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Top 50+ Wedding Celebrants in Adelaide

Are you getting married in Adelaide? If so, you'll need to find a celebrant. Celebrants are the people who perform weddings, and there are plenty of them to choose from in Adelaide. But how do you go about choosing one? And what should you look for?. When you are planning your wedding, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. One of the most important aspects of your big day is who will officiate your wedding. There are many different types of wedding celebrants to choose from, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

The importance of celebrants in South Australia There are many important factors to consider when planning a wedding. The role of the celebrant is often one of the most overlooked. However, choosing the right celebrant is essential to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. Here at Celebrants Adelaide, we pride ourselves on our reputation for professionalism and quality service. We understand that each wedding is unique, and we work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your personalities and beliefs.

Ultimate List of Wedding Celebrants Adelaide

Creative Celebrant Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


creative celebrant weddings celebrants adelaide


Everyone wants their day to be just right. We'll make something fantastic that celebrates something lovely - your marriage - as we design your ceremony together." - Peter.

My name is Peter. The Australian Attorney-Department General's has selected me as a licensed Civil Marriage Celebrant to officiate marriages. I picked the name Creative Celebrant for my business, which is based in Adelaide, South Australia, because when you get in touch with me, we start a creative process together. In the end, we had an entirely unique ceremony. I make a pledge to every couple that the ceremony we jointly conceived and created will be executed as you both desire. I encourage and support couples from all cultures to choose, at their discretion, to include and celebrate ceremony elements from their home country. If you're looking for a Civil Marriage Celebrant who is kind and has a fantastic sense of humor and is committed to his job, you've found him.

Sharen Malone Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


sharen malone weddings celebrants adelaide


Why Choose Me as Your Celebrant?

For me, this is more than simply a job. My passion is it. I'm honored to contribute to the success of your most significant event. I shall never take this obligation for granted. I'm eager to get to know you, learn more about your life's journey, and discuss how we could celebrate it in a way that is especially you.


You've discovered the one, fallen in love, chosen a date, invited your loved ones, and now it's time to prepare a day that is really special to YOU. A memorable ceremony that is imaginative, loving, joyful, and full of happiness. Let your personality shine since it's your day.

Wedding Fee Includes:

unrestricted email and phone interaction, initial consultation for completing NOIM and other legal paperwork, Customer Kit (checklists for before and after ceremony and vow samples), preparing your special ceremony, creating all necessary legal documentation, introducing your wedding ceremony, Certificate of Marriage, Submission of Documents for Births, Deaths, and Marriages, If necessary, use the PA/signing table and chairs.

Her Bride His Groom Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


her bride his groom weddings celebrants adelaide

Welcome To Her Bride His Groom

Our goal is to make it easier for same-sex couples to show their love and dedication to their loved ones. We accomplish this by offering an online database of discrimination-free wedding vendors and suppliers. Samuel Meathrel, who realized the lack of services for same-sex couples seeking marriage, developed our website. Samuel wants to create Australia's top wedding directory for same-sex couples with the help of his staff.

Samuel has managed venues all throughout Australia and has more than ten years of expertise in the wedding industry. He can help couples plan the best weddings possible thanks to his experience. We truly hope you have fun while visiting Her Bride His Groom and that our assistance aids in the smooth planning of your big day.

Love From Laura Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


love from laura


Hey! I'm Laura, and I officiate civil unions out of Adelaide, South Australia. After getting married in 2016, I fell in love with the wedding business. With my history in acting and the difficulty I had in finding the ideal marriage celebrant for our wedding, I felt this was the career path for me.

After three years, there is a child, a dog, and a marriage equality victory. My first year as a civil marriage celebrant has finally come to a close, and I couldn't be happier! I genuinely feel honored to be a part of the enchantment of a wedding ceremony and love to offer something new, stylish, and enjoyable to each Wedding I perform! My promises to you as your wedding officiant;

I can't guarantee that I won't cry when you walk down the aisle to the love of your life, and I can't guarantee that by the time the ceremony is through, I won't be best friends with your grandmother. But I can assure you that I'll be a reassuring presence and always have your back (especially mid-ceremony).

I swear to make it not just the happiest day but also the happiest event of your lives! I pledge to make it the ceremony of your and your partner's dreams and will do everything in my power to ensure you obtain the best "confetti tossing aisle walking" picture imaginable. Whether that's an epic winery celebration or an elopement by the ocean, a wedding festival in a field of daisies or your friends and family in your backyard.

Natalie Johansen Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


natalie johansen weddings celebrants adelaide


About Me

You already know that I LOVE LOVE if you know me. Everywhere I go, I see it in all of its forms, from couples kissing to friends laughing to children reaching out for their parents' hands. When I announced to family and friends that I was going to start a business honoring marriage, they weren't too surprised.

Let me thus briefly introduce myself to those of you who are unfamiliar with me. I arrive first to the dance floor and leave last from the theater. Remembering song lyrics from Doris Day to 90s grunge and beyond is one of my superpowers!

Wedding Ceremonies

I enjoy love and relationships, and I am sincere and honest. Even in the most tense circumstances, I have a knack of putting people at ease. If being in the spotlight gives you anxiety, you can be confident that my laid-back, enjoyable, and vivacious presence will foster a lively atmosphere where everyone feels involved.

I'll put your fears at ease and assure you that your ceremony will be filled with affection, laughter, and self-assurance. Love to me knows no bounds; it is love! Since before the acronym ever existed, I have been LGBTQIA+ friendly and specialize in all wedding ceremonies.

Anna Wu Celebrant Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


anna wu celebrant weddings celebrants adelaide



Hello there! I'm a youthful, energetic, and dependable marriage celebrant by the name of Anna, and I'm accessible for weddings all throughout Adelaide. Let's say you're looking for a celebrant in Adelaide or South Australia. I'm here to assist you in planning a hassle-free, unique, enjoyable, cozy, and romantic celebration with your own distinctive touch. I pay attention to your desires and then work with you to design the wedding day of your dreams. You'll discover that I'm laid-back and capable of making the planning for your wedding ceremony joyful and stress-free.

Wedding Ceremony Service

first free casual conversation and up to three in-person encounters ( including the rehearsal), creation and submission of necessary legal documentation (I will write up all paperwork and all you need to do is read and sign ), the creation of your own Ceremony, the use of an expert PA system, unlimited email and telephone assistance, Rehearsal, I will be on site the day of the event at least 30 minutes before the specified start time, With my lovely signature pen, Your marriage is solemnized.

Chinese-English Ceremony Service

Let's say that your parents, other family members, or visitors come from a Chinese-speaking background and are unable to grasp English. If the ceremony is conducted in both Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) and English, they will feel more included. So let everyone take part in a really international wedding in Australia! For additional details, kindly get in touch with me.

