor you want.

    From Single Carport to Industrial Warehouse We’ll Always Take Your Call

    We’ve been hanging around epoxy floors for nearly 20 years, and we’ve had way too many experiences of tradespeople not turning up, not doing the job well and leaving our place with mess everywhere, so we know what keeps you awake at night!

    But our decades of experience doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the ‘old ways’. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your customer experience and ensure you have a “Dream Tradie” story to share with your friends.

    We know how to please customers doing epoxy flooring here on the Sunshine Coast. We love challenging jobs just as much as smaller projects, and we specialise in repairing epoxy floors.

    We are experts at installing epoxy floor systems on the same day, and this can be done in residential garages or commercial kitchens. Nothing excites us more than the challenge of coming up with something that will work perfectly for your family and lifestyle or workspace.

    Sorry, just kidding… but we’re guessing that no one will ever read this page and for those of you who do, thank you. We’re glad to know our typing hasn’t been a waste of time.

    So what would you like to know that will inform, and entertain you, and hopefully persuade you to choose us.

    Here’s our best points:

    • We have a sense of humour (at least we think we do)
    • We’re family-owned and operated, and providing good customer service is something we do take seriously.
    • Maggie runs the business and office and tells Tim what to do and when (and quite often HOW to do it)
    • Tim is the operations guy that’s in the field doing all the heavy lifting and making floors look pretty.
    • We have a long term approach to growing our business, and referrals are super important to us.
    • Attention to detail is critical.
    • NOT acting like a typical ‘Tradie’ is a cornerstone of our approach.

    Horne Industrial Coatings & Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

    horne industrial coatings & epoxy flooring melbourne


    0405 467 084

    High-Quality Industrial Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

    Horne Industrial Coatings is a respected, family-run enterprise specialising in the application of industrial floor coatings for Melbourne businesses. We are a client-driven provider of high quality industrial concrete floor coatings, with customer satisfaction being at the forefront of our service.

    We ensure that we complete each job to complete manufacturers specifications and strive to build and maintain longstanding client relations. Our durable concrete floorings are designed to withstand the wear of daily operations, providing a solid, reliable flooring solution.

    We provide our valued clients, new and existing, with free measures and quotes on all our epoxy floor coatings.

    Melbourne’s Experts in Epoxy Concrete Flooring

    If you require a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring surface, then epoxy floor coating is the best solution for you. It is the liquid resin combined with a hardening agent, which is applied to new or existing concrete to create a well-suited flooring surface.

    When it comes to the specialist in epoxy flooring and concrete repair services, Horne Industrial Coatings is one of the renowned names in the industry. Having over 15 years of experience in this industry, we have the thorough knowledge to provide you with the right solution for your epoxy floor’s project.

    Concrete Epoxy Coating to Commercial and Industrial Projects

    Horne Industrial Coatings is one of Melbourne’s top suppliers of high quality, highly durable concrete coatings. As a family-operated business specialising in the application of epoxy flooring for use in commercial and industrial projects, we have earned a reputation for providing a thorough service. With over 15 years’ experience and a highly trained/experienced team on hand, you can be sure that when you choose Horne Industrial Coatings for your flooring solution, it will long withstand the test of time.

    Get a Smooth Surface with Epoxy Concrete Floor Repair Solution

    Whether you want to have durable or impact-resistant floor coating, concrete is a great flooring solution. At Horne Industrial Coatings, we are here to help you with all your epoxy concrete floor repair needs with perfect solutions. We can repair your epoxy concrete flooring, which is:

    • Damaged
    • Needs resurfacing
    • Requires epoxy injections
    • Filled with cracks

    All our epoxy concrete coatings are strong enough to resist medium to heavy wear and tear. So, for excellent finish and quality epoxy concrete flooring in Melbourne, rely on us.


    Horne Industrial Coatings is a small family run business with 15 years of experience in the industrial and commercial flooring industry.

    We have a strong customer focus, quality and customer satisfaction is our main priority.

    Epoxy Flooring and Coating FAQs

    The floors are one of the most important yet often discounted elements of any residential, commercial, or industrial space.

    Not only that the floors add an aesthetic element to your area, but these also ensure your safety and improve the productivity of your day-to-day tasks. 

    As such, it is a must that you opt for a flooring solution that can withstand the hustle and bustle of your space’s daily activities. One of the sought after flooring solutions is epoxy flooring.

    This incredible surface gives tons of benefits, which is why more Australians are ditching the old flooring system of their residences and business and switching to epoxy flooring coatings.

    It is durable.

    We love the most about epoxy flooring coatings Gold Coast because they can endure the wear and tear caused by strenuous activities. It is tougher and lasts longer than your conventional flooring system.

    What makes epoxy flooring better than concrete is that it does not crack or chip easily. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about breaking your flooring each time you drop a tool or something. In addition, epoxy flooring coatings Sunshine Coast can withstand most stains.

    It is easy to maintain.

    Cleaning and maintaining an epoxy interior flooring Sunshine Coast is a breeze. Because of its resin and glossy finish, almost all substances or liquid spilled over can be mopped and wiped with ease. This means that there’s no need for you to get overly concerned or anxious about getting unsightly blotches on the floor.

    The seamless nature of the epoxy resin floor installation also prevents mould and bacteria from growing and thriving in the nooks and crannies of the floor, making it hygienic and free from allergens.

    It is unique and impressive.

    An epoxy flooring system can add an extra aesthetic value to your space as it comes in a multitude of finishes – flake, metallic, and polished concrete. We highly recommend a polished concrete coating for residential and commercial buildings since it exudes sophistication and style.

    Using epoxy in your interior flooring Sunshine Coast is the perfect choice when decorating your floors. It comes in different colours and can be arranged in a variety of patterns and designs.

    It is economical.

    Unlike the traditional flooring options such as hardwood and vinyl, epoxy is a more economical alternative. Installing an epoxy flooring system is highly affordable, not to mention that it can withstand time tests. In addition, it will help you save a lot of money from buying unnecessary cleaning tools, and products since stains and dirt can be easily managed.

    It is slip-resistant.

    Epoxy flooring Sunshine Coast is impervious to moisture; thus, reducing the risks of slip and fall accidents. When a slip-resistant additive is added to the epoxy, it will ensure the safety of your family, customers or patients, and staff.

    This is yet another major advantage of using Epoxy flooring. In addition to withstanding the adverse effects of a chemical reaction and heavy automobiles, these floorings are also resistant to scratching and peeling.

    Ideally, a well-installed epoxy flooring is likely to last you at least one decade. This is because the paint will not peel off, and the material of the floor itself will offer solid resistance against yellowing.

    This way, epoxy floors get to retain their gloss for several decades. They will resist spills, any type of hot tire, heavy tools, and even road salt. 

    While the regular epoxy floors offer significant resistance from scratches, some people choose a multi-layer installation for a higher degree of protection. This type of installation involves primer and a topcoat. Both are installed on the floor to make it a tad more scratch-resistant and significantly high resilient. 

    The double-layer installation further assists in adhesion and reduces the instances of bubbles and pinholes. This type of coating also treats the dust and ensures that the substrate doesn’t absorb much of the topcoat.

    If you’re looking for moisture-resistant flooring, then too epoxy has you covered! Yes, you can use a moisture/vapour-resistant epoxy primer to treat humidity and make the floors tad longer lasting. 

    Since these floors are scratch-resistant, they are highly attractive. This also helps them retain the initial gloss. Note that if you install the right kind of epoxy flooring and maintain it properly, you will end up maximising its longevity.

    To avail the maximum benefits of this flooring, choose a professional floor installation company that’ll not just offer quality flooring solutions but also get the floors installed on your behalf.

    It depends on how durable and high performance do you need it to be. The thinnest coat is around 0,02 inches thick. It is called primer. If you want to increase durability, you apply an optional midcoat and topcoat above. 

    Primer will give you basic protection and is meant for rooms with light traffic. With adding topcoats, you gain exceptional wear resistance and are suitable for busy environments and heavier equipment.

    You will want to provide at least minimal maintenance for an epoxy floor to keep it in top shape. However, even though they are low maintenance, common sense should prevail in caring for them. We have listed the best practices in caring for your epoxy floors.

    Keep the surfaces dirt and grit free.

    Especially if you are moving machinery or vehicles on and off the floor, dirt and grit will embed or scratch an epoxy floor if allowed to remain there. It’s a good idea to remove all sand or dirt on a regular basis because even though Epoxy floors are tough, they can start to show damage from multiple scratches over time. The best way to do that is to use a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment. How often you vacuum depends on how much dirt and grit are being tracked onto the floor. When it comes time to move heavy machinery across the floor, take extra precautions to ensure the surface is dust and grit free.

    Avoid using soap-based cleaners.

    Soap-based floor cleaners leave a haze on the epoxy flooring that builds up over time. Epoxy floors do not need soap, warm water, and a good mop or deck-scrubbing brush should be just fine. If you need extra scrubbing power, use something like soft soap to aid you with the tougher spills.

    Spot Cleaning.

    Often you only need to vacuum or sweep a small floor area where something has been spilled or tracked in. The liquid that has been spilled needs to be vacuumed up along with any dirt and grime with a shop vac, and then clean the area with a mop and warm water. Epoxy floors are highly water resistant and very easy to clean when liquid spills occur.

    Heavily soiled epoxy floors.

    The best way to clean up a dirty epoxy floor is to carefully sweep and vacuum the entire area. Remove all items in the way to get to the floor. Once you have removed all the surface dirt, grime, and grit, use a hard foam mop and warm/hot water to remove all the built-up dirt. After that, you can use a clear ammonia/water mix (at 2-3 ounces ammonia per gallon of hot water) for second mopping.


