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25+ Best Souvlaki in Melbourne

Are you looking for a new, exciting place to eat? This Melbourne food blog will give you the rundown on some of the best souvlaki restaurants in and around Melbourne's. I'll be honest with you: it was hard for me to pick just one as they are all so good! So without further ado, here is my list of favorite places to get souvlaki in Melbourne.

Melbourne is a city that never sleeps. Whether you're looking for food, drinks or exploring the city's hidden gems, this Melbourne local has got you covered! However, what I would like to talk about today are my favourite souvlaki spots in town. That's right folks - we're talking about skewered meat with veggies and sauce on top which can be eaten as either a meal or snack! So without further ado…let me introduce to you some of the best souvlaki places in Melbourne.

Ultimate List Of Souvlaki in Melbourne

Vanilla Cakes & Lounge Souvlaki Melbourne


vanilla cakes lounge


Vanilla Lounge is located within the bustle of this incredible hub. We welcomed the community into our homes and hearts in August 2008, and everyone returned the love. Vanilla is a coffee and dining lounge with options for everyone. It is a gathering spot for families and friends where you can experience a distinctively European atmosphere right in Melbourne.

For more than 45 years, the family who founded Vanilla has been a pioneer and innovation in the hospitality sector. Oakleigh witnessed the emergence of a new dining scene with the inauguration of Vanilla Lounge. Melbourne is particularly thrilled to have another renowned patisserie that genuinely honors the best aspects of its international background. The Age Good Café Guide 2012 named Vanilla as one of the Top 10 Patisseries.

Yassas Souvlaki Melbourne




The traditional Greek street cuisine with a Melbourne twist is what we have in store for you today. When you enter one of our restaurants, the YASSAS Experience begins as we serve you Greek cuisine. Update: We have officially launched at Ringwood's Eastland Shopping Center's Town Square. All of the sites are now accepting reservations.

Plus 5 Bar Souvlaki Melbourne


plus 5 bar


To bring wood-fired tapas & pizza to the center of South Wharf, Plus 5 draws a little inspiration from the culinary customs of Spain, Italy, & the rest of the world. Plus 5 is an excellent destination to have fun and take in the local vibe, whether you're wanting to wine and dine in South Wharf's famed freight halls or want to experience the most impressive assortment of freshly crafted drinks on our waterfront patio. In our lounge, where fun times are waiting to be had, sip traditional and original drinks, nibble on delectable sharers and tapas, or just join us for a glass of wine.

Theodora's Bar And Grill Souvlaki Melbourne


theodoras bar and grill


We won't lower our standards for excellence in our restaurant. We purchase our fresh foods from neighborhood farmers' markets because of this.

Gracie Greco Souvlaki Melbourne


gracie greco


Two brothers who share the same interest are the subject of the book Gracie Greco. We had the good fortune to work in the family business from an early age. Although we have always had a love and passion for cooking, nothing is more important to us than seeing friends and family come together. Our goal was to compile all the knowledge we have acquired throughout this life journey. We've always wanted to start our own restaurant. And in this manner was Gracie Greco born.

Nikos Tavern Souvlaki Melbourne


nikos tavern


Are you smitten with the delicate and mouthwatering flavors of real Greek cuisine? Are you trying to find a Greek restaurant in Melbourne that offers delectable Greek food? Visit Nikos Tavern to sample the traditional cuisine of Greece. Since 1987, the family-owned Greek restaurant Nikos Tavern has been providing authentic and delectable meals from Greece. We provide service to Melbourne's Greek community.

Greek cuisine is prepared by our professional team of chefs utilizing only the finest seasonal ingredients. Enjoy our mouthwatering treats, including fresh seafood, charcoal-grilled meat meals, and traditional Greek desserts. Enjoy the lively and enjoyable atmosphere, which includes delectable Greek cuisine, live Greek music, and Zorba dance.

