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50+ Best Souvlaki in Oakleigh

Do you love Greek food? The good news is that there is a place nearby where you can get the best souvlaki in Oakleigh. It's called Souvlaki King and it has been around for years, with many satisfied customers to back up their claim. What makes their souvlaki so delicious? They only use fresh ingredients like succulent beef or chicken and quality tomatoes, cucumber, onions and greek dressing. Their tasty dishes are cooked on an open charcoal grill right before your eyes which means you'll be able to enjoy the aroma as well as the taste of these scrumptious meals! If you're looking for a new restaurant to try out then make sure to visit Souvlaki King today!

Greek food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. The term "souvlaki" may not sound familiar to you, but it's a dish that has been around for centuries! Souvlaki literally means skewer and was originally created by shepherds as they would cook meat on sticks over an open fire while tending their flocks. It eventually became incorporated into Greek culture and spread throughout the world with many variations to accompany its popularity. So what exactly is souvlaki? Let me tell you!

Ultimate List of Best Souvlaki in Oakleigh

Vanilla Cakes & Lounge Souvlaki Oakleigh


vanilla cakes lounge


Welcome to Eaton Mall, a hidden gem located in the heart of multicultural Oakleigh.

Vanilla Lounge is located within the bustle of this incredible hub. We welcomed the community into our homes and hearts in August 2008, and everyone returned the love. Vanilla is a coffee and dining lounge with options for everyone. It is a gathering spot for families and friends where you can experience a distinctively European atmosphere right in Melbourne.

For more than 45 years, the family who founded Vanilla has been a pioneer and innovation in the hospitality sector. Oakleigh witnessed the emergence of a new dining scene with the inauguration of Vanilla Lounge. The fact that Melbourne now has another renowned patisserie that authentically reflects the best aspects of its diverse past is especially thrilling. The Age Good Café Guide 2012 named Vanilla as one of the Top 10 Patisseries.

Nikos Cakes Souvlaki Oakleigh



nikos cakes

(03)9569 6338

About Us

From modest beginnings in 1987, Melbourne's growing cake business has recognized Oakleigh Quality Cakes as a top supplier. Through a commitment to quality and service, founders Nick and Tass Poupouzas and their dedicated team have produced some of the most spectacular and unique cake designs. Our talented team of pastry chefs, cake designers, and artistic decorators will work with you to create your ideal cake so that it exceeds your expectations in terms of both appearance and flavor as the focal point of your special day. Anything you may imagine, we can make a reality!

10 Greek Plates Souvlaki Oakleigh


10 greek plates


Greek cuisine excels at Ten Greek Plates, where dishes are remembered for their delicious simplicity and natural beauty. We put nothing less than (life) on every plate we serve when we combine real recipes, seasonal vegetables, and love.

We are happy to bring you the flavor and soul of Greece, whether you choose to have Ten Greek Plates here with us, at home with family and friends, or outside on the street of this bayside Melbourne village.

Risk Bar Souvlaki Oakleigh


risk bar


Risk Bar is a relaxed, upscale restaurant bar open all day where you may unwind with a coffee, lunch, or beverage. We also provide catering for events and gatherings.

The Greek Spot Souvlaki Oakleigh


the greek spot


About us

Here at The Greek Spot Tavern, welcome! For more than 25 years, our family-run restaurant has satisfied the hunger of the residents of Hawthorn and Melbourne. The traditional foods you may find in modest Greek taverns are the inspiration for the tasty and authentic Greek food we serve. Numerous fish, poultry, lamb, beef, and veggie meals can be found on our menu. Our cooks are masters of the grill and can perfectly chargrill prawns, octopus, snapper, lamb cutlets, and chicken ribs. Only the freshest, most flavorful local product, of the greatest caliber, is what we love to source. At The Greek Spot Tavern, we take great pride in offering excellent service and welcoming hospitality. Grab your family or friends and come to our restaurant to enjoy one other's company while enjoying a fantastic variety of food and beverages. Authentic Greek cuisine is served in our dining room on Burwood Road in the heart of Melbourne.

