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The Most Beautiful Places to See Autumn Leaves in Melbourne

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    We can almost feel the arrival of autumn now that the leaves have begun to fall. You can't go anywhere in Melbourne without being treated to the city's stunning seasonal colour palette. 

    Crunching through fiery leaves and gazing at dazzling golden gardens are two of the best things to do in autumn, along with snuggling up in front of a crackling fire with a hot cup of cocoa. Take advantage of the changing seasons by visiting one of these stunning gardens and marvelling at the ever-evolving floral canvas that Mother Nature creates.

    Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens Melbourne

    Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

    The gardens were renamed after Alfred Nicholas, who contributed to the development of the painkiller Aspro, and first opened to the public in 1933 under its current moniker. Throughout the 13-acre estate, you'll find moss-covered ponds, charming bridges, sculptures, a rotunda, and a mysterious waterfall

    Pictures taken in the garden typically feature the picturesque boathouse and the ornamental lake, which reflects the vibrant foliage in autumn.

    Some say that the best way to get into the spirit of autumn is to visit the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens on the Burnham Beeches estate in the Dandenong Ranges. The gardens sit in a beautiful part of the Dandenong Ranges.

    The towering Mountain Ash Trees provide shade for the meandering paths through the gardens, which showcase the trees in all their brilliant colours.

    With its famous ornamental lake and boathouse, as well as a number of other waterfalls and other water features, the Gardens are a great place to take that picture that will become a family heirloom.

    Visit during any time of year to witness the spectacular fusion of native and exotic trees that create a tapestry of changing colours and textures, from ginkgoes to maples to liquid ambers. Exotic flowering shrubs, bulbs, and trees add seasonal interest and beauty.

    Gardens of Tieve Tara Melbourne

    Gardens of Tieve Tara

    Mother Nature rewrote the tale of Tieve Tara twice after the original garden was planted in the 1860s, when fires destroyed the gardens in 1962 and 1983. Waterfowl, such as Toulouse geese and wild ducks, have found a new home in the property's two lakes since the 7.5 acres were turned into a private vineyard. A splash of fall colour is provided by the Virginia creepers, maples, and pin oaks planted throughout the gardens.

    National Rhododendron Gardens Melbourne

    National Rhododendron Gardens

    The National Rhododendron Gardens, renowned around the globe, are a riot of colour all year round. Over 15,000 rhododendrons, 12,000 azaleas, 3,000 camellias, and 250,000 daffodils greet visitors to the Olinda gardens. The presence of deep fern gullies and cherry tree groves adds to the richness of colour and texture found in these gardens.


    From the fragrant Azalea Steps to the magnificent Peony Pavilion, Cloudhill is a garden built on harmonious diversity. In the fall, when the Yokohama Maples turn red and the ornamental grasses burst into brilliant gold, the Dandenongs park comes to life. In addition, the hedges, flower beds, and meadows give Cloudhill its unique character.

    Maroondah Reservoir Park

    Maroondah Reservoir Park (or Maroondah Dam) is an English-style garden in the Yarra Valley that features both local and exotic flora. The reservoir that can be found in the park gave it its name.

    In the spring, the azaleas and rhododendrons are absolutely stunning, but the fall is when the Rose Stairway is at its most photogenic. It is a great place to see native Australian animals like wallabies, wombats, and echidnas in their natural habitat.

    Castlemaine Botanical Gardens

    Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller, a renowned botanist, was responsible for the layout of the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens. There is a variety of native and exotic trees in these gardens, including an oak tree that was planted in 1867 by the Duke of Edinburgh and is now on the National Trust's register of significant trees. During the autumn months, visitors to the landscaped gardens can enjoy a reflection of the bright yellow leaves on the ornamental lake.

    Carlton Gardens Melbourne

    Carlton Gardens

    The Royal Exhibition Building, the Melbourne Museum, and the IMAX Theater are all located in the Carlton Gardens. All of these buildings were planned for the 1880 Melbourne International Show. The 64-acre property features flowerbeds, Moreton Bay fig trees, palms, and elm-lined boulevards, as well as two ornamental lakes and three elaborate fountains.