    Some stains, such as rust, need to be lightly scrubbed with a kitchen scrubbing sponge or a soft deck brush and warm water. Avoid using steel wool or harsh chemicals like a comet, they are too abrasive. Use a soft-scrub and a moderately abrasive scrubbing pad or brush. Don’t ever use any cleaning compounds with citrus or acid in them. Citrus cleaners and vinegar will break down the epoxy catalyst and must be avoided.

    Oil, car chemicals and other chemicals.

    Wiped up antifreeze, oil and other car-related chemicals with shop towels or a paper towel and dispose of them properly. The important thing about car spills is not allowing them to sit on the floor surface for too long. Even engine oil has chemicals that could be potentially hazardous to an epoxy floor. Clean up spilled gas immediately because it will damage the surface of an epoxy floor if allowed to sit for too long. Paint, household cleaners and other abrasive liquids need to be cleaned up immediately. To clean, wipe them up with shop towels as soon as the spill occurs.

    How long your floors will last depends on how they are used. For instance, a garage floor will last for about 10 years with regular use. It will then require a touch-up by our team of contractors to continue to provide durable and waterproof protection for your concrete. 

    In indoor areas that are given proper maintenance and cleaning, your floors can last for 20 years or more before requiring another coat of epoxy.

    Epoxy flooring is one of the most affordable options available in the Melbourne area. By opting for this advanced solution, you can save money while enjoying the benefits of a beautiful and durable floor for your home or business needs. 

    The cost of your proposed flooring project will be discussed before we begin to allow you to plan and budget for these costs more effectively.

    LevelGrind Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    levelgrind epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    0418 315 880

    LevelGrind is a Geelong based company that offers concrete polishing of Melbourne regions.

    LevelGrind is an owner operated business that provides and attentive high level of customer service.

    At LevelGrind, we use state of the art grinding and polishing machinery. This enables us to provide the highest quality that the customer requires for their concrete floor.

    LevelGrind work step by step with our customers, which will give you peace of mind from start to finish of your job.

    New style homes demand well-furnished rooms and sparkling floors with attractive designs that can be customised. Concrete floor finish is the latest architectural technique that many homeowners and designers prefer because of the versatility and durability they offer. Concrete floors can be coloured and stained to correspond with the marble, designed with custom graphics, and more. Concrete floor finishes also include polishing and decorative coatings that can be applied to already subsisting as well as new concrete.

    If you are looking for a service that delivers the best floor services in Melbourne, then choose LevelGrind. We are a team of experts who always have the best solutions and advice for your concrete floor finish, whether polishing, tile and glue removal, or epoxy flooring. LevelGrind is a Geelong-based company that specialises in concrete floor finishes in Melbourne. We aim to deliver the best service that satisfies our customers. Here are a few reasons you should choose us.

    Why Choose LevelGrind?

    Quality: We always use quality products that are durable and long-lasting. We have high-quality polishes, epoxy, and much more equipment that provide the perfect coating to your floor. Our coatings are known to be the best in Melbourne and surrounding areas as we use only industrial floor coatings.

    Experienced Team: Our years of service have made us experts in the field with lots of experience. Our knowledge about various possible designing and coatings of the floor is what you can trust when going for indoor concrete floor finishes.

    Affordable: Along with being a quality concrete floor finishing service provider in Melbourne, we also have a price range to accommodate every budget.

    Positive Reviews: Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We strive to work hard for our customers and try to keep everything transparent with them. You will be updated about each step so that you get the desired outcome.

    High-Quality Indoor Concrete Floor Finishes in Melbourne 

    In the past few years, concrete floor finishing has emerged as the latest floor designing technique. Concrete floor finishing can be customised with various design options available. Unlike the traditional vinyl, carpet, and wood flooring, the latest indoor concrete floor finishing has gained immense popularity. But only professionals like our team at LevelGrind have the expertise to deliver high-quality internal concrete floor finishing for your floor customisation. We use state-of-the-art grinding and polishing machinery to ensure that you receive the highest quality floor finishing for your home.

    Advantages of Using Concrete Flooring 

    Besides the attraction these latest concrete floors drive, there are some very crucial advantages of using concrete as flooring. Here are a few benefits:

    • Design versatility: Modern-day concrete flooring is highly customisable, with a variety of the latest designs, stains, and textures that looks tremendously stylish for internal concrete floor finishing.
    • Durable: Concrete is a strong material and can withstand a lot of foot traffic because it is strong and resilient. It can endure almost every kind of substance like furniture, pets, pointed heels, etc.
    • Easy maintenance: Concrete flooring is easy to maintain and demands low-cost effort as it is highly resilient to outside pressure, water, and even certain chemicals.It can easily be wiped clean to make it shine again.
    • Suitable for every type of environment: Concrete flooring can endure every type of environment and can be used in almost every corner of the household, including kitchen, garage, basement etc.

    Giving LevelGrind the chance to take care of your floors gives you many other advantages, including customer support, affordable pricing, and quality services.

    What Type of Flooring Is Most Used in Melbourne Industries?

    Instead of choosing carpet and vinyl-like traditional techniques, new-age designers, industries, and homeowners now prefer the latest concrete floor finishing for commercial and personal use. Whether it is industrial flooring or residential flooring – concrete flooring is becoming extremely popular in Melbourne. Its versatile and incredible durability, as well as easy-to-maintain benefits, make it a preferable choice.

    Floor finishes done using techniques like polishing and burnish concrete finish on concrete floors will complement well with the latest interior décor of residences and industries.

    As the industry is evolving to meet the demands of customers, concrete has become more than it already was –mechanical polish, salt-and-pepper polish, burnished concrete finish, epoxy flooring etc. We use high-quality machinery for burnishing concrete finish and other finishing techniques to deliver the best services. We prioritise customer satisfaction to provide premium quality indoor concrete finish in Melbourne and nearby areas.

    If you want to make your flooring visually appealing, just call or email us today and get in touch with one of our experts.

    LevelGrind is a Geelong based company that offers concrete polishing for the Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine regions.

    At LevelGrind we use state of the art grinding and polishing machinery. this enables us to provide the highest quality that the customer requires for their concrete floor.

    LevelGrind work step by step with our customers which will give you peace of mind from start to finish of your job.

    LevelGrind is an owner operated business that provides and attentive high level of customer service.

    Our array of services includes:

    • Polished Concrete
    • Grind & Seal
    • Wet Concrete Grinding
    • Dustless Concrete Grinding
    • Diamond Bond Grinding
    • Concrete Surface Preparation
    • Tile & Glue Removal
    • Epoxy Floor Coatings

    We work closely with our customers to serve them excellently and give them peace of mind throughout the entire project.

    Concreate Melbourne Epoxy Flooring & Coatings

    concreate melbourne epoxy flooring & coatings


    0434 907 800

    Concreting with Creativity!

    Looking for the best in concrete resurfacing contractors Melbourne citizens can trust? You’ve come to the right place.

    Here at Concreate, our creativity is matched only by our professionalism. We have an expertly trained team, able to complete your next concreting job efficiently and affordably.

    Concrete resurfacing is a handy procedure for resealing existing concrete to give it extra strength. We will apply a thin coat of concrete. It will usually be used to seal over repaired cracks in concrete. This coat can be coloured to suit the pre-existing colour, or it can be multicoloured. There are also stencils available as a part of our concrete resurfacing procedures, if you would like certain patterns. We also offer pebbled concrete, which remains an enduringly popular product. Be sure to call us to find out a price that will suit your budget.

    For the best concrete resurfacing contractors in Melbourne, you need to get creative, you need concreate.

    Before choosing the least expensive option, have a looked at stencilled and stamped driveways and patios. They can look like bricks, natural stone, cobblestone or bush rock, but even stamped concrete may be less expensive than bricks or stone and will look like real brick or stone. Coloured concrete can be a good choice for some patios or driveways, but consider the other options, too.

    Our experience in all forms of concrete resurfacing, including residential, industrial and commercial developments, means that you know we can complete your next resurfacing project, no matter what you require. Concreate can give your concrete floor a facelift that will make it look brand new. This is the case, whether you need help with driveways and outdoor concreting areas, outdoor pool areas, a retail areas, foyers, and other external areas.


    If you’re looking to protect your concrete flooring affordably and easily, you should consider concrete epoxy coating in Melbourne homes and offices. You might have considered a few options, talked to a few suppliers, including for both epoxy coating and polished concrete. In fact, the differences can be confusing! But don’t worry, we’re here to help explain to you both what epoxy flooring is, as well as all the wonderful ways that it can benefit you. We will talk about the most common differences between epoxy and commercial polished concrete flooring and discuss why concrete epoxy coating in Melbourne might be the best choice.

    The beauty of epoxy coating is that it will improve the reflectivity of light in the space in which it is installed by 300%. It also increases the life of the concrete floor and won’t react easily to spills and stains. Concrete epoxy coating in Melbourne will also limit falls and slippage, as it increases friction. Finally, it prevents cracking and will be water-resistant.

    While concrete is a highly versatile flooring material for both buildings and outdoor areas, it suffers from a few disadvantages, including high porosity. As a porous substrate, concrete is susceptible to damage from water and chemical spills, staining easily. However, these problems can be corrected through the application of an epoxy floor coating, providing a smooth, durable and aesthetically pleasing surface that is ideal for a number of uses.

