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30+ Best Standing Up Office Desks in Australia [2022]

Whether you're looking for the best standing up office desks in Australia to improve your health or simply to be more comfortable while working, we've got you covered!

In this article, we'll look at some of the best options on the market and help make your decision a little bit easier.

So, whether you're ready to stand up and work or are just curious about the benefits of these desks, keep reading!

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    Ultimate List of Stand Up Office Desk Shops Australia

    UpDown Stand Up Office Desk Australia


    Standing Office Desk

    1300 650 773

    Height Adjustable Standing Desks Australia

    In Australia, Updown Workstations Australia Pty Ltd is a well-known supplier and manufacturer of sit-stand desk adapters and standing desks. Our corporate office is in Melbourne, and we deliver across all of Australia.

    Our goal is to encourage greater mobility and the ability to move between sitting and standing at the touch of a button in order to improve the health and happiness of Australian office workers.

    A complete desk item that enables you to easily transition from sitting to standing during the day are manual height adjustable desks. There are choices for balancing and winding. You have the choice of purchasing both the frame and the desktop or simply the frame and using your current desktop.

    Officeworks Stand Up Office Desk Australia


    officeworks stand up office desk australia

    1300 633 426

    Welcome to Officeworks.

    For more than 25 years, we have been committed to assisting our clients in achieving greater success in work, school, and home. We strive to offer a large selection, competitive pricing, and excellent service to our customers as Australia's one-stop shop for office supplies, furniture, technology, and student supplies.

    But we're not simply office supply experts. Among our wide choice of products are art supplies, building supplies, educational materials, and practical services like print and copying and on-site technical support provided by Geeks2U.

    With 167 locations around Australia, more than 40,000 products available on our online, and business professionals both in-store and in our national call center, we provide excellent service to our clients and make shopping fun and simple no matter where they want to do it.

    Stand Desk Office Australia

    stand desk office australia

    1800 905 104

    The most feature-rich desk in its class is the stand desk. Moreover, it is relatively inexpensive. We are aware that these two things don't typically mix, however at Stand Desk, we pride ourselves on great designs without breaking the bank. Other standing desks might function, but they fall short in terms of presentation and detail.

    The idea for Stand Desk first came to its creators while they were searching to purchase a height-adjustable desk in New Zealand (we have now entered the Australian market). They were all essentially the same: simple faux wood surfaces with no distinguishing characteristics. We drew some of the best elements from stand-up desks sold in the US market as a source of inspiration.

    Our workstations all come with a cable management tray and built-in wireless device charging. We are creating an app to enable automated sit-stand schedules for your working day, and the desk controller is bluetooth device compatible.

    FAQs About Stand Up Office Desk

    A standing desk elevates your entire workspace to allow you to work comfortably while standing up. These desks can easily hold your computer, monitors, lamps, and other desktop accessories without the risk of them tipping over or falling off. Your entire work experience will remain exactly the same, except that you’ll spend more time standing up.

    There are a few different types of standing desks, like height-adjustable sit-stand desks and risers (we’ll get into the differences below), so it should be easy for you to find an option that suits your style and needs.

    Of course, anyone interested in using a standing desk can (and probably should) buy one. However, standing desks are especially recommended for those who spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk and those who are largely sedentary, especially outside of or in addition to Monday-Friday work hours.

    Having a standing desk, or even a sit-stand desk, makes it easier to pack a little more movement into your day. But, of course, if you are going to opt for a hybrid desk that’ll allow you to alternate between sitting and standing, you should help yourself out by picking up a top-rated office chair to ensure your spine, back, and neck is taken care of when you do sit.

    Of course, you can opt to keep things simple and just stand in front of your standing desk. Or, you can round out your setup with a few helpful accessories that’ll make using your desk a little more pleasant.

    We recommend an anti-fatigue mat to keep your feet from hurting while you stand. These mats are designed to take the tension out of your feet and legs and can even eliminate cramps and massage your feet. Similarly, you can also grab a balance board, like this one from Fluidstance. Balance boards help you shift your weight around while you stand through swivelling, rocking, twisting, wobbling, swaying, or otherwise fidgeting.

    Likewise, you can perch on a standing desk stool if you need a quick break but don’t want to fuss with lowering it. These are a great way to give your feet a 15-minute break or to kick back and relax over lunch.

    While there are many potential causes of neck pain, most of them begin in one place: the spine.

    Your spine was designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure necessary for standing upright, performing physical activity, and going about your daily life.

    However, undue pressure in this area can put excessive stress on the muscles, tendons and discs that form your back and neck.

    A traditional desk setup is designed to keep you in a sitting position throughout your workday. However, sitting for long periods of time could cause strain and pressure on the muscles in your back, neck, hips and bottom, resulting in pain. 

    Additionally, your desk and chair may not be the only things causing undue strain on your body.

    If you’re an office worker who spends most of your time looking at a computer, causes of neck pain could be from sitting too low, sitting too high, or from the light setting that is too dim to see effectively.

    The amount of pressure placed on your neck when sitting at the wrong angle can surprise you: a 45-degree bend in your neck can result in up to 50 pounds of gravitational force being placed on your neck muscles!

    MOVI Stand Up Office Desk in Australia

    movi stand up office desk in australia

    Welcome to MOVI, Australia's most cutting-edge stand-up desk shop! At MOVI, we want to transform how Australians see work-life balance by utilizing the principles of health science. The advantages of employing a stand-up desk are numerous, but it may occasionally be challenging to replace your entire desk or get one that matches your own design. We came up with the answer for that reason!