Vintage Love Ceremonies Weddings Celebrants Adelaide

vintage love ceremonies weddings celebrants adelaide


Adelaides Young And Fun Marriage Celebrant

Hayley Rucinski

I'm a passionate young Adelaide marriage celebrant that bleeds love and romance day in and day out and has a healthy addiction to happiness. I love kids and am a mother to two adorable young ones, so if you think about having your little one attend your special day, it is great with me. Your wedding day is one of many amazing moments in your relationship, so it's crucial to make it special and represent your personalities as a couple.

Every wedding ceremony is unique, and every couple has a unique engagement tale. Getting your ceremony perfect is very important to me since it sets the tone for you and your guests for the entire day. I think wedding ceremonies should be emotional and moving, full of joy, love, happy tears, sad tears, and most importantly, personality. I want it to be your ceremony, your way.

My objective is to incorporate your flair and individuality, enthrall you and your guests, and celebrate who you are as a couple and as individuals. I start from fresh on every page as I get to know you both. I will involve you every step of the way as I make multiple revisions to the drafts of your ceremony.

I Do Drive Thru Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


i do drive thru weddings celebrants adelaide


Say 'i Do' To Eloping!

With 0 to 30 guests, celebrants and photographers can marry you anyplace. In less than 7 minutes, in automobiles, out of cars, indoors, outdoors, at home, on vacation, and in a way that screams YOU! Additionally, we are AUSTRALIA WIDE and will move your appointment to a different state if COVID causes a problem.

It All Started When

Covid has completely upended the wedding market by March 2020. Mel had a thought one night at around four in the morning. She woke up and quickly contacted her Cele-buddies Klara, Zena and Kate, inviting them to join her in the new business idea, of which they agreed without a moment's hesitation.

People wanted a safe way to get married, so why not give them a choice that demonstrates ingenuity, class, and plenty of sass? I Do Drive Thru was founded when cool automobiles and even cooler settings combined. The website went live, a press release was sent, and there was a huge response eight days later. By the end of the first day, they had been featured in two major newspapers, three radio stations, and their first (of many) TV appearances on Channel 9's 6 PM news.

The Drive-Thru concept was well received in Melbourne, but Adelaide quickly caught on, followed closely by Sydney and Brisbane. The media craze insured rapid growth in every capital city and numerous regions across the nation within a month or so. The narrative doesn't end in Australia, though; several American cities join the celebration; it seems that the sky is the limit.

Married By Ali Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


married by ali weddings celebrants adelaide


Welcome, lovers and congratulations on your engagement!

It's an incredibly exciting time, and I'm glad you've come to this page to find out if I would be the right celebrant for you. I'm the spark behind Married By Ali, and my name is Ali. My husband, two children, our wild dog Taffy, and our fishy companion Rosie all reside in Adelaide.

People who know me well describe me as self-assured, endearing, proactive, kind, and hilarious. Oh, and in addition to marrying (simply the best) couples, I also work for the government as an executive, so my attention to detail and organizational abilities are top notch to ensure that all of our paperwork is in order.

I primarily provide my services to Canberra and the South Coast, though I'm happy to travel farther if the circumstances call for it.


Wedding, commitment, renewal of vows, and naming ceremonies

Diana Woods Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


diana woods wedding celebrants adelaide

Congratulations on your engagement!

Your wedding ceremony's composition, choreography, and seamless delivery are in experienced hands with over twelve years of experience.

I am friendly, perceptive, a natural public speaker, and I genuinely like what I do. We will discuss a ceremony that most accurately captures you as the creator of your tale and the setting of your lives. You will also be given access to a wealth of creative suggestions for organizing an exquisite and joyous party from my personal works, collection of materials, and expertise.

I'm quick on my feet and enjoy playing a role in bringing people together to commemorate significant moments in their life. By hiring me, you'll get a polished public speaker who takes the audience on a journey while making your guests feel loved and valued for the unique individuals they are in your lives.

You may be confident that I will give your wedding my full attention because I don't officiate at several wedding ceremonies on the same day. You are more than welcome to stop by my home office for a no-pressure meeting so we can chat, get to know one another, and look at some sample ceremonies.


Your preferred location may be used for wedding ceremonies. Ceremonies for "Registry Marriages" are performed in the stunning Adelaide Hills at my home office. Celebrate your baby's naming and designate a knowledgeable and loving mentor for them. Special Birthday celebrations; I will interview, script and celebrate the highlights, funny stories, love story and adventures of Mum & Dad or Grandma/Grandpa's lives. Birthdays and vow renewals.

For your wedding celebration, Adelaide is blessed with a wealth of lovely gardens, boutique hotels, wineries, and family homes. Alternately, select a straightforward, elegant registry wedding ceremony at my home office, perhaps capping it off with a getaway weekend for the two of you to enjoy in our stunning Adelaide Hills.

Celebrations by Penelope Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


celebrations by penelope wedding celebrants adelaide

Winner Of The South Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant Of 2018 & Runner-Up 2019

I've performed over 470 wedding ceremonies in Adelaide as a marriage celebrant over the past nine years. I realize I don't appear old enough. I'm a very modern celebrant who focuses on making your ceremony memorable for all the right reasons and, most importantly, stress-free. I'm outgoing, experienced, fun, and—most importantly—extremely modern. That's pretty much all I can think of if you want enjoyment, joy, and involvement. Consider it finished if you desire romance and nice, fuzzy sensations. Let's just do you, and if you want to laugh, then go ahead.

It gives me great pleasure to design a ceremony for you that is unique to you and reflects your personalities. I pledge to conduct a ceremony that honors the particulars of your relationship. We are all a little bit odd, life is a little bit weird, and when we discover someone whose craziness is compatible with ours, we link up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love, the great man once said.

I want to deliver exceptional service and great memories as your celebrant. I can assist you with creating the wedding day of your dreams, regardless of whether your ceremony is traditional, unconventional, or somewhere in between. It should be all you and your partner could possibly want on this particular day. However, as I like to say, whichever you choose to marry, make sure they embrace joy. Don't you want the day of your wedding to be joyful? Happiness is frequently a sensation that lasts for a long time, but real joy must be attained in order to have the marriage ceremony and wedding day of your dreams. In every sense, you need someone who can create jobs and embrace joy. You may expect to discover that in me. Therefore, you should be informed if you want me to be your celebrant.

Love Me Do Weddings Celebrants Adelaide


love me do weddings celebrants adelaide


Welcome To Love Me Do Weddings, And Congratulations On Your Upcoming Wedding!

The day of your wedding is one of the most important and unforgettable days of your life and a representation of your personalities as a couple. Our award-winning, accredited events planning team has over 40 years of expertise in organising weddings, so the alternatives for your big day are only limited by your imagination and budget. Over 11,000 weddings have invited us, so we know how to impress your guests. Allow our award-winning staff to organize your wedding to exceed all of your expectations and take the burden, worry, and stress out of wedding planning.