Florinas Greek Tavern Souvlaki Oakleigh


florinas greek tavern


Entrée: served in three courses. Warm bread is served with a variety of dips, saganaki, dolmades, marinated capsicum, and whitebait. For the main course, spit-roasted calamari, lamb, and chicken are served with potatoes and salad. Handmade baklava with galactoburico served with Greek coffee or tea.

In the center of the charming Glenferrie Road commercial district lies Florina's Greek Tavern. You get the impression that you are on the Greek Islands or an Athens tavern as you leave the street and enter Florina's. The atmosphere is like a Greek village!

Many patrons remark that they don't feel like they are eating in a restaurant, but rather in someone's home. Excellent for a formal event, a big gathering, or even a romantic dinner for two! The welcoming crew will bring out popular delicacies like dips, saganaki, shellfish, and meats cooked over an open fire, as well as delectable handcrafted desserts, if you're unsure of what to order. So take a seat back, unwind, and relish a night at Florina's.

Ammos Greek Tavern Souvlaki Oakleigh


ammos greek tavern


Takeout may be delayed or unavailable during peak hours. Because we always place a priority on our in-house dining. We Value Your Comprehension.

Mykonos Restaurant Bar Souvlaki Oakleigh


mykonos restaurant bar



Greek island Mykonos is characterized by its passion, creativity, and love. a spot that is genuinely uplifting and spiritual. Our intention is to spread our affection for this island to all visitors.

Mythos Gyros Bar Souvlaki Oakleigh


mythos gyros bar

(03)9568 6069

The Mythos Gyros Bar is situated in Oakleigh's well-known Greek district on Eaton mall. Serving real, authentic Greek fare like souvlaki and gyros, chicken (kotopoulo), pig (pancetta), and kebabs (soutzoukakia), as well as a variety of mouthwatering salads such Greek horiatiki, beetroot, and slaw Hellas. We also provide a wide selection of domestic and foreign beers, including the well-known Greek mythology.

Katialo Souvlaki Oakleigh


My father was an agricultural worker when I was a child growing up on the Greek island of Lesvos, so I was taught the skill of cultivating your own food from a very young age. Everything was freshly prepared and handcrafted at home. My passion for eating grew. There I started to have a better respect for and knowledge of Greek food because each dish had a narrative.

Since I make everything from scratch and according to orders, please realize that some meals may take longer to prepare than others.

Elyros Restaurant Souvlaki Oakleigh


elyros restaurant


Elyros was founded with the objective of bringing the cuisine of an island with a rich culinary heritage to the world. Creating memories and spending time with the people we care about. But we regretfully have decided not to reopen our lovely restaurant after spending six fantastic years there.

We would like to thank all our amazing customers for supporting us over the years in our journey to bring the food of our beloved Crete to Melbourne. Thank you to all of our hardworking employees—past and present—and vendors who helped make this all possible.

The saga of Elyros is far from over. For catering for your special occasions, please email us at We will continue to sell our "cook at home" selection, which can be ordered for delivery via this link:, or you can organise for pick up from our sister restaurant Epocha in Carlton.

Theio Theo Souvlaki Oakleigh


theio theo



All of our olive-based dishes, together with fresh regional specialties, are inspired by our family's olive orchard in Pylos, on the western coast of the Peloponnese. Theio Theo is committed to extending friendly hospitality and creating a sense of neighborhood among its patrons.

Theio Theo can accommodate all of your eating needs, whether they are for a business event, a special occasion, a group lunch, or just a casual get-together with friends. Our crew will see to it that everyone has a good time while also ensuring that the evening goes successfully. No of the size of the party, we'll work tirelessly in the kitchen to prepare the greatest cuisine, beverages, and 'kefir for you and your guests. This is only one of the many factors contributing to Theio Theo's stellar reputation for flavorful, fresh Greek cuisine and outstanding customer service.

Please complete the form below as completely as possible, and we'll be in touch with you shortly. Remember to let us know what kind of event it is so we can customize our service for the day and provide you the best experience possible. Any particular dietary needs you or any of your friends may have can be easily accommodated. Simply post a comment in the space provided below.

St. Marina Souvlaki Oakleigh


st. marina

(03)9525 5975

Why St. Marina?

At St. Marina, we strive to offer an oceanside experience that is unhurried, enjoyable, delectable, and, of course, unforgettable. Owners Zane and Spiro launched St. Marina, and they have developed a menu that draws inspiration from Mediterranean seaside cuisine.