    Carlton Gardens is located near the Royal Exhibition Building and the Melbourne Museum. Only a few minutes on foot will take you to these beautiful gardens. Mature European trees in their full show-off state during the autumn season are spread out across the 64-acre property, in addition to gardens, flowerbeds, ornamental lakes, and elaborate fountains.

    Whether you're in the area for the playground, the tennis courts, a picnic, or just to cut across the park from Nicholson Street, you can't help but be awed by the spectacular display of fall foliage.

    Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens

    Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens overlooks the city of Daylesford from atop the site of an extinct volcano. Wide, open lawns are shaded by towering conifers and elms, making this regional garden in Victoria one of the state's most picturesque. In the gardens, you can feel the spirit of the 19th century.

    Lake Daylesford

    Lake Daylesford is a beautiful place to relax that was finished in 1929. In the autumn, the path that circles the lake is lined on either side by tall trees that radiate brilliant amber and ruby hues.

    The Lake House is a luxurious retreat that can be found on the shores of the lake. Explore the lake's best vantage points by taking a stroll out to the jetty, but keep an eye out for the local birdlife as you do so.

    Melbourne Garden

    Where To See The Best Autumn Colours In Melbourne

    For the most part, if you were to ask any local Melburnian what season they prefer, the vast majority would probably say fall. When the days get shorter and the air gets cooler in March, April, and May, it's the perfect time to bundle up and enjoy the beautiful sights of the leaves changing colour.

    Melbourne in the fall is beautiful because of the leaves. Those of you who live in the more tropical parts of Australia should definitely make the trip to Victoria this time of year.

    European tree species are widely planted in Melbourne's parks and gardens, as well as those in regional Victoria. When autumn comes, these European tree species put on a show with their vibrant orange, yellow, and red foliage before shedding for the winter.

    Simply taking a stroll through the city's gardens will allow you to experience Melbourne at its most beautiful during the fall season. It won't take you very far to get there. If you'd rather get out of town for the day, pack a picnic and head to the Dandenong or Macedon ranges for a relaxing drive and picnic.

    Melbourne Garden and Lake

    Where to head this Melbourne Autumn for Nature’s Kaleidoscope of Colour

    The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

    The most well-known and highly sought-after garden in the entire metropolis. More than 8,500 plant species from all over the world are represented in this expansive garden that spans more than 38 hectares in size. There is always something to see, do, or explore in the city's most-loved park, which is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours every autumn in Melbourne.

    Your tour guide will tell you all about the native flora and fauna, as well as the edible and medicinal uses of the plants and trees you encounter.

    For all its fame as a tourist hotspot, this is one of Melbourne's lesser-known attractions. Since the 38 hectares of the Royal Botanic Gardens may be too much for young children to walk in a single day, bringing a stroller or baby carrier with you may be the best way to see all 50,000 plants that are on display here. Pack a picnic lunch and bring it along!

    The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are a beautiful and serene place to visit any time of year, and they consistently rank among the best botanical gardens in the world. However, this famous landmark takes on a whole new level of beauty in the fall. 

    Children can enjoy a variety of outdoor sensory activities at the lovely Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden, including running around and playing in the fallen leaves.

    Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

    Fitzroy Gardens

    The calm centre of Melbourne is only a short stroll away from this peaceful retreat. Beautiful avenues of trees can be found throughout the gardens. Kids will love playing in the huge leaf piles that the elm trees that line the paths have left behind.

    Fitzroy Gardens sits on top of an area that was formerly a swampy creek that flowed into the Yarra River. 

    These avenues feature some of the most breathtaking views of the fall foliage due to the majestic elm trees that line the streets, forming a crisscross pattern that is reminiscent of the union flag. It's a lot of fun to run through the falling leaves and toss them around because they're so big.

    Where to stay in Melbourne close to the Botanical Gardens?

    In Melbourne, a great place to stay is at the Seasons Botanic Gardens. Very close to the Royal Botanic Gardens, with a view of the Shrine of Remembrance and the beautiful Melbourne autumn foliage. Nearby attractions within walking distance of this St. Kilda Road hotel include the National Gallery of Victoria, the Tennis Center, and the Central Business District.

