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Top 30 Granny Flat Builders in Sydney (2024)

Do you have a granny flat on your property in Sydney? If not, now is the time to start looking into it. Granny flats are excellent for adding value and space to your property while also being an excellent investment opportunity.  

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best options that exist for building granny flats in Sydney.

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    Ultimate List Of Granny Flat Builders In Sydney

    Absolute Granny Flats Sydney


    absolute granny flats

    1300 580 176


    Granny Flats Sydney

    Granny Flats Sydney continually strives to deliver great granny flats that offer real value for money, backed with exceptional service. Granny Flats Sydney offers cutting-edge granny flat layouts and a versatile, imaginative approach to granny flat construction all across Sydney.

    The Intelligent Choice

    Granny Flats Sydney will be completely transparent about all prices; they don't feel that dishonesty weakens relationships. Every step of the construction procedure for your granny flats will be fully disclosed to you. Those at Granny Flats Sydney are a hand-picked collection of trustworthy and skilled craftspeople. Your new granny flat will be the greatest in your neighborhood thanks to our quality controls and standards! Our granny flats must be built to survive because Sydney investors make up the majority of our clients. Purchase knowing that your new granny flat will meet the highest design and construction requirements. Granny Flats Sydney have unparalleled efficiency because to in-house Approval, Drafting, Design, and Construction departments.

    Our Premium Standard Inclusions

    When it comes to your choice of inclusions, Granny Flats Sydney offers outstanding standards, including flooring, joinery, external finishes, and internal fittings. Our selection enables our customers to create a completely one-of-a-kind and personalized granny flat.

    Worthington Homes

    worthington homes


    The Worthington Homes Journey Begins

    After earning his building license and spending some time working in Sydney's home construction sector, Liam became troubled by the fact that he observed many builders performing subpar work. Major Sydney builders were busy, but many of their clients were dissatisfied. Liam made the decision to found a business that would be different after seeing customers get duped by slick salespeople, treated like "another number," and disregarded when issues emerged while building their dream home.

    Granny Flat Designs

    Our contemporary granny flat designs can increase the value of your house whether you are an owner-occupier or an investor. Granny flats are small in size and can be used as a guesthouse to lodge friends and family without taking up space in your freshly constructed home.

    We can assist with the design of an adjoining or standalone granny flat as part of your new home build if you plan to demolish and rebuild on your existing block or purchase land with the intention of building a house and granny flat. For owner-occupiers, first-time homebuyers, investors, and real estate developers, we have vast expertise creating high-quality granny flats in greater Sydney.

    Throughout the entire construction process, Worthington is present and has taken into account all local government council standards as well as state environmental planning policy. In the end, you receive a brand-new, high-quality house with a stylish, cozy, totally self-contained granny flat.

    Every house and granny flat design has a BASIX certificate and is constructed in accordance with the BASIX standards, which are mandated for all residential construction developments in NSW. This means that your home and granny flat will be constructed with the highest levels of water conservation, energy efficiency, and climate comfort.

    JCT Group

    jct group

    0449 557 7545

    About Us

    With more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, JCT Group Pty Ltd is a family-run construction business. We take great pleasure in our ethical standards and competent business procedures. To the joy of its clients, JCT Group has managed and built a variety of structures, including granny flats, houses/Duplex, triplex, and home additions. Our firm also includes commercial and repair work on a regular basis.

    Granny Flats

    A granny apartment can produce that cozy, at-home feeling. In Australia, granny flats are becoming more and more popular. The availability of residential space outside of cities is declining as our population grows, and living expenses are rising at the same time. Granny flats are the best solutions for both families and investors. As a secondary or alternative residence, building a granny flat is a frequent investment. We take great delight in providing our clients with gorgeously finished 1, 2, or 3-bedroom granny flats. With so many packages—ranging from vinyl cladding to acrylic renders and brick veneer—available at just one group. To create a granny flat that fits your needs and budget, get in touch with us.

    Why Build A Granny Flat With Us?

    Free Site Inspection & Quote Call one of our granny flat experts immediately, and they will arrange up a free site visit & quote. Design & Approval Our office is here to assist you with any DA (Design Approval) and CDC (Complying Development Certificate) approvals that are required. An industry-accepted standard fixed-price agreement with all the inclusions you requested and no additional costs or changes for your piece of mind.

    Granny Flat Builders FAQs

    Designed for one or two persons, a granny flat is a self-contained living area usually located on the grounds of a single-family home. A granny flat can be detached, or it can be attached to the other dwelling. It is sometimes called a granny flat because it is a popular way for families to accommodate aging parents.

    The granny flat is most often known as an accessory apartment or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in the building industry. Other terms include granny pod, mother-in-law unit, in-law apartment, bonus unit, casita, carriage unit and ohana unit (primarily in Hawaii).

    Many granny flats fall into the small house category, and the surge in interest in small house living has been a boon to grandparents interested in this type of housing. In addition, Granny flats/tiny houses may be used for nannies or young adult family members. They are sometimes used as rental units, but zoning laws and deed restrictions sometimes ban renting.

    As multigenerational housing becomes more accepted, granny flats are likely to become more prevalent. As a result, realtors and builders report that they are already a good selling point.

    The upsides of having a granny flat

    Building a granny flat is an affordable way to own an investment property. If you are not yet ready to buy a separate home as an investment, you can start with constructing a granny flat first.

    A granny flat could help you make extra money by renting it out. Depending on the location of your property, your granny flat could be able to generate several hundred dollars of rental income per week, which could help cover the costs of your mortgage.

    A granny flat is easier to maintain and look after than a separate investment property, given its proximity to your primary dwelling.

    A granny flat also boosts the value of your property, especially if it is legally compliant. You would be able to sell your property at a higher value if you have a well-maintained granny flat.

    The cons of owning a granny flat

    While there are several upsides to owning a granny flat, there are also some consequences that you need to consider.

