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30+ Best Hens Party Ideas In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Are you planning a hen's party and looking for some fun ideas in Melbourne? Look no further; we've got you covered! From naughty games to luxurious pampering sessions, we have something for everyone. So sit back, relax and take some notes – your hen's party is about to be the best one yet!

Look no further – we've got you covered! From naughty games to luxurious pampering sessions, we have something for everyone. So sit back, relax and take some notes – your hen's party is about to be the best one yet! In this post, we detail seven of our favourite hen party activities.

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    Ultimate List Of Hens Party Ideas in Melbourne, Victoria

    Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

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    1300 624 426

    Magic Men Experience

    Awarded for best male entertainment group most popular dude strip show Male stripper business award in Australia

    Our sexy and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies' night in Melbourne one to remember, whether you're celebrating a birthday, throwing a hen's night, bachelorette party, or just having a fun girls' night. The Magic Men can do private presentations for you and your guests in suites, private function locations, and homes throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man has the physique, the charm, and the skills to thrill and please audiences while providing more than just a predetermined routine. Our male strippers can create a classy and seductive display that is just what you want because they are skilled dancers as well. For any HENS PARTY, a variety of shows are offered to match the theme.

    So get in touch with us right now if you're seeking for the best MALE STRIPPERS and the cutest topless waiters to add a little enchantment to your next event. Create a memorable evening for your celebration. We promise incredible performances that liven up your:

    Use the buttons below to view the Magic Men's profiles and hot show bundles. They're much sexier in person, we promise!

    country women! No matter where you are, our hotties will gladly travel around Victoria to provide you and your friends the sizzle of a MALE STRIP SHOW.

    Hens Night Special

    Optional Extras:

    Magic Men "Feel The Magic" Ticket

    Optional Extras:

    Limo And Show Package

    Optional Extras:

    Hens Night Melbourne

    Are you anticipating a great evening filled with conversation, laughing, glitter, and glitz? Then, use Magic Men to make your Hens Night in Melbourne extraordinary. We provide a full-service entertainment package, attractiveness, and competent service at a reasonable price.

    Filling out a contact form with the specifics of your event will make booking with Magic Men simple. You can also check our customised hen's packages for easy and fuss-free planning.

    Five years running, Magic Men has been named Australia's finest party planner, and we take great pleasure in our commitment to providing top-notch entertainment and services. Without the laughter, mocking, and fun that Magic Men can offer, it won't be able to create an amazing hens night in Melbourne. Use our live shows, e-shows, and private visits to celebrate your imaginative hen's party concept. Expect our Magic Men to deliver jaw-dropping performances that will undoubtedly cause ear-to-ear smiles, laughter, heart-pounding excitement, and a night to remember. So when you celebrate with us, get your phones ready and record every moment. Let's party on your final single night of life!

    TF Recipes Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    tf recipes hens party ideas melbourne


    Unique Hens Party Ideas | House Of Hens | Hens Party

    Where Everyone Knows Your Name: A Bar Package. Songs, movies, and television shows like Cheers have long captured the cozy and familiar charm of the boutique bar.

    Flower Queen from the Flower Crown Workshop. Every Queen has a crown, and floral crown making classes are a lovely way to honor the upcoming bride. A trained instructor will demonstrate patterns and techniques to help you create your very own flower crown using lovely seasonal blooms, foliage, and vintage ribbons.

    Making a cocktail: Shake, Stir, Sip. Never before have cocktails with the gals looked (or tasted) as amazing! So take a seat in a popular cocktail bar's private section and get ready to learn the craft of mixology! Fasten Your Fascinator for the horse race. Get your favorite frock out of the closet, hunt out an intriguing fascinator, and make your way to the racetrack.

    A Toast to Us: A Winery Tour. A day of wining and dining against a backdrop of rolling hills and grapevines carries an air of sophistication that even the bride's mother will love. Blissful Beauty is a spa service. This Hens Day party is set in a luxurious day spa with a pampering package to please even the most discriminating lady.

    Men Of Dreams Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

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    1300 407 641

    Step Into Our Live Male Strip Show

    The show was created and performed by some of Melbourne's best choreographers, male strippers, and performers. The magnificent, thrilling, and exhilarating live dance and acrobatic performance Men of Dreams. Come to the show and stay for the after-party. Get drunk, enjoy yourself, and meet the male strippers.

    How To Plan A Hens Night

    So now that your closest friend's special day is just around the corner, you have the honor of organizing the hen's party! However, unless you're a frequent bridesmaid like Jane in 27 Dresses, this is your first time organizing a bachelorette party. But this isn't your day yet; back to the task at hand!

    Making sure the upcoming bride and her invited guests have an amazing day and night can be difficult when planning your friend's hen party. Additionally, you want it to be a memorable occasion that you and your friends talk about for years to come! To make sure the event goes smoothly and is one you can enjoy as well, we have created this straightforward hen's night planning checklist!

    FAQs About Hens Party

    As long as the event is appropriate for the bride, and you know she'll love it, you can get as creative as possible. For example, some brides choose to have a bridal shower and later celebrate a hen's night, while others only choose one event.

    Anyone attending a hen party is referred to as a hen, and the entire group is known as 'the hens' or 'the hen party.

    It was in the 1960s that the terms irreparably collided with pre-wedding celebrations. Hen parties at this time allowed the working bride-to-be to celebrate with her co-workers before potentially leaving her job to become a housewife and mother.