You can rely on Love Me Do Weddings to give you with a wide range of options, peace of mind, and the assurance that you are working with the greatest wedding planning service provider with credibility, ethics, and experience. We collaborate with tried-and-true suppliers and event experts who will give you their very best. For you to choose from, we have already negotiated special pricing/offers and hand-picked the top providers in each area.

How Much Should I Pay For A Wedding Celebrant In Adelaide?

It is an honor to have such a significant role in a couple's wedding day. The greatest celebrants are all about marriage and are huge supporters of two individuals making a fun, dynamic, and engaging commitment to one another. But not all Celebrants are created equal. We'll make an effort to explain how much they charge and what you should anticipate from your celebrant in an effort to address the many queries that have been raised over the years regarding why rates amongst wedding celebrants differ so widely.

Let me just say that after 15,000 weddings in our company over many years, we have seen it all and know what it takes to have the best wedding ever. There are so many things to consider! One of the most crucial choices you will have to make is selecting the correct celebrant since without them, your marriage is not valid. So take the necessary steps to make it distinctive and exceptional. You don't want a dull celebrant who treats your wedding ceremony like a wake!

The ceremony will create the "tone, energy, and ambiance" for the upcoming reception. It's the happiest and one of the largest moments of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Celebrants

Put simply, a celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies –such as weddings, vow renewals, baby naming, or even funerals and memorials. By booking a Celebrant for your service, you can have the vows you want, the music you want, the readings you want.

Yes. A Celebrant Wedding Ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony. It is about celebrating your love and relationship in a way that is special to you. If you wish to confirm your committment to eachother without legal ties, then that's not a problem.

How long is a celebrant wedding ceremony? My weddings tend to range from 30-50 minutes – typically the same as a church wedding and probably a little longer than a registration service wedding.

It's completely up to you! Being unrestricted by law, a celebrant can officiate your ceremony in any location - indoors or outdoors - and in any venue - public or private - anywhere in the world; whether or not your venue holds a license for marriage.

is that celebrant is a person who officiates at a religious ceremony, especially a marriage or the eucharist while officiant is a person who officiates at a religious ceremony.

Annette Perryman Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


annette perryman wedding celebrants adelaide


One of the most significant days in your life is your wedding. It expresses the goals you two share. I am a modern-style marriage celebrant who will design the ceremony of your dreams. Your wedding must go down without a hitch and just as you had envisioned it given everything else you are arranging. According to one of my couples, "Annette, our wedding celebrant, understood us. She was aware of our desires!"

Engagements, Weddings & Ceremonies

Marriage Celebrant

I take great pride in presenting a ceremony that accurately represents you because I have more than 10 years of experience as a licensed professional marriage celebrant.

Renewal of Vows

When you renew your marriage vows, you have the chance to write your own vows, select a special location that wasn't initially possible, invite family and friends who couldn't attend the first time, and include your children who may not have been present but would love to join you in your celebration now.

Naming Ceremony

Instead of christenings, naming ceremonies are a charming, contemporary way to formalize your child's name.

Meet Annette

Since my experience is in event management, it seemed sense that I would want to move from the back of the house to the front because officiating wedding ceremonies for couples is among the most fulfilling jobs you can think of.

I adore how my family supports and inspires me, and how my grandchildren help me stay grounded.

My Experience

Couples' testimonials support my laid-back attitude, dedication to excellence, and professionalism. Confidentiality is of course at the top of my strategy, and I also include lots of fun!

Since most of their relatives live in Australia, I draw couples from all over the world, including the UK, America, China, and more.

My Ceremony Style

In Australia, outdoor weddings are what most couples like, and I am an expert in that area. I'm a local Celebrant in Glenelg, South Australia, and we are surrounded by the most pristine beaches on the coast.

My KISS ceremonies (short and sweet) are typically performed in a couple's home, apartment, or backyard.

Same Ceremonies are alive & kicking – very exciting!

Instead of christenings, naming ceremonies are a great way to formalize your child's name without all the fuss (!) Describe to me your petal and balloon ceremonies.

Marriage vow renewal ceremonies are frequently scheduled for a particular birthday or wedding anniversary.

Lynn Lovell Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


lynn lovell wedding celebrants adelaide


I now have to identify myself as a "religious marriage celebrant" in order to maintain my right to freedom of religion due to recent amendments to the Marriage Act. I therefore don't conduct religious rituals.

Thank you for visiting Lovely Weddings and best wishes on your upcoming nuptials. At Lovelly Weddings, we strive to provide you with a wedding that is truly gorgeous, whatever that means to you.

Whatever you decide, we will make it happen with expertise, respect, fun, and style, whether you have a few guests or even just your witnesses, a more extravagant event, or anything from barefoot to black tie.

I'm Lynn Lovell, and I'm a competent, certified, and licensed civil marriage celebrant who is now accessible in the Adelaide region and locations of South Australia within 100 KMS (negotiable).

Complimentary Meeting

Would you want to speak with me in person before choosing your celebrant?

Before you make a choice, we can schedule a meeting at a location that is convenient for both of us. Free of charge and obligation.

You could also give me a call to discuss your objectives and requirements.

If you are unsure of where to start, don't be concerned; I am here to assist you.


Married by Moira Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


married by moira wedding celebrants adelaide


Making your wedding enjoyable and stress-free is my main objective. Therefore, in order to make the process as simple as possible for you, I will lead you through it. Your wedding can be anything you want it to be, from a low key, hassle-free, legal-only elopement to a lavish party and, of course, everything in between. I will handle all the formalities and paperwork, giving you plenty of time to focus on the remaining aspects of your wedding preparations.


Legal Only Wedding Ceremony

Low Key Wedding Ceremony

Fully Customized Wedding

Vow Renewal Ceremony

​Sue Harris Civil Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide.


sue harris civil celebrant wedding celebrants adelaide


a Northern metro Adelaide-based public speaker that is well-organized, dependable, trustworthy, and qualified. I am a warm, personable, sympathetic individual who respects your opinions, aspirations, culture, and values. I take pleasure in how I look and the quality of my work, and I would consider it an honor to work with you to plan the ideal ceremony, whether it be for a wedding, vow renewal, or naming ceremony. I will work with you to make a lasting memory that perfectly captures your sense of celebration, pleasure, fun, romance, and significance.


Marriage Ceremony

Commitment Ceremony

Renewal Of Vows

Naming Day

Christine Trenwith Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


christine trenwith wedding celebrants adelaide


Deluxe Elegant Relaxed Fun Weddings


Intimate Bespoke Weddings


Just the Legals' Marriage

just the bride, groom, and two witnesses are present Midweek: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This short and sweet ceremony includes exchanging vows, giving rings, saying a few legal things, signing the marriage register, and then you're married! Quick but beautiful!

Vow Renewal

By renewing your wedding vows and showing your continuous love and dedication to one another, you can relive your wedding day and celebrate a special anniversary!