    If you decide to rent it out to unrelated parties, be prepared to deal with tenants. You need to develop patience as you might encounter tenants with different personalities.

    It would be best if you also prepare your wallets for costs associated with the maintenance of the granny flat. Related expenses do not end with the construction of the granny flat — you should also think of the changes needed to maintain and keep the property in shape.

    Another factor you should look into is the capital gains tax that you might need to settle if you sell your property down the line. For example, if you use your granny flat for income, you would be required to pay capital gains tax.


    The cost of building a granny flat varies — it depends on the quality of the build you are gunning for, as well as the purpose of the flat. Constructing a granny flat could take as little as $20,000 to as much as $200,000.

    In choosing how to set up your granny flat, there are several options you can consider. There are prefabricated and modular homes that can be installed in your backyard, but you can also build a granny flat from scratch.

    When it comes to financing the construction of your granny flat, you also have a range of choices. You can either use the equity you built in your home or apply for another loan. However, it would help if you were prepared to have your home revalued.

    You can also ask your lender if they offer loans specifically catered to the construction of granny flats. Another alternative is to refinance your existing home loan with a new credit provider.

    Like any investment property, granny flat costs depend on your needs and what you want to build. However, many experts agree granny flats prices are, on average, around $100,000 for a one-bedder.

    Here are a few reasons why granny flats are a popular option for investors:

    The rental income could provide cash flow. Many people rent granny flats, from students and young singles looking for affordable housing to retirees wanting to downsize.

    Building a granny flat is usually cheaper than buying a standalone investment property. It's also unlikely to interrupt your everyday routine, like home extensions and renovations.

    Adding a granny flat to your house could increase your resale value. In addition, it gives the new owner the option to earn rental income and the benefit of an extra bedroom.

    How is a granny flat investment taxed?

    Like any other investment property, tax is payable on the rental income you earn from your granny flat. The Capital Gains Tax liability also applies. On the flip side, granny flat tax exemptions might be available.

    If you're wondering, can you negatively gear a granny flat? Unfortunately, the answer could be yes! If the cost of your granny flat is more than your income, you could claim the loan interest and ongoing expenses (like maintenance and insurance) as tax deductions. But if your granny flat is positively geared (as in, the rental income is more than your expenses), you can only claim the ongoing costs. You might also be able to claim value depreciation, but always remember to seek professional advice.

    Ask the granny flat company if they are a licensed builder and request their license number. You can then also do a free licence check on the Fair Trading website.

    Ask for references and a list of completed projects. Where possible, ask if you can walk through a completed granny flat to check the quality.

    Check that the granny flat company knows about all the rules in the NSW Legislation enabling granny flats to be built via a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

    • Do they know a minimum block width of 12m, not just that the block must be more than 450sqm?
    • Do they know three different boundary offset requirements are depending on the size of the block?

    If they do not know answers to these questions, they are most likely not experienced granny flat builders.

    Make sure the company's website is professional and informative. If they do not have a professional website or all the information you need about their company, you need to ask yourself if they will be experienced when it comes time to build.

    Check the inclusions in the quote. Make sure you always compare "apples for apples" when examining different companies' quotes. For example, some companies will only quote the bare basics and leave out things such as essential service connections to make their quote look cheap compared to their competitors. 

    Sometimes when you thoroughly assess the lowest price and obtain costs for the "gaps", you find the companies' final price can be higher than the other companies that had everything included in the first place. 


    Inspire Concrete

    inspire concrete

    0480 252 045

    Who We Are - One Of The Most Trusted Concrete Companies Sydney Residents Trust

    Having worked on more than 400 projects throughout Sydney for more than 14 years as concrete workers and four years as architectural draftspeople, we have interacted with and heard the concerns of hundreds of clients. The goal of our strategy has to be to help people go on with their lives and concentrate on the things that matter most—their loved ones, friends, and their passions.

    Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    One of Sydney and its surrounding areas' most reputable and trustworthy granny flat builders is Inspire Concrete. We take pleasure in being your go-to concrete contractor for the best granny flat designs, builds, repairs, and upkeep Sydney locals have grown to appreciate. Many granny flats have been built by our highly qualified and experienced concrete specialists for really pleased and satisfied clientele.

    For one or two people, granny flats are made. In simple terms, a granny flat is a self-contained small living area and is often located on the grounds of a home that houses a single family. A granny apartment is frequently either detached from or joined to the main structure. From the typical backyard granny flats to the distinctive portable granny flats, we have worked on many different types.

    Kurmond Homes

    kurmond homes

    1300 764 745

    Building Dream Homes Is More Than A Dream For Brothers

    "We are very active, Peter and I. I oversee the construction teams while Peter oversees the sales and design teams "affirms Michael. Both brothers continue to interact with their customers. While Peter walks prospective customers through the sales process, Michael attends frame inspections and client handovers.

    To set the bar for his managers and guarantee that homebuyers construct the best caliber homes, Michael constructs all of the company's display homes. Michael claims that staying in touch with his vendors and tradesmen also helps.

    In order to ensure that the jobs go successfully, he continues, "I want to keep strong relationships on job sites and make sure they're cooperating." Strong family values and a work-ethic learned early on from their parents are at the core of the company. Six of us benefited from their support and hard work, Michael reflects. Since we are a close family, Peter and I shared a bedroom until I was 24 and he was 18.

    Maximise Use Of Your Land

    a cozy two-bedroom apartment that can serve various purposes. When Granny downsizes, she can use it as a place to live, independent living for her grown children, or to rent it for extra money. This apartment seems open and friendly thanks to its large windows. Kurmond - supplying the growing granny flat sector.