    It would be called a hen party. Know what the opposite of a hen party is? A stag party. It is a party to which only men are invited.

    A hen party (also referred to as a hen do, hen weekend or bachelorette party by our American sisters) is a pre-wedding celebration where the bride and her closest friends go away for a long weekend to celebrate her upcoming marriage.

    House Of Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

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    1800 901 851

    Girls, we all know, love to have fun. And we at House of Hens make that possible by handling all the details so you can unwind, unwind, and pop another cork.

    We have years of expertise planning group events, and we specialize in last-hurrah celebrations! We have saved many a harried #wedding squad from months of torturous (and frequently tense) group discussions while they tried to prepare a hen party that would please everyone.

    You won't have to worry about it if you choose House of Hens. Only the best hens' party experiences from all throughout Australia have made it into our list after years of personal testing. Your own House of Hens party planner will create an unforgettable experience that meets all of your needs if you let them know what you want and where you want it.

    Lemans Entertainment Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

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    (03) 8787 8751

    Heart Pumping Fun

    Le Mans is all about heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled joy. We enjoy competing. I was moving quickly. the rush of making a fast turn. the fright of a virtual zombie conflict. the difficulty of succeeding at laser sports. Everyone who comes to Le Mans leaves with a story to tell.

    Bucks & Hens Parties

    It's fantastic that a special someone is getting married. We can assist you in planning a bucks party or hens day that will be enjoyed and remembered by everyone. Let us assist you in organizing a party with lots of fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, if you wish to stay for a meal and drinks, we can arrange for something delectable in the Sports bar just for your group, as well as a bar tab for when you are through.

    Bucks Party Packages

    The show Off is perfect for you if you're searching for the ultimate Bucks day out with a party of at least ten people. After two races on our Superkarts, keep the adrenaline flowing with a 30-minute VR gaming session and two games of laser tag. We'll give you exclusive use of the Lakeside track. a lot of fun. We'll set aside a space in the sports bar, complete with parmas and a pot for each person. We'll also provide a dedicated host and trophies to ensure success.

    Bare Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

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    1300 522 842

    Topless entertainment is available from Bare Nights to liven up your upcoming party. Our knowledgeable wait staff has expertise working at promotions, birthday parties, corporate events, and hen's parties. Our topless waiters not only serve drinks but also manage games, mix drinks, grill food, and clean up as they go, allowing everyone at the Party to unwind and enjoy the evening.

    The directors of Bare Nights have years of combined experience working as topless waiters, so they are aware of what is needed to make your occasion memorable. We exclusively chose qualified employees who we are familiar with firsthand. We promise that using our service will positively wow you. We only offer the best service possible and can tailor it to meet your unique needs. Due to our amazing waiters, we consistently get great reviews. As a result, many waiters have reservations up to three months in advance. So make sure to arrive early to reserve your preferred waiter.

    Depending on the preferences of the organizers, a hen's party can include a variety of activities. All of these are feasible, from the most basic overnight to the largest masquerade, so long as they are included in the schedule of activities chosen by the event's planners. The upcoming bride and her guests will enjoy the wide range of activities that Melbourne has to offer. For the choosy organiser who would do nothing but make the occasion something to remember, there are various hens party packages available.

    Go Real Escapes Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    go real escapes hens party ideas melbourne


    07 21139441

    Why Should You Book Real Escapes?

    Want An Unforgettable Melbourne Hens Party Or Hens Night Out?

    It's difficult to know where to begin with all that Melbourne has to offer for your Melbourne Hens Party! Treat your soon-to-be bride to the day or night she deserves, one that fits her style, age group, and budget, complete with a vibrant nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine, tons of activities, and breathtaking scenery.

    One of the top Hens Party locations in Australia is Melbourne! To bring you the finest deals, we've found, tried, and tested the best locations, events, activities, boats, transportation, and more. Choose from our selection of pre-made packages or create your own from scratch! We are here to take care of the difficult portions so you can show up and enjoy yourself.

    Vamos Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    vamos hens party ideas melbourne


    0415 463 342

    Vamos Melbourne offers a fantastic experience for hen's night. Come and join us for a fantastic six-course tapas meal, followed by a live band and perhaps some dancing. We are in the center of Melbourne, making us the perfect place to celebrate this special night.

    Organising The Perfect Hen's Night

    Do you have the privilege of organizing your closest friend's hen's night? So get ready for a thrilling but interesting excursion. You have a lot of work ahead of you, including choosing the ideal place, looking through various themes and accessories, and everything else.

    But don't worry, organizing the ideal Hen's night in Melbourne will be simple as long as you know how to do it. We'll walk you through some practical advice and fun party suggestions to make that day just as special as the wedding.

    SWbusiness Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    swbusiness hens party ideas melbourne


    61 1800 997 642

    Professionals from the hotel, bridal, and entertainment industries make up Secret Women's Businesses. We have successfully managed events and functions at some of Melbourne's most prestigious locations for more than 20 years. We have the know-how and creativity to make sure your hens night is everything you hoped it would be.

    Secret Women's Business is constantly thinking of innovative, fun ways to make your hen's night unforgettable and customized to fit all preferences and budgets. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality events, great value hens party packages, venues with brilliant staff, gorgeous boys and great venues to host your events in.