Baby Naming

Whether a child is being welcomed into the family as a newborn, an adopted child, or a partner's child, it is a beautiful way to do so. Additionally, a "keep-sake Commemorative Name Certificate" will be given to you.


An individual "Celebration of Life" to say goodbye to your loved ones, share their inspiring life story, honor their accomplishments, and commemorate their life with family and friends

Dorinda Hafner Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


dorinda hafner

Dorinda Hafner is a celebrity celebrant who has received training and is officially registered as a marriage celebrant in Australia.

Dorinda had her initial training as an optician and nursing sister in Britain. She has worked in the media for many years as a television personality, author, public speaker, motivator, and chef since moving to Australia in the 1970s. She has interacted and collaborated with a wide range of people and gained knowledge from many areas of life; in fact, she is a perpetual learner who, by sheer luck, has gathered a sizable global following and yet maintains a decent public reputation.

She delivers deep expertise, quality, and passion to your big day as a celebrant for the wedding with a twist.

"Until you get married by Dorinda, you haven't been married," she said. Her weddings are incredibly unforgettable! She has a wonderful joie de vivre that she loves to share with everyone. With you and your guests, let Dorinda work her magic to make YOUR special day one in a million!


Marriage Celebrant Above And Beyond Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


marriage celebrant above and beyond wedding celebrants adelaide


Professional Marriage Celebrant

"I'll travel into the wilderness of this planet with you. I'll be your haven of love.""

Your wedding ceremony will be just that—yours. It is the ultimate declaration of your love and devotion. A beautiful occasion will be a celebration in front of your favorite individuals. I am a seasoned celebrant with moral character and a good sense of humor. I do a special ceremony that showcases your character and love story. Do not undervalue the ceremony's significance on your wedding day. It is the phase where you declare your commitment! The moments will always hold special meaning for you, your loved ones, and your friends.


I conduct wedding ceremonies with professionalism, warmth, and a little bit of humor.

I take satisfaction in assisting the Bride and Groom in planning the wedding ceremony of their dreams from the first minute we meet.

I'm a skilled public speaker with good communication skills. Therefore, the excitement I get when a couple first presents themselves to me and the final result of their ceremony that day are very valuable to me.

I can choose from a variety of vows, readings, poems, and musical selections. The most significant event on your wedding day is, however, the wedding ceremony. We'll work together to design a service that complements your character and love story.

Above And Beyond

​My full service includes:

All face to face meetings. Initial meeting is obligation-free.

24/7 phone access and support

preparation and submission of all legal papers, such as the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), the Final Declaration of No Legal Obstacle to Marriage, marriage certificates, registration fees, and related fees to Births, Deaths, and Marriages

Continual assistance and guidance from wedding vendors, as well as a sympathetic ear for any problems you might be having

My ceremony is written uniquely for you; drafts are sent for your approval. Then a portable PA delivers this.

For your music to be played throughout the ceremony, I also provide you access to my PA, which we downloaded (my amazing husband does this) and timed perfectly.

If necessary, there is a minor additional fee for a site visit or rehearsal at the site of your ceremony.

I shall be on location the day of the wedding ceremony at least 30 minutes before the start time. This will ease any last-minute jitters and guarantee that everything is silky and smooth.

I (very) kindly ask that your guests put their phones away, refrain from taking pictures throughout the ceremony, and wait to post anything on social media until after the bride has walked down the aisle to her groom.

I give each pair my "Memories" folder. This includes all of the ceremony's elements, like as vows, readings, poems, and the Legal Service. The paper used for printing is parchment.

If any family members or friends prefer the ceremony to be written in a second language of your choice, I also volunteer to do so.

Lynne Ishak Celebrates Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


lynne ishak celebrates wedding celebrants adelaide


Your innovative, contemporary wedding celebrant. You have an Adelaide base and serve the McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, and Adelaide regions. Celebrating life, love, and joy is my passion. In search of a memorable and meaningful ceremony? I'm here to assist you create a happy, stress-free, and enjoyable celebration of your love on your wedding day.

It's crucial to select a celebrant who appreciates that your celebration is all about you. I therefore concentrate on paying attention to you and assisting you in designing a ceremony that is ideal for you and your love story. After all, it is your ceremony, and it will be my pleasure to ensure that you remember it fondly.

I work hard to give you the individualized attention and commitment you require on your wedding day, so if you need assistance organizing a ceremony that is contemporary or traditional, formal or informal, intimate or complex, I am here to help!

Ceremonies Just For You Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


ceremonies just for you wedding celebrants adelaide


I'm Gillian, an authorized Civil Celebrant.

When it comes to commemorating your special occasion, I will work with you to design a ceremony that is personal and ideal — one that is made just for you. It will be a reflection of your goals, values, customs, and history. Whatever you decide, I can assist you in making it a lovely conventional ceremony, a romantic, private, happy, or enjoyable event.

You can be completely confident that your ceremony will be planned and executed properly; it will be a polished, well-run, artistic wedding that you and your guests will cherish and remember. I have a lot of experience speaking in front of groups and take care in how I come across. I pledge to create a very special "moment in time" for you and your visitors.

Wedding Ceremonies


It's a good idea to get in touch with me as soon as you can to schedule a planning meeting once you've chosen the day and time of your ceremony.

I will go 100 kilometers round trip as part of my regular cost for your ceremony, and further via agreement.

Upon making your reservation, you must pay a $350 non-refundable deposit. Ask me for further information if you'd like to make the remaining amount in predetermined installments.

Feel free to contact me via phone or email to talk. If you want to know if I'd be a good fit for your ideal day, hearing my voice on the phone could be a nice place to start.

Legal Information For Weddings

A Notice of Intended Marriage form must be filled out and sent to the Attorney General's Department as soon as you decide to get married.

This form must be filled out no later than 18 months before to your wedding day, but no later than one month. When you choose me to be your celebrant, I will fill out this form (with some assistance from you) and submit it on your behalf.

According to Australian law, both parties to a marriage must be at least 18 years old. So even if there are a few extra procedures, it is still possible if one individual is under 18 (but over 16).

You must give me the following information in order for me to complete the required paperwork:

You will sign three marriage certificates as part of your wedding ceremony on the following days:

The certifications must also be witnessed by two adults who are at least 18 and are fluent in English.


Within three days following your wedding, I will verify all legal paperwork and mail it by registered mail to Adelaide's Birth, Death, and Marriage Registration Office.

A "Register a change of name" application form must be obtained and filled out if either spouse plans to change their name after marriage. This can be downloaded from the Births, Deaths and Marriages website or obtained from any Australia Post Office.

From the time I lodge your paperwork, the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office will process them in around 15 days. As a result, you should submit your official marriage certificate or applications for name changes after this date.