    The tremendous issue of the "sitting pandemic" has spread throughout the entire world, and it also happens to be the name of the book co-founded by MOVI, Daniel Angelini. When we claim that we take health seriously, we really do. To bring you the greatest product for your health and quality of life, we focus on the research and do our due diligence.

    Sitting longer than 10 hours a day can more than double your chance of developing heart disease. Unfortunately, the majority of us lead lives that demand us to spend at least 8 hours every day at a desk. That is why purchasing a stand-up desk is so crucial.

    Factory Buys Stand Up Office Desk in Australia

    factory buys stand up office desk in australia

    Our goal is to supply the ultimate customer experience.

    Australia's fastest-growing and most reliable internet retailer is Factory Buys.

    Factory Buys, a company with headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland, inventories, sells, and distributes a range of consumer goods with more than 6,000 SKUs.

    Our Products

    We continue to find incredible deals for our Australian customers, expanding our product selection every week.

    Factory Buys provides you the newest products from around the world thanks to established strong production and supply chain networks.

    Our Team

    In addition to offering the cheapest prices, we have a commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional customer service. We take pride in making sure that our customers are completely happy with our services, thus our team is always accessible to help with pre- and post-sales concerns and queries.

    Omnidesk Stand Up Office Desk in Australia

    omnidesk stand up office desk in australia

    (03) 9917 3739



    The best solutions are frequently developed in response to major issues. Our response was straightforward: standing desks are prohibitively expensive.

    We were a group of small business owners, IT consultants, and retired gamers, and the aging process began to take hold as we spent 18 hours a day at our desks. We decided to give standing desks a try after hearing about how large corporations were installing them in their offices. However, the prices were exorbitant, and we were surprised at how difficult it was to find a good standing desk that didn't require us to eat nothing but bread and biscuits for the entire month. Even at those prices, there were very few options and styles available. Where were the options back then?

    It turns out that the ergonomics market is highly specialized, dominated by a small number of large corporations that have been able to charge exorbitant prices while profiting from customers who have no other options.

    To provide an alternative, we spun off OmnideskTM from our sister company, Aftershock PC. An insurgency. a commotion

    Artiss Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    artiss stand up office desk australia

    An Australian company called Artiss provides lovely furnishings so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams with a little less difficulty and a lot more joy. Our business is located in Melbourne, Australia, and we are happy to assist any Australian customers. We are dedicated to offering customers all across Australia home interior solutions.

    We recognize that it can be challenging to browse around for what you want given the hectic nature of modern living. Personalizing your home's furnishings can be a time-consuming and expensive process. We therefore simplify the process for you by offering a one-stop online store with a vast selection of goods in every imaginable sort and style. from plant stands to dining tables. eccentric or conventional. You don't need to look elsewhere, actually.

    Most importantly, since we don't have physical storefronts, we are committed to finding high-quality items at reasonable prices. High-end furnishings without high-end prices. Anyone can achieve their ideal way of life.

    Rosier Commercial Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    rosier commercial furniture stand up office desk australia

    (03) 8566 9871


    As a world leader in office furniture and business furniture, we have put together what we think is an outstanding selection of high-quality furniture solutions created exclusively for the environment of today.

    Since its founding in 1984 as "Workplace Ergonomics" and "Australian Ergonomic Industries," Rosier Commercial Furniture has been pushing and putting into practice authentic ergonomic office and product design. In the area of ergonomic office design, we are widely regarded as market leaders.

    We only provide high-quality products, and they will show to be a wise investment in the long run because to their excellent functionality and high quality.

    Many of Australia's top architects, interior designers, and project managers are involved in our project and fit out work.

    Adept Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    adept office furniture stand up desk australia

    (03) 9484 0765

    Our commitment

    Adept Office Furniture has been offering premium office and home computer furniture since the 1980s and has more than 31 years of industry experience.

    Our product line grew as a result of listening to what consumers in today's world actually required to make their working environments function for them.

    We are committed to providing our customers with the best office and home furniture, which is why we regularly update our selection to meet their evolving needs.

    Since we have access to so many high-quality suppliers and enjoy a very good reputation in the industry, we have exclusive rights to a number of product lines.

    Ergomotion Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    ergomotion stand up office desk australia

    03 9579 1454

    Standing desks and TV lifts from Ergomotion

    Electric height-adjustable standing workstations, sometimes referred to as sit-stand desks, and electric TV lifts are Ergomotion's two primary product categories.

    By pressing a button, users of our standing workstations can swiftly switch from a sitting to a standing position.

    When not in use, a TV can be hidden inside of furniture thanks to TV lifts. When the TV is not in use, this not only keeps the TV clean and safe from accidents, but it also improves the room's aesthetics.

    Our Melbourne office and showroom produce the Australian-made motiondesk® electric standing desks. We deliver our goods around Australia.

    JasonL Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    jasonl stand up office desk australia

    1300 943 895

    About us

    Our purpose is to enable people to do their best!

    We accomplish this by offering a specific assortment of stocked items and services that foster productive work environments.

    Both the public and private sectors are served by us. We collaborate with government officials, franchise owners, developing SMBs, departments of education, and non-profit organizations. We adore dealing with people who value their own people as well as honesty and dependability. Although we can service all of Australia, we specialize in the Eastern Seaboard.

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