    Dandenong Ranges Melbourne

    Dandenong Ranges

    There are seven beautiful gardens in the Dandenong Ranges, which are only 35 kilometres east of Melbourne. Each garden features eye-popping, vivid hues that look fantastic against the backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges and the surrounding hills.

    Where to stay in the Dandenong Ranges?

    The gardens can be reached in under an hour from the city and are free to visit any day of the week. See the beauty of autumn at any of these four gardens: the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden, the Alfred Nicholas Gardens, the George Tindale Memorial Garden, or the RJ Hamer Arboretum.

    If you're planning a trip to the Dandenong Ranges, where do you recommend staying?

    A Loft in the Mill is a boutique hotel that welcomes you to book your stay with us today. An attractive Tudor-style carriage house and flour mill built from bluestone. This hotel is located in Olinda, in the heart of the Dandenong ranges. Uniquely decorated suites can be found throughout the property, and many of them even have fireplaces. The breakfast basket includes some continental fare. It's perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

    In order to reach the Seawinds Gardens, one must first ascend to the peak of Arthurs Seat.

    There is a path system set up for guests to use, and it takes them through both manicured gardens and natural areas. Amazing views of Port Phillip Bay and cool garden sculptures make this a trendy hangout. The 34-hectare Seawinds Gardens are located within Arthurs Seat State Park on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour and fifteen minutes' drive from Melbourne.

    Where to stay in the Mornington Peninsula?

    The Lancemore Lindenderry Red Hill is a four-star, luxury guest house on a 30-acre estate in the heart of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. It's in a remote location, perfect for those seeking some peace and quiet. Lindenderry has a winery, gardens, lawns, and private vineyards in addition to an indoor swimming pool and spa. A gourmet breakfast is included in the price.

    Macedon Ranges Melbourne

    Macedon Ranges

    The Avenue of Honor in Macedon is a beautiful stretch of road that winds through the trees and eventually connects with Mount Macedon Road. In honour of the 154 men and women from Macedon and Mount Macedon who enlisted in the armed forces to serve their country during World War I, a magnificent avenue of oak trees was planted in their honour.

    Temporary traffic management measures have been put in place from April to early May to accommodate the influx of tourists who visit the area during the peak of the autumn tourism season.

    Tieve Tara

    Located on an area of about 7 and a half acres, the Gardens of Tieve Tara are home to rolling lawns, lakes, trees, and vibrant seasonal hues. For more information about when to visit the gardens, which are among the most well-known private gardens in Macedonia, check out their Facebook page in the fall.

    751 Mount Macedon Rd, Mount Macedon, Victoria.

    Where to stay in the Macedon Ranges?

    Take in the stunning scenery from the comfort of your spa tub at the Macedon Ranges Hotel & Spa. The hotel has a public indoor pool and fireplaces in the guest rooms, and the rooms are generally quite large. On-site massage and beauty treatments are available by appointment at the spa. The perfect place to spend a weekend with your girlfriends.

    Yarra Valley Melbourne

    Yarra Valley

    The Yarra Valley is at its most beautiful and harvest-busy at the start of autumn, when many tourists flock there to take in the region's famed wine and breathtaking scenery. As the sun sets, the vineyards take on a golden hue, and the region is treated to some of the world's most spectacular sunsets. This is the most aesthetically pleasing time of year to visit the area. The Yarra Valley is home to luxurious camping options like the Belle Tent and the Glamping Pod.

    Maroondah Reservoir Park

    Maroondah Reservoir Park, located about one kilometre from the centre of Healesville, is a hidden gem that everyone should visit. With natural elements such as native and exotic tree stands, walking paths, and native wildlife. You can take your picnic to the next level here, as there are numerous playgrounds and vast grassy areas to spread out on.

    Where to stay in the Yarra Valley?

    Stay at the Balgownie Estate in the Yarra Valley. Balgownie Estate Yarra Valley offers high-end lodgings in a picturesque setting on a vineyard that has won numerous awards. This hotel has a restaurant, a day spa, an indoor pool, and a wine cellar for its guests to enjoy. Accommodations are available in suites with kitchenettes, spa tubs, and Yarra Valley panoramas.

