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What Are The Best Cafes Delivery In Melbourne?

Working from home doesn't mean skimping on quality coffee, whether you're time-poor and can only spend the time it takes to pour hot water in a mug or devoted to the full espresso experience.

Melburnians are notorious coffee snobs. We are proud of our coffee culture, the quality and standards that we have set for ourselves and the rest of the world recognise that. It is not unusual to come across a commercial set up in someone's home or be served coffee out of an Aeropress in an office. 

Thankfully, along with the gadgets, quality beans in whatever form designed for your ideal preparation is always available to be delivered to you – these are the cream of the crop. 

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The best coffee delivery in Melbourne

If you need to get caffeinated and you’re missing the Melbourne coffee scene, why don’t you try out one of the city’s many coffee delivery services? Take a look through our list of the best coffee delivery services in Melbourne and see which one is calling out your name.

Market Lane Coffee

The little pharmacy that has been dispensing cheap Panadol and Band-Aids to Queen Vic market-goers for 80 years is now aiding the weary with caffeine. Market Lane, one of the first and best specialty coffee shops in Melbourne, has opened their fourth store inside the deli hall, just a well-executed army roll away from its other site out on the street.

It's the same deal here as at all the other joints – brewing equipment and bags of freshly roasted coffee beans fill an immaculately designed space. If it gets your knickers in a bunch that four outlets sound a bit chainy, relax. Fleur Studd and Jason Scheltus are two of the most coffee-devoted individuals in this city. 

They hire great crews, and they run a tight ship. The product is as good as the execution. Panela sugar. Rare roasts – their own. No skinny milk because it just doesn't do the coffee justice.

These guys buy and roast their coffee beans in small batches so you can get seasonal, quality coffee. Subscribe to their Coffee Club to get your coffee delivered to your door. Choose how often you’d like delivery and if you would prefer the beans on their own or ground up for you.

If you live within 5km of their Brunswick East roastery, why don’t you stop by their vending machine? It’s stocked 24/7, so you can take a bag of coffee home to try.

St Ali

One of them is the St. ALi Coffee Pack, which features a 250g pack of the St. ALi Blend, a 250g pack of their single-origin, two cans of their Feels Good Cold Brew and two cans of their Wide Awake Cold Brew. You can also subscribe to them and get your favourite choice of coffee regularly.

At 9 am on a Tuesday, St. Ali South is pumping like it’s spring break. Between the business chatter and weekend debriefs, the espresso machine, roaster and kitchen cacophony meshes with Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mac, Angel by Massive Attack and some East Coast hip hop care of Mobb Deep. It’s a hell of a soundtrack to your morning.

St Ali on Yarra Place was one of the original café-roasteries back before everyone took the DIY approach to coffee beans. And the upmarket warehouse space looks much as it always has – big tables and industrial coffee paraphernalia everywhere – it’s in the kitchen that the big changes have happened.

Andrew Gale, owner and former head chef of Duchess of Spotswood, has stepped behind the burners at St Ali and has brought a few of his favourite menu items with him. Don’t panic. St Ali’s corn fritters are still here. But now so is a fillet of seared, house-cured salmon with horseradish and dill yoghurt, fried potato gnocchi and a tangle of watercress – good news for fans of the Duchess version. Make sure you save some of the golden gnocchi nubs to soak in the rich yolky, yoghurty mix at the end.

Pancakes are usually the one breakfast dish that can sway us from the savoury camp. But now there’s a new contender: the coconut sundae. Here the creamy, pink-tinted coconut sago pudding comes with a dollop of mildly spiced quince and sweet and crunchy freeze-dried mandarin segments on top, ramping up the texture factor to eleven.

The whole thing is then showered with mixed toasted sesame, buckwheat and sunflower seeds for a nutty, earthy finish. Such is the popularity of this South Melbourne café that it’s difficult to gauge what effect the menu changes have wrought. 

Whether you’re wearing a tailored suit or a tattered beanie, good coffee is the great social moderator, and this place is rammed with a full Melbourne cross-section, united by the love of fancy breakfast (and eagerly snapping up the St Ali merchandise – badges, playing cards and more). Suppose you’re a regular, as you were. If it’s been a while since your last visit, we suggest you amend that sharpish.

Beans to an End

Everyone feels better after drinking coffee, but when you drink Beans to an End, the high comes from doing good (but also still from the caffeine). The subscription-based coffee service was started by Matthew Jens, who in the Beforetime was a production manager for large scale music festivals. He's since pivoted to feel good coffee, with Beans to an End donating $1 from each bag of coffee sold to either the Dylan Alcott Foundation or Support Act.

Proud Mary

It started as one of the first cool, third-wave cafes in Melbourne. Now it’s a coffee empire. Proud Mary, she wears many fancy hats: unbelievably popular warehouse-style café in Collingwood, wholesale coffee roasters stocking some of Melbourne’s best venues and training ground for award-winning baristas.

Coffee is a glorious and ever-evolving affair here – pour-over, syphon, French press, espresso, stovetop, aero drip – this is where we go to watch and learn. If you can get a seat on the mothership, we suggest you get something to eat too. The menu favours breakfast. Goes well with coffee, natch. 