    My Granny Flat Sydney

    my granny flat sydney

    1300 06 06 11

    Who We Are and What We Do

    One of Sydney's top companies for building granny flats is My Granny Flat Sydney. Why is that so? Our group of skilled specialists has spent the last 25 years learning, developing, and broadening their expertise and abilities in the construction of granny flats. You will never be in the dark because we are industry experts and know everything there is to know about it. Visit our estimates page to get a free price quote on your flat granny project right away.

    Affordable Solutions

    For your piece of mind while we create your granny flat, all of our builders are properly licensed, insured, and documented. Never spend more on your granny apartment than is necessary. There are no unforeseen or unexpected expenditures at My Granny Flat Sydney since we are open and honest about our prices. The staff at My Granny Flat Sydney has a solid reputation for being devoted to our customers. We won't stop working until you are completely happy. Never again be concerned about slack contractors or sloppy constructors. With the experienced crew at My Granny Flat Sydney, you're in capable hands. Our three granny flat design options at My Granny Flat Sydney are ideal for any budget. don't fit your preferences? Design your own granny flat by visiting our client package estimate calculator! My Granny Flat Sydney wants to make sure that our customers receive granny flats that are both cost-effective and practical to live in. This is why we go out of our way to make sure our granny flat designs are comfortable and stylish. We at My Granny Flat Sydney are committed to serving our customers and meeting their demands. This is why we make sure to include chic and contemporary inclusions without charging extra after we've done building your new granny apartment!

    Aussie Granny Flats

    aussie granny flats

    0418 338 593


    We provide an exciting opportunity to create a home that matches your unique demands and way of life as custom builders and designers. Since our designers and builders collaborate, you can expect a quicker delivery and less worry as your custom granny flat is constructed on time and within your set budget.

    From the moment our pencil touches the page until the moment we hand over the keys, you will only have to deal with one business. Once we and you have agreed on the design plan, we can move quickly to have your project approved by all building authorities, start construction, and deliver the finished product on schedule.


    We provide an exciting opportunity to create a home that matches your unique demands and way of life as custom builders and designers. Since our designers and builders collaborate, you can expect a quicker delivery and less worry as your custom granny flat is constructed on time and within your set budget.

    The Granny Flat Experts


    the granny flat experts

    02 9863 2813

    Welcome to The Granny Flat Experts

    Your backyard has become valuable real estate due to Sydney home price increases. Let us demonstrate to you how to increase the value of your current property and earn up to a 20% return on your investment, whether you're a homeowner or a real estate investor. All types of property owners are increasingly utilizing granny flats. Your one-stop shop for granny flat design, approval, and construction is The Granny Flat Experts.

    About Us

    The Design, Approval, and Construction of Granny Flats is a specialty of The Granny Flat Experts. With more than 25 years of combined experience in real estate and construction, we are passionate about giving each and every one of our clients the best service possible, from the initial consultation until handover.

    I Build Granny Flats

    i build granny flats

    +61 1300 234 574

    Our Goal

    I Build Granny Flats wanted to build a business that embodied our integrity, enthusiasm, and sense of ownership over each job. Each client has a right to be informed and to have the services, finishes, and materials that will be used on their specific project clearly displayed. No one likes to be left clueless and guessing, which is why, unlike other Granny flat companies, we offer our clients the opportunity to view our recent work and current projects to get a good indication as to what to expect with our quality, service and outcome.

    For your convenience, we also provide the luxury of a sizable showroom that is tastefully furnished with all of Australia's top brands of fixtures and finishes so you can easily choose from them and make sure you can feel, compare, and fully comprehend what will be included in your granny flat. We guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with our service, expertise, and quality because, unlike our competitors, we are completely flexible with any alterations or bespoke designs you wish to achieve.

    Why build a Granny Flat?

    Nowadays, granny flats are a must. Homeowners and investors are swiftly realizing the necessity of creating a granny flat because the granny flat boom is still in its infancy, housing affordability is at an all-time low, and the housing market's future is uncertain.

    Custom packages

    Because we are aware that not everyone's budget, wants, demands, or land requirements will be the same, we offer specialized packages to best meet the needs of each and every one of our customers. We manage the project from beginning to end, taking care of DA & CDC approvals, PCA engagement, and all other required paperwork to guarantee a successful building experience.

    Quality inclusions

    Our customers are invited to visit our Kingsford showroom, where they may browse and choose their granny flat inclusions from a large selection of the country's top manufacturers. Tiles, kitchen fixtures, vanities, tapware, shower screens, appliances, flooring, and everything else you need for your new granny flat are among the products.

    Outdoor Sydney Granny Flats

    outdoor sydney granny flats

    02 8798 2121

    Leading granny flat designers and installers in Sydney. Visit our showroom, which is situated in the St. George and Sutherland shire district of Beverly Hills, Sydney. We can assist you in creating a granny flat that perfectly suits your property and family requirements. All around Sydney and Australia, our dependable team of skilled craftsmen installs our high-quality Bluescope steel products.


    You can get help from Outdoor Sydney Granny Flats with the whole bespoke design and construction of your new granny flat. We provide a full range of services or just the parts you need, including: designing and planning services, council lodging, demolition and removal of old garages and sheds, including asbestos, full-service project management, excavation and slab services, and building work. installing your new structure, Fit-outs, plumbing, electrical, etc.

    Premier Granny Flat Builder


    premier granny flat builder

    1300 122 402

    We love building and designing the good old granny flat; it's just what we do!

    Someone who is passionate about their work can be identified by their on-time arrival, smile, and eagerness to please another client. That's us then! To verify that we are the "genuine deal," read our reviews. No question is too small or too large. We will gladly take your call!

    What do we offer?

    We are a granny flat constructing firm that offers all services. We've got you covered from the original concepts all the way to council approval. A consultant will be assigned to you to guide you through each step of the procedure. We have built thousands of granny flats over the course of our more than 20 years in the construction industry, so we are well-versed in all the pitfalls to avoid when building your own! How much effort and labor goes into what appears to be such a little build will surprise you. Your dream construction will be realized under the guidance of our skilled builders.