Mary Odgers Marriage Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


mary odgers marriage celebrant wedding celebrants adelaide


Given how exciting this time in your life is, you want your ceremony to be special, individual, and unlike anything else. The finest part of my job is making sure it will be a memory you will look back on and remember time and time again. I have been performing entertaining and laid-back wedding ceremonies for over twelve years.

My interest is working with people, and I wanted to become a celebrant to provide my couples a special, fulfilling, and genuine experience by hosting a formal but laid-back wedding ceremony! I take great delight in providing a high-quality service, and your happiness shows how much time and effort that requires.

Premium Wedding Ceremony

I have a reputation for having new, cutting-edge, and creative ideas, and I'll design a formal but enjoyable ceremony to meet your needs.

I provide an all-inclusive service that is specifically created and designed, and I'll walk you through each step to make sure it goes smoothly. On the big day, all you have to do is unwind and enjoy yourself! Why not keep your vows between you two a secret? I'll help you both achieve anything you want to do!

My Services

Sherri Dawson Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


sherri dawson celebrant wedding celebrants adelaide


You have the option of having your wedding on a beach, in a park, in your backyard, on a sports field, or in a bar. It's time to reserve your celebrant once the date and place have been chosen. I can help in this situation.

What Sort Of Wedding Do You Want?


A traditional wedding is a personal, passionate ceremony performed especially for you. Therefore, if you are worried that classic will be dull, relax because it won't be.

Short & Sweet

For couples that are content with a simple, less personalized ceremony, short and sweet is the way to go.


Couples who wish to skip the hassle and stress of a big wedding can consider eloping.


A co-pilot wedding is one in which I handle the legalities while someone you know officiates the ceremony (such as a close friend or relative).


A "Legals Only" wedding entails signing the necessary paperwork, saying the required legal words, and calling it quits. It may be done anywhere and only takes a few minutes.

Celebrant Camille Abbott Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


celebrant camille abbott wedding celebrants adelaide


Only Fun And Relaxed Wedding Ceremonies

You want your wedding ceremony to feel easy, natural and fun.

Your guests feel connected to you and participating in your wedding since the tone is lighthearted but still heartfelt.

a sincere expression (hold the cheese) indicating that you two are totally absorbed in this moment together.

These are the kinds of wedding celebrations that genuinely excite me as a progressive marriage celebrant with over 800+ weddings under my belt.

My Full-Service Includes

I am aware of how difficult it may be to know where to begin when preparing your wedding ceremony and how it might feel a little overwhelming. So let's talk so we can assist you with your inquiries and cross something off your "to make" list.

Amanda Schenk Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


amanda schenk wedding celebrants adelaide



You are engaged and about to discover that true love is spending one day getting married and the rest of your life feeling glad that you did!

It's time to start organizing your nuptials and the public exchange of vows between you and your loved ones. By creating something special for you, with you, and about you, I'm here to make things joyful and stress-free for you.

Can't wait to get married?

Do you have little time to organize a wedding because of your hectic schedule or do you prefer everything to go smoothly?

Is locating the ideal celebrant one of your top concerns, but you're having real trouble doing it?

Have you been stressing out because your wedding is approaching so rapidly and you won't compromise on quality or the date, and you believe all the "excellent" celebrants are already booked?

Does the idea of a protracted engagement, during which you only discuss weddings for months on end, make you queasy?

Engaging and Personalized Ceremonies

Unfortunately, although many wedding ceremonies are less than inspiring for the guests, your wedding ceremony should be the most pleasurable, touching, and unforgettable portion of your day. If you choose me to be your celebrant, I'll lead you and the audience on an exciting journey as you enter into marriage, celebrating your past, present, and future. I'll make sure your ceremony is enjoyable, special, and meaningful with the ideal ratio of heartfelt sentiment, humor, and poignant moments. The ability to celebrate your marriage anyway you like is the best aspect of Australian marriage legislation. You have complete freedom to act however you like, with no restrictions on rituals, traditions, or roles, save from a few words that must be said. The result will be a ceremony that you and your guests will talk about for years to come and that contains the "oooh aaah," "ha ha," and "what" (happy tears, of course!).

Support, Support and more Support

Although they don't have to be, weddings can be stressful. You won't need to worry if you have the correct pros on your side during the planning and execution phases. People who know me say I'm the most meticulous and well-organized person they've ever met. I enjoy event facilitation almost as much as I enjoy planning. I see my primary responsibility in your wedding as assisting you in creating and carrying out a truly unique and memorable ceremony. To do this, I must be readily available, quick to respond, a great listener, knowledgeable about the law, well-resourced, calm, dependable, and incredibly excited to be a part of your special day. I create a truly unique and personalized ceremony by getting to know you over the phone, via email, and in person. Therefore, if you hire me, feel free to call me whenever you need to with any questions you may have. It is my responsibility to help and advise you while you make your plans. In the service industry, is it even possible to overserve customers?

The Right Celebrant For You

I am aware of the significance of your wedding day to you. It is crucial to hire the appropriate person for the position because this is a special and one-time celebration of your marriage. You wouldn't choose your clothing based just on price, so I implore you to put equal importance on selecting a celebrant who you get along with, who complements your personality, who truly understands your vision for your ceremony, and who has the abilities to make this vision a reality.

If you hire me as your celebrant, you can unwind knowing that you are working with a seasoned expert with over 20 years of experience in speech writing, public speaking, event planning, coordination, and facilitation. As a result, you can relax knowing that you won't have to stress over what to say and do on the big day.

Alix The Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


alix the celebrant


Do you desire an Adelaide celebrant who shares your enthusiasm for the occasion?

Oh, hey there!

It appears that you require a celebrant, then. You're in the correct place, I suppose. I'm Alix, an Adelaide marriage celebrant who enjoys narrative, romance, and people.

I specialize in writing contemporary wedding ceremonies that are true reflections of the two of you and your relationship, full of love, humor, romance, and a few serious moments.

Your guests will leave saying, "That was so them," and I promise I'll support you through every step of the process, assist you with writing your vows, and ease your fears on the big day.

So let's talk and plan this wedding ceremony over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (I truly adore a nice cider).

About Alix

So tell you a little bit about me. I enjoy taking my dog for lengthy walks on the beach because being near the water makes me feel so at ease.

I adore social interaction and am happiest when I am with kind people, but I am also a huge homebody who enjoys taking naps. If there is a dance floor, I'll be there. I enjoy a nice night out with a Espresso Martini or Gin.

Murphy, my walking partner every day, is my puppy, and I'm a proud mom. I like short vacations throughout South Australia and Australia and am constantly working to cross items off my bucket list, with skydiving being the next item on the list.

I developed a slight obsession with weddings; I was always eager to research them and learn all there was to know! Then, a buddy suggested that I serve as a celebrant. AH-HA MOMENT!! Why hadn't I considered this earlier?

I appreciate people, hearing their tales, and, of course, I adore speaking to large audiences. After some research, I became a marriage celebrant six months later, and I bloody adore it! I can genuinely say that I am now working the job I've always desired; believe me, I've tried out a number of different positions, and nothing comes close to what I do now.