St. Marina is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day unless it has been pre-booked due to a function. Birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties, and any other special events you may need our lovely venue for are all things we love to host. Be sure to take in the scenery when you visit our location, and don't hesitate to capture it on camera.

Orexi Souvlaki Bar Souvlaki Oakleigh


orexi souvlaki bar


Our famous Charcoal-grilled gyro is still available at 33 Chester Street, Oakleigh's oldest and most popular souvlaki restaurant. We have now also introduced several more traditional Greek meals like Pasticcio and Mousaka.

If you only have time for one meal while visiting Oakleigh, make it the big open plate souvlakia or the charcoal-grilled Orexi Souvlaki wrapped in warm pita bread. Make sure to sample our coffees while you're there.


We provide vegetarian souvlaki, which is made with chargrilled zucchini, capsicum, and eggplant and served with your choice of dip, as well as falafel souvlaki, which comes with a salad and hummus in warm pita bread, unlike other souvlaki restaurants.

Let's say you don't like our delicious souvlaki. In that scenario, you can be sure to discover something delicious, like different types of chicken schnitzel or the Mezze plate, which includes chargrilled veggies and pickled octopus.

Bahari the Hellenic Palate Souvlaki Oakleigh


bahari the hellenic palate


Since 2014, diners have enjoyed Chef Philip Vakos' inventive, "Gringlish" interpretation of Greek food and beverages at his gastronomic hotspot in Richmond. It's not cliché to say that Bahari's menu is always changing. Despite being modern, it honors its Greek roots. Bahari represents authentic Greek share meals, but Philip's "specials" menu always has something off the wall!

Philip spent a lot of time in the kitchen and was surrounded by food growing up because he had two grandmothers who were from Crete. After participating on Masterchef for a while, Philip relocated to Melbourne to pursue his passion for food, and most recently he established Bahari | The Hellenic Palate. It now also features an upstairs bar and dining room that offers extra seating, serves specialty cocktails, can be reserved for small gatherings, and hosts Philip's Masterclasses. Bahari represents authentic Greek share food, yet Philip's menu always has a little something off the wall!

Mega Yeeros Souvlaki Oakleigh


mega yeeros


Mega Yeeros is dedicated to providing cuisine that embodies Greek culture and authenticity. You are taken on a culinary tour of the Mediterranean by carefully chosen ingredients, time-honored spice and marinade formulas, and skilled cooking methods.

Our team of experts is made up of seasoned individuals with over 30 years in the field that specialize in achieving the greatest quality of flavors. The only known ingredients are dry oregano, garlic, Greek yogurt, olive oil, and premium meat varieties. The cuisine of Mega Yeeros is taking on the challenge of creating a style of cooking that is only available in a small number of tourist destinations in Greece, like Athens, Thessaloniki, Nafplio, and the Greek islands.

Mediterranean Greek Tavern Souvlaki Oakleigh


mediterranean greek tavern


About Our Famous History

We are a family-owned company that has been in the business for a very long time. Owners Angelo and John emphasize that freshness is what we take great pride in. Every day, we hand-pick our fresh meat, fish, and fruit from the market to offer to our clients for supper that night.

We spend a lot of time making sure the cuisine we serve is the same food we eat. The freshest cuisine available is what we provide. When visitors arrive, we want them to have fun. We make sure that every one of our customers has a wonderful, food-filled vacation in Greece.

Our Menu

Our Greek menus provide something for everyone, including a distinguished wine list and delectable sweets made right there. For couples or parties who want to share a meal and enjoy a variety of specialties, our renowned meze menu is perfect. We provide a wide selection of entrees, including pickled octopus, lamb souvlaki, and substantial platters.

Aroma Grill House & Meze Souvlaki Oakleigh


aroma grill house meze



At Aroma Restaurant, we serve only the purest meals that have undergone extensive refinement to reach perfection. Each meal is prepared with a variety of flavors and garnishes to create a unique and intriguing flavor. Some of these flavors have been touted for their health for a very long time, giving them quality and ancient healing abilities. Our new ingredients are purposefully prepared to maintain minimal fat, excellent nutritional value, and provide you with a mild to medium-hot taste.