Roasted mushrooms in chipotle butter on sweet brioche perhaps, or a classic potato hash brown with bacon, spinach and egg. The waitlist might still belong, but three years into their tenure, nothing’s slipping ­– the Proud Mary crew are showing us how it’s done.

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds ticks many boxes with consistently great coffee and simple food. All served inside a cavernous old warehouse. Just out of the city grid and close to Queen Vic Market, it’s spacious and bright with exposed brick walls, shiny concrete floors and plies timber panelling. Mounted racing bikes and lights covered with red knitted beanies add some colour and quirk to the place.

Seven Seeds is all about the coffee: see the in-house coffee plants, coffee laboratory and temperature-controlled storage space. Do they make good coffee? The answer, folks, is yes.

A small all-day menu is not overly ambitious and allows quality ingredients to do their thing. 

The eggs benedict with corned beef and a seeded mustard hollandaise is a pleasing rendition of the café favourite. At the same time, the dessert-as-breakfast crowd will gravitate towards the French toast, served with house-made Nutella and an orange reduction. 

Lunch-centric options include the ever-popular double Wagyu patty burger, served with special secret sauce on a brioche bun.

If you miss getting coffee from Seven Seeds in Carlton, they’ve got all of their blends available on their website for you to purchase. Or, you can sign up for one of their subscriptions. Choose between the Espresso Blend, Single Origin or Cold Filter subscriptions. In the Cold Filter subscription, you can choose between 16 Cold Filter Cans or a mammoth 4 litre Cold Filter Cask.

The service at Seven Seeds is exceptional, though. Even when it’s peak hour, eagle-eyed staff ensure that no one is lost amongst the din. If you haven’t already been, get down there.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

dukes coffee

Inside the beautiful old Ross House building on Flinders Lane is Dukes Coffee Roasters. It’s a beautiful space to drink beautiful coffees in, fitted with light wooden benches and green-and-blue tiled floors. They’re committed to ethical trading with coffee sourced from farms and small co-operatives that they bring home to roast here in Melbourne

There’s a wide range of brew options available, from your classic espresso cups to filters and a manual pour. The price of a filter ranges between $3 and $10, while an espresso cup any way will set you back a reasonable $4 or an even more reasonable $3.50 if you bring your cup. 

The espresso blend is strongly acidic, with cherry notes, meaning it goes exceptionally well with the Matt Forbes pastries.

Three Thousand Thieves

If you like to spread the love, Three Thousand Thieves only offers coffee subscriptions and highlights a different local roastery every month. Each roastery that is involved picks the beans they want to highlight so you can get excited about what they're excited about, too. Who knows, maybe you have preferred a high acid profile rather than nutty all along. This is probably how you will find out. 

Axil Coffee Roasters

The priority at Axil is high quality, ethical coffee. Their environmentally, and socially friendly beans are roasted locally in Hawthorn. The single-origin options are rotated daily, meaning there’s always something new and delicious to drink, and the seasonal blend has a dark chocolate and nougat flavour profile. 

The staff are happy to talk shop – where it comes from, how it’s made – but it’ll be a short lesson, they’re always busy. There’s no BYO cup discount, but the standard cups of coffee are a little cheaper than many places at $3.80. The espresso bar in Flinders Lane is all about Swiss-level efficiency and quality coffee. 

The Southern Cross Lane location is a larger sit-down affair, with pastries, filter brews, and jaffles – order the one with thyme and roasted garlic mushrooms and melted Gruyère cheese. It’s the best cure to a cold Melbourne morning, especially when paired with a rich San Benedito Brazilian long black.

Code Black Coffee

Roasters opening cafés is a formula that’s worked brilliantly so far for Carlton’s Seven Seeds, Collingwood’s Proud Mary and Brunswick’s Code Black Coffee. The café adjoining the Weston Street Code Black warehouse has proved so successful that it opened a North Melbourne sister venue.

They’ve converted an automotive workshop into a bright space with white and pastel brick walls, green accents and concertina windows that fold up to let the day in. Families crowd larger tables while young couples vie for sunny seats out front.

It’s a lighter counterpoint to Code Black Brunswick’s dark-toned digs, but there’s continuity in the industrial setting and branding. They’ve let a typographer loose on the menu, which – in keeping with the building's origin – reads like a mechanic’s manual. Drinks are listed under ‘oils and lubricants’, and there are pages dedicated to handy hints like ‘Do not eat ageless oxygen absorber’.

For a roaster, Code Black doesn’t indulge in much coffee snobbery. Staff are friendly and efficient, only waxing lyrical about the daily rotating single-origin and blend when asked. You could go for the present seasonal blend (a robust citric roast of Brunswick-blended Kenyan Wakulima and Costa Rican beans), but for maximum coffee appreciation, order the single origin as a long macchiato.

Their ploughman’s lunch is an impressive sight, with slices of sourdough rising like sails out of a mess of nibbles. The acid in the pickled capsicum, celery and carrot balances the sharp cheddar and roasted ham. Whipped goat’s cheese and pineapple relish are fun additions to the traditional spread, but the salty cheese and caramelised pineapple can overwhelm the subtler flavours on the board.