Melina on the Rooftop Souvlaki Melbourne


melina on the rooftop


About Melina On the Roof Top

The Greek actress Melina Mercouri served as the model for the name "Melina." She achieved fame as an actor on a global scale, most notably for her roles in Never on Sunday. At the 1960 Cannes Film Festival, she took home the prize for Best Actress. In addition, she received nominations for two BAFTA Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award.


She was a passionate political activist who was appointed Greece's first female minister of culture in 1981. The European Union has operated the European Capital of Culture Program since its conception by her in 1985. She embodies everything Melbourne stands for: passion, culture, fashion, and entertainment. Melbourne is a city Melina would have adored, and we adore Melina!

Lemnos Taverna Souvlaki Melbourne


lemnos taverna



Greek cuisine prepared traditionally is the focus at Lemnos Taverna. providing high-quality meats and fresh fish every day, cooked utilizing age-old techniques over a charcoal barbecue. dressed in traditional colors and Greek island designs. The Lemnos Taverna is a friendly place. Open bifold windows for the summer nights and a fireplace for the winter. Our specialty is seafood, and we prefer to reward all of our clients with a variety of high-quality products and amiable, attentive service.

Theo Kolliniatis bought Lemnos Taverna in 1999; it had been founded in the late 1970s. Theo's motivation and vision for the restaurant are clearly influenced by his upbringing. He spent a lot of time at his uncle's restaurant on the picturesque Greek island of Santorini. The establishment known as Lemnos Taverna honors his uncle's passion for food and everything that it encompasses. The restaurant has just undergone revitalization and now exudes a new, contemporary ambiance while maintaining its heritage.

Souv It Up Souvlaki Melbourne


souv it up



Greetings from a little piece of Greece in the middle of Melbourne. since 2009, specializing in souvs. We are a second-generation Greek family-owned mobile catering company that takes great pleasure in our excellent customer service and our delicious, freshly made souvlaki. We marinade our meat using a family-secret recipe that has been passed down through the generations. Your taste buds will be dancing with delight and begging for more. Simply said, a flavor to remember.

Mykonos Restaurant Bar Souvlaki Melbourne


mykonos restaurant bar



Greek island Mykonos is characterized by its passion, creativity, and love. a spot that is genuinely uplifting and spiritual. Our intention is to spread our affection for this island to all visitors. Just off Eaton Mall in Oakleigh is where you'll find Mykonos Taverna. Bringing you the entire ambiance and comfort of Mykonos. In a lovely courtyard where you can temporarily retreat from the bustle of daily life.

Lets Meat up Souvlaki Melbourne


lets meat up


Growing up in Greece's Thessaloniki is where our tale of the Authentic Greek Souvlaki Trailer begins for Harry and Dimo. Harry arrived in Australia in 2001, and Dimo did so in 2012. Both boys had their fair share of Authentic Greek Souvlakia* back in Greece and have a list of their favourite souvlaki* hot spots in and around Thessaloniki. Harry enjoys cooking and entertaining, but upon arriving in Melbourne, he discovered that he was unable to satiate his craving for a mouthwatering authentic Greek-style souvlaki. The classic souvlaki was served every time he prepared for family and friends after that.

Venus & Co Souvlaki Melbourne


venus co


The food of Venus & Co. is provincial Greek Cypriot cuisine with a contemporary twist. The food and spices of Cyprus are a harmonious fusion of Greek, Lebanese-Syrian, and Arabic flavors acquired from centuries of cultural influences around the island.

We are pleased to welcome you to our elegantly decorated restaurant, which has 80 seats and serves delectable fare produced with fresh ingredients. The ideal setting for you and your guests' eating experience is provided by our authentic food, friendly service, and tranquil ambiance.

Our evening menu is "Semi a la carte," in accordance with existing restrictions and restricted seating. This means that, even though the majority of the dining scene will be going toward a fixed banquet-style menu, we'll at least give you the opportunity to choose your dishes to share with your table.