    We are the masters in all things amusing for girls; day or night, acting impolitely or pleasantly, we take care of the details so you can just have fun. In order to create a quote specifically for you on the moment, our Party Planner will let you choose from a wide variety of party food, drink, and services. The most diabolical diva to the prissiest princess will all enjoy our incredible selection of themed Hens party packages, which may be customized to meet your needs.

    Butlers In The Buff Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    butlers in the buff hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 909 341

    We Are The Original And The Best Mail-Order Company.

    After serving in the Royal Navy for 15 years, Jason Didcott had the wonderful idea to serve drinks at a party while only wearing a white collar, a bow tie, a white cuff, and the now-famous, bottom-baring apron. This was the beginning of Butlers in the Buff. The CEO of Butlers in Buff Global is currently Jason.

    All of the guests had a positive reaction to this charming English butler, and both ladies and men still think highly of our new butlers today. And from there, Butlers in the Buff's idea was created.

    It didn't take long for you to adapt this straightforward concept into what BITB is today. Serving beverages at gatherings and parties across the country are attractive, pleasant men. Our company has grown and evolved into what it is today because to our unwavering dedication to providing excellent customer service and our fundamental beliefs about presentation, manner, and wit. We have added hundreds more hostesses and Butlers to the Buff over the past few years from the UK, Australia, the US, and Canada.

    Top Tips For Hens Party Success

    Paint For Fun Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    paint for fun hens party ideas melbourne



    Paint And Sip In Melbourne

    In Melbourne, we at Paint For Fun offer a number of activities designed around social painting. Our events include wine tastings and painting lessons so you may let go and express yourself freely without any restraints.

    With Paint For Fun, you can be confident that your party will be hassle-free and allow you to paint and drink in Melbourne without any problems or complications. You only need to sit down, get some paint, and drink in Melbourne; you don't need to worry about the practicalities.

    You can just choose one of our online paint and sip packages if you are still uncomfortable visiting a studio and being around a lot of people. It makes it possible for you to host a virtual paint-and-sip party in the comfort of your own home, so increasing your convenience and lowering any potential risks you might encounter. Additionally, you can be confident that our instructors will provide you a memorable and, most importantly, enjoyable experience.

    Menonfire Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    menonfire hens party ideas melbourne


    61 422 440 641

    We at Men On Fire are all about helping groups who want to have a wonderful time at their bride's hen party without having to deal with the unpleasant situations that are, sadly, all too often at hen parties.

    The events we organize for you will have your bride opening the door to a fully dressed firefighter, which will trigger our "Signature Fireman Surprise." It gives you and your guests the reaction from the bride no hens party is complete without.

    Men On Fire is also one of the few businesses in existence that is run by women (ludicrous, right?). Ladies, rest assured that you are in good hands since we are more than simply a group of firemen. Talk to us about your themes, wishes, ideas, invitations, decorations, and decor, and we will work with you to plan it all. When you make a reservation with us, you get more than just a fireman; you also have free access to a hens party planner who can offer any advice and exclusive insights.

    Redballoon Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    redballoon hens party ideas melbourne


    Hen's Party Ideas

    Use these hen's party suggestions to throw the finest party ever! Not sure where to begin when organizing a hen's night? We've put together a fantastic selection of hen night ideas to honor the upcoming bride because we know how difficult it can be to come up with anything to do. Get the girls together and enjoy a cooking class that combines Mexican cuisine and margaritas or a drink and tapas event. If you want to organize a unique hen's party, consider taking to the wide seas and spending the day indulging on a high tea cruise. With the help of our hen's party suggestions, you can be sure to plan a celebration that the future bride will never forget!

    The Best Hen's Night Ideas

    It's time to create the best hen's party in honor of the upcoming bride. If you're in charge of planning the special day, you should think of hen's party ideas that are entertaining, unique, and ideal for bringing the ladies together. No matter what kind of experience you're looking for, our selection of activities has been carefully chosen to offer suggestions. The 3 Hour Paint and Sip Workshop is ideal for your ladies if you're seeking for entertaining date ideas that will have you all giggling. You can bring wine and snacks to enjoy as an accomplished artist walks you through the featured artwork step-by-step. As you all explore your creative side, you might even discover your inner Picasso.

    If you want to go all out for the bachelorette party, why not consider making travel plans. The Calm Blue Mountains Family Getaway is a weekend getaway for up to 6 people. Get all of the bride's besties together and spend two nights in a completely self-contained home, the ideal setting for a hen's night celebration. The ideal approach to start the party and throw a hen's party the bride will remember for years to come includes wine sampling and cheese platters for everyone.

    Laneway Learning Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    laneway learning hens party ideas melbourne


    You have probably never experienced anything like our classes. They are accessible, casual, and taught by regular citizens from the neighborhood; scientists teach about science, bookworms teach about books, and florists teach about flowers. Attending them is more about learning valuable lessons that you may apply later at home rather to instantly becoming an expert.

    If you attend a Laneway Learning program, you might leave with the knitting skills you need to create your first scarf, an appreciation for art history, or a delicious chutney recipe. Check out our whole schedule of future classes to see what interests you.

    Hens' Parties And Activities

    We're seeking for uncommon bachelorette parties or regular activities that don't involve a strip show or drunken cruise. We may assist you in organizing a particular lesson for the upcoming bride or a full day of events at your preferred location or in our space in the CBD. Create stunning headpieces before leaving for lunch, pick up some Bollywood or burlesque moves so you can kill it on the dance floor later in the evening, or make polymer clay accessories to keep as a memento of the memorable day. Our hen parties will be distinctive, imaginative, and unforgettable!

