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Where Should I Eat In Northern Suburb Restaurants And Cafes Melbourne?

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    Many Melbourne Restaurants in the Northern Suburbs serve delicious food from cuisines such as Italian, Seafood, Spanish, Thai, French, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and Indian. Our Northern Suburbs Restaurants website connects you with venues in the Northern Region swiftly.

    North Melbourne is deceptively suburban for a neighbourhood so near to the city. It's more open, close-knit, and less developed than other parts of the city. Most of the time, locating a park on its wide streets is simple.

    The broad, wedge-shaped space is bounded to the north by Royal Park and to the south by Queen Victoria Market. At the height of Melbourne's development in the 1880s, it was the most densely populated district of the city, filled with blue-collar employees who performed its proximity to the city's and outlying factories.

    Despite the fact that the population has changed dramatically since then, those early occupants left their architectural imprints on the area. Closer to Parkville, the main streets are lined with magnificent Victorian and Edwardian-era terrace residences. As you approach the city, you'll see weatherboard workers' cottages or plain stone structures.

    The proximity of the suburb's main strip, Errol Street, to Queen Victoria Market has hampered the growth of food retail. Fortunately, this has resulted in an increase in dining options in the neighbourhood. And, given that only 40% of North Melbourne's population was born in Australia, such possibilities are plenty. There are excellent Italian, Mexican, and Vietnamese restaurants nearby.

    Top 10 Restaurants In Melbourne's Northern Suburbs

    If you're looking for a new place to eat in Melbourne for lunch or dinner but haven't considered the Northern Suburbs, it's time to alter that.

    The restaurants in the Northern Suburbs provide a wide variety of cuisines and experiences. Travellers will benefit from the diversion, while residents may unearth a hidden gem in the process.


    Bar, Restaurant, European, Italian, Fast Food

    The European dishes at 4 Doors have an Australian twist. The marble bar, dim lighting, and smokey atmosphere of this modern classic give the restaurant an air of relaxed sophistication. There is plenty of room to spread out on the spacious patio.

    Scallops and figs marinated in olive oil, fennel and pork sausages, duck agnolotti cooked in-house, and many other dishes are available. Indulge in a wide variety of sweets, both warm and cold, from the display case.

    The Empress Hotel

    Bar, Pub, Pub Grub, Australian

    Located in the heart of Fitzroy, this 141-year-old bar was formerly the place to hear live music. Hotel renovations include a new charcoal grey finish in the lobby and restaurant, and there is vintage decor throughout.

    Guests of the Empress Hotel can enjoy contemporary cuisine and innovative takes on traditional pub fare. You'll quickly unwind thanks to the soothing ambience and delicious food.

    northern suburb restaurants and cafes


    Thai, Asian, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Asian Restaurant

    Northern Suburbs locals know that Paladar is one of the top Thai restaurants around. This restaurant is hard to dislike because it uses only the freshest ingredients to prepare its authentic Thai dishes.

    Vegetarians will find a wide variety of options at Paladar, which specialises in stir fry, soups, curries, and salads. The modern space, with its dark furnishings and cosy fireplace, is really comforting.

    Kumo Izakaya

    Fast Food, Vegetarian, Vegan, Japanese, Asian, and Other Restaurants

    Traditional Japanese fare in an "Izakaya" atmosphere is what you'll find at Kumo Izakaya. Kumo Izakaya serves a wide variety of tiny meals rather than the standard western pattern of appetisers, main courses, and desserts, making it ideal for individuals who want to try a little bit of everything.

    The welcoming ambience that the rustic furnishings provide is another great selling point. The greatest Japanese restaurant in Australia in 2015 was Kumo Izakaya, and they got the Excellence Award for it.

    Roquette Bar and Grill

    Bar, Pub Grub, Seafood, Australian

    The best food at Roquette is the bar, pub food, seafood, and Australian steaks. This establishment is for individuals who prefer a cosy ambience with a touch of class, with its trendy-industrial style, the warm touches of lights, and the brown leather booths.

    In the suburbs of Melbourne, there is a city dining restaurant called Roquette Bar & Grill. Additionally, Roquette serves a variety of Australian seafood, pasta, and other wonderful dishes. For those who enjoy a drink with their meal, it has an unlimited wine list.