    Why Choose Us as Your Granny Flat builder and designer?

    The best part about us is that our work is completely guaranteed. We are also licensed and insured. To see our blueprints, designs, or display constructions, get in touch with us. Or we can give you references who can vouch for our superior project management, high caliber work, and professionalism. These are actual individuals, just like you, who needed a high-quality granny flat solution, and we gave it to them. Following a free, no-obligation quote for your build, our helpful team would be pleased to talk with you about your plans and address any issues you might have.

    Benco Granny Flats

    benco projects & granny flats

    0403 773 574

    About Our Company

    Bench Projects has been building, engineering, and designing high-quality Australian homes for customers for ten years. These can include garage conversions, granny flats, small homes, big homes, entertainment areas, renovations, insurance repairs, and other improvements to your properties. Since we began with insurance repairs, we promise that all work is completed to the highest standard. With access to a wide range of reputable, high-caliber trades, our professional team, with over 30 years of combined experience, is the best choice to build your new home. The entire job is managed and coordinated by Benco, so there is no need for you to arrange your own independent contractors. We promise 100% client satisfaction and ensure there are no flaws in whatever task we do. The success of Benco is due to director Corey Bennett's in-depth understanding of every facet of building. The ideas of excellence are the foundation of Benco.

    What We Do

    Granny Flats

    expertly & painstakingly crafted, and customized to meet the needs of each client. From getting municipal approval to finishing the development, we handle every element.

    Benco Entertainment Area

    With our combination of cutting-edge technology and top-notch craftsmanship, you may improve your lifestyle and fulfill your aspirations of enjoyment. All districts of Sydney are serviced by carpentry, construction, and renovation professionals. Through consulting and project management, we offer assistance with concept and design. Each of our granny flats is expertly and methodically created to meet the specific requirements of each client. From getting municipal approval to finishing the development, we handle every element.

    All Custom Granny Flats


    all custom granny flats

    1300 669 741

    Want to construct a granny flat? Here at All Custom Granny Flats, welcome! The granny flat experts in Sydney are a reputable house builder with a license dating back to 1987.

    Sydney Planning

    The most important step is the design phase. We are passionate about and skilled in functional design as a licensed constructor. You can either choose one of our pre-made plans, or we can create a design especially for you. We work with fully accredited certifiers to understand your design. Then, we prepare, file, and exert every effort to have all applications approved. Find out more about submitting an application here.

    Sydney Build Completion

    We'll handle it all for you and cause you the least amount of disruption possible. Your backyard holds the answer. Both cheap and simple. Find out more about the procedures here. You are in the hands of a licensed builder with more than 30 years of experience in the building industry when you work with All Custom Granny Flats.

    Proprietor – Tom Diterlizzi

    Since 1987, the builder and designer has held a valid license, Lic. No. 39117. We take great satisfaction in completing projects of the highest caliber from start to end. We are originally from a family of builders who immigrated from Italy in the late 1950s. Old school workers who learned the hard way that experience, hard effort, and a strong work ethic are crucial to the success of any business, particularly so within the building profession, were taught in the family business by the masters of the trade. Attention to detail and practical craftsmanship are essential in this profession. It is not merely a trade. It's an art form. In addition to the aforementioned foundations, Tom has five years of Cad Designing experience from 1996 to 2001 with a Queensland joinery company, further enhancing his skill in all facets of detail and design.

    RB Sydney Builders

    rb builders sydney

    0413 128 441

    About Us

    At RB Sydney Builders, we have considerable expertise building new houses, renovating existing homes, adding on to existing homes, and performing all kinds of modifications.

    We are currently focusing our efforts on providing excellent customer service and happiness, which we felt the market has been missing in. While smaller companies are client-oriented, they appear to have less construction knowledge and are less up to speed with current goods and trends. Larger organizations are focused on building but typically lack fully personalized customer care. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch service and quality workmanship while actively seeking out detailed feedback from our clients.

    We have a strong commitment to our clients, a depth of building expertise, and a current understanding of emerging trends in the industry. We collaborate closely with our product reps and suppliers, and we frequently attend building trade events and expos.

    Our Services

    Our passion is redesigning and customizing homes. Put all your troubles aside and let us handle the renovation of your property. Our design professionals offer gorgeous design guidance and FREE consultations for your property. No matter how big or little your design is, we are here to provide you with a top solution at every stage.

    The best option to maximize the size and utility of your home without necessarily investing a lot of money is with a home extension from RB Sydney Builders. You can visualize your updated home with the aid of our design consultants. enhancing the value of your lifestyle and home. The alternatives are many, including adding an entertainment space, expanding your living room, and providing nice bedrooms for each child.

    For more than 10 years, we have constructed opulent residences all across Sydney. On new homes of various sizes, we collaborate closely with architects, interior designers, and homeowners. Our staff offers the greatest level of workmanship and attention to detail; as a consequence, projects we work on operate smoothly and are enjoyable for all parties involved.

    We have more than ten years of experience with the building. Our crew is knowledgeable on granny flat design, approval, and construction. Our goal is to make sure that your project is timely, high-quality, and economical.

    Country Granny Flats - Sydney


    country granny flats sydney

    +61 1300 030 475

    Welcome to Country Granny Flats

    We are here to help you concentrate on what is most important. It could be having more time, money, peace of mind, or being close to a loved one. We can demonstrate to you how to take that empty space in your yard and transform it into something that will provide you with a long-term financial and/or emotional return. Most people will find this to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can learn how at Country Granny Flats, and we'll handle the Design, Approval, and Construction processes for you!

    What Is A Granny Flat?

    A granny flat, also referred to as a secondary residence, is merely a little additional home. It is situated on a piece of land that already has a house on it (the primary housing). A granny flat may have one, two, or three bedrooms and cannot be more than 60m2 (including external walls). It is possible to add a porch or an outdoor area for dining and/or relaxing. If access for a car is possible, a garage can be added to complete the house.