So why do you want me to be the one who marries you two legally? Because I will cherish your wedding as if it were my own; I will work with you to design the ceremony of your dreams, not one that puts Nanna to sleep. I will also encourage you to write unique vows and turn your ceremony into the beginning of the celebration rather than just a necessary but dull event.

It Must Be Love Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


it must be love wedding celebrants adelaide

(04)18813309/(04)13584277 /

When another person makes you happy, there must be love involved.

About "It Must Be Love"

We are Maria and Richard Rowland, and we are beyond thrilled to be Adelaide's first husband and wife team to officiate weddings together!

We plan flawless ceremonies that check all the criteria, so while one of us is welcoming the bride, fluffing her dress, and calming any last-minute jitters, the other is queueing your music and joking with the groom!

Since we can actually be in two places at once, we each contribute to your ceremony our individual flair and style, but more significantly, the ability to guarantee that every moment of the ceremony gets our entire attention. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, there is just one celebrant fee.

We chose to collaborate because we get along well with one another and because we wanted to be distinctive and offer a service that hasn't been offered before.

We are both really enthusiastic about life, love, and laughing, and we are about as genuine as you can get. We will therefore take you by the hand and assist you through your wedding journey so that you can design the ceremony of your dreams using our combined wealth of life experience and passion for people.

Since we are both talented storytellers, we will listen to your tale and retell it with just the appropriate amount of emotion so that you and your guests will both laugh and cry and leave saying, "That was so them"!

With Richard's DJ services, we are able to provide the full package, starting your party at the ceremony and keeping it going until you are unable to dance any more.

As ardent proponents of marriage equality, we hold the conviction that love is love.

Meet Us


I've had the good fortune to work with Richard in the wedding business for more than ten years, and I'm thrilled to have left what had been a supporting position to become a marriage celebrant. I adore the idea that everything is based on compassion and love, and it is such an honor to be allowed to take part in your final display of affection.

I guarantee to provide a joyful and interesting, custom ceremony that reflects your vision and values. I am warm and amiable, attentive, and I love to laugh.

I'll never forget how privileged I am to be given such a significant and fulfilling job and to be let to participate at such a private event in our clients' lives.


I've had the pleasure of working as a DJ and an MC in the wedding industry for more than twenty years. I have strived to excel in what I do throughout this time. As a result, I was named the year's "Best Wedding DJ" and "Best Wedding MC" at the Australian Bridal Industry Awards.

I will work with you to produce a fun ceremony that is both individualized and interactive with your guests using this tenacity and the same attitude as a professional Marriage Celebrant.

I will feel tremendous joy in having assisted you in planning the wedding ceremony of your dreams, one that your guests will remember for years to come.

We work hard to provide our clients with welcoming, individualized, and caring encounters from the very first inquiry because we want you to feel at ease around us. We also recognize that individuals have busy lives, so we put a lot of effort into being accessible for meetings and phone calls as well as quickly responding to inquiries. This is an essential component of the service we offer. We make a lot of effort to increase the variety of materials and ceremonial content we provide. You are a priority to us, so we can adjust to your needs and keep in close contact with you.

Our Services

All initial consultations are completely free of charge so that you can get to know us and so that we can collaborate freely on crafting your unique ceremony.

​Full-Service Marriage Ceremony

For that extra special, uniquely styled wedding ceremony that is "what you've always dreamed of."

Micro Wedding Ceremony (not available on Saturdays)

Perhaps you've always imagined having a simple, quick wedding with only close relatives and friends present to witness your commitment to one another.

Baby Naming Ceremony

To officially pronounce your child's name in front of family and friends is such a lovely gift.

​Special Occasion Ceremony

Perhaps you want to commemorate a significant anniversary or you want to reenact your wedding ceremony with new friends and family in a new setting or with a different style.

​Our Promise

In order to make sure that your wedding day is memorable, we are committed to supporting you through all legal requirements, administrative procedures, and other essential steps.

We pledge to do everything in our power to guarantee that your ceremony goes off without a hitch so that you may focus solely on each other and enjoy every second.

Our goal is to treat you really well. Even yet, we are willing to negotiate a service that is adapted to your budget because we recognize that it might be an issue in some situations.

You can have faith that we'll give you the best service possible by:

Making your wedding ceremony unique, sharing your narrative, and giving you access to our resources (poems, sample vows, music suggestions)

Respecting your privacy and confidentiality

providing a quiet and comfortable setting for you to meet and talk about your needs

Ensuring the secure storage of personal/private records

keeping in touch with you via email, phone, or in person from the initial meeting until the wedding day.

By conducting a ceremony rehearsal if required

ensuring that the quality of our presentation for the wedding ceremony is great, that we match the wedding party, and that we adhere to your dress code

Ceremonies By Aphrodite Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


ceremonies by aphrodite


Hello, I'm Aphrodite Anderson, an Adelaide Hills marriage celebrant who is willing to travel wherever. I've been a part of hundreds of weddings over the past 13 years, and I love being a part of your big day. I'm frequently asked if my birth name is "Aphrodite," and it most definitely is.

I take the time to document your love story and will be happy to design a memorable, bespoke ceremony that celebrates your special bond. The most important thing is that it will be casual, emotional, and enjoyable, leaving you with priceless memories. I have a remarkable knack for reducing tension, and using humor in the appropriate situations makes everyone grin!

I speak Greek and French and can deliver phonetically in many other languages. A few additional words of welcome never fails to make your guests who don't speak English grin. I genuinely appreciate ethnic weddings with a variety of traditions since it gives your event a great cultural flavor.

My service is the same whether you want to have a lavish wedding celebration or an Adelaide elopement to make sure your wedding day is genuinely special. I also offer my beautiful, private Crafers garden for your Adelaide elopement or an intimate ceremony with no additional venue cost. At my home, a $400 legal-only ceremony is also an option.

Adelaide Hills Marriage Celebrant Cost:

Depending on the day, hour, and place, my cost varies. The greatest Adelaide elopement package is also something I provide in my lovely, secluded garden environment. Give me a phone or send me an email with your specifications, and I will give you a precise quotation within a day. Please be aware that if I react to your email, it can end up in your garbage folder.

I appreciate you giving me the chance to be your Adelaide marriage celebrant. Having one of the top professions in the world is a privilege for me. My birth name is Aphrodite, "meaning Goddess of Love," making it more significant that I now participate in affirming the union of a loving and committed couple.

I spent a significant amount of time in the USA, where I mostly worked as an executive assistant to senior managers at prestigious businesses and medical schools. I became a highly confident and competent speaker as a result of having to communicate with my coworkers, top managers, and foreign academics.

Over the years, I have traveled to a lot of different nations. Because of the time I spent interacting with people from different cultures, I have grown to appreciate and accept the variations in our beliefs and values, as well as the rituals that naturally follow them.