    Epic Holidays Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    epic holidays hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 523847

    Why The Us

    In order to match your vacation type and budget, we can provide you with inspiration and suggestions for destinations, activities, and entertainment packages. We handle all aspect of group booking, including flights, lodging, transfers, and activities, and our simple payment method eliminates any hassle.

    Hens Party Las Vegas Packages

    Packages for discounted hen parties in Las Vegas! Las Vegas, with its casinos, bars, pool parties, and nightclubs, is a nonstop, 24-hour, 365-day party city. It is situated in the Mojave Desert in Nevada. The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and the pyramid-shaped Luxor are just a few of the opulent theme hotels that dot the four-mile-long Strip, just like in the movies. You can rent a hummer and tour the desert nearby, or you can take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

    Hens Party Las Vegas Ideas

    Additionally, Las Vegas boasts the top-notch resident DJs, musicians, magicians, and acrobatic performances. Guaranteed to be the best hotel rates! Contact Epic Holidays to learn more about our Hens Party Las Vegas packages, which are available in a variety of price ranges and configurations.

    Polly Bar Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    polly bar hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9912 9941

    Polly opened more than 23 years ago on Brunswick Street in the heart of Fitzroy. She was given the witty moniker Pollifroni in honor of the original owners, an Italian family with a keen sense of hospitality. Pollifroni is now a byword for Fitzroy. Polly Bar, then!

    With marble coffee tables, plush crimson armchairs, and a few thrones, Polly is designed to resemble a posh Parisian bar from the 1920s. of course! Polly is mostly a cocktail lounge. We normally have 15 to 20 mouthwatering, exclusively offered at our bar in Melbourne, house-made cocktails. To keep things interesting, our talented and knowledgeable bartenders produce a completely new list each season. while preserving our most well-liked cocktails from years past! Among them are Curly Wurly, Happily Ever After, and Lemon Meringue. Additionally, we expertly execute all Classic Cocktails.

    Cocktail Making Class

    For the perfect start to your hen's night, learn how to mix drinks like a pro. For two hours, the knowledgeable, award-winning bartenders at Polly's give your group personalized instruction. You make (and ingest) three different cocktails during the lesson, and each visitor is given a glass of champagne upon arrival. Polly also provides sharing charcuterie platters.

    Melbourne Boat Hire Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    melbourne boat hire hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 988 341

    Melbourne Boat Hire offers a unique, individualized experience for water tourists. Take a breathtaking cruise along the Yarra River, Melbourne's social center, in the comfort of your opulent yacht while enjoying a delicious meal. The Botanical Gardens, Herring Island Park, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Southbank, Federation Square, Docklands, as well as the Yarra surrounds of jetties, parks, and its breathtaking riverside beauty, can all be seen from a totally different perspective away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

    Melbourne Boat Hire offers a variety of rental options, including fully catered skippered luxury cruises for those who want to indulge in absolute leisure and luxury as well as day and nighttime special event excursions that can be driven without a license and without supervision. Get in touch with us right away if you're searching for a private, deluxe water cruise and dinner experience from a local, privately-owned company dedicated to delivering a special occasion.

    Self-Drive Boat Hire Or Skippered Cruises

    Plan on-water transportation to a restaurant on a river for a meal, concert, or night out. Pickups can be scheduled to coincide with the timing of your special event. One or two people, as well as groups of up to 35 passengers, may ride in a water taxi. Attend a performance, eat dinner, or spend the evening on the Yarra River. Onboard our ships or while floating between the finest restaurants serving the best cuisine, progressive dinner cruises offer the ideal approach to experience a variety of fine waterside restaurant dining courses.

    Baroq House Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    baroq house hens party ideas melbourne


    (03) 8199 3752

    Speak To Our Event Planning Team

    Do you have a crucial date marked on your calendar? Pick Melbourne's most sought-after corporate event rental site after meticulous planning. For a memorable evening, our team is on ready to make sure your cocktail event goes off without a hitch. Take advantage of extras like corporate event food from Melbourne's top chefs while celebrating in the picturesque surroundings of Baroq.

    Experience Opulence For A Standout Celebration

    Planning a bachelorette party in Melbourne that goes above and beyond your wildest dreams? Kissing good-bye to singlehood is a significant life milestone, therefore stylish brides-to-be prefer to celebrate in Melbourne's most upscale hens night locations.

    Baroq is situated in one of the busiest areas of the city on a green, cobblestone laneway. With 17th-century furnishings, the design emanates grandeur and jaw-dropping sophistication, creating an unforgettable environment for a hen night in Melbourne. We've expertly combined contemporary amenities with classic luxury to create a hen's night location unlike any other.

    The Hen And The Coq Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    the hen and the coq hens party ideas melbourne


    0423 172 641

    We were established in Melbourne in response to the need for a more contemporary, upscale take on the traditional hen's party. However, they also wanted a good deal of fun, creativity, and sex appeal. Our clients wanted a more sophisticated night out and experience (think more style, less penis whistles).

    Our boutique-style combines creativity with fun, and our knowledgeable hosts know how to both teach the conventional techniques for drawing the naked body and host a party! A (always-beautiful) fit and friendly model will also pose for your artistic pleasure. Because of our elegant, enjoyable, silly, and cheeky art experience, The Hen and the Coq is the best place to do life drawing!