    Why Build A Granny Flat?

    It's quite sweet to support your family by letting them construct a home and living there. They will be close enough to provide you comfort, yet far enough away to give you solitude. It might be a parent who is retiring, a young couple who is just starting out, or a single parent who needs a cost-effective living arrangement.

    Property Investment

    A granny flat is the perfect instrument for investing. On average, investors get a 17 percent annual return on their granny flat investment. In most circumstances, this can be sufficient for a property to achieve positive cash flow. The higher income may enable a quicker mortgage repayment.


    The ability to downsize, live in the granny flat, and generate income from the main house without having to sell and move is provided by granny flats.

    Additional Space

    A granny flat is the perfect method to expand family life for growing families that enjoy their current location and don't want to incur the additional costs of selling and moving. A granny flat can be utilized as a guest room, a hobby room, or even a home office.

    Chesterfield Constructions

    chesterfield constructions

    02 8065 3312


    Your one-stop shop for the design and building of high-quality granny flats is Chesterfield Constructions Pty Ltd (Chesterfield). In the Greater Sydney Area, we are a reputable and well-known new home and granny flat builder. As seasoned granny flat builders, we will walk you through the process to ensure that your granny flat is tailored to your needs.

    Our staff takes great satisfaction in completing projects on schedule and to a high standard. We'll make sure your new granny flat is constructed on schedule and within your budget. Utilize the untapped resource in your own backyard to start earning money.


    The Chesterfield Team will be there for you during the entire process – from the minute our Consultants visit your property and assist you decide on a bespoke design up until the moment you have a brand new Granny Flat in your backyard. A dedicated Chesterfield Account Manager will be assigned to you upon signing the contract. Your Account Manager will be your single point of contact for any queries you may have during the construction. We don't believe all clients are the same, nor do we believe in one size fits! Rather we develop custom-built Granny Flats to assure customer pleasure.


    Our Granny Flats are always created with consideration of the property's potential, our client's wants and budget. That is why Chesterfield stands alone as the industry leader. We will provide knowledgeable recommendations and also manage the documentation required to acquire essential official permissions swiftly and without trouble. Allow us to care of the entire procedure from start to finish and fast-track completion so you can start enjoying the rewards.


    Once the design has been approved, it's time for Chesterfield Project Managers, Builders and Tradesman to step in. Our expert builders are completely insured and deliver only the highest grade of workmanship. We have techniques that are tried and tested for rolling out a Granny Flat build within a limited time constraint. As a cohesive team, we can guarantee our projects are of the best quality, on schedule and under budget.

    Sydney Building & Construction Group

    sydney building & construction group

    02 9636 7141

    Welcome to Sydney Building & Construction

    We are one of Sydney's most reputable building and construction companies. With hundreds of successful projects and delighted customers to our name, we are tremendously proud of our highly skilled specialists. At Sydney Building & Construction Group, we employ an exceptional team of tradesmen, architects and designers who collaborate with one common aim in mind - making your idea become a reality. With every project, we endeavor to maintain the highest possible standards and give great customer service.

    About Us

    Sydney Building and Construction Group is a highly recognized construction company focusing in home building, renovations and additions, landscaping design and build, and commercial development. We also provide general labour and maintenance services. High-quality workmanship and materials are at the foundation of our business. Our reputation depends on it. All our work is protected by our Quality Assurance Guarantee to provide you complete peace of mind.

    We will take the time to really understand your particular demands and make your idea become a reality. Our team of experts build with integrity and pride to ensure a seamless and stress-free process, from project conception to completion. And with over 12 years of experience in the building sector, you can be confident that you're in safe hands with us.


    With Sydney house prices on the upswing, our high-quality Granny Flats may be the perfect option to generating more, multipurpose room without needing to move house. From multi-generational homes and backyard office space to rentable self-contained units – our ready-to-go Granny Flats are inexpensive yet do not sacrifice on quality or elegance. At Sydney Building & Construction Group, we provide a diverse range of Granny Flat solutions to fit every budget. We are very delighted to guide you through the numerous possibilities and assist you decide upon the package that best matches your unique needs.

    Our skilled and highly specialised team of specialists ensure the highest grade of work. We construct with pride and honesty, and a true enthusiasm for what we do. We'll complete your project on schedule and on budget, with 100 percent client satisfaction. That's our guarantee to you.

    Creative Living Granny Flats

    creative living granny flats

    02 9654 0841


    Young couples are finding it more and more challenging to save for a down payment on a new home because everything is so expensive these days. To put down a $10,000 deposit on a brand-new granny flat, it would be much simpler.

    An cheap option of giving a brand new home within your property for aging parents or adolescent kids. It is an easy way of providing them with both their independence and privacy whilst having the reassurance of them being close to home and in a safe area.

    Ever considered how great it would be to work from home, save on fuel, tolls, car expenses, rent, parking and office leases? Well, a brand new home office could be built in your own backyard for a fraction of the cost of a commercial office while saving you money on all the other expenses. Need a space for hobbies or extracurricular activities? A Granny flat is a cheap getaway where you can unwind and do what you love to do best.


    At Creative Living, Granny Flats consult and listen to your needs before working with you to design an inexpensive, quality Granny Flat depending on your budget and requirements. To us, this is more than 'simply a building'. We want your investment to reflect your demands and our quality. We work hard to make the entire process from design to clarifying law needs and consulting on internal fit-out be a hassle-free, smooth operation. At Creative Living, we pride ourselves on our reliability and efficiency. We strive hard to accomplish the assignment within reasonable timelines without sacrificing on quality.

    We will always offer you, our client, the best recommendations after listening and consulting with you. No one wants surprises during the process. With over 20 years of building experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to make your dream a reality. We believe quality and affordability should go hand in hand. We work with you at all times to create the quality build you, our client, deserve.