I started a job as an assistant designer and fashion shop in Adelaide, South Australia, after moving back to Australia. I've been working as a full-time marriage celebrant since 2008, and it's still the most inspiring and joyful work I could have imagined doing.

Mr. Samuel James Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


mr. samuel james wedding celebrants adelaide



I'm thrilled you found me and that you might be thinking of having me officiate your special day.

I'm friendly, gregarious, and kind, yet I won't overshadow you.

I am natural, relaxed and sincere, but I won't bore you.

My weddings are sincere, genuine, and real; they emphasize sharing your love with the people who matter most to you. I adore collaborating with couples to design meaningful ceremonies, and I use a special combination of my event management, speaking, and acting skills to create priceless moments.

For more details on pricing, civil marriage celebrant services, and how I can make your wedding fantasies come true, please click on the links below.


He is a driven and enthusiastic leader that goes above and beyond to provide his clients with the ideal result. Samuel is adept at managing and carrying out wedding and event planning, and he works hard to produce nothing less than the greatest results.

Samuel's next logical step was to train to officiate weddings. He makes use of his extensive expertise in wedding preparation as well as his exceptional acting and public speaking abilities.

Samuel effortlessly performs heartfelt, sincere, and real ceremonies while maintaining a lighthearted and enjoyable demeanor.

"I enjoy composing, producing, and performing ceremonies because of the couple's obvious joy in their eyes. I am truly grateful to be a part of what is for Brides and Grooms across the nation, a once in a lifetime experience, and I can't think of a more ideal job for myself."

In addition to performing wedding ceremonies, Samuel is one of South Australia's top proposal planners and creates a lot of amazing, unforgettable occasions. Samuel is so easy to work with, and one of his greatest skills is his ability to put people at ease; truly an exceptional trait to possess when working in this industry.

Wedding Matters Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


wedding matters wedding celebrants adelaide


My Weddings

I'm an expert in marriage and commitment ceremonies. Additionally, I am available to preside over naming and vow renewal ceremonies. I officiate at weddings all throughout Adelaide, South Australia.

My Philosophy

When looking for a celebrant for a special occasion, finding the appropriate individual to officiate at your ceremony is crucial.

I put a lot of effort into planning a ceremony that will be more exceptional than you could have imagined. Both enjoyment and stress will be absent.

What I Do

I specialize in wedding ceremonies and commitment ceremonies. Additionally, I am available to preside over naming and vow renewal ceremonies.

I officiate at weddings all throughout Adelaide, South Australia. Any season of the year, any day of the week, and any hour of the day are acceptable times for your event. I'll work with you to create a ceremony that you want.

I can make any site work for you, whether it's a private residence, private garden, park, beach, hall, reception area, restaurant, or any other special setting, so that you can have the ideal wedding to celebrate with your loved ones.

I can assist you in creating a special and intimate ceremony that includes all of the people who are most important to you, regardless of whether there will be a small, intimate gathering or a large guest list.


Wedding Ceremony

You will cherish the memories of your wedding day for the rest of your life. It is the day you get to stand up in front of all the people who matter the most to both of you and declare the love you have for each other and your commitment to spend the rest of your lives together as a married couple. It is an honor for me to officiate at your wedding as your marriage celebrant, and whether you have a big or little wedding, I will do my best to make sure that your wedding ceremony sets the tone for both your wedding day and your marriage.

Commitment Ceremonies

I am in favor of commitment ceremonies for couples want to formally declare their commitment to one another. A commitment ceremony gives you the chance to express your sincere desire to spend the rest of your lives together and will undoubtedly validate your relationship in the eyes of your loved ones. I can collaborate with you to design a marriage ceremony that honors your love story and your commitment to one another. Numerous well-known ceremonial components, such as a procession, vows, the exchanging of rings, declarations, and blessings, may be included in the commitment ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a customary ritual in which we can officially name a child, express gratitude for their existence, and make commitments to their long-term happiness and wellbeing. A wonderful alternative to a religious ceremony, naming ceremonies are solely joyous and provide you the chance to welcome your child into the world or an adopted child into the family while affirming your love and dedication to them in the presence of their loved ones. Together, we can design a ceremony that is both unique and meaningful.

Renewal of Vows

A wedding is a celebration of starting a marriage and falling in love. Renewing these vows at a ceremony is a celebration of continuing to love and be married. People who decide to repeat their wedding vows frequently do it on big anniversaries or occasions like recovering from a serious illness. A ceremony for renewing your vows might be formal or casual, straightforward or ornate, somber or humorous. Vows can be tailored to represent your journey, and ceremonies to honor family and friends can also be added.

Celebrancy By Shelley Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


adelaide marriage celebrant wedding celebrants adelaide


Congratulations, you're engaged.

Wedding rituals are specially crafted for you and your partner. As a marriage celebrant in Adelaide, I specialize in crafting welcoming and inclusive wedding ceremonies that are captivating for you and your guests and filled with lots of love and passion.

Connect with me right away to find out when we can meet and start the party of your life together. Your wedding ceremony is the ideal moment to do so.

I recognize that the Kaurna people are the traditional owners of the land I work on and I respect their spiritual connection to it in the sake of peace. I also recognise that the Kaurna people of today still place a high value on their traditional and ancestral traditions. No matter where I am in this country, I acknowledge, accept, and understand that I do my living and working on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander territory. I honor their elders, past, present, and future, and I do the same for all contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

It's personal for me.

After seeing life through a variety of prisms, I have come to realize how crucial it is to have a support system of people you can rely on to understand you and have your back. I suppose you could say that I'm passionate about access and inclusion because I've seen firsthand how discrimination and disadvantage affect close friends and family members. One of my strengths is overcoming obstacles. I now have the opportunity to combine my passion for access and inclusion with my other passion for creative writing. The best of both worlds are present.

I was exposed to cultural diversity from a young age because I was born in Zimbabwe. I am aware that getting to know people is essential to appreciating their lives. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about their experiences. It's been reported that if I stand next to a wall long enough, I'll start talking to it.

I've lived in three states of Australia and one territory, on two Australian islands and holidayed in every state and territory. As you might have guessed, I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life and traveling. I have travelled extensively, including the UK, Europe and Asia, not to mention my birth continent Africa which will always hold my heart.

Because of various family circumstances, I am aware of what it's like to live with a disability. I have numerous friends in the Deaf and Deaf-Blind Community of South Australia that I met while learning Auslan for many years, along with a close family member who is living with a catastrophic brain injury and another who is living with an amputee.

I'm enthusiastic about promoting gender equality, accessibility, and inclusion in our community and I can't image ever saying "no" to a couple, no matter who they are. Because love is love, it should always be cherished, no matter who it is.

Naming Ceremonies

A child's upbringing in a community helps shape their character, values, social skills, education, and life skills. Traditionally, naming ceremonies exposed the kid to the neighborhood.