Gracie Greco Souvlaki Oakleigh


gracie greco



Two brothers who share the same interest are the subject of the book Gracie Greco. We had the good fortune to work in the family business from an early age. Although we have always had a love and passion for cooking, nothing is more important to us than seeing friends and family come together. Our goal was to compile all the knowledge we have acquired throughout this life journey. We've always wanted to start our own restaurant. And in this manner was Gracie Greco born.

Secret Souv Souvlaki Oakleigh


secret souv


About Us

We take great pride in serving wholesome, flavorful meals. Our top focus is to meet all of our customers' demands, therefore we provide a wide selection of quality food that is made to the highest standards using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Delicious food is available from our takeout at affordable costs! You may now order from our whole menu on our website, pick your favorite items, and have them delivered right to your door!

Lemnos Taverna Souvlaki Oakleigh


lemnos taverna


About Us

Theo Kolliniatis bought Lemnos Taverna in 1999; it had been founded in the late 1970s. Theo's motivation and vision for the restaurant are clearly influenced by his upbringing. He spent a lot of time in his Uncle's restaurant, which was on the picturesque Greek island of Santorini. The establishment known as Lemnos Taverna honors his uncle's passion for food and everything that it encompasses. The restaurant has just undergone revitalization and now exudes a new, contemporary ambiance while maintaining its heritage.

Traditional Greek cuisine is our Taverna's area of expertise. We procure top-notch meats and fresh seafood every day, and we then prepare the meals on a charcoal barbecue while it is blazing. Lemnos Taverna is a friendly establishment that is decorated in classic colors and features prints of Greek islands.

Euro Bites Souvlaki Oakleigh




euro bites souvlaki


Established in 2008 (Proprietor AYTAC GENC), Euro Bites Greek Eatery provides an extraordinary Mediterranean dining experience complemented by exceptional service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It is well-liked by both locals and visitors, and throughout the years, a loyal clientele has developed where each visitor is regarded as a friend.

The inherent flavors in all of our dishes are traditionally enhanced on charcoal for a superb flavor. We strive to give all of our customers with excellent customer service and do everything in our power to make their experience at Euro Bites unforgettable.

Monkey Blue Restaurant & Bar Souvlaki Oakleigh


monkey blue restaurant bar



Live music is combined with a tapas-style meal at Monkey Blue Restaurant & Bar, which is inspired by Greek cuisine. Every Saturday night, live Greek Popular Hits music is played. The space is rented out on Sunday through Friday. Have your event at Monkey Blue

available for business, civic, and social gatherings. Excellent facilities and service, including a live stage, a bar with a license, and a brand-new kitchen, are available if you prefer us to handle your catering with fixed menu options that fit your budget. The location can accommodate events for up to 150 people. Perfect for weddings, engagement parties, hen's nights, birthdays, school socials, business events, book releases, product launches, after-parties for events, and photo and video shoots.

Flame Greek Tavern Souvlaki Oakleigh


flame greek tavern



Flame Greek Tavern has been a deliciously warm and welcoming environment since 1987, and you will always be greeted with a grin. Flame provides a distinctive experience in addition to real cooking. Everything from the dips to the desserts are home-cooked by Sophie every day using the finest ingredients. Our home-cooked cuisine is a must.

Our delicious spit roasts, which are traditionally prepared over hot charcoal, are incredibly well-liked. Pastichio and moussaka, two perennially popular dishes from our traditional Greek menu, are also served together with a variety of fish and charcoal-grilled meats. Additionally, we have Greek desserts as well as some non-Greek options, such as baklava and sweet creme caramel.

Ten Greek Plates Souvlaki Oakleigh


ten greek plates


Greek cuisine excels at Ten Greek Plates, where elegant and uncomplicated flavors create dishes that are memorable. We put nothing less than (life) on every plate we serve when we combine real recipes, seasonal vegetables, and love.

We are happy to bring you the flavor and soul of Greece, whether you choose to have Ten Greek Plates here with us, at home with family and friends, or outside on the street of this bayside Melbourne village.