    Grandeur Builders Sydney

    grandeur builders sydney


    02 9869 7178

    Dedicated Home Builders based in Sydney providing exceptional home design backed by perfect construction. Grandeur Builders Sydney leverages many years of knowledge to give a complete, boutique-style end to end design and construction solution to its clientele. With the highest attention to detail, we ensure your dream design is realised down to the very last brick.


    An award-winning team dedicated to exceptional home design and building. Grandeur Builders Sydney was created in 2001 following years of cooperation between the architects and builders on a number of premium Sydney homes. We identified a unique opportunity in the market for a more integrated approach to architectural and construction. We strive hard to make each project a delightful experience for our clients "from conception to completion".

    Our architects and builders work all across Sydney with a focus on the Northern Suburbs and the North Shore districts. We take pride in our work, strive for quality and create unique ideas. This is why we are "Grandeur Builders Sydney - Luxury Home Builders ".


    Compact, convenient living areas that live and breathe luxury flair. Boutique style luxury living without shortcuts - Granny flats created and built to evoke amazement. There are several rational and useful reasons to having a granny flat onsite at your property. In times of financial instability and hardship on top of a growing property market, adding a Granny Flat to your Sydney house can take it to the next level of prime real estate.

    Although seemingly smaller undertakings, developing granny flats is not something you can afford to reduce your standards on. Granny flat builders in Sydney who offer cheap, affordable granny flats are a dime a dozen. Builders that may not be as cheap but build good quality, visually beautiful granny flats are unusual in Sydney, and we are happy to be one of them. DO NOT squander your time, money and hard work on a second rate granny flat builder.

    At Grandeur Builders Sydney, we have pre-built granny flat solutions which have been developed with greatest quality and care by our architects that will not only boost your property value but will put the wow factor into your Sydney house.

    Orison Homes

    orison homes

    1800 674 712


    We are a dedicated team of licensed builders, architects, certifiers, and designers who have built and renovated homes throughout Sydney. Our goal is to complete all of our projects on time and within budget. Our completed projects are among the best new homes, granny flats, duplexes, and townhouses Sydney has seen, and we're very proud of them.

    Catering for all types of building demands, we ensure we develop a home that meets your family's lifestyle. We are committed to being Australia's leading home and light commercial building firm, with an emphasis on remarkable design, quality workmanship and excellent customers service. We operate with full insurances in place, including Home Warranties Insurance & full public liability insurances.


    We are one of Sydney's top independent Granny Flat builders, committed to developing and building exceptional Granny Flats created with your lifestyle in mind. Forget selecting off the plan because Orison Build Custom which offers contemporary styles and options. Orison Team focuses in luxury bespoke home building.

    Our exquisite designs, therefore with our personalised client service and superior craftsmanship, underpin everything we do. We've put ten years of experience to work, producing a gorgeous selection of homes ideal for the Sydney lifestyle and environment. Also, the Orison Team works with our partner from lifesize plans, which allows you to walk through your plan virtually. Contact Orison to find out more about how we may assist you in designing your dream.

    Amescorp - Granny Flat Builders Sydney


    (02) 8798 9845

    Amescorp Is The Right Choice For You

    Your home is a reflection of who you are – and Amescorp can help you construct a home that's designed and built especially to meet your requirements. We're highly experienced custom house builders with a devoted professional team who can turn your idea into a functional design and construct it expertly to be the home of your dream.

    Bespoke Home Builders

    Amescorp has been creating stunning custom homes for residents of Sydney, Canberra, and New South Wales for decades. We specialize in a wide range of construction projects, from granny flats to duplexes, apartment buildings, and stunning luxury mansions — no job is too big or too small for us! "We love what we do, and we want to build a home or office that has everything you need."

    A Complete Custom Home Build

    You can always reach someone at Amescorp who is knowledgeable about the progress of your construction and can keep you updated. Additionally, it means we can complete the task quickly and guarantee the highest standards are met in all work. We'll keep in constant contact with you and use every available means to make your idea a reality.

    Our Quality

    Granny Flats Builders Sydney lays a major emphasis on quality. We take pleasure in exceptional artistry and always guarantee the same. In addition, we put our clients' requirements first and offer them solutions that satisfy their lifestyle and budget. Every project we have done is unique and a superb example of exceptional design, unmatched quality, great durability and smart innovation. We make sure that your requests are addressed in the appropriate way and that our services are on par with the best practice standards.

    Our competitive price philosophy doesn't put a dent in quality. We ensure the implementation of the highest quality manufacturing standards without breaking the money. You can always count on our professional and efficient granny flat builders when it comes to granny flats of any kind. Do you have an idea in mind? We may offer personalized solutions for you to meet your budget.

    Butres Group - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    butres group

    0404 987 045

    What It's Like Working With Butres Group

    We are a team of motivated and dedicated professionals who give first-class performance on every job. First, we try to exceed your expectations of what's possible and give an amazing outcome for your remodel; after all, it is likely to be one of your biggest expenditures. Second, finest is not a choice for us; we build and create from our hearts; every building is an energy of its own that continues to represent both its creators and owners.

    Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    With increasing rents, a granny flat could allow your children to save for a deposit on a future home while giving you with both independence and a rental income. Elderly parents at times require aid or support, although a houseful can be a handful. With a granny flat, you can both still have your own space and independence. Home office or studio, this space can be useful for working from home, hobbies, craft, music or just a lovely room to sit and escape; the studio apartment provides great space for a home office or an extension of your home living area.