    If you're looking for a creative way to celebrate anything from Hen's nights to corporate team building activities to LGBTQI "Unicorn" parties—or you just want a reason to draw a hot model—look no further!

    Dreamscape Tours Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    dreamscape tours hens party ideas


    (03) 9844 1147

    Dreamscape Tours & Events, a reputable company with over 19 years of experience, focuses on Melbourne River Cruises, Winery Tours to the state's top wine districts, Nightclub Party Bus Tours, and the unusual Function Twilight Train. We can provide catering for any type of event, including holidays, corporate events, team-building activities, and the wildly popular end-of-year Christmas parties.

    We take our commitment to maintaining high standards seriously. Only events that pass our stringent criteria are offered. All of our employees receive thorough training, and they are all carefully chosen based on their attitudes, aptitudes, and willingness to go above and beyond for clients. We think that the key to any successful event when working with Dreamscape is knowing your needs and delivering a quality product.

    Our fundamental tenet for every event was Bringing People Together via fun times, wonderful memories, and shared experiences, regardless of the occasion, the age range, or the demographics of our visitors. Your input is very valuable to us, therefore please get in touch with us via this website with any recommendations, complaints, or remarks regarding an event.

    Storyville Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    storyville hens party ideas melbourne



    03 9993 9048

    Public Holiday Eve 25th Jan

    On Tuesday, January 25, Storyville will be open to serve all of your beverage and celebrating requirements. So come along for some adventures that will last into the early hours of the morning as we plunge down the rabbit hole!

    Comedy Is Back!

    As the Melbourne International Comedy Festival draws near, get those abs warmed up and those side seams reinforced. Following last year's sold-out and award-winning performances, StoryVille is pleased to present some of Melbourne's top comedians in collaboration with Snortcast Comedy and Queen of the Mic Diana Nguyen! 🎤 Dates to Remember!

    Planning A Party?

    Were you seeking for a distinctive location to hold your upcoming event? StoryVille may offer the ideal fairy tale-themed environment for any event, whether it's the ideal birthday party, a sophisticated hens night, an engagement party, or a corporate gathering. There is food and drink options to fit every taste and budget, as well as catering that has been carefully selected.

    Holey Moley Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    holey moley hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 727 849

    We are a mini-golf course and bar that transforms the classic putt into a multi-sensory labyrinth of distinctive holes that are motivated by everything from the fun of your favorite childhood games to your everyday life.

    It's pleasant; it evokes nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s. You've never played mini golf as crazy as this. Some of our holes may or may not make you think of the producers of popular culture, but we are in no way connected to them. The Caddyshack will take care of all your off-the-green requirements with the drinks, cocktails, and music on offer in our full-service bar.

    The Par-Fect Hens Night

    Do we need to plan (another) hens party? Are you looking for a night to boast about on Instagram? You can trust us. With our distinctive mini-golf course and personal caddy for your off-the-green needs, you can fend off Bridezilla. Celebrate your victories and toast the future bride with food and drinks in the event room you have reserved.

    Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    yarra valley wine tasting tours hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9650 0840

    We run a daily wine trip from Melbourne as well as a regional wine tour of the Yarra Valley. Why not come along with us for a day of winery touring in a cool climate wine region that is only an hour away from Central Melbourne? The most popular grape varietals are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

    You can also go to the famed Domaine Chandon, the biggest wine producer in the Yarra Valley, which was founded in 1987. This winery produces renowned wines from the Champagne area of France and is a member of the illustrious Moet and Hennessy group, one of the largest wine producers in the world.

    Hen's Day Winery Tours Of The Yarra Valley

    Do you intend to organize your best friend's hen party? Are you a busy person with little free time? Don't look elsewhere. Let Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours take care of all the planning for you! For years, we have planned exclusive Hen's tours departing from Melbourne. We can make your best friend's hen's day truly unforgettable by providing half-day or full-day alternatives for lunch, vineyards, chocolate shops, breweries, and distilleries. If you get in touch with us, we'll send you some suggested routes and costs for your special day. The only thing left to do is unwind and visualize something pink. Pink champagne! Rosa Red! Rosamoscato wine If pink is too much for you, just close your eyes and click the contact us button. The Yarra Valley bachelorette wine tours are so easy to plan!

    My Ultimate Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    my ultimate hens party ideas melbourne



    Ultimate Hens Night

    We are so excited to have the privilege of working with you to organize your best friend's hen party. In order to free you up to have unbroken fun with the bridal tribe, we are here to be your ultimate wingwoman and assist with the party organizing duties. Even though planning a day or weekend trip is difficult, with our knowledge and suggestions, we make it easier. So if you want to have a special hen night, My Ultimate Hens can help.

    Utilize our incredible venues and hens' party ideas to put together the greatest hens' party package and pamper your hen before her wedding. We know weddings can be stressful, so having a bar where your hen can let her hair down, enjoy some drinks with her girls, and enjoy her hen's night package is the best way to celebrate! Our hens night parties ensure that your hen can enjoy drinks, have a dance, enjoy cocktails from the bar, and forget about the stress of the wedding.

    Popular Hens Night Packages Melbourne

    You are now looking at our popular Melbourne hen's packages! To view several chicken package types or select a different location, use the buttons on the left. We're very thrilled to present the current favorite bundles among bride tribes! Therefore, My Ultimate Hens has you covered if your ideal send-off involves a topless waiter, a drag queen, a cocktail making class, a day spa, or anything in between!