Hollywood Hill Souvlaki Melbourne


hollywood hill

01 8320690

Hollywood Hill is situated near Bridge Road Richmond, Victoria, in the bustling center of Melbourne's CBD. Hollywood Hill is the ideal place to stop for a break after a long day of city shopping, to get away from the office, for a business lunch, or to host a function. Hollywood Hill is open every day of the year. With a seating capacity of 100 people, we offer early morning coffee service, unique breakfasts, an exclusive breakfast, dinner, and lunch menu, as well as quick souvlaki and burgers.


Hollywood Hill is situated near Bridge Road Richmond, Victoria, in the bustling center of Melbourne's CBD. Hollywood Hill is the ideal place to stop for a break after a long day of city shopping, to get away from the office, for a business lunch, or to host a function. Hollywood Hill is open every day of the year. With a seating capacity of 100 people, we offer early morning coffee service, unique breakfasts, an exclusive breakfast, dinner, and lunch menu, as well as quick souvlaki and burgers.

Lambs Restaurant Souvlaki Melbourne


lambs restaurant


Established in 1987 and family-owned since 1994, Lambs Northcote provides authentic, affordable Greek food in a traditional and inviting atmosphere. We take pride in catering to the various needs of all of our consumers. Tradespeople eating lunch early in the morning, families seeking for decent, reasonable cuisine in the evening, and young people getting a bite to eat after a night out are all common sights. Our Lamb Gyros, marinated with our blend of traditional herbs and spices, cooked over a charcoal flame, is the secret for the best gyros souvlaki in Melbourne.

Euro Kebabs & Grills Souvlaki Melbourne


euro kebabs grills


About Us

Nothing compares to biting into a kebab at Euro Kebabs and Grills Williamstown. We are conveniently located near the 203 Nelson Place location of the Mario Paul Del Grosso Hair Studio, and we provide dine-in, pick-up, and delivery services all across Williamstown. Order the Veggie Meal or Saganaki Cheese as your starter, followed by Lamb Cutlets or Mixed Grill for your main course. Enjoy the flavor of our authentic Falafel Wrap, Open Souvlaki, or Souvlaki. Finish off your meal with a sweet treat like Greek Biscuit or Baklava. In Williamstown, at Euro Kebabs and Grills, we have something for everyone.

Trapezi Souvlaki Melbourne




The Art Of Greek Food

Let Trapezi Restaurant treat you. The very best in authentic Greek cuisine. We will make sure to create the right ambiance for whatever the occasion is with our brand-new, contemporary remodel at 145B STATION STREET FAIRFIELD VIC 3078, which includes a 3D wall of Santorini, custom waterfall, and bar.

Every time one of our traditional Greek dishes from our menu has been tried, we have received heartwarming reviews from clients who have appreciated their dining experience. Along with a full selection of drinks imported from Greece, such as Tsipouro and Ouzo, and a full wine menu that is all carefully chosen and imported from Greek wineries, we have also created a special bar menu with cocktails that are all made especially for Trapezi with infused and natural ingredients. We serve our customers delectable Greek cuisine in a wide range that is just appropriate in a classy setting.

Tsindos Greek Restaurant Souvlaki Melbourne




Tsindos, The Greeks Restaurant, takes great satisfaction in offering warm family atmosphere, pleasant service, and authentic Greek food. Tsindos, which opened in 1975, continues to be one of Melbourne's most well-known and adored Greek eateries. The delicacies on our comprehensive menu include classic Greek salads, Moussaka, grilled octopus, and our well-known eggplant dip.

The Tsindos Greek Restaurant, which serves traditional Greek fare, is proud to be situated in Melbourne's Greek Precinct in the city's central business district. A meal at this restaurant is a wonderful way to get a taste of Greece and its vibrant culture. Tsindos is the ideal restaurant because of its pleasant atmosphere, friendly Greek-speaking staff, and selection of traditional Greek meals.