    Croydon Constructions

    croydon constructions

    0414 716 345

    About Us

    Croydon Constructions - Quality Builder In Sydney's Inner West And Western Suburbs. Croydon Constructions is a great business and growing stronger. We founded our business on traditional ideals, and it's worked well for our customers likewise. We adore restoring and remodeling properties. We feel that quality is vital, and, as a builder, we take spexial delight in a job well done – we enjoy the work we do, which pushes us to construct with a distinctive quality. Would you like some advice? We offer free consultations to discuss your ideas and assist you get the project began. In addition, we can estimate approximate expenses on alternative solutions and help you to have it approved.


    Apart from residential and business constructions, Croydon Constructions also offer a wide selection of renovation ideas and home upgrades in Sydney, such as bathroom renovations tailored to every individual's demands.

    We build Australia

    we build australia

    1300 000 145

    About Us

    We are a committed team of licensed builders, architects, certifiers and designers that have constructed and renovated hundreds of houses across Sydney. Our company's objective is to create the greatest quality artistry promptly and on budget throughout all our projects. The finished projects we build are amongst the best new homes, granny flats, duplexes and townhouses Sydney has seen & we're quite proud of our results.

    We ensure that the home we build for your family matches their lifestyle while also catering to all of your building demands. As Australia's top residential and commercial building firm, we are dedicated to providing outstanding design, top-notch craftsmanship, and top-notch customer service. We have complete insurance coverage in place, including comprehensive public liability insurance and home warranty insurance.

    You Won't Regret Choosing Us As Your Granny Flat Builders In Sydney.

    The majority of local authorities in each state have made it simpler and quicker to construct granny flats in recent years. Granny flats can be developed in all residential areas and approved in as little as 10 days thanks to the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009, popularly known as the "SEPP." Families want to make the most of their income as the cost of living in Australia rises. Granny flats have been a terrific answer, with hundreds of Australian families constructing one on their property to either house family members or rent it out to tenants. They have been shown to be among the most popular characteristics in contemporary Australian residences. They are the second most desired housing amenity, after swimming pools, according to a recent study.

    Why Build Granny Flat?

    Granny flats are a versatile and practical housing choice with a wide range of applications. The term "granny flat" originated from the fact that they were typically constructed to house elderly relatives. To establish a better balance between work and play, many Australian families have invested in them recently, which has increased their appeal. Providing a place for entertaining without interfering with the family house, granny flats are a terrific investment. They are also a practical replacement for a home office. Additionally, they can be constructed for a backyard enterprise, like a hair salon, saving you thousands on commercial property rentals. Granny flats are a terrific opportunity to improve your lifestyle while also getting a better return on your investment thanks to their higher rental yield.

    I-build Building Solutions

    i build

    1800 679 245

    About Us

    With great design, R&D, and manufacturing capabilities, iBuild Building Solutions is a leading provider of prefabricated buildings. We are a 100 percent Australian-owned company that won the 2016 Monash Business Awards for Innovation and finished third in the 2017 Telstra Business Awards. Kit homes, granny flats, modular buildings, containers, and steel constructions are some of our offerings.

    We are an Approved Tender Supplier of prefabricated buildings to the Victoria Government and United Nations. We are known for our inventiveness on a global scale. Our ground-breaking InstantSlide, ButterFly, and Transpack structures garner global media attention, creating an international sensation.

    We take pride in offering our clients goods that are stronger, smarter, faster, and more reasonably priced. Our structures are incredibly fashionable, clever, adaptable, and beautiful homes made to support excellent living and working circumstances in nearly any area. Our products can be delivered to any country in the world. Rapid assembly. We are able to provide very reasonable pricing on top-notch goods since we are direct makers and distributors of a whole home solution. Thus, time and money are saved without a compromise in the product's design or quality. We provide you with everything you need to design the home of your dreams, whether you're looking for a serene retreat, a cozy granny flat, or a chic, exquisite residence.

    Granny Flats

    A totally self-contained home addition or secondary residence constructed on the same parcel of land as the primary residence is referred to as a "granny flat." In essence, it's a second, smaller house on your property that would be excellent for aging grandparents to live nearby or for a growing family in need of a teen hideaway. In most jurisdictions, including NSW and VIC, local councils will set a granny flat's maximum size limit at 60 square meters. However, WA (70 square meters) and ACT have more lax regulations (90 square meters).

    Granny flats may be a clever way for property investors to considerably improve passive rental income because they are permitted to be rented out in several states, most notably NSW and WA. Granny flat alternatives from iBuild range from conventional adhesive build-type housing kits to modular, quick build cabins. To find out more about the numerous kinds of granny flats available, click the photos below.

    Doumit Homes


    02 8812 3045

    About Us

    Since our founding in 2009 as NJV Group PTY LTD, doing business as Doumit Homes, we have been the go-to company for all of your building needs, no matter how big or small. We have a very welcoming and highly trained crew that can construct your custom-designed dream home, duplex, or granny flat while assisting you in selecting all the finishes.

    As a team of skilled individuals, we utilize the newest technology and streamline procedures to provide value to our clients. All of Doumit Homes' labor and services come with a guarantee, and we make sure that every project is handled with the utmost care, superior attention, and remarkable level.

    Norm Doumit, the owner and creator of our company, has worked on numerous construction projects for more than 25 years. Additionally, to ensure that your time with us is great, norm and his staff have solid connections with important suppliers and helpful partners in the business. We are eager to design your ideal home.

    Project Management

    Any project must begin with a cost estimate. During the design phase, cost planning enables us to track and manage the cost of your construction or refurbishment. Additionally, we've built ties with suppliers that guarantee really affordable pricing from the most qualified individuals.


    This is a budget for the full design and construction phase. It enables us to build competitive pricing and value management procedures for you. The main goal of creating a budget is to comprehend and manage expenses. In other words, we ensure that you make good financial decisions.


    In order to manage a creative process and produce an appealing result, design management helps you manage your project's design, strategy, and supply chain strategies. To keep our work as individualized as feasible for your comfort and convenience, our projects can involve the full structure or functioning components.