    The Next Step Co Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    the next step co hens party ideas melbourne


    0411 676 442

    Private First Wedding Dance Lessons In The Convenience Of Your Home

    Look natural, feel relaxed, and exude sophistication. From your very first lesson, feel comfortable performing graceful, contemporary dance steps. Your First Dance will be tailored to your dancing skills and music preference by our kind instructors. Beginners will feel at ease and appear natural on the dance floor thanks to our casual yet elegant design! Private lessons that are enjoyable and simple to follow will have your wedding dance ready in no time! Finding a nearby studio is unnecessary since our Melbourne choreographers will come to you instead!

    Why Not Start Your Night Off Right With A Hens Party Dance Class!

    Get everyone laughing and moving to their favorite party music with our entertaining Hens dance sessions, which are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide! We are a completely mobile service that comes to you! Our sassy dance sessions are a fun way to relax the group and get them ready to boogie the night away, whether you want to twerk like Beyonce, rock that bright 80s dress, or give it that throwback RnB vibe.

    At your bachelorette party, let our vivacious, motivating instructors pump up the heat and get you moving to your favorite party music! The Hens party will first go through a lighthearted warm-up with your instructor to help break the ice, and then they will perform a routine where the bride-to-be is the center of attention! Then, pick your song and dance style, and we'll choreograph a cute, flirtatious performance to go with it! Of course, we'll bring speakers and music as well, so you don't need to worry.

    Melbourne's Best Functions Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    melbourne's best functions hens party ideas melbourne


    (03) 8199 3747

    Hen's Party Packages In Melbourne

    What's nearly as thrilling as the special day itself? Obviously, the hen's night! Every bride anticipates the boisterous shen's party because it's their last night of "freedom," so it must to be memorable! So let Melbourne's top events' party planning staff assist you in throwing a glamorous hen's night fit for any type of bride. We provide a variety of hen's night packages in Melbourne that perfectly balance luxury with nonstop fun.

    Classy & Fun Hen's Nights

    There is no chance that a hen's night you host in Melbourne will be uninteresting or forgettable. With more than a decade of expertise assisting the upcoming bride and her loved ones come up with entertaining bachelorette party ideas, our creative staff is knowledgeable on what to do to make sure that everyone there has a blast.

    Celebrate At The Best Hen's Function Rooms In Melbourne

    We are dedicated to making even the most particular bride's ideal hen's night celebration a reality! Our hen's night packages include a variety of options, such as private rooms and VIP booths, as well as delectable canapé platters and luxury limousine pickup. A professional photographer, henna artist, life drawing, and a few other options are also available, some of which may cause some tension in your group.

    Gobananas World Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    gobananas world hens party ideas melbourne


    1 300 635 447

    Go Bananas - Everybody Needs To Sometimes!

    GoBananas assists individuals in organizing and reserving outings, solitary pursuits, team-building activities, and party weekends. Since we began planning events, we have aided thousands of people. We are aware of the difficulties an organizer encounters when tasked with planning a group's journey. GoBananas will walk you through the entire planning process, from the lodging and activities to the meals and transportation. Our online system also allows group members to log in and play their part, so collecting money from individuals at the party is a thing of the past. Therefore, we are here to help, whether it be with a bucks party or hen weekend, a day of team building, a Christmas party, or just parents arranging their child or son's 21st birthday party!

    Hens Party Melbourne

    Getting To Melbourne For Your Hens Party

    Melbourne is a well-known tourist destination, so getting there is not difficult. There are simple methods to travel here by bus, train, or air. Or, if you like, you may have a lovely scenic drive. However, since there will probably be a lot of drinking, it might be difficult to convince one of you to serve as the designated driver.

    The Top Things To Do At A Hens Party In Melbourne

    Private hens party boat trips around the Yarra River or Docklands are a perennial favorite in Melbourne. Choose a time that works for you, but keep in mind that if you make a last-minute reservation, you might have to accept the first option that comes up because these vessels are sometimes booked months in advance. It's wonderful to sip wine while admiring Melbourne's skyline and hang out with the gals, possibly while flashing some sultry glances.

    Williamstown Charters Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    williamstown charters hens party ideas melbourne


    0409 944 351

    Let Us Make Your Next Function The Best It Can Possibly Be!

    Travel slowly on the calm waters of the Port of Melbourne or down the Yarra River via the Docklands, have a private boat tour of Melbourne, or visit particular locations throughout Port Phillip Bay in elegance! Perfect for a corporate event, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, engagement party, or any other private gathering!

    Williamstown Charters provides catering services for meals and has a permit to sell alcohol. Alternatively, you can bring your own beverage to the event. You can bring own music and play the songs you wish with our iPod dock. So have a party inside the boat, sit on the back and take in the sights, or unwind on the upper deck while sipping a nice drink!

    We Specialise In Corporate Functions And Private Events

    Looking for a party that's a little different? Williamstown Charters is the only place to go. The ideal location for a corporate event if you need to entertain clients or treat your team to something special is cruising along the Yarra. Similarly, why not rent our luxury catamaran and celebrate your birthday on the lake rather than going to a packed nightclub?

    Champainting Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    champainting hens party ideas melbourne



    Champainting By Cork And Canvas

    We have expanded to 4 fully owned and run studios across Sydney and Melbourne during the last nine years as an industry leader. Our creative guiding principle has always been "Fun art, not fine art," and we think that everyone has a spark of creative genius inside of them. We therefore offer a secure and inspiring environment for all of our visitors to let their creative sides loose.