Hunky Dory Souvlaki Melbourne


hunky dory


a fishing family since since 1927. Family is the foundation of all we do at Hunky Dory. Greg, the man behind the Hunky magic, grew up around the water, proudly sailing alongside his Greek father and grandfather. Greg worked behind the counter at his family's fish and chip shop during school breaks. Greg's father loved seafood, and for many years he was a familiar sight at the Melbourne Fish Market. Greg's family was by his side in 2004 when Hunky Dory first opened its doors. They have all proudly worn a Hunky's t-shirt along the way; Greg's Grandfather was still rocking one in-store until he was 91!

Mega Yeeros Souvlaki Melbourne


mega yeeros


Mega Yeeros is dedicated to providing cuisine that embodies Greek culture and authenticity. You are taken on a Mediterranean voyage by carefully hand-selected ingredients, age-old spice and marination formulas, and expert cooking methods.

Our team of experts is made up of seasoned individuals with over 30 years in the field that specialize in achieving the greatest quality of flavors. The only known ingredients are dry oregano, garlic, Greek yogurt, olive oil, and premium meat varieties. The cuisine of Mega Yeeros is taking on the challenge of creating a style of cooking that is only available in a small number of tourist destinations in Greece, like Athens, Thessaloniki, Nafplio, and the Greek islands.

The Greek Spot Souvlaki Melbourne


the greek spot


Culinary experts

Here at The Greek Spot Tavern, welcome! For more than 25 years, our family-run restaurant has satisfied the hunger of the residents of Hawthorn and Melbourne. The traditional foods you may find in modest Greek taverns are the inspiration for the tasty and authentic Greek food we serve. Numerous fish, poultry, lamb, beef, and veggie meals can be found on our menu. Our cooks are masters of the grill and can perfectly chargrill prawns, octopus, snapper, lamb cutlets, and chicken ribs. Only the freshest, most flavorful local product, of the greatest caliber, is what we love to source. At The Greek Spot Tavern, we take great pride in offering excellent service and welcoming hospitality. Grab your family or friends and come to our restaurant to enjoy one other's company while enjoying a fantastic variety of food and beverages. Authentic Greek cuisine is served in our dining room on Burwood Road in the heart of Melbourne.

Flame Greek Tavern Souvlaki Melbourne


flame greek tavern



Flame Greek Tavern has been a deliciously warm and welcoming environment since 1987, and you will always be greeted with a grin. Flame provides a distinctive experience in addition to real cooking.

Everything from the dips to the desserts are home-cooked by Sophie every day using the finest ingredients. Our home-cooked cuisine is a must. Our delicious spit roasts, which are traditionally prepared over hot charcoal, are incredibly well-liked. We provide meals like moussaka and pastichio, which are usually popular, along with a selection of seafood and charcoal-grilled meats. Additionally, we have Greek desserts as well as some non-Greek options, such as baklava and sweet creme caramel.

Stalactites Souvlaki Melbourne




Experience One of Melbourne's oldest and most renowned Greek restaurants is Stalactites. Since 1978, the same Greek family has owned and run Stalactites, which has grown to be a Melbourne landmark. Open 11 a.m. to 0 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Melbourne eaters must try Stalactites.

Stalactites can be delivered hot, fresh, and on time to your home, office, or other location! Prior to delivery to you, each Stalactites order is freshly made and sliced in our store. All of our dips and desserts are cooked from scratch using a 40-year-old recipe, and we only utilize the highest quality, A-grade meat and ingredients.

Kalimera Souvlaki Art Souvlaki Melbourne


kalimera souvlaki art


The only way to share the voice of truth with someone else is to first hear it for yourself and allow it to permeate every aspect of your being. Thomas Deliopoulos listened to this sound, which came from his parents, a loving deaf-mute couple. As a result of their incredibly strong connection to the land and the cattle, their physical impairment became a privilege rather than a misfortune.