    Indulge in the full Yarra Valley experience with this tour of wineries, sparkling distilleries, and gin distilleries. Get picked up at your Yarra Valley hotel and taken on a guided tour of five local wineries by a knowledgeable local guide.

    Fawkner Park

    Popular with locals and visitors alike, this park was first planned and developed in 1862 in South Yarra, just south of the CBD. It features a maze of interconnecting paths and a puzzle of parklands. Moreton Bay Figs, elms, poplars, and great oaks have since been added to the park, making it even more spectacular. Families looking for a low-key outing will enjoy this park.

    Fawkner Park's distinctive topography is set against a picturesque backdrop of autumn foliage. Family-friendly activities include crunching through the fallen leaves, as well as using the sports fields, playgrounds, and cafe. Those who enjoy looking at leaves will appreciate the resemblance to a European village green.

    Ardrie Park

    Do we have any leaf-shaped-angels fans out there? In the autumn, leaves blanket the ground in a dazzling array of colour and texture. This is a great spot for a family photoshoot or other fun activities because there are so many leaves to kick around and play in.

    The park's location in the residential alleys of Malvern East has made it something of a well-kept secret. In addition to its impressive size and layout, the park provides a dog park, a place to grill, and a playground that is suitable for children as young as toddlers.

    Cloudehill Nursery and Garden

    The weeping maples take on the hue of the lowering sun, and the ornamental grasses don beiges and tawny reds to join the festivities. Close to the summer house, an enormous Enkianthus perulatus gradually changes colour from purple to a flaming red. Amidst this, pink and lemon leaves fill the water of the temple pool. Just a little push in the direction of the camera will do it!

    Bright Autumn Festival

    The government has advised against holding the 2021 Bright Autumn Festival, which was to have included a Gala Day and a Flea Market. The following party is planned for May 22 - May 1, 2022.

    In the valleys of Victoria's Alpine High Country, the changing of the seasons is marked by a 10-day festival that celebrates the spectacular autumn foliage. The Bright Autumn Festival is a joyous party honouring the season's vibrant hues and bounty, held at the peak of pleasant weather and prime harvest time. Weekend of April 23rd to Sunday, May 2nd, 2021. To kick off the Gala Weekend, on the first Saturday of May 2021, there will be a massive parade, a market, and live music in the streets.

    There is no better time than now to take a trip to the mountains and spend the night in a cosy log cabin. Check out the Autumn Exhibition at the Bright Art Gallery, the Metal and Wood day, a concert at the Community Centre, and the Wandi Nut Festival, a celebration of the harvest that brings together locals to make homemade treats from the heritage apples that are scattered along the grass verges and the blackberries that grow in abundance.


    Some say that a trip to the Dandenong Ranges' Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens is the best way to get into the autumn mood. After the initial garden was planted in the 1860s, Mother Nature rewrote the story of Tieve Tara twice when fires destroyed the gardens. The National Rhododendron Gardens in Melbourne, Australia, are well-known all over the world. An English garden in the Yarra Valley, Maroondah Reservoir Park is a popular destination. With the 1880 Melbourne International Show in mind, the Carlton Gardens were established.

    Sir Ferdinand von Mueller was responsible for the layout of the City of Castlemaine Botanic Gardens. The changing of the leaves in autumn makes Melbourne a picturesque city. If you want to see Melbourne at its most beautiful, a stroll through the city's gardens is the way to go. Leaves on European trees turn brilliant shades of orange, yellow, and red before falling off for the winter. Located in the heart of Melbourne, the Royal Botanic Gardens are a tranquil escape.

    More than 8,500 plant species from all over the world can be found in Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens. The magnificent elm trees that line the streets of Fitzroy Gardens provide some of the most stunning views of the autumn foliage anywhere. The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden is a beautiful outdoor space where kids can explore their senses. Where should you stay if you are going to the Dandenongs? Olinda, in the middle of the ranges, is home to A Loft in the Mill.

    On the Mornington Peninsula, in the middle of Arthurs Seat State Park, you'll find the Seawinds Gardens. Located on a 30-acre estate in the centre of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, the Lancemore Lindenderry Red Hill is a four-star, luxury guest house. At the beginning of autumn, when the Yarra Valley's famed wine and scenery are at their peak, the valley is at their most beautiful and harvest-busiest for visitors. Everyone should check out Maroondah Reservoir Park, a hidden treasure. The varied terrain of Fawkner Park looks especially lovely against the fall foliage.