You can upsize your jalapeño cornbread with smoky baked black beans, fried egg and charred lime by adding a slab of pork belly. The meat is tender, but the crackling needed more crackle, and we could have used a heavier hand with the jalapeno in the springy and surprisingly mild bread. 

Fortunately, the baked beans are more tomato than the legumes, so the ragu-like result binds the disparate elements of the dish together. Craving something sweet? The house-made sweets change daily, but save some room for the yoghurt-based Persian love cake if they have it.

Code Black began as a roaster, but since no brunch-lover can survive on flat whites alone, they’ve got the motor running on a mechanic-themed menu that – with a bit of tinkering – will be as delicious as it is creative. Start your engines, Melbourne.

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5 Best Coffee Subscription Services In Melbourne

In this blog, we share our list of the best coffee subscription services in Melbourne.

Rumble Coffee

We listed Rumble Coffee in our list of the best cups of fresh coffee in Melbourne. Well, it turns out that they have one of the best coffee subscription services in Australia. Say goodbye to waking up and realising that you’ve run out of your favourite coffee!

With Rumble’s subscription service, all you have to do is choose your preferred type, set the frequency and forget about coffee beans shopping. Their subscription service is flexible. You can pause it anytime you want and set the frequency up to weekly if you want the freshest beans! You also get free shipping anywhere in Australia.

Let’s get ready to Rumble! Enjoy knock-out blends or small-batch single-origin flavours. Their newest single-origin, Kenya Kabumbu, is grown on the foothills of an extinct volcano. Meanwhile, their espresso blends have delightful names such as Shadow Boxer, Street Fighter and Haymaker. Subscribe to Rumble to get freshly roasted coffee in Kensington, whether you have a grinder, Aeropress, French press or stovetop.

What of variety? Well, it's plenty. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even set your subscription to have them rotate their single origins with every delivery. If you want a consistent cup, your favourite single-origin and grind are always in stock.

Address: 8 Thompson Street, Kensington Melbourne, VIC, 3031

First Press Coffee 

Well, if you’re in for something a bit different, then the First Press Coffee subscription service will be perfect for you!

First Press Coffee offers a subscription service for their amazing brews. You can now have First Press Coffee deliver their black coffee ready to drink whenever you want it. 

You may also do a combo of their iced coffee, almond milk, oat milk keto coffees and the many other options that they have. They’re great for cold brews, too and perfect for creating a delicious espresso blend.

Address: 6 Thompson Street Kensington VIC


PlayGround has more than 50 roasters ready and willing to make sure that you get your perfect coffee right at the comfort of your home.

Their subscription service is you-focused. When subscribing, you’ll be asked a few questions so they can create a roast profile perfect for your palette to ensure you get great coffee that matches your personality. You can also go on a discovery journey and ask them to WOW you each month with surprise boxes.

Coffee Scout 

Coffee Scout mission is to scour the ends of the earth to find you the perfect coffee. They’ll do all the leg work, so you don’t have to. They’ll delve into Melbourne’s laneways and beyond for you. All you have to do is subscribe to their service to get that royal treatment!

Small Batch

Small Batch has a subscription service that gives you access to their drip feed coffee at the comfort of your home. Their prices are inclusive of shipping.

The MO here is getting customers at home to make cafe-quality coffee. With that in mind, they're all about education as well as selling the right tools for success. Check them out.

Address: 3-9 Little Howard St. North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051

FAQs About Melbourne Cafes

An office coffee delivery service will cost $4.87 – $10.10 per employee/month. Estimates for office coffee services average $98 an employee per year, depending on how frequently they use the service. An office coffee service furnishes businesses with professional coffee-making equipment, beverages, and snacks.

Whether you are a cold brew fanatic or a person who loves to pry yourself out of bed to get a sip of coffee every morning, you have landed on the right page. Shop from a wide collection of coffee and espresso online.

A coffee subscription service delivers coffee directly to your mailbox weekly, monthly, or on another pre-determined basis. The coffee is sent directly from the coffee roaster or the subscription's curator.

Selling coffee online can be quite profitable, especially if you sell specialty products with higher margins. The exact amount of profit depends on whether you're selling in bulk, single bags, or as a wholesaler. However, it's possible to make money selling coffee online.

How To Keep Coffee Hot, not warm, without burning it

  • Wrap it up with a scarf (or any thick piece of fabric)
  • Use a Cup Sleeve.
  • Use A Travel Mug (that has good insulation)
  • Preheat Your Cup.
  • Invest in a Thermos (One that Works)
  • Get a Cup Warmer for your Car.
  • Use Metal Coffee Beans.


When you're looking for a great cafe to enjoy a delicious meal, Melbourne has no shortage of options. However, when you want your meal delivered right to your door, it can be tricky to know which cafes offer this service. 

That's why we've put together a list of the best cafes delivery in Melbourne! Whether you're craving a bacon and egg roll or an Indian feast, these places have got you covered. So check out our favourites below, and get ready to indulge in some deliciousness!


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