    Das Epoxy & Resurfacing Victoria 

    das epoxy & resurfacing victoria


    0430 376 359

    Hello and Welcome to Das Epoxy and Resurfacing Victoria

    Das Epoxy and Resurfacing Victoria has been servicing residential, commercial and manufacturing industries for more than a decade. We offer all types of flooring solutions that meet the requirement of your application. With the name, it clearly depicts that we are a Victoria-based company that constantly work and strive to bring the best in terms of flooring.

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Epoxy floor coatings provided by Das Epoxy & Resurfacing Victoria are hygienic and durable. The options can be customized and decorated with seamless designs and flooring solutions. We provide the best flooring materials based on the latest technologies. We are the leaders in the industry of epoxy and other resurfacing industries. Whether, it’s epoxy, concrete or topcrete, our experts can install the right set of products with the accurate process. At Victoria, we help your floor get the touch of an experienced team who are highly skilled in hard coat flooring. With years of experience in concrete resurfacing, epoxy flooring and driveway resurfacing, we provide a complete and functional solution with high-end decorative choices.

    Exceptional Epoxy and Resurfacing Services

    We are an authorised installation company for residents and companies in Victoria. We provide the best resinous flooring material for specific needs to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal.

    NuLook Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    nulook epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    0423 853 985

    If you’re looking for your next garage floor or even thinking about redoing your workshop or business flooring, look no further than our unmatched epoxy flooring solutions. Backed by a 5-year warranty, you’re guaranteed the best when you work with NuLook Floors Melbourne. Our epoxy floor mix, combined with a unique application process, makes it the best epoxy floor solution in Australia. 

    With the lowest fire rating, low slip rating and UV resistant topcoats, your NuLook Floor solution will have your neighbours crying with floor envy. With customer satisfaction our number one priority, we listen to you and ensure you get what you want, when you want it.


    • Continued support after the job is finished
    • A NuLook Concrete Epoxy Floor is easy to clean
    • Heavy-duty and extremely hard wearing
    • A NuLook Epoxy Floor is cost effective
    • Customised Epoxy Floor solution to suit individual conditions
    • Fully Trained Epoxy Floor Technicians
    • An Epoxy Floor will add value to your home
    • Years of Experience creating Decorative Epoxy Floor Solutions


    Whether it’s a garage, patio area, or a large industrial workshop, NuLook Floors have the experience, expertise, manpower and ability to handle the job for you. Our epoxy floor solution can fit any requirement. Give NuLook Floors Melbourne a call and get a competitively priced quote for your NuLook Floors Epoxy Floor covering today.


    NuLook Floors has been tested for slip resistance and achieved an R9 for a standard application, and up to an R12 with grit additive in the floors, making us one of the best options for slip resistance.

    Liquid Steel Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    liquid steel epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    Melbourne’s Experts in Epoxy Flooring Solutions

    Liquid Steel Coatings and Membranes was established in Melbourne in 2008 by industry experts. The owners come from a technical and experienced background, entering the market to provide outstanding quality of work and technical expertise as a trusted epoxy flooring contractor.

    For many years we have provided our clients with exceptional service and delivered quality results with warranties to put our clients at ease. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the waterproofing and flooring market, offering solutions when it comes to epoxy floors, even in the most difficult of situations.

    ​Epoxy floor coating for garages and warehouses

    In todays market, there are countless products, manufacturers & suppliers. Choosing the right product for the right application is crucial in achieving quality results. At Liquid Steel we work alongside manufacturers of products in all ranges, innovating and comparing products from market leaders. We have provided manufacturers, chemist’s and suppliers with years of advice and feedback to get the products right.

    Flooring Solutions

    Epoxy flooring is a 2 component base & hardener flooring system designed to protect concrete substrates and improve the look of a floor.

    Liquid Steel’s epoxy flooring provides a durable, hard-wearing, seamless floor that is limitless in design. Located in Melbourne, we provide our services across Victoria.

    Epoxy floors offer a reliable surface for commercial and industrial flooring. These coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide high performance, smooth and durable surface that can last many years and withstand heavy loads. 

    Epoxy coatings offer great chemical resistance to a range of acids, oils and fuels. They provide an attractive, easily cleaned surface that can handle heavy vehicle traffic and can be offered in a range of finishes. In wet areas, an addition of grains can provide great anti-slip floors ranging from fine to coarse.

    Knights Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    knights epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne




    Are you planning to resurface your office, workplace or home floor with a sleek, dust-free and non-slip surface that will last for life? And again, do you want to make sure it does dig a hole in your coffer?

    Well, opting for concrete epoxy flooring will serve you the best. It is actually a liquid resin made up of two different ingredients. These two ingredients, when mixed together, turn into a stout plastic film, which, when applied on the concrete surface, creates a durable non-slip surface. It remains unaffected by hail, rain or shine, you can walk on it without the fear of slipping, and it does not need any maintenance whatsoever.

    However, when it comes to epoxy flooring in Melbourne, we at Knights Epoxy Flooring are one of the best in the business. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we come up with a seamless service that not only meets your needs and expectations but goes beyond!


    On most occasions, we would grind the concrete slab for removing the existing coating as well as the other containment and then apply a pair of roll coats of epoxy on the floor. Our expertise in the laying of the epoxy layer will guarantee that once completed, the floor will be aesthetically sound, thus adding your desired look and feel.


    There are a number of companies around you that offer epoxy flooring laying service. We are simply the best of them, much because we have immense experience in this niche. Our service has always been customer-centric, and we offer services at a pocket-friendly price when it comes to commercial as well as residential epoxy flooring services in Melbourne. Besides and more importantly, we have enough expertise in dealing with various types of epoxy flooring, including:

    • Artistic Epoxy
    • Designer Epoxy
    • Industrial as well as garage flooring epoxy
    • Epoxy Flake system of multiple colours

    Besides, we follow eco-friendly procedures while laying the flooring, keeping in mind all the safety standards, so that you and your family members or employees’ safety is never jeopardised. For further details and a free quote, please refer to our CONTACT US page.

    Tuff Build Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    tuff build epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    0432 521 28

    Let’s Tuff It Up

    Our name says it all – building tough! Having more than 5 years of experience, Tuff Build makes your home stand out strong with our flooring services in Melbourne.

    Epoxy Flooring Contractors

    Very strong, modern look, resistant to acids, and suitable for heavy loads!  

    Are you scared of scratches or breaking the floor in your warehouse? Epoxy floorings turn the game in your favour.

    Epoxy floor is a type of floor that is hard and ideal for industrial applications. Extremely suitable for commercial spaces, warehouses, offices, basements, and garages.

    Because of its liquid-tight properties and strength, it is a suitable option when you require coating on industrial floors. Having a sleek look and seamless character, you can see this floor in modern interiors as well.

    Are you searching for epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne for your office, company, garage, or factory? Then Tuff Build is an excellent choice. Our epoxy floorings are not only resistant to chemicals and acids but can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles and machinery without any scratches. Our years of experience in flooring ensure that your floor is perfectly tailored to the requirements of public spaces.

    Our epoxy flooring Melbourne service is also an added value for eye-catching homes. Epoxy flooring is twice as strong as concrete. But that’s not all: the wear resistance and ease of maintenance of this floor are also major advantages.

    Your floors are installed well to be able to bear heavy mechanical weights and to repel chemicals or acids. The fact that logos or patterns can easily be incorporated into the floor is also interesting for commercial places (shops, showrooms, etc.). Industrial kitchens, office floors and labs are also well-known examples.

    “Go Tuff for inspirational & high-quality floor installation and coating.” 

    Tuff Build distinguishes itself by offering recognizable and high-quality craftsmanship, which is accompanied by excellent service and solid monitoring based on years of practical experience. What makes our flooring service in Melbourne special is the love and pride for our profession. There really is nothing more challenging than exceeding the desires of our customers. We implement innovative work and maintenance methods in an integrated manner.

    Tuff Build is an established name in Melbourne and far beyond. With our many years of experience, we work on high-quality flooring for both private and business customers. With our wear-resistant, lightweight coatings floors, your interior floors but also driveways and parking garages last for years. In order to continue realising changes in the market, the experts at Tuff Build conduct market research into new developments in working methods and flooring materials. This allows us to innovate and respond to the wishes of residential, industrial and commercial customers continuously.

    As the best epoxy flooring contractors from Melbourne, we have been developing and installing floors and coatings for all kinds of applications in both the industrial and private sectors. So, just upgrade your premises with our top-class flooring services in Melbourne!

    Best Quality Work, Outstanding Results!

    Whichever floor you choose for your premises, you will enjoy a seamless result with the Tuff Build. Our experienced crew applies the new finishing floor with the best techniques. We only work with high-quality materials and methods according to the latest developments and trends. Our accurate work ultimately results in the modern and sleek floor of your home that stands out.

    We endeavour for perfection, and thus we do not compromise on material quality. By regularly coordinating with you, we guarantee the smooth progress of the project, and we can make adjustments if necessary. We have the expertise, resources and the right attitude to deliver your contracting project on time and successfully.

    Because our company is well-organized and transparent, there is a lot of personal attention and good consultation, which means that we are able to provide an excellent service. For your flooring needs in Melbourne, contact us for a FREE consultation today!

    Johnsons Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    johnsons epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne



    Johnsons Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

    Want an epoxy concrete floor that will last the distance? Here at Johnsons Flooring, we offer a wide range of concrete flooring solutions, including Epoxy Floor Coating, concrete sealing, grinding and more. We offer a range of suitable options for residential, commercial and industrial floors. Whatever finish you choose from us, you can be sure it will be top quality.