    L'Artigiano Ristorante Italiano

    Bar, Restaurant, Italian, Pub Grub

    The menu of L'Artigiano Ristorante Italiano is extensive and has several dishes prepared from scratch. The wine and pizza bar is a popular attraction since it showcases the various Italian delicacies and beverages available to the public. Staff are always helpful and quick to respond, making for a warm and pleasant experience overall. The restaurant is furnished with traditional tables, a fireplace, and Italian paintings.

    Laksa King

    Malaysian, Chinese, and Fast Food Restaurants

    The best Malaysian food in the Northern Suburbs can be found at this Chinese-Malaysian fusion restaurant. Laksa King is well-known for its diverse menu, which includes dishes like chicken and roasted duck curry laksa, vegetarian laksa, and curry puffs. Food is full of flavour and spices. It is recommended to make a reservation at Laksa King.

    The Woodlands Hotel

    The Woodlands Hotel is a charming establishment that serves up unique cuisine and a wide selection of Victorian artisan beers. For those in need of some downtime or a refreshing beverage in the afternoon, the beer garden is a top choice.

    There is a cosy vibe in a rustic dining room. Favourable guests rave about the hotel's wagyu burger and other perfectly cooked meats, as well as the unique, modern sides.

    Postal Address: 84/88 Sydney Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Greek, Mediterranean and Vegan Restaurant

    Philhellene features authentic Greek cuisine, music, and history heavily influenced by the island of Crete. This restaurant is well-liked because of the authenticity of its fare, which is prepared using both modern techniques and high-quality ingredients. The Good Food Guide regularly features Philhellene. It has a wide variety of food options and is always up for trying something new, so it's clear that it craves variety.

    The Abyssinian

    The Abyssinian cuisine is rich in Eritrean and Ethiopian flavours. This is the place to be if you appreciate trying new things. The menu includes vegetarian options, lactose-intolerant options, and options for persons with modest or large appetites.

    There are robust curries, salads, and stews, but if you can't decide, the Chef's combo, a variety of curries and entrees all served on a massive amount of injera bread is your best bet.

    Kensington, Victoria, Australia, 277 Racecourse Rd

    The Top Eateries In The Inner North

    The Inner North has an abundance of fantastic eateries serving a wide variety of cuisines. The north of the city is where you can find the best Mexican, Latin American, and gourmet coffee. Read on to find out which ones we recommend most highly.

    northern suburb restaurants and cafes

    Che - Fitzroy

    The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the launch of CHE to try out some of the food and experience the Australian chicken shop dream. We think it's great since it sounds like a revolutionary's name (and it is a revolution), but in Spanish, CHE means chicken, ice cream, empanadas, and mate (clever).

    CHE is located at the crossroads of Johnston and Brunswick streets, a prime spot in the Fitzroy neighbourhood, and boasts a sleek, contemporary interior (look for the neon letters in the windows at night).

    CHE is a cutting-edge chicken joint with hip, street-style decor that includes an eye-catching painting and exposed masonry. Do you want to try the most delicious empanadas ever? To include both chicken and beef.

    How about chicken that has been marinated for 48 hours and then roasted in a charcoal oven? And what about some really great salads? Where else can you buy chicken and beer? When it comes to chicken restaurants, great chips are a must, and CHE definitely delivers on that front.

    Auction Rooms - North Melbourne

    Auction Rooms is a unique Melbourne café that emanates industrial flair and is a serious coffee haven. It is an oasis of coffee perfection in trendy North Melbourne, housed in the ancient WB Ellis Auction House.

    Loads of serious coffee enthusiasts flock to the award-winning Auction Rooms at their convenient Errol Street location.

    Admire the blue façade before entering a big warehouse-style structure with a rough texture of exposed brick, fine dark timbers, and concrete floors. Unusual elements such as Six Degrees lead lighting and pendant low-hanging PVC lamps contribute to the atmosphere. On a relaxing sunny day, come here to be inspired by the natural light that floods in through the wide front windows.

    Auction Rooms is a large café with two storeys and a lovely courtyard. After you've finished enjoying the atmosphere and architecture, ask the helpful hipster staff to provide you with an exceptional coffee experience. The coffee here is routinely ranked as one of the best in Melbourne.