In addition to honoring a kid and their community, naming ceremonies nowadays may, in my opinion, be a fun and exciting opportunity to recognize a person's gender, identity, or new name for an adult.

Wedding Ceremonies

I want to create the ideal wedding ceremony where everyone, regardless of ability, feels like they belong. All of my rituals must be open to all people and inclusive.

Your wedding ceremony should express your love and personality, whether it is a brief legal-only Registry-style service or a custom ceremony created from the heart. So put the cheap out of your mind and reserve the economical alternative that serves you and your partner.

Together, we'll design your big day exactly how you'd envisioned. You and your partner can concentrate on spending time with the people you love the most while I take care of all the stress, legal issues, and paperwork.

Life Celebrations

Looking to say "I do" again on your wedding anniversary, congratulate someone on a job well done, or have a heartfelt memorial service to honor the life of a loved one? Celebrations of life are a unique way to express your affection.

Let me help you through this process, whether you decide to hold a massive outdoor celebration or a private, small-scale service.

Mary Fieldhouse Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


mary fieldhouse wedding celebrants adelaide


Creating Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

I adore performing wedding ceremonies for couples in Adelaide and the adjacent southern districts. I am an experienced marriage celebrant. Your wedding day will be one of the most significant days of your life, in my opinion as a wedding celebrant with more than 13 years of experience.

Together, we will design the ideal wedding ceremony for you, complete with the appropriate ambiance. I have a calm demeanor and understand that you want a ceremony that is significant yet enjoyable and, most importantly, a reflection of who you two are.

It is an honor to be a part of your special day and help you plan and carry out the wedding of your dreams. You want a day that is both stress-free and memorable, and I can make that happen for you, I swear.

You'll find that I'm dependable, trustworthy, approachable, and real. In order to ensure that you have the ceremony you desire, I will give each detail my undivided attention.

Mary Fieldhouse

I am an experienced registered marriage celebrant.

I was raised in the country and have spent the last 20 years living in Adelaide. Those who knew me best encouraged me to become a celebrant after I worked in the wedding industry as a hairdresser and photographer. One of my best choices ever was made.

I'm dedicated to offering a service that is specifically tailored to your preferences and style since I enjoy what I do.

You'll discover that I'm laid-back and capable of making the planning of your wedding ceremony joyful and stress-free while letting you participate however much you'd like to design the perfect ceremony.

To guarantee that you receive the precise phrasing, ambiance, and vibe for the wedding ceremony that you like, I will give special attention to every aspect.

We will design the ideal wedding ceremony for you during our meetings and time together, as well as satisfy all legal obligations and provide follow-up details for after your big day.

I will work with you at each stage of the planning process to provide a unique and beautifully designed ceremony. Your wedding day will be one of the most significant and memorable days of your life that you will share with family and friends.

I look forward to meeting you.

Simple Weddings Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


simple weddings wedding celebrants adelaide


Many couples today just want to get hitched as soon as possible, without fuss or delay. Simple Weddings streamlines, expedites, and reduces the cost of the entire process. Everything about Simple Weddings is what you would expect. It's far less expensive and similar to getting married at the registry office. If you want to get married for the lowest cost in Australia, select a Simple Wedding. In most cases, couples who are eager to get married as quickly as possible can do so within a few days or exactly one month (the legal minimum waiting period). Other services will make you wait for up to 12 weeks or longer! In the past, couples who wanted to forego the hassle of a wedding would elope. You can now carry out the same action with even more ease. You have the option to get married at Australia's lowest cost at one of our sites thanks to Simple Weddings. So why not choose for a Simple Wedding instead of a traditional wedding as hundreds of other couples do each year to escape all the stress and expense? Schedule your simple wedding right away!

Get married in Adelaide. Promptly and at the lowest possible price.

Celebrant service in Adelaide Simple Weddings provides Australia's best value Friday and Saturday weddings, combined with unmatched fast service.

With over 11 years of experience as a Celebrant, Simple Weddings is aware that many couples just want to wed as soon and cheaply as they can.

Other Adelaide Celebrants simply can't compete!

Australia-wide wedding celebrants are aware of the exceptional value offered by Simple Weddings - nonreligious Celebrant.

Perhaps you've spent hours going through a list of Celebrants in Adelaide if you're looking for an Authorized Celebrant. Maybe you were trying to find the Best Celebrant in Adelaide when you searched for Celebrants Adelaide. But let's face it, it's not that simple to find a wedding ceremony celebrant that is quick and inexpensive. After all, Adelaide has hundreds of Celebrants, and the most of them demand exorbitant fees. In addition, while some people are amenable, others are not.

Additionally, it is common to encounter a celebrant who is aloof, unwelcoming, or even annoying.

The Good News:

Therefore, finding a celebrant who puts you at ease completely and a celebrant service that provides you with a painless experience is a relief!

Don't panic if you've already started calling about town in an effort to find the perfect celebrant service for your wedding. Simple Weddings is here to make the entire wedding experience much more enjoyable...

Why Trawl Any Longer Through the Wedding Celebrant Register?

Instead, just hire Celebrant service Simple Weddings, and you'll have made the best celebrant service in Adelaide—one that is competent, personable, and quite probably the best in the country.

Most importantly, Wedding Celebrants in South Australia concur that Simple Weddings is the best nonreligious Wedding Celebrant service for a Wedding Celebrant service Adelaide adores.

Simply provide your contact details to your right, and Simple Weddings will especially get in touch to arrange everything. Quickly, effortlessly, and for the lowest cost in Australia.

Jacqui Leopardi Celebrant Wedding Celebrants Adelaide


jacqui leopardi celebrant


Hello! My name is Jacqui Leopardi, and since 2015, I have had the good fortune to work exclusively as a marriage celebrant in the Adelaide Hills.

I would be honored to be a part of your wedding because I sincerely like what I do. Being selected as your celebrant is a tremendous honor, and it comes with a promise to participate in your journey. From hearing your story, assisting you with the writing of your vows, being able to ease your anxiety on the big day, and conducting a ceremony that elicits the ideal feelings. To make sure that you and your partner just have to worry about each other, I will be by your side at every turn.

I take great pride in producing ceremonies that are incredibly personal and delivered in a casual, friendly manner. You can be guaranteed that your wedding day is my top priority because I craft every ceremony from start and only commit to one wedding each day. My aim is to design ceremonies that are special to each couple. Let me handle the legal aspects, and together we can design the ideal "you" ceremony.

Because they will be sharing a very private moment of your wedding day with you, you must feel comfortable with the celebrant. The connection will be stronger and creating a custom ceremony will be simpler as you become more at ease. This is why I value our pre-wedding meetings so highly. I will feel familiar by the time we reach the aisle.

My Full-Service Includes:

I perform weddings all around Australia, with a focus on the stunning Adelaide Hills.

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