    Our team of flooring experts at Johnsons Flooring are passionate about flooring and will bring you the best quality epoxy resin flooring in Melbourne. We take pride in our workmanship and will work with you to ensure you get the result you are after.


    Epoxy Floor

    Epoxy flooring is a great solution for a variety of floors ranging from home garages to shops, warehouses, factories and restaurants. Here at Johnsons Flooring, we have completed a wide range of jobs from small garages to large warehouses. We have commercial, residential and industrial flooring experience and no job is too big or small for us.

    Epoxy Flake Floor

    Epoxy Flake Floor works in the same way as the normal Epoxy Floor except on the second coat of the Epoxy we broadcast Flake on top of the coating. We then follow this with two coats of anti-graffiti Polyurethane clear coat. The flake flooring can be a more decorative finish and is available in a huge range of colours.

    Polished Concrete

    Polished concrete is created by grinding the concrete back and then adding a densifier that sinks into the concrete causing the surface to harden and protecting the concrete from the inside out. It is then finished by polishing the concrete to a high gloss finish using diamond pads.

    Concrete Sealing

    Concrete is a porous material which means it can be easily penetrated by moisture that can lead to staining and cracking. If not sealed concrete can also create a dusty environment.

    Concrete Repair And Concrete Grinding

    Having a cracked or damaged floor can look unsightly and also become hazardous. At Johnsons Flooring we can also offer you concrete repair, which can be much more cost-effective than replacing the slab. We can assess the area and talk you through what the best options are to ensure the longevity of your floor.

    Garage Flooring

    Epoxy Floor is a great cost-effective solution for your garage floor. When done correctly by professionals it will last you years.

    Our Epoxy Flooring Melbourne Services

    Epoxy is very different from regular concrete. It is a polyurethane concrete coating that is applied to the surface of concrete we have grinded, forming a surface that is incredibly durable and hardwearing. The epoxy resin and hardener are mixed and react with each other, forming a chemical bond with each compound and with the floor itself.

    Some great benefits to epoxy floors in Melbourne are:

    • Chemical resistance;
    • Slip resistance;
    • Fast curing – you can walk on the floor 24 hours after the final coating;
    • Durability;
    • Aesthetic appeal – choose from a high gloss or matte finish.

    Why Choose Us?

    With years of experience behind us, our team works with you to find the best solution for your floor and provide high-quality epoxy flooring in Melbourne. We offer a wide range of colours and finishes, with various options for custom visuals. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and customer service, working around your schedule to complete the job on time. If you need an epoxy concrete floor installed, but have a specific timeframe, our team can get it done. We service all of Melbourne and surrounding areas. With residential, commercial and industrial experience, no job is too big or too small for us. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

    About Us - Our Experience & Expertise

    Based in Melbourne, Johnsons Flooring is dedicated to bringing you the best quality finish for your epoxy floor coating, using only the best products on the market. We have worked on a variety of projects ranging from residential garage floors to shops, food-grade flooring, warehouses and school epoxy flooring. Also, we offer concrete repairs, grinding and caulking alongside epoxy coatings.

    With our extensive industry knowledge, we consistently deliver high-quality workmanship whilst ensuring that all your requirements are met. We want our clients to walk away happy, satisfied and proud of their new floor.

    Johnsons Flooring provides services to the Melbourne metropolitan area along with regional Victoria. We are reliable, professional and ensure we turn up on time. Your business does not have to stop running because of us, we work around your schedule and come at a time convenient to you, whether that be during the week, the weekend or at night!

    We are only a phone call away from you. Give us a call today for a free quote.

    Allgrind Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    allgrind epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    0407 682 579


    Allgrind is a family-owned and operated business based in Melbourne providing its customers with high-quality concrete finishes.

    We specialise in polished concrete, decorative coatings and overlays, concrete resurfacing, floor preparation and levelling and protective epoxy coatings for both domestic and commercial flooring.

    Whether you’re concrete is internal or external, new or old Allgrind have a flooring system to suit your needs at a surprisingly low cost. Forget timber or tiles we can transform your tired old concrete into a durable yet elegant showpiece.


    Family-Friendly Professionals – That Deliver The High-Quality Concrete Polishing

    When it comes to polished concrete that is of the highest quality and created with care and attention to detail, you cannot go past the family-owned and operated professionals at Allgrind. We have been in the industry for several years and during this time, we have established ourselves as a leader in the concrete polishing industry. Our focus has always been to deliver nothing but the best for our clients. We treat everyone with respect and honesty – just like we would with our own family. This is why people trust the team here at Allgrind.

    Using Only The Latest Technology For Our Concrete Polishing

    With the latest state of the art machinery and highly experienced tradesmen, we can guarantee that our work will be completed on time and with perfection. Using only the highest quality materials available your floor is sure to stand the test of time. As certified Pandomo and certified Superfloor installers, you can experience excellence and quality in its highest order and rest assured as all our work is guaranteed.

    Providing You With The Complete Package For All Our Products

    When it comes to all our services – concrete polishing, theme floors, garage floors, epoxy floors and so forth – we always provide our clients with the complete package; one that is catered to their requirements. You might be wondering what is included in our package; well you will get to experience the following when it comes to our services:

    • Years of hands-on experience in these services
    • In-depth knowledge about concrete polishing, epoxy floors and so forth
    • We will answer any questions you have about our services
    • Professional and high-quality installation and finish
    • Family-friendly customer service – we’ll be fair and honest with you
    • Great and affordable prices on services that last for decades

    Concrete Polishing Available Throughout Melbourne

    Allgrind is ready to help everyone in Melbourne with their floors. If you are looking to get your concrete polished or if you want concrete floors, we have the services and the experience to deliver the highest quality finish for you. Just reach out to us today and experience the best with Allgrind.

    Call Allgrind on 0407 682 576 or fill in our Online Form below and we will get back to you in 24 hours!

    Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    baker technical epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    03 9543 6883



    If you are in search of commercial flooring in Melbourne, consider Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services. We are a company based in Oakleigh South, Melbourne, who service industrial, commercial and government clients throughout metropolitan Melbourne and the state of Victoria. With 40+ years of experience, our team is equipped to handle your needs. Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services will give you accurate advice, quotations and provide quality service for any floor coating applications.


    Our services include

    Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services professionally designs and applies the correct protective system while taking service life requirements, aesthetic presentation and practical safety factors into consideration.

    For more information about our services, please feel free to visit our services page. Also, view our picture gallery to see exactly what Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services can do for you! If you or someone you know is in need of quality flooring in Melbourne, Australia, please contact us via phone at 03 9543 6888 or email us bakertec1@bakertec.com.au


    • 50+ years experience
    • All work guaranteed
    • Competitive pricing
    • Special expertise in coolroom and abattoir flooring
    • Safe work surfaces experts
    • Stop-contamination flooring
    • Area delineation flooring

    Durable Concrete Coatings Epoxy Melbourne

    durable concrete epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    (03) 9052 4873

    Welcome to Durable Concrete Coatings Epoxy Supplies

    Durable Concrete Coatings Epoxy Supplies specializes in the supply of two pack epoxy coatings, urethanes, concrete coatings, flake floor systems, metallic art epoxy, garage floor epoxy coatings, driveway coatings, sealers, primers, penetrating sealers, anti-graffiti coatings, protective coatings and speciality coatings.

    The coatings we sell are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards to ensure durability, longevity and superior performance for all commercial, residential and industrial purposes.

    Our business is also conscious of environmental impact, and because of this, we are proud to offer a wide range of environmentally friendly water-based solutions which encompass very low and no VOC technology.


    Durable Concrete Coatings Epoxy Supplies specializes in the supply of two pack epoxy coatings, urethanes, concrete coatings, flake floor systems, metallic art epoxy, garage floor epoxy coatings, driveway coatings, sealers, primers, penetrating sealers, anti-graffiti coatings, protective coatings and specialty coatings.

    Concrete Surface Coatings Melbourne

    concrete surface coatings


    0472 505 556

    There are many different types of floor coatings and sealers available for industrial factory flooring. Depending on the use and environment the floor will be exposed to. Coatings can range from epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, polyurea resin or an acrylic sealer. Please feel free to contact us for advice and or a quote.

    Epoxy Floor Coatings

    Epoxy resin coatings on concrete floors are the most common resin to use on an industrial floor. Epoxy resin is hard wearing and creates a dramatic positive impact as you can choose any colour to compliment your business. Please look through our recent projects to see some examples.

    Depending on the thickness of the coating and the traffic on the floor the coating will have a different lifespan. Typically the coating will last a minimum of 5 to 10 years.

    Epoxy resin floor coatings are resistant to most chemicals. Material technical datasheets of the epoxy resin will determine the specific suitability for your floor.

    Non-slip additives

    1. Glass beads or crushed glass creates an aggressively non-slip surface. This is commonly used on ramps and loading docks.
    2. Aluminium oxide can be added which gives a finer slightly dull appearance and provides a general non-slip surface. Vinyl flakes are commonly used for decorative floors however that provide non-slip properties.
    3. Vinyl flakes create a slightly bumpy surface which makes the surface non-slip however is still easy to mop and sweep. This is commonly used in wet areas.

    ArmourCoat Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    armour coat epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    03 9702 3309

    Looking for industrial and commercial flooring in Melbourne? We’re the experts in epoxy flooring and can tailor a solution specific to your needs. Getting the right surface for concrete covering provides many benefits such as greater durability, increased efficiency and safety, improved visual appeal, easier cleaning, and lower maintenance costs.