    Auction Rooms roasts their coffee in collaboration with Small Batch Roasting Co., a roastery rather than a cafe. This elevates them to the status of coffee royalty. Enjoy the day's single origins. Enjoy a cold drip, syphon, or pour-over. Look at the glistening Synesso. And, of course, get a delicious espresso. The coffee is smooth and reflects the intricacies of the blends.

    Auction Rooms is well-known for its serious coffee, but it also serves delicious meals! The menu items have creative names that play on the auction theme, such as "opening bid" (two free-range poached eggs on sourdough with bacon, field mushroom, grilled tomato, and sautéed spinach on Dench sourdough) and "shady deal" (two free-range poached eggs on sourdough with bacon, field mushroom, grilled tomato, and sautéed spinach on Dench sourdough (Moroccan style tomato and chorizo stew with eggplant served with poached eggs, olives, dukkah and feta and flatbread).

    CH James - Fairfield

    CH James, a trio of celebratory places on Station Street Fairfield, is a popular new venue. Locals are enjoying the venue's sophisticated menu and flair, which includes a gorgeous outdoor courtyard. CH James and its distinctive dishes were invited to The World Loves Melbourne.

    The atmosphere is exceptional, with huge welcoming windows and bright rooms that give the impression of being light and airy. Fascinating farm implements cover the wall, alluding to CH James's time and heritage. The design integrates the interiors and outdoors, with the windows opening up to accommodate the coffee bars, and it's a short walk to the courtyard.

    CH James is contemporary, but it pays homage to the past with the captivating story of local CH James. During Melbourne's golden age, the latter was prevalent in the northern suburbs. In the 1870s and 1880s, Charles Henry James was a businessman extraordinaire who was tremendously significant in shaping the particular communal dynamic of the north that we cherish today.

    CH James was a dreamer, inventor, and strong local influencer who was eager to "have a go," engage with his neighbourhood and run his firm with distinctive flair. CH James served as a role model and mentor to young business people of the day.

    Station Street is a part of Melbourne's heritage. Station Street embodies Melbourne with its diversity and quirky attitude. CH James spent a lot of time on Station St Fairfield, and in 1884 he built a horse tramway that stretched the entire length of the street. Typical Melbourne.

    CH James has a coffee shop that overlooks the famous Station Street. Customers can pull up to the bar and order excellent Small Batch coffee. The World Loves Melbourne sampled two excellently crafted lattes, complete with fine latte art. The service here is fantastic, with the staff being kind and on top of their game.

    CH James' Hungry Vego dish of Three grains, roasted pistachio, activated almonds, seasonal veg, lemon yoghurt, and a poached egg also hit the high notes. When we look at the menu, we notice that there are some healthy options. This is cutting-edge, modern food.

    The coffee is delicious and presented in nice glassware. CH James took time obtaining the best sugar to complement its specialty coffee and now uses Coconut blossom sugar, which has a slightly caramelised flavour.

    Small Batch Coffee, Mork Chocolate, and Tea by Chameleon are among the beverages available. The wine list features World Loves Melbourne favourites Maddens Rise and Medhurst, as well as other boutique wines. Pizzini Prosecco, our favourite Australian Prosecco, is another favourite. Craft beers from Victoria, such as Hargreaves Hill and Holgate Brewhouse, are used. Lager from Keo, Cyprus, is an intriguing option.

    CH James has created an exquisite courtyard area close to a church, complete with fruit tree plantings and fresh herbs used in its cookery.

    This is a fantastic new addition to Melbourne's northern suburbs. CH James is full of character and has various appealing dining options. The service is good, the coffee is delicious, and the food is appealing and trendy. It is strongly advised.

    Proud Mary - Collingwood

    Proud Mary, a coffee mecca housed in a converted warehouse in Collingwood, is a must-visit. Named for its founder, Nolan Hirte, the coffee shop is known for its high standards. Everything about Hirte, from the decor to the service to the sophisticated coffee and outstanding cuisine, bears the imprint of its proprietor's dedication to quality.

    The Proud Mary is a symbol of excellence for Melbourne's coffee roasters and connoisseurs, and she exudes all the charisma of a riverboat queen. Just hearing Nolan talk about his quests to find the world's best coffee and his firm conviction that high-quality java can affect positive change is uplifting and motivating.

    His recent journey to South America is a source of great enthusiasm whenever he brings it up in conversation.