Kalimera Souvlaki Art Souvlaki Oakleigh


kalimera souvlaki art


The only way to share the voice of truth with someone else is to first hear it for yourself and allow it to permeate every aspect of your being. Thomas Deliopoulos listened to this sound, which came from his parents, a loving deaf-mute couple. As a result of their incredibly strong connection to the land and the cattle, their physical impairment became a privilege rather than a misfortune.

Thomas, who was raised in a farming and stock-breeding family, was aware of the value of being in touch with nature even as a young child. He mastered the art of gathering the finest goods it has to give with the utmost care. Young Thomas quickly discovered a passion for cooking that went beyond a simple pastime. His upbringing taught him the value of using the greatest raw materials and that genuine good taste is found in simplicity and exceptional quality. This frequently outperforms sophistication, which can occasionally mask taste instead of improving it.

Kentro Souvlaki Oakleigh





KENTRO, a sophisticated Greek restaurant, is situated in the center of Oakleigh. The atmosphere of Greece starts the moment you walk into KENTRO and are greeted by our kind team. The open floor plan makes it easy and comfortable for you to unwind. You are transported to the heart of Greece by the Ancient Greek wall's captivatingly distinctive style.

KENTRO is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a varied menu to satisfy everyone's preferences. We offer everything, including modern and traditional Mediterranean food. Additionally, you must try our deliciously original sweets. Our pastry experts produce a wide selection of classic and contemporary Greek sweets and biscuits, as well as a wide choice of our unrivaled delicious cakes that are offered in our display, all of which are made on-site.

Abbey Road Cafe Souvlaki Oakleigh


abbey road cafe


John and Angie are a brother-and-sister team that like music, people, and cuisine. We have spent the most of our lives working in the hotel sector in Melbourne and Cyprus as a result of our passions. Our motto is "eat well, drink well, share with friends and family, and be happy," which is influenced by our Greek Cypriot ancestry.

Our goal is to provide you with delicious, freshly prepared meals, amazing drinks, uplifting music, warm, helpful service, and a great time in one of the trendiest cities in the world. So, unwind, relax yourself, and say hello to our family. I love you, Your hosts John, Angie, and the crew from Abbey Road.

Hunky Dory Souvlaki Oakleigh


hunky dory


Greg, the man behind the Hunky magic, grew up around the water, proudly sailing alongside his Greek father and grandfather. Greg worked behind the counter at his family's fish and chip shop during school breaks. Greg's father loved seafood, and for many years he was a familiar sight at the Melbourne Fish Market. Greg's family was by his side in 2004 when Hunky Dory first opened its doors. Along the way, they have all proudly sported a Hunkys t-shirt; Greg's Grandfather even continued to do so until he was 91!

Our Hunky family has grown over the years, and we are so appreciative of our lovely family in-store who shares the Hunky Love every day. At Hunky Dory, our goal has always been to shake up the Fish & Chip game and offer it a healthy twist. At Hunkys, everyone has a seat at the table so you can be as healthy (or as sinful) as you desire, whether your craving is for a luscious piece of grilled fish or a crispy potato cake.

White Village Greek Tavern Souvlaki Oakleigh


white village greek tavern



The family-run White Village Greek Taverna in Elsternwick, Melbourne, shares a love of the genuine Greek experience with its customers. We are open six evenings a week, and our cozy space mimics classic taverna decor and cuisine (closed Tuesday). For your upcoming event or a group lunch, inquire about renting out our function space.

Over 28 years ago, your host Costa moved from Greece to Australia, bringing with him the typical Mediterranean flair from the kitchen to your table. White Village Greek Tavern specialties include fresh seafood and salad, lamb & chicken gyros cooked over charcoal, weekly specials such as Whole Fresh Fish, Moussaka & more. Visit us for a delectable meal, a welcoming environment, and perhaps even some Greek dancing at the end of the night!

Urchin Bar Souvlaki Oakleigh


urchin bar


Marios and Steve Triandafillidis, brothers who emigrated to Australia from Thessaloniki, Greece, were born there. They established the Urchin Bar, a piece of the Mediterranean in Melbourne, by bringing their Greek culture and recipes with them.

The Triandafillidis family has been in the business for over 30 years and welcomes every customer with a taste of Greece. The Urchin Bar is open from Tuesday through Sunday and serves breakfast, lunch, supper, and drinks. Additionally, three locations can be reserved for events of any size.

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