    ArmourCoat offers a complete range of cost-effective commercial epoxy resin flooring solutions to suit your individual needs, whether you have an existing surface or a new construction project. Our experienced staff provide a complete service in delivering industrial resin floor coating solutions — from the initial consultation and planning through to surface preparation, application, and ongoing maintenance, and all at the best possible price.


    For commercial applications, Melbourne businesses large and small turn to ArmourCoat. Our work includes retail flooring, healthcare, commercial offices and the hospitality industry. Whatever your environment and specific requirements in terms of footfall, hygiene, price, maintenance, and of course, look and feel, we’re able to provide you with the perfect solution.


    From the largest of warehouses and factories through to specialist workshops and small units, for industrial flooring in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, ArmourCoat has it covered. Our expert consultants work closely with businesses to deliver precisely the right solution, with health and safety, durability and your specific usage requirements in mind.


    Epoxy is a polymer-based material, used as a sealant for concrete surfaces. Renowned for its strength, Epoxy is also able to withstand chemical, heat, impact and even fire exposure, making it ideal for industrial use. Slippage resistance, low maintenance and the option of a glossy finish for a premium feel also mean Epoxy is right at home in retail, office, hospitality and healthcare environments. For Epoxy surfaces in Melbourne at the best cost in the industry, ArmourCoat is the natural choice, with a history of providing tailored solutions for businesses large and small.


    ArmourCoat was founded in 2002 by Simon Briglia. Simon has more than 20 years’ experience in the floor coating industry and has successfully built ArmourCoat into a trusted provider to many local businesses.

    We believe in creating the ideal solutions to meet each client’s requirements and budget.

    Pride of workmanship is an important part of our company’s philosophy. Our consistent and dedicated staff are a vital element in delivering quality flooring systems.

    Flexibility enables us to offer a wide range of services in all types of environments - from the smallest retail store through to large warehouses and factories - all across Victoria.

    This flexibility and attention to detail have seen us become the trusted choice for providing flooring solutions for some of the largest industrial and commercial building projects in Victoria.

    Feel free to get in touch for a chat about your industrial or commercial flooring needs.

    Epoxit Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    epoxit epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne



    Epoxit with over 20 years’ experience specializing in Epoxy floor coating, Polyurethane membrane, Anti-corrosion coating, Concrete coating, Polished concrete, Concrete repair, Stencil concrete, Flake epoxy system, Decorative epoxy system and Resin based coating.

    A chemist founded the company and as a family-owned and operated company. We produce quality products for customer needs and concerns with the best information from materials and application methods.

    We have fully trained manpower, expert supervisor and dedicated management to satisfactorily complete all types of projects for the largest to the smallest on time and in a professional manner.

    Our reputation and reviews for service and products have made us to growth is knowledge, equipment and hardware.

    You will achieve the best option for your coating solution as we consider the project budget serviceability, health and safety warranties.

    We are proud of our clients from multinational companies to small and medium-sized factories.

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    concrete resurfacing systems epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    1300 139 091

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems provide a specialised service to the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Construction industries. We provide total solutions for all concrete preparation, treatment, and coatings. Our services range from concrete preparation, which involves concrete grinding and blasting, to the application of protective coatings and concrete sealers. This includes the application of industrial-grade epoxy floor coatings and polyurethane concrete sealers.

    Our extensive experience within the concrete treatment industry has led us to become one of the market leaders in the application and installation of decorative concrete floors and coatings. Our decorative concrete surfaces include polished concrete floors, stained concrete, decorative concrete overlays, decorative self-levelling floors, concrete resurfacing, and decorative epoxy flooring surfaces. If your next project involves polished concrete floors in Melbourne, call Concrete Resurfacing Systems for a quote.

    Restore and revitalise tired and worn concrete floors with our concrete grinding service. Our concrete grinding experts can bring new life to old concrete floors from industrial and commercial concrete floors to residential garages. We offer concrete grinding services dependant on the individual project, from burnishing to heavy grinding. Our concrete grinding specialists will assess each new project on its merits and present you with a tailored concrete grinding plan to suit your needs and budget.

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems as a company pride itself on using the latest technology and dust-free surface preparation equipment available. Our coating range includes the latest technology in environmentally friendly coatings and sealers with a complete product range that is eco-certified as a “Good Environmental Choice.”

    When working with Concrete Resurfacing Systems, you can rest assured your project will be handled from start to finish with the highest professionalism, service, and minimal disruption to you and your customers.

    Our Services

    The services we offer here at Concrete Resurfacing Systems are both extensive and cover all aspects of what you are looking for in the concreting industry. We cover the below:

    • Polishing
    • Resurfacing -Industrial, and Residential
    • Cleaning and Preparation
    • Concrete Grinding
    • Levelling
    • Floor Painting
    • Designer Walls
    • Concrete Flooring
    • Decorative Epoxy Flooring
    • Terrazzo Floors
    • Overlays
    • Garage Flooring
    • Coating Applications
    • And Many More!

    Proudly Accepts Projects of All Sizes

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems offers a variety of services to help our residential and commercial clients. Whether you require protective epoxy flooring, polished concrete or designer concrete overlays we provide the concrete treatment services you need to achieve the finished look and function you want and need for a particular project.

    Some of the services offered to our clients include concrete grinding and concrete floor preparation, Protective and industrial epoxy flooring, decorative concrete toppings and polished concrete flooring.

    We pride ourselves on successfully completing a wide variety of high-quality projects. No project is too large or small for us to handle.

    Projects Completed On Time, Every Time

    We understand that our clients often have strict project deadlines that need to be met. That is why we make it a priority of ours to keep your project on a set schedule. This allows you to stay on schedule and meet deadlines, avoiding costly delays.

    If you have a set deadline, we take every precaution necessary to make sure the project will be completed on or before your deadline arrives.

    Our clients can rest easy knowing that when they use Concrete Resurfacing Systems they are receiving only the highest quality work. We pride ourselves on treating every project as if it were our own personal project. This means you will get premium quality work every time you choose one of our services.

    National Floor Coatings Epoxy Melbourne

    national floor coatings


    1300 014 940

    Epoxy flooring products and building/construction materials to suit the commercial, industrial and private sectors.

    In late 2006 they joined together to form National Floor Coatings which now operates, as a leading applicator and contractor of a diverse range of epoxies, cementitious and concrete flooring products.

    We are able to provide on-time and cost-effective solutions, utilizing a unique range of products and services.

    National Floor Coatings can provide Hygienic, durable, seamless and designer floors only limited by your imagination.

    We will ensure your floor best suit your needs and budget.

    Mr. Grind Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    mr. grind epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    0478 047 404

    Melbourne’s Best Concrete Polishing, Grinding, Sealing & Epoxy Flooring Expert

    From concrete polishing through to floor coatings, Mr. Grind offers a range of alternatives for protecting your investment and maintaining the beauty of your floors. The professional team at Mr. Grind brings over 15 years of combined experience in the building and construction industry to the table.

    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy is used primarily as a floor covering and forms a hard, shiny surface upon application. Epoxy flooring is particularly popular in garages and showroom floors due to its strength and resistance to damage. Like all epoxy products, it is a two-part system, composed of both a resin and a hardener, with colour added to provide the desired finish.

    Epoxy flooring offers many advantages over other flooring options. Because epoxy acts as both filler and a coating, it can be applied to rough or uneven surfaces. It is also waterproof, and highly resistant to rust, acid, chemicals, heat, and corrosion. Surfaces coated with epoxy paint are also able to withstand higher levels of traffic and abuse, including cars, forklifts, and heavy equipment. Epoxy is easy to clean, and will not stain. Epoxy paint application is extremely durable and long-lasting in comparison to its relatively low cost.

    Who We Are

    From concrete polishing through to floor coatings, Mr Grind offers a range of alternatives for protecting your investment and maintaining the beauty of your floors. The professional team at Mr Grind brings over 15 years of combined experience in the building and construction industry to the table. We know the benefits of polished concrete floors and coatings such as urethane or epoxy flooring and the many advantages that it offers our customers. We stand ready to walk you through our process and what sets Mr Grind apart from the competition.

    Our Mission

    To deliver the highest level of quality service to our customers at fair and market competitive prices. To ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction is all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.

    Our Vision

    To be Australia’s leading independent Concrete Grinding & Polishing Company.

    Our Values

    • Service to our customers
    • Exhibit integrity, quality and professionalism
    • Competitiveness and a will to win
    • Accentuate safety in all operations

    Granicrete Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    granicrete epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    Transforming Every Space With Seamless, Elegant Flooring

    The Granicrete team are specialist in the design and installation of modern epoxy flooring and polished concrete. We design solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial purposes across Victoria.

    Over the past two decades, our team has seen every kind of cracked, stained and damaged floor. Whether you need a tough new factory floor, a stunning floor to lift your business image, or a unique talking point that matches your personality, our team of floor artists and installers will transform your space into walk-on a masterpiece!


    Granicrete’s unique Coverstone flooring takes the beauty, utility and economy of Epoxy floors to a new dimension. For the perfect balance of timeless elegance and easy-to-clean practicality, check out our residential & garage flooring options.


    First impressions matter. Granicrete’s unique triple layer commercial flooring solutions will help lift your business image for those all-important customer-facing areas. Explore solutions that deliver both top-notch looks & performance.


    Hard work areas like factories, warehouses and commercial workshops need the toughest floors in the fastest time. Whether your space is a fresh floor or a pitted mess, our team will get the job done on time and with long-lasting

    Why Choose Granicrete?