    08 7111 1355

    About Us

    We at Modular WA are sincere. Although our name is fresh, the team behind it is rife with expertise. We have brought back a team that has worked on some of Western Australia's most avant-garde modular projects, led by Wayne McGrath and supported by the financial might of the Wylie Group.

    We have delivered projects of various sizes and scopes, from custom family modular houses to 100-home estates, offices, classrooms, and lodging. We are experienced both as individuals and as a team. We now collaborate as Modular WA. Because of this, you can count on an unrelenting dedication to quality and service, from premium components to thorough construction techniques. Our goal is to provide real modular homes that are compatible with WA lifestyles and landscapes.


    Since the law was changed, granny flats have gained popularity as an addition to many Western Australians' backyards. Growing numbers of West Australians in the Perth area are choosing to construct portable houses or granny flats so that their parents can visit them due to the aging population and rising land prices.

    However, granny flats in Western Australia have long been used by people of various ages. Since the typical Australian stays in their house until they are 27 years old, living together in close quarters can be difficult. Fortunately, you can still keep close ties to your children when they move out without having to pay the expensive price of owning their own block by establishing a granny flat.

    We at Modular Homes WA are dedicated to producing high-quality granny flats at reasonable costs. All of our granny flats are constructed at our corporate headquarters, just like our modular homes, making for a more efficient and controlled building process. We offer a wide variety of pre-made designs or can create a design just for your needs.

    Tekton Building Group


    0422 605 345

    About Us

    Tekton Building Group began as a modest home builder but swiftly expanded into a medium-sized home builder with a significant market impact. Having built family homes and realized ambitions for more than ten years in the construction industry. As a result, we at Tekton Building Group have determined that we need to expand. The word "Master Craftsmen" from ancient Greek is the source of the name Tekton. We take great delight in the entire building process, not just the building part. We take you on a trip that starts with design and continues through development, approvals, and the finished construction. We are aware that, throughout the course of their lives, most clients' homes will be their most valuable asset. Whether it is a new home build or a renovation, Tekton Builders has a special method that we adhere to in order to successfully complete all the specifics of what you imagine and are aiming to achieve.

    As a result, we have contributed numerous assets to Tekton Building Group, which greatly enhances the worth of our company. We are experts not only in new home construction but also in renovations and additions. As a result, we were able to form Tekton Building Consultants. They are active in the building industry and have a high level of detail that we use on our projects and perform building inspections and defect reports at the clients' requests, which sets us apart as we are up to date with relevant standards and legislation. Unlike the majority of inspectors who consult until retirement, we are still working in the building business.

    Granny Flat Builders In The Western Sydney Area

    Since more and more people are becoming interested in these flats, granny flats serve as an accessible and adaptable housing option for many customers. The land is pricey, after all. It's no wonder that granny flats are so popular nowadays. From parents looking for independent accommodation for their children to retirees seeking to downsize to those wanting their aging parents close to home for a flexible multi-generational living arrangement.

    The granny flats are suitable for housing the members of small families, but they are also the ideal long- or short-term rental investment opportunity. Additionally, it is a clever and economical approach to grow while utilizing the backyards to their fullest potential.

    Consider the name: Tekton Building Group while searching for the top granny flat builders to build and design the granny flat of your choice. For managing brand-new granny flats, we are renowned for providing a magnificent construction and design approach. And as a result, our business is now one of the most well-known in Sydney and the surrounding area for creating custom granny flats.

    Bellcast Granny Flats

    bellcast granny flats

    1300 661 345

    Welcome To Granny Flats Builder Sydney

    Welcome to Bell Cast Granny Flats, which offers design services for one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom granny flats. Bellcast Construction Group takes pride in having over 15 years of experience designing and building residential granny flats in Sydney. As a result, you may feel secure knowing that you are working with a trustworthy business. We ensure that every one of our building projects provides total customer satisfaction and that our work speaks for itself.

    When compared to other market players, we offer a lot of inclusions and have a quick, effective build procedure. We further believe in the granny flat ethos of using the available space in the best possible way to provide a higher standard of living for all residents, with minimal waste. Our design philosophy is to create granny flats in Sydney and the surrounding area quickly, effectively, affordably, and functionally.

    What Are The Advantages Of Building Granny Flats?

    Compared to other building kinds, granny flats are cheaper, more compact, and more useful. They can also be built faster. You are constructing a granny apartment on an already-existing piece of property. Once you've met the minimal standards, you don't need council approval. Overall, granny flats are a great financial decision. They are adaptable and close to home, which is an additional benefit. If you decide to rent, you will be able to exercise more control because you will be living next door in the event of an emergency.

    DB Homes Granny Flats Sydney

    db homes granny flats

    1300 050 645

    About DB Homes

    We are a committed group of experts with all the knowledge of a huge organization packaged into a small, welcoming team. We have over 35 years of valuable and practical experience, and we are constantly learning how to be better. From Sydney to Wollongong and the Central Coast to Newcastle, we operate and specialize in all locations.

    We never just want to create a building; instead, we want to provide the finest experience possible for every step of the client journey, from making the initial inquiry to finishing the granny flat and beyond! Our fixed pricing contract quote combination without expensive additions is another way we stand out from the competition.

    Our Process

    The first step is to meet with one of our advisors to discuss your goals, requirements, and financial situation. We can then design and coordinate the ideal strategy for you and your future home.

    We start implementing the plan as soon as you decide on it. Prior to starting a project, we attend to the small print and comprehend the regional requirements. Then, we will work as quickly and precisely as we can to construct your ideal granny apartment. You may use a building once we have finished it. Before validating the building, we will make sure and check it. You can begin taking use of your new granny apartment.

    Our guarantees include the period after completion during which we will check in to make sure everything is, in fact, perfect since we care about you even though we have created it and it is finished. You may genuinely enjoy your D.B. Granny Flat with this assurance.

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