Thomas, who was raised in a farming and stock-breeding family, was aware of the value of being in touch with nature even as a young child. He mastered the art of gathering the finest goods it has to give with the utmost care. Young Thomas very quickly became passionate about cooking; it was more than just a pastime. His upbringing taught him the value of using the greatest raw materials and that genuine good taste is found in simplicity and exceptional quality. This frequently outperforms sophistication, which can occasionally mask taste instead of improving it.

Philhellene Souvlaki Melbourne





In November 2008, Philhellene opened its doors with the goal of offering a rich experience centered on Greek cuisine, culture, music, and history. We are currently one of just four Greek eateries in Melbourne that have consistently been listed in the Age Good Food Guide from 2009 to 2015. Our food is regional Greek with a heavy Cretan flavor. At Philhellene, we use premium ingredients and follow traditional cooking techniques that were passed down to us from our mothers. This results in an authentic style of food and drink. A memorable and possibly even emotional occasion results from this!

The restaurant's owners, John and Susie Rerakis, have won the award for "best Greek restaurant" multiple times in the Age Good Culinary Guide and have been highlighted in Vogue Entertaining and other illustrious food publications. Every day in the kitchen, their mothers cook, stuff, mix, and bake, infusing the variety of foods you are served with their love and stories about their homeland. The food at Philhellene is superb, and it will be the closest you will get to eating in a traditional Greek home while visiting Melbourne. They have more than 30 years of combined experience in both hospitality and cuisine.

Elyros Restaurant Souvlaki Melbourne


elyros restaurant


Elyros was founded on the intention of bringing a cuisine from an island rich in tradition, passion, and culinary adoration. Creating memories and spending time with the people we care about. But we regretfully have decided not to reopen our lovely restaurant after spending six fantastic years there.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our wonderful clients for their support over the years as we set out to introduce the cuisine of our beloved Crete to Melbourne. We are grateful to our devoted employees, both past and present, as well as to our suppliers for making it all possible.

Blu Olive Greek Kitchen Souvlaki Melbourne


blu olive greek kitchen


Everyone is welcome in our Greek house. We think that the most crucial thing a person can do to display "Filoxenia" is to be kind, generous, and welcoming to any visitor in their home, whether they be a God or a mortal.

Everybody is made to feel at home at the traditional and authentic Greek restaurant Blu Olive Greek Kitchen. Our menu is a tiny tribute to life and its simple pleasures, as is everything else we do here. Our ambition to combine the best of Greek hospitality with time-honored cooking techniques and seasonal ingredients comes from our appreciation for premium foods and vegetables. We support leading a happy, sustainable, and balanced life in which one follows their heart wholeheartedly.

The Dos and Don’ts of When Ordering Souvlaki in Style


Do: Feel free to ask the line cook for additional salt, chili pepper (kaftero piperi), or even a little extra tzatziki.
If it's busy, do: think through your order before it's your turn. Everyone, including the cooks, has a busy schedule and has no time for your uncertainty.
Do: Request it "in hand" if you intend to eat it right away or "wrapped" if you want to take it home in a bag.
Do: When ordering, keep others in mind. Purchase extra fries if you believe your party might enjoy them. You can all eat like knights for much under 10 euros per person.
Decide whether you want a meat foundation of "kalamakia" (pork or chicken) or a gyro (pork or chicken). Small meat skewers are known as kalamakia.


If you don't know what a kebab is, don't ask for one. Most souvlaki restaurants do not serve 'kebab,' which is a hot minced beef that is referred as in Greek. The Greek word for the skewers known as kebabs in English is kalamakia.
Do not: request the entire gyro's crunchy chunks. That is simply selfish.
Avoid forgetting abruptly that you didn't want onions in it. Too late now.
Saying, "I'm not really hungry, so I'll just have a bite of yours," is not acceptable. Becky, get your own, please.
Do not request lamb. They will reject it. only chicken or pork.

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