    No matter what type of space you have, making sure your floor is delivered to your satisfaction is one of the biggest parts of any build or renovation project.

    The Granicrete team have decades of experience, delivering some of the most beautiful floors in Victoria. That means we’re the safe hands you’re looking for.

    Being at the forefront of Epoxy flooring techniques, we invest in the best machinery and skill development for our team. You can rely on us to deliver your project on time and at superior quality.

    In2 Floorcoatings Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    in2 floor coatings & epoxy melbourne


    0430 224 961

    Are you expanding? Renovating? Does your floor need repairs? Or is the health & safety inspector on your back?

    In2floorcoatings is a leader in floor applications across Victoria with over 25 year’s experience. We are committed to work with you to give you the right advice, competitive pricing and provide quality service for your projects.


    Industrial Flooring

    • Catalytic Resin Flooring Systems
    • Hand Troweled Coving
    • Hand troweled flooring systems
    • Self-Levelling Seamless Flooring
    • Australian Standards 4586 Slip Resistant Flooring Systems
    • Polyester Floor, Wall & Coving
    • Polyurethane Concrete Flooring & Coving
    • Dust Sealing
    • Hard’ Fast 2Hr. Rapid Set Flooring Systems
    • Anti Static Flooring Systems
    • Chemical Resistant Flooring Systems

    Concrete Repairs

    • Remedial Concrete Repairs
    • Rendering
    • Crack injection
    • Water Proofing
    • Expansion joint Sealing & Repairs

    Remedial Concrete Repairs

    • Rendering
    • Crack injection
    • Water Proofing
    • Expansion joint Sealing & Repair

    Surface Preparation

    • Concrete Grinding & Polishing
    • Captive Shot Blasting
    • Scarifying

    Dean has extensive experience and diverse knowledge of epoxy flooring products and building/construction materials to suit the commercial, industrial and private sectors. In 2013 Dean formed In2 Floorcoatings and now operates as a leading applicator and contractor of a diverse range of epoxies, cementitious and concrete flooring products.

    We are able to provide on-time and cost-effective solutions, utilizing a unique range of products and services.

    In2 Floorcoatings can provide Hygienic, durable, seamless and designer floors only limited by your imagination.


    C.C.R Australia Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    c.c.r australia


    0435 288 221

    At C.C.R Australia we have been revitalising concrete in homes and businesses for a number of years. With over 15 years of Industry Experience, We pride ourselves in our work. Our motto is Quality Coatings without compromise because we only use the best quality products on the market.  

    Working with customers throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, C.C.R. Australia has the industry knowledge to provide the best option to give your concrete a new look.


    Epoxy flooring is a great option for businesses and workplaces as the substance is so strong can withstand demanding industrial environments.

    This flooring surface provides a durable surface that is resistant to dirt, grease and water, it’s hygienic and easy to clean. 

    Epoxy is a combination of resins and hardeners that when mixed together form a rigid plastic material and can make old concrete look new again.

    It is a great option in flooring surfaces for warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, laboratories, commercial kitchens, showrooms, lobbies, any place with a high traffic area. 

    It’s also a great flooring for home surfaces and works well in garages, kitchens, patios and outdoor entertaining areas. 

    ​With OVER 200 colours available, you’re sure to find something to suit the look and style you’re after.


    • It can withstand years of wear and tear
    • It is visually appealing
    • It’s easy to clean and hygienic
    • Resistant to chemicals and fireproof​
    • Easy to apply to a range of existing surfaces
    • Water-resistant
    • Slip-resistant
    • Cost-effective


    Our team of experienced professionals focus on maintaining high standards and providing a personalised and professional service for our customers. 

    We will always provide attention to detail, and all projects will be overseen from beginning to end by a dedicated team member. 

    Mainliner Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    mainliner epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    (03) 9302 4679

    Looking for a quality and reliable road and industrial line marking & surface coating company in Melbourne? Mainliner Services is here for you.

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Non-Slip Flooring Coatings

    Non-slip flooring coatings offer protection against slips, thus keeping your staff and visitors safe at all times. epoxy flooring Melbourne is one of the best anti-slip coatings available, offering an easy way to resurface concrete floors. Not only do they make the floors safe, they also add a charming touch to its appearance.

    We at Mainliner know the importance of non-slip floor coatings, which is why we offer epoxy flooring in Melbourne for industrial and commercial floor applications. epoxy flooring is composed by mixing two materials of polyamine hardener and epoxy resin. Instead of a single floor coating, multiple layers of epoxy floor coating are applied to the flooring. Epoxy resin is a durable material with stain, abrasion, and chemical resistant properties.

    Moreover, its waterproof and mould proof nature makes it ideal to be used in wastewater fields. If you aren’t sure of the type of flooring coating you must opt for, you can seek assistance from our team of experts to know the best epoxy floor coating option for your factory, workshop, or garage.

    Other than epoxy flooring, we also offer floor cleaning, floor marking, car park line marking, road line marking and more. To know in detail, please browse our website or call at (03) 9302 4676.

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Coating?

    One of the most important reasons for choosing epoxy flooring is its durability. When compared to other conventional floor coatings, epoxy coatings are known to last longer.

    Here are some other benefits that epoxy flooring Melbourne offer:

    Professional Look

    epoxy flooring lends a professional look to your concrete floors. They make them look appealing and solid in comparison to unsealed concrete floors.


    Epoxy coatings are water-resistant and thus protect your flooring from being damaged due to accidental spills. Some epoxy types are a little more slippery than others due to the water not soaking into the floor. To deal with water accumulation on epoxy coating, slip-resistant aggregate can be added.

    Superior Protection

    Another reason why epoxy coatings are a popular choice in the industrial and commercial sector is their ability to protect your concrete flooring from dust, moisture, and stains. Since these coatings are sturdy and durable, they also offer you flooring protection against minor cracking.

    Easy To Clean And Maintain

    Concrete flooring is porous and difficult to clean. Once they have the epoxy coating, cleaning becomes much easier and faster.

    Increased Brightness

    Light coloured or high gloss epoxy floors are known to improve lighting in garages or workshops because of the reflection they create.

    About Us

    At Mainliner, our experienced crews can take the headache out of organising civil related finishing services.

    Whether you’re a civil contractor, local government authority, shire council, facility manager, operations or OHS manager, or owner-occupier of premises that requires our services, let us take care of your road line marking for you.

    In addition to our line marking and industrial anti-slip walkways, we specialise in surface treatment for bike/bus lanes on roads, and we also provide epoxy coatings and non-slip coatings for pedestrian areas that require a safety solution.

    Whatever your needs, we can tailor a solution for you whilst meeting all legislative requirements. We also supply and install car parking products such as bollards, wheel stops and speed humps.

    We are the road marking contractors that provide warehouse line marking, factory line marking and other road marking services throughout Melbourne and Dandenong.

    Able Floors Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    able floors epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    03 9738 0741

    Welcome to Able Industrial Floors Pty Ltd

    Able Industrial Floors was established in 1986 then known as Able Industrial Floor Coatings. We have come along way since we sealed our first concrete floor and entered the Epoxy arena.

    We have been involved with numerous major contracts such as AAMI Park, ABC Studios, The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC), Crown Casino, Fire & Ambulance Stations, Commercial Kitchens, Schools and the list goes on. After 30 years of steady growth, Able is now a leader of the Australian market boasting a well-regarded and highly experienced team.

    Able has the resources and the know-how to ensure that every single detail of your project is completed with total satisfaction whether it comes to precision troubleshooting or good old fashioned quality control, you simply won’t find a better more dedicated team anywhere else.

    We provide high-quality flooring for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

    About Us

    Able Industrial Floors specialises in floor coatings and concrete resurfacing for in any environment, be it Industrial, Commercial or Residential. From food processing plants, aerospace facilities, electronics/robotics, pharmaceutical/biotech, chemical processing and many others.

    Able Industrial Floors is recognised as a leading installer of industrial seamless epoxy flooring and polyurethane floors. We have over 30 years of experience and millions of square metres of industrial flooring systems installed throughout Australia and internationally. We also provide expert flooring consultation to work with you to achieve your desired outcome with the best possible solution.

    More than ever today’s work environment requires a floor that is properly designed and properly installed. As one of Australia’s largest Industrial Flooring Contractors, Able Industrial Floors is a leader in the specification and installation of commercial and industrial Seamless Resinous Floors, and Epoxy Garage Floors. For over 30 years Able Industrial Floors has been helping companies avoid the cost of flooring failures. We work with some of Australia’s top corporations and consistently meet their rigorous standards of design, craftsmanship and durability.

    Our aim is to ensure a clean, safe and attractive work environment for your company with minimal disruption to your workplace. Whether you need a floor that will hold up to high traffic, is chemical resistant, meets sanitary standards or is purely decorative, we can help. We have the experience, manpower and specialty equipment to get the job done right.

    Complete Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    complete epoxy flooring melbourne


    0410 777 413

    Welcome to Complete Epoxy

    A Warm Welcome By The Pioneer Epoxy Flooring Contractors In Melbourne

    Are you planning to renovate your house? or do you just like to renovate the flooring of your house? Then choose epoxy flooring which would be durable and attractive. It is easy to maintain and you can have this flooring in a variety of patterns and colours. Along with this, this type of flooring lasts for a longer time and it is easy to keep clean with regular care. So if you have decided to have epoxy flooring for your house by the pioneer Flooring Contractors In Melbourne, then you can choose Complete Epoxy that is a family-operated service provider in Australia. We have been providing high-quality flooring and epoxy services at the most affordable and budget-friendly prices throughout Melbourne.

