top 30+ colleges melbourne, victoria

Top 30+ Colleges Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Planning for college can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. 

In order to ease the stress of choosing where you want to go, we've compiled a list of 30 of the top colleges in Melbourne that will meet your needs and more.

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    The Ultimate List of Colleges in Melbourne, Victoria

    Impact English School

    impact english college

    61 3 9670 2821

    Why Choose Us

    Greetings from the Principal

    One of the nicest experiences we may have is learning a second language in a foreign country.

    It gives us the chance to develop in a variety of ways by putting us in novel circumstances and exposing us to new cultures, concepts, and potential futures. It has the potential to alter your life.

    And that is the reason our college is called 'Impact'.

    By helping our students develop their English language abilities and opening up exciting new opportunities for them in the future, we hope to make a significant difference in their lives. We take seriously the investment we are making in the futures of our kids.

    Our entire staff enjoys hearing from Impact students who live and work in a variety of locations, frequently outside of their home countries, and in a wide range of professions and circumstances. Some are enrolled in top universities and institutions in Australia or abroad. Others are traveling the world, and occasionally they even run into fellow Impact students. And they all regularly employ their English language skills. Knowing that we assisted them on their journey is quite fulfilling.

    So, don't waste any time. Prepare yourself to influence your future.

    Pathways & Further Studies

    The outstanding caliber of Impact English College's academic preparation program is highly known. We are pleased to be able to provide Impact students with direct access into Master's, Bachelor's, and Vocational programs at some of Australia's top schools and universities.

    Course Structure

    General English

    a lively and engaging session that trains you to use English in everyday situations. By enhancing your grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in this course, you will learn how to communicate effectively with English speakers.

    Extreme English

    a rigorous English course created especially for motivated pupils. In order for you to quickly reach your goals, we cover more material and give you more practice time. You will gain the grammar and vocabulary you need in this course to enhance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

    Barista/Café English

    A practical English training for those seeking employment in the hospitality industry. You will gain the linguistic knowledge required to work as a barista. This course involves instruction in preparing coffee as well as job experience and supervised practice sessions in the Impact café.

    Cambridge FCE & CAE

    a course for advanced students who need to pass an