    During our sessions, the goal is to lose yourself in the creative process, forget about your problems, and produce something you can be proud of. Any level of artistic talent is welcome because none of our workshops require any prior training. Our trained artists guide them through the process step-by-step from beginning to end.

    Since 2012, we have produced 100 original works of art that draw inspiration from well-known works of art, client ideas, and vacation photos. Additionally, throughout the past nine years, 1000 guests have enjoyed painting during the extremely well-liked "Paint Your Mate, Picasso Style" and "Paint Your Pet" theme sessions that we introduced. Glow in the Dark events, Halloween drag shows, Mardi Gras Celebration Extravaganzas, etc. have also been held by us.

    Saluja Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    saluja hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9534 0041

    Hens Party Melbourne

    Want to treat the prospective bride to a sophisticated night of cocktails? Save yourself the stress of stocking up on alcohol, mastering complex cocktail recipes, and achieving Pinterest-perfect home décor. Being Gatsby is not simple, so let us assist you! Make a reservation for your hen's party with us to take advantage of a unique Melbourne experience hosted by a friendly, attentive team that is proficient in all things alcoholic.

    St. LuJa serves a classy range of expertly crafted cocktails, whisky, and food in an eclectically tense 1930s art deco atmosphere. The atmosphere is as luxurious as the drinks we offer, enveloping you in a home away from home where the discussion is more interesting than the notifications on your phone. Check out our experience packages to up the ante for your celebration and impress the bride!

    St Kilda's Finest Cocktail Bar

    One of the best cocktail bars in St. Kilda is St. LuJa. They served a classy range of expertly crafted cocktails, whisky, & gourmet toasties. The setting is as opulent as the drinks, enveloping you in a home away from home. Enjoy a unique Melbourne experience presented by a friendly, attentive crew that is conversant in all things alcoholic. Throughout the week, private gatherings and functions are offered. #DrinkLikeASaint

    Bond Melbourne Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    bond melbourne hens party ideas melbourne


    (03) 8199 3742

    Bond Is Destined To Impress.

    As soon as you enter the building, Bond will be the center of Melbourne's nightlife. Melbourne's buzzing, opulent environment and cutting-edge architecture. The pleasant employees at Bond provide a first-rate service that fits the excellent layout of its venue, creating an infectious environment unlike any other Melbourne bar or nightclub.

    Bond welcomes a glitzy throng through its doors with the energy of a theater, creating a sophisticated event atmosphere. The lavish interior design, secluded areas, and two rooms with live music combine to provide a novel idea for Melbourne's nightlife scene. Do you need to choose a top-notch club for a Saturday night event? At Bond nightclub, explore the aesthetically perfect room that can be everything you want it to be and more.

    Lavish Hen's Night Packages In Melbourne

    The hen's night packages at Bond provide a variety of alternatives, whether you're organizing your own hen's night or someone else's. Our outstanding events team will collaborate with you to create a unique event that satisfies all of your needs. The various private booths and areas within Bond nightclub also allow for private hire of the whole venue and semi-private dinners or cocktail style hen's nights.

    Add some humor to a romantic evening with your ladies by hiring topless waiters, or add some artistic flair with henna artists and still life painters. We are able to fulfill any request you may have.

    Night Cruiser Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    night cruiser hens party ideas melbourne



    Party Bus & Leisure Tours. Transport Bus Hire - Limo Bus & Limousine Hire

    Your unrivaled one-stop shop and information service for party tours and reasonably priced transportation is Nightcruiser® Party and Leisure Tours. The largest selection of renowned party tours and transportation in your area in Australia.

    Wedding Related Party Tours & Transport

    Allow the original and skilled Nightcruiser Party Tours Booking Crew to assist you with your unique and inexpensive party tour ideas. Any group, any size, and pickup locations in Melbourne and Victoria can be accommodated by our party buses and tours. In Melbourne, we offer the most fun party bus tours. You can be guaranteed to enjoy the best celebration night of your life when you choose one of Melbourne's renowned nightclub trips with Nightcruiser Party Tours.

    Hens Night

    We will transform a typical hens party into a memorable evening, and the girls never cease to amaze us with their impromptu antics! Today, there are countless methods to commemorate the final farewell. We have done a ton of organizing and shown you the hilarious board games! Some people like daytime activities or evening gatherings. We let you pick the venues you want to visit throughout the night, and we'll arrange you free VIP access and other special considerations.

    Hummer X Limousines Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    hummer x limousines hens party ideas melbourne



    0477 995 441

    With a sizable fleet of hummer limos available for hire in Melbourne. Two principles served as the cornerstones of our business, Hummer X Limousines. The cars and the service were both top-notch. Since our team of drivers is composed of qualified and experienced professionals, we are able to provide our customers with exceptional standards and service for anything from children's parties to business events, weddings, and more. To hire a hummer in Melbourne, contact Hummer X Limousines.

    Hen's Nights

    Get a pink limousine The best way to say goodbye to single life is to hire a pink limo from Hummer X limousines to take you to and from your party location in style, luxury, and comfort. So make a statement, be outspoken, reserve one of our distinctive pink Hummers, and let us take care of the transportation for your hen's party.

    If you prefer, our considerate and knowledgeable driver will take you and your attractive party guests on a fun city cruise where you can dance the night away. To start off your party in style, our vivacious pink limos are furnished with state-of-the-art sound systems, laser lights, plush interiors, and ice-cold bubbly and sparkling water.