    The location of Ms. Ardrie Park in the back streets of Malvern East is a closely guarded secret. A second fantastic place to view autumn foliage is at Cloudehill Nursery and Garden. As the sun goes down, the weeping maples change colour, and the ornamental grasses take on shades of beige and tawny red. A 10-day festival honouring Victoria's breathtaking fall foliage is held in the valleys of the state's Alpine High Country.

    Content Summary

    • According to some, the best way to get into the fall mood is to visit the Dandenong Ranges' Burnham Beeches estate and stroll through the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens.
    • Park at Maroondah Reservoir and visit the Gardens of Tieve Tara.
    • Located in the Yarra Valley, the English-style garden of Maroondah Reservoir Park (also known as Maroondah Dam) features both native and exotic plants.
    • The Carlton Gardens can be found here.
    • Lake Daylesford can be seen here.
    • The changing of the leaves in autumn makes Melbourne a picturesque city.
    • This massive garden, which spans over 38 ha, is home to over 8,500 different plant species from all corners of the globe.
    • The Royal Botanic Gardens spans 38 hectares, which may be too much for young children to walk in a single day. Bringing a stroller or baby carrier with you may be the best way to see all 50,000 plants on display here.
    • The Seasons Botanic Gardens Hotel is a wonderful place to stay while visiting Melbourne.
    • Where would you suggest I stay on Mornington Peninsula?
    • Located on a 30-acre estate in the centre of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, the Lancemore Lindenderry Red Hill is a four-star, luxury guest house.
    • How about a place to stay in the Macedon Ranges?
    • At the Macedon Ranges Hotel & Spa, you can relax in a spa tub while taking in the beautiful surroundings.
    • Valley of the Yarra
    • At the beginning of autumn, when the leaves are changing colours and the harvest is in full swing, the Yarra Valley welcomes a swarm of tourists eager to experience its world-famous wine and breathtaking scenery.
    • About a kilometre from the heart of Healesville, you'll find Maroondah Reservoir Park, a hidden gem that deserves to be seen by all.
    • Relax in the Yarra Valley at the Balgownie Estate.
    • Now you can add Cloudehill Nursery and Garden to your list of amazing places to view the autumn foliage.
    • We are having the following celebration from May 22nd to May 1st, 2022.
    • There is a 10-day festival in the autumn that celebrates the beautiful fall foliage in the valleys of Victoria's Alpine High Country.
    • At the height of the harvest season and pleasant weather, locals and visitors alike gather for the Bright Autumn Festival, a jubilant celebration of the season's brilliant colours and bountiful harvest.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Autumn (March – May)

    Autumn is the mildest time of year in Sydney when the humidity drops and average temperatures fall between 14.6 - 22.2°C (58.3 - 72°F). Crisp, fresh air makes autumn the season for enjoying Sydney's coastal walks.
    The Best Places To Check Out Autumn Leaves Near Melbourne In 2021
    • Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens. Mount Dandenong. ...
    • Gardens Of Glenlyon. Glenlyon. ...
    • Tieve Tara. Mount Macedon. ...
    • The Valley Of Liquidambers. Heathcote. ...
    • Cloudehill. Dandenong Ranges. ...
    • Maroondah Reservoir Park. Healesville. ...
    • Walhalla Goldfields Railway. ...
    • Fitzroy Gardens.
    The best places in Victoria to see autumn leaves
    • Gardens of Tieve Tara – Mount Macedon. ...
    • Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens – Mount Dandenong. ...
    • Fitzroy Gardens – East Melbourne. ...
    • Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens – Daylesford. ...
    • Cloudehill Gardens – Dandenong Ranges. ...
    • Valley of Liquidambers – Heathcote.

    Autumn sees cooler weather with average temperatures ranging from 10.9 – 20.3°C (51.6 - 68.5°F).

    The Ballarat Avenue of Honor is gorgeous any time of year but its colours in Autumn really shine. Stretching for 22 kilometres and incorporating the Arch of Victory this is one of the best autumn in Victoria destinations.

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