    Get Superior Quality Anti-Slip Flooring Services At Affordable Rates

    Being the most renowned and expert Anti-Slip Flooring service provider in Melbourne, we have been offering our valued clients a range of superior quality and personalised services. We have been providing the entire range of services that includes Polyurethane Cement Flooring, Anti-Slip Flooring, Epoxy Flake Flooring, Concrete Grinding & Repair, Floor Levelling, Residential Garage Flooring, Epoxy Coating & Flooring, Industrial Waterproofing and Terrazo Flooring. All of our services are performed by our crew of professionals utilizing state-of-the-art grinding and polishing machinery. We try to deliver perfectly concreted floors that exceed your desires and expectations.

    At Complete Epoxy, our team of highly professional Flooring Contractors understands that every client has their own requirements so we are capable and proficient to provide customised service to our valued clients. Besides this, we try our best to deliver superior quality work in a very short period of time. We ensure you provide highly efficient and trustworthy service at the most reasonable rates within the market.

    Owing to our expertise in the field of high-quality flooring, we have gained a reputation as the most trusted and proficient Flooring Contractors in Melbourne. When you choose us, you will be ensured that you will get the optimum chemical resistance along with remarkable toughness for your floors.

    Epoxy Coatings & Flooring

    Leading Service Provider For Cost-Effective Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating In Melbourne

    If you like to have a surface with a strong and highly durable finish, then choosing Epoxy Concrete Floor Melbourne would be your perfect choice. This type of flooring offers superior quality solutions to your floors whether you choose it for your commercial or residential garages, grocery stores or in factories and other areas that have a high volume of traffic. If You are searching for the most efficient and reliable Epoxy Floor Coating Melbourne, then choosing Complete Epoxy would be your one-stop solution as we are a family-operated business that provides cost-effective and high-quality flooring and epoxy services.

    At Complete Epoxy, we have a team of qualified and skilled professionals who have the extensive expertise and complete knowledge to perform the perfect and high-quality service whether your requirement is for Commercial Floor Coatings Melbourne or Industrial Epoxy Flooring Melbourne. They are capable to carry out 100% Solids Epoxy coating by utilizing the supreme grade materials along with the latest machinery so you will have the assurance of quality work with the desired finishing.

    Choose High-Quality Epoxy Floor Coating Melbourne & Enhance The Appearance Of Your Property

    Nowadays epoxy coating has become more popular because it provides different types of flooring options for commercial, industrial or residential floorings. You will have many options to choose from Epoxy Coatings & Flooring Melbourne, and you can enhance the look of your property. At Complete Epoxy, we have been providing Colored Resin Floors which are easy to clean and provide unmatched performance and workability.

    Being the most renowned and experienced service provider for Industrial Floor Coatings Melbourne, we have been providing quality service using state-of-the-art materials. We can ensure our valued clients to provide the most efficient and reliable whenever they choose us for their requirement of high quality and trustworthy Food Grade Flooring Melbourne. Our offered services are widely acclaimed by our clients for the features of reliability, efficiency and desired to finish touch. Moreover, you can obtain our range of services at the most affordable and industry-leading prices.

    Thus, when you choose us for your Epoxy Coatings & Flooring requirement, you can rest assured for achieving the desired result along with the quality finishing. So why do you need to wait longer for your desire of getting efficient and qualitative 

    Why You Should Choose Us For Having Epoxy Flooring Services In Melbourne?

    Due to our extensive expertise and deep knowledge in the field of Epoxy Coatings & Floorings, we provide an array of flooring services that are the most efficient and reliable in terms of quality and longevity. Along with this, our offered services are rendered as per the industry norms and regulations so you can have the most trustworthy services. At Complete Epoxy, we have a team of skilled, qualified and experienced professionals who render the flooring service with the utmost precision and quality.

    We always try our best to provide the most efficient and hassle-free service to our clients whenever they hire us. So when you choose us, you will have the peace of mind that you will get superior quality service by investing your hard-earned money with leading Flooring Contractors in Melbourne. Apart from this, our offered range of services is the most affordable and friendly to your budget.

    Austech Epoxy Systems Melbourne
    austech epoxy systems & coatings melbourne

    0431 808 725

    Epoxy floor coatings are a mix of polymer resins and hardeners. When applied to concrete flooring it creates a smooth and shiny finish. Epoxy is durable and visually stunning which makes it suitable for most residential and commercial applications.

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring


    When you compare epoxy floors to other kinds of flooring for garages, epoxy looks professional and bright. It’s a smooth and even surface. Its durability ensures that you won’t see any chips or cracks in your workspace. 


    Epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to many chemicals and other fluids, including cleansers, transmission fluid, oil, bleach, gasoline, and more. It’s also resistant to heat and water. This makes it appealing for a business that deals with fluids and heat, such as mechanics and welders. It’s also an excellent option for hospitals and clinics as it’s resistant to germs and bacteria.


    Epoxy flooring is known for having a long lifespan when it’s properly sealed and maintained. It can last for decades without any signs of wear like peeling or cracking. It’s used to make durable materials like concrete even more durable.


    You can get your epoxy flooring in a variety of colours to make your room unique. It can be arranged in a multitude of designs and patterns using tints, metallic powders and flake flooring systems. Epoxy flooring systems give you design options no other flooring systems can match. With Epoxy flooring systems, your concrete can reflect the ambience you want from the room.


    Epoxy flooring also adds an element of safety to the room as it enhances the visibility inside the space by reflecting light off of the shiny coating.

    About Austech Epoxy Systems 

    Austech Epoxy Systems are a privately owned Australian business based in Melbourne. We are suppliers of flooring products for commercial, industrial and residential sites.

    Allsafe Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    allsafe epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    (03)9762 7816

    Whether your project is large or small, you can be confident of Allsafe’s recommendations & application procedure.

    Why? Because Allsafe guarantees its work, having full EBA compliance you can rest assured Allsafe Coatings offer professional and high-quality services. Having successfully performed works for Industry Icons, Allsafe knows the cost of downtime & the inconvenience of repeat works. So, whilst you can be confident because of Guaranteed works, you can relax too because it’s unlikely you’ll ever need it.

    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy floorings are a great choice for any and all commercial and industrial facilities. Epoxy flooring is a combination of resins and hardeners that can be applied over concrete floors, with various applications to suit multiple environments. Epoxy flooring has a number of benefits that include, but are not limited to:

    • Excellent Adhesion
    • Chemical and Heat resistance
    • Low maintenance
    • Durable
    • Customizable
    • Affordable

    Allsafe Coatings has installed hundreds of thousands of m2 of epoxy floors across all industries, such as Government Facilities, Council and Sporting Pavilions, Industrial Kitchens, Laboratories and Universities to name a few.

    Epoxy can be installed as a clear, coloured or decorative finish that is available in many colours. It can include vinyl chips, metallic chips and other reflectors or coloured aggregate. Allsafe Coatings typically recommends polyurethane top-coats for all epoxy coatings, abrasion resistance and UV stability.

    Call us today for a free evaluation and quote for your next epoxy flooring project.

    A1 Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    a1 epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    (03) 9912 0553

    We take on flooring projects all around Melbourne and sometimes Australia.

    We have years of experience in all types of flooring systems and concrete coatings.


    Epoxy is a great solution to an awesome facelift on an old worn-out garage floor. Covers the old oils stains and creates an awesome lasting floor!

    Benefits of an epoxy garage floor :

    It can be difficult to find a flooring solution that stands the test of time, particularly in garages that need to cope with heavy usage.

    If you’re looking for an affordable way to make your garage floor a smart-looking, highly durable, stain-resistant surface, our specialist epoxy garage floor services in Melbourne tick all the boxes.

    Our professional epoxy treatments can turn your garage floor into a robust, awesome-looking surface that’s easy to maintain.

    Epoxy has two main components – resins and hardeners – that react chemically to form a rigid plastic coating that shrugs off the type of spills likely to happen in a garage, with no adverse effects to the surface. Epoxy is so efficient that it’s used to waterproof car parks.

    Why choose our Melbourne epoxy garage floor services?

    In many cases, with space being at a premium, the garage fulfils other functions as well as providing a home for your car, typically as a workshop, so it’s important to have the best garage flooring.

    Our epoxy garage floor services in Melbourne represent a sound investment. Our epoxy floors are hard to beat price-wise because the material can be applied directly over concrete and other surfaces. Once installed, your new epoxy floor will have a longer lifespan than many other types of flooring and can last for several decades.

    From a health and safety viewpoint, epoxy flooring is non-slip and provides a barrier against bacteria. This is why many clinics and hospitals install epoxy floors.

    If you’re looking for the best epoxy garage floor services in Melbourne, contact us today to find out more about how our experts can help you.


    We provide all types of Concrete coatings, from polyurethane floors, anti-slip floors, and coatings 

    are durable and long-lasting!

    Looking for an expert concrete-floor coating contractor in Melbourne?

    If you have a concrete floor that’s looking past its best, our experienced residential epoxy flooring Melbourne contractors can fix the problem with an affordable and long-lasting solution.

    We use epoxy applications to rejuvenate concrete flooring because of their many advantages over other types of concrete floor finishes.

    For instance, our epoxy treatments can fix the main drawback of standard concrete floors – porosity, which can make them magnets for dust, debris, mites, and dirt.

    Reasons to choose us as your Melbourne concrete-floor coating contractor

    We use only the highest-quality materials, and our skilled technicians are committed to customer satisfaction.