    Breakfast service begins at 8 a.m. daily, and the restaurant is at full capacity by 8:45. Having breakfast here before heading into the city to start the workday is a terrific idea.

    The Potato Hash is my favourite breakfast item here. It consists of a huge, crispy hash brown that is not too greasy, with stringy fibres of potato, and it is topped with buttery spinach, a poached egg, and bagna cauda sauce. The best! More so with a cup of excellent coffee.

    Camus - Northcote

    Camus is a hidden gem in Northcote, hiding a sophisticated French Algerian menu beneath a nondescript facade. On a Friday, Camus hosted a lunch for The World Loves Melbourne.

    Below, Michelin-starred chef Pierre Khodja (below) shows off his amusing cuisine, which is an expression of his inner child and their wildest aspirations. Despite all the other new businesses opening in Melbourne, this eatery was much needed.

    Genuine fare is presented with style, characterised by artful plating, an abundance of colour, and a restrained hand with the seasonings. Pierre's cuisine at Terminus on the Mornington Peninsula mesmerised us for four consecutive years, and we fondly recall him.

    Industry Beans - Fitzroy

    Since its recent opening, Industry Beans has been hailed as the epitome of a Melbourne cafe, complete with a stealthy entry (off Rose St Fitzroy), a stylish interior, and delicious food and drink.

    At some distance from the road, you'll find yourself in a semi-industrial setting ideal for artistic expression and radical reinvention. The high ceilings, unique panelling, cool lighting, and pretty countertops all work together to create a pleasant atmosphere. This former warehouse has been renovated into a spacious art studio.

    Once, they came to see us. We went three times a week to sample more of the cuisine and the coffee. The more They read, the more They want to read. They found Industry Beans a nice cafe to relax, imbibe, and check my emails and tweets. Brothers Trevor and Steve Simmons have done marvels with this room.

    Industry beans are a major coffee (and tea) destination. People often mistakenly believe that the meal is not as important as it actually is. The breakfast menu is innovative and not the same old same old. Options include Deep-fried Duck eggs and Avocado smash. The philosophy is to use the best ingredients and manufacture recipes and components in-house.

    Industry Beans pours a mean coffee. Including those with Panamanian, Indonesian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, and Nicaraguan ancestry. The use of filters and pour-overs. Try out the local Roaster if you get a chance. He took my breakfast order and then went to the Roaster to swirl the beans around.


    The Top 10 Restaurants In Melbourne's Northern Suburbs

    Top 10 Eateries In The Inner North

    Melbourne Restaurants Northern Suburbs

    North Melbourne

    FAQs About Melbourne Restaurants & Cafes

    Despite its proximity to the CBD, friendly North Melbourne is renowned for maintaining a strong sense of community – postcode-proud locals are fiercely loyal to their charming slice of inner-city living. The key to North Melbourne’s lasting appeal is how it successfully manages to sustain that laid-back village feel.

    On 26 August 1887, the Borough was renamed North Melbourne Town after completing the imposing North Melbourne Town Hall and the Metropolitan Meat Market.

    Although there were pockets of middle-class housing in the wider tree-lined streets such as Dryburgh, Chapman and Brougham, by the 1880s, the suburb had become a predominantly working-class area with most of the male population employed in the local industry.

    In the 1890s, tram routes had entered the area as far as Abbotsford Street, walking distance from the Arden Street Oval.

    In the 1930s, many areas of North Melbourne, in particular the laneways, became overcrowded and defined as slums. Large government housing development projects were proposed, which were eventually completed in the 1960s.

    The North Melbourne Court of Petty Sessions closed on 1 January 1968, and the former courthouse was sold to a private buyer in 1981.

    If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in North Melbourne rented out for $588 PW with an annual rental yield of 2.7% and units rented for $375 PW with a rental yield of 3.6%. Based on five years of sales, North Melbourne has seen a compound growth rate of 2.0% for houses and 0.8% for units.

    The northern suburbs of Melbourne include Ascot Vale, Broadmeadows, Brunswick, Bundoora, Coburg, Epping, Hume, Ivanhoe, Moonee Ponds, Nillumbik Shire, Northcote, South Morang, and Tullamarine.

    Greensborough is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 17 km (11 mi) north-east from Melbourne's Central Business District. Its local government areas are the City of Banyule and the Shire of Nillumbik.

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