    Ausvenueco Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    ausvenueco hens party ideas melbourne


    180 083 6842

    About Australian Venue Co.

    Although we are a large group, at the bar we feel like a little one. Australian Venue Co., which runs more than 170 venues coast to coast, prioritizes the local community while offering specialized support at scale from a centralized head office. By adjusting the menus, customer service, events, and design to the local market, we assist our local leaders in building the pub that the community desires.

    Our venues and the head office share the same basic principles, but we don't copy and paste them throughout our pubs. Our professionals give outstanding value and uphold high standards while delivering exceptional client experiences.

    By constructing the top bars and pubs in Australia and New Zealand, we are revolutionizing the hospitality industry. We don't only create one or two outstanding locations; we provide greatness on a large scale. We are reviving dreary bars, giving ancient pubs new life, and taking decent pubs to the next level all across the nation. AVC is a pioneer in the industry for innovation and technology, which gives our pubs a boost and enables us to make wiser business decisions. Thus, we are taking the cherished Australian bar into the future.

    Get Loose Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    get loose hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 438 543

    Hens Parties / Bucks Parties / Birthdays / Corporate Parties

    Get Loose is your go-to party planning resource for hens' nights, bucks' nights, birthday celebrations, corporate events, and holiday parties. We are experts in premium locations and boats, and we provide all you need to organize, reserve, and enjoy the perfect celebration. Discover adventures, locate a special party package, create your own package, or let us handle everything for you. We make arranging a party simple. We have the best networks in the business and exclusive offers to maximize your investment. Nobody enjoys being loose!

    Popular Hens Packages

    Unique, elegant, private, and exclusive venues in the heart of Melbourne. Included are bottomless drinks, food, and a topless host. Include strip shows, nudist art, drag queens, burlesque dancing, karaoke, puppet shows, cocktail classes, and flower crown workshops.

    From a private boat, take in the breathtaking metropolitan views of Melbourne. On the Yarra River or Port Phillip Bay, select from a variety of luxury or party boats. There are food and beverage packages available. Choose from topless waiters, naughty shows, karaoke, and more as entertainment.

    Welcome to Melbourne's version of Las Vegas, featuring the city's ONLY male revue! Our private Ladies Club experience, which is located on the popular Queen Street nightlife district, offers sexy Strippers, topless waiters, free drinks, and an afterparty all under one roof.

    Top Less Waiters Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    top less waiters hens party ideas melbourne


    0431 431 942

    The #1 Topless Waiters Company In Melbourne

    In addition to being charming and talented, our Topless Waiters are also lively, active, and incredibly kind. We carefully choose our Topless Waiters because they are the best in the business; we don't just hire gym junkies with no charm. Not just because of their good appearance, but also because they are incredibly amiable, they brighten any space when they enter! All of our hens party packages are available here.

    Although we have the best wait staff in the industry, what distinguishes us from other topless writing companies are our outfits. Our Topless Waiters don a collar, cuffs, and our infamous bottom-baring apron! If you have any questions about our Topless Waiters, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. We have the best male strippers in Melbourne, in addition to the sexiest topless waiters.

    How To Give Sensual Massages To Level Up Your Foreplay

    After a long day, picture arriving home to a candlelit bedroom filled with a calming scent with your sweetheart waiting for you. You have a massage session waiting for you in bed after a gourmet meal, with spa-like amenities available on your bedside table.

    Karaoke Bar Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    karaoke bar hens party ideas melbourne

    karaoke bar.Melbourne

    (03) 9938 8843

    Our Background

    One of Melbourne's most popular karaoke establishments, Party World, sets the benchmark for multi-purpose karaoke establishments. As the name implies, Party World is a place to celebrate with your friends, sing along, and make new acquaintances.

    Additionally, Melbourne Central, the venue's handy location in Melbourne's city center, is nearby. To guarantee that everyone has a nice time, these benefits are enhanced by contemporary furnishings including cozy sofas, private rooms, and sophisticated decor.

    Our Service

    Christmas gathering After-work festivities? a Friday evening? No of the age or ethnic makeup of your group, it might be time to visit Party World and try karaoke. Partyworld never goes out of style because it features all the timeless party-starting songs from all musical eras as well as the newest hits.

    A variety of event kinds are catered to by Party World. Partyworld can simply set up their 44 well-furnished function rooms for anything from small gatherings like birthdays and private celebrations to larger events like afterparties and corporate end-of-year functions. These event rooms, which range in size from the small to the large, can hold groups of up to 35 people.

    Yarra River Cruises Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    yarra river cruises hens party ideas melbourne


    03 8488 8843

    Epic Hens Party Ideas In Melbourne Cbd

    One of the most significant occasions leading up to the wedding is the hen do. But choosing a destination might be challenging. Therefore, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas, we have come up with 17 unique hens party suggestions Melbourne brides will adore in 2021.

    Are you looking for a sophisticated, beautiful hens party? The Mary Eats Cake High Tea Hens Party is just what you're looking for. This vintage-themed event is the ideal chance for longtime friends to unwind, and it is being held in a fantastic Brunswick site just a short drive from the CBD.

    The location was designed with the Victorian era in mind, when high tea was fashionable. Delicate sandwiches, the finest French Champagne, and an absolutely wonderful range of cream cakes are all on the menu. You'll undoubtedly remember the party you had at Mary Eats Cake for a very long time.

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