    You can trust us to:

    • Finish your job within the agreed budget and time frame.
    • Meet – or even exceed – your expectations.
    • Give your concrete floor a new lease of life that can last for several decades.

    If you want to spruce up your concrete floor, get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you and for a competitive quote.

    Betterseal Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    betterseal epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    0411 487 330

    Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

    When it comes to specialists in epoxy flooring and concrete repairs, Betterseal is the name that Melbourne businesses and companies know all too well. Our wide selection of flooring solutions means that regardless of the situation you are facing, you know that our team of professionals can handle it for you.

    •  Epoxy Flooring
    •  Flake Flooring
    •  Garage Epoxy Flooring
    •  Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    •  Concrete Repairs
    •  Concrete Coatings

    Melbourne’s Experience In All Floor Solutions.

    With over 15 years of experience in the industry, you know that when you contact us, you are working with professionals who know their stuff. We have the knowledge to provide you with the right solution for your floor project and problems. Our team are all put through a tough training process, so they have the experience to handle any job that you need to be completed. With the right qualifications, the right equipment and the experience behind it all, you know that we can handle any floor problem you are facing. We work all over Melbourne, Victoria and even interstate if the job is large enough. We will work around your business hours, so if it’s the evening, the weekend or the holidays when you need us to work, we will be there!

    About Us

    Betterseal are industry experts in epoxy floor coating, joint sealing and joint repairs/restoration. We provide a range of professional flooring services, from large factory and warehouse spaces to high traffic walkways and food preparation areas, no job is too big or small for Betterseal flooring.

    Betterseal flooring services deliver quality flooring solutions to the Morning Peninsula and greater Melbourne. Our highly qualified team will provide premier products and services for large or small projects requiring epoxy concrete coatings, epoxy concrete repairs and maintenance and wall and floor joint caulking

    All Purpose Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    all purpose coatings & epoxy supplies


    1800 437 690

    Excellence in Formulation & Manufacturing

    All Purpose Coatings Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company that specialises in the design, formulation, manufacture and supply of high-performance products and systems to the protective coatings industry. Specialising in the seamless flooring industry, All Purpose Coatings has the largest network of installers across Australia. 

    All Purpose Coatings’ products are manufactured in our Brisbane facility to the highest industry standards to ensure longevity and unrivalled quality.

    The company holds a number of certifications and accreditations which include Australian Made and Owned, ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and APAS (Australian Paint Approval Scheme). All Purpose Coatings also has a Federally recognised RMU (Registered Manufacturing Unit) on our full range of Epoxies, which ensures All Purpose Coatings’ commitment to quality products, systems and safety of our staff and customers.

    APC’s comprehensive range of coatings for both decorative and protective purposes are instilled with over 30 years of knowledge. Our range of products is forged from a history of application experience, market research and excellence in manufacturing systems.

    About Us

    All Purpose Coatings is a Brisbane based company, which manufactures and provide quality Australian made protective floor coatings at a fair and reasonable price. Its founders, Charmaine and Garry Ashford have a twenty-year history in the industry from which they draw their knowledge. The company has designed, developed, and tested its extensive range of products in a wide range of conditions, from the small residential garage through to the large civil projects and, importantly, continues to keep pace with the modern market.

    The company-owned manufacturing plant, in Sumner, Brisbane, supplied a large range of epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartics, flake & concrete sealers which result in decorative and long-term flooring solutions. Branches in both Brisbane and Melbourne, combined with a broad distribution network for products, ensures supplies are readily accessible throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

    The company’s continuous implementation of processes and procedures, along with the state-of-the-art technology, has earned it a number of accreditations, including APAS Australia Paint Approval Scheme, ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, ISO 45001 Safe Management System and, is a Federally Recognised Manufacturing Unit. The company prides itself on the quality of its systems, thereby ensuring that the accuracy and reliability of products are at the forefront of requirements during the manufacturing, testing and application processes.

    APC clients continue to Experience the Difference by working directly with the manufacturer, resulting in one of Australia’s largest networks of installers. While, not only supply industry-leading protective coatings, All Purpose Coatings stock a wide range of accessories, consumables and surface preparation equipment resulting in a one-stop-shop experience for clients.

    This document outlines just some of the reasons why you should: Experience the Difference.

    MS Epoxy Flooring & Coating Melbourne

    ms epoxy flooring & coating


    0423 341 140

    Melbourne’s Premier Epoxy Flooring Contractors

    With years of experience under its belt, MS Epoxy Flooring & Coating stands out to be one of the most acclaimed names, offering a wide range of epoxy flooring solutions in Melbourne. We have in our team some of the most qualified and skilled specialists, who would use the latest tools and techniques to offer the best solutions to meet the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients. This customer-centric approach and our zeal to provide perfect, on-budget solutions make our epoxy specialists in Melbourne the best in the business. Our perfection, professionalism and our customer-centric approach, along with the quality of work that we always stick to, make us the most adored epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne.


    Epoxy & Polyaspartic Flooring

    If you ever desired that flawless, hygienic, and attractive surface for your flooring at your residential or commercial property, there is no choice better than this.

    Concrete Resurfacing

    These long-life floors create a bespoke concrete look seamlessly through this latest cutting-edge commercial application.

    Driveway Resurfacing

    The ultimate range of driveway floor finishes that keeps your car park clearly marked and looking at its best, irrespective of the elements and weather conditions.

    Epoxy Garage Floor

    The cost-effective, seamless poured floor choices with a wide range of colours and an attractive, glossy finish.

    Decorative Epoxy

    One flooring option that looks the part and goes the distance; it is a perfect blend of stylish appearance with high-performance practical features.


    Experienced Team

    Our full range of services is offered by our expert team that best fits your individual needs. Catering to all budgets, we can help you with a small domestic job to large commercial solutions.

    Well Equipped

    Our use of the best technology and tools lets us finish our job with accuracy, as quickly as possible, depending on the size of your floor.


    The best practices in flooring solutions are opted to ensure that safety remains the top priority for the community and us.

    Expert Advise

    Our decades of experience in the professional contract flooring industry assures of a practical and sustainable flooring solution.

    Team Work

    It remains the core of our functioning, ensuring that the results are best for your property in terms of costs and looks.

    Environmentally Conscious

    For us, the environment comes first. We opt for environment-friendly flooring procedures that are totally environment friendly.

    Our service promise

    No matter what your flooring requirement is, we provide you with the latest solution that fits your industrial, commercial or residential project. Our epoxy experts in Melbourne have come up with the best flooring solution that can withstand traffic, weather and other factors for a long.

    Our years of experience over a wide variety of projects let us deliver projects on time that lasts long in terms of performance and reliability. Our epoxy flooring solutions in Melbourne include epoxy flooring, concrete resurfacing, driveway resurfacing, epoxy garage floor, epoxy decorative, floor grinding and more.

    Alongside we have also developed a wide range of floor systems based on specific needs of our customers that are cost-effective, hygienic and aesthetically appealing. From car parks, driveways to studio flooring, sports floors, warehouses, airports, retail stores and even energy or nuclear flooring options, we offer the best in terms of quality and durability.

    If you require wall covering, polished concrete flooring or resin floor coatings, we have all options included. Compatible with high-quality heating systems, weather conditions and heavy loads of traffic, we are epoxy specialists in Melbourne in commercial and industrial flooring.

    High-quality finishes with a fixed price guarantee eliminate all possible risks of costs and other similar concerns for you.

    We are Melbourne’s epoxy flooring experts, know more about how we transform your space with our flooring options. Drop us a message at info@msepoxyflooring.com.au, and we will be glad to share our ideas and expertise as one of the best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne.

    Fortis Adhesives and Coatings Melbourne

    fortis adhesives & coatings


    (03) 9706 5443

    We Manufacture a range of Industrial Adhesives, Floor Coatings and Concrete Repair Systems.

    From Epoxy to Polyaspartic, Polyurethane to PVA, and with our industry-leading Technical Support, Fortis has you covered.

    Our Passion

    At Fortis Adhesives and Coatings, we take great pride in developing our products and customising adhesives, floor coatings and repair systems to serve our customers. Check out our leading range of Adhesives, Coatings, Epoxy Coatings, and Waterproofing Membranes along with our new Aerosol Canisters and Concrete Densifiers and Repair Systems.

    Finding the right technical solutions for our customers is our aim. We take pride in our work and the work our customers do.

    Established in 2008, Fortis set up in Dandenong South, Victoria as an Australian Made and Owned manufacturer of Adhesives, Epoxy Coatings and Non-Yellowing Polyurethane coatings for Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, Brisbane QLD, Perth WA, Darwin NT, Hobart TAS, Adelaide SA and Canberra ACT.

    In 2010 we expanded our Adhesive range with structurally approved polyurethane adhesives for timber mills finger jointing and beam lamination.

    In late 2016 Fortis moved into a new manufacturing plant in Dandenong South, with increased manufacturing capability. This, along with a new collaboration with Monash University, has seen the very best in R&D developments. We have started manufacturing Waterproofing membranes, Vapour barriers and high-performance Epoxy, PVA, Contact Adhesives and Rubber Adhesives.

    In late 2019 Fortis began manufacturing 22l adhesive aerosol canisters.

    With over 40 years of experience in the Adhesives and Coatings market, the R&D team continues to develop and extend our range of Concrete Shield™ Lithium and Potassium densifiers for Polished concrete, solvent-free Epoxy Coatings, Polyurethane, Moisture cured PolyAspartic and Acrylic Sealers and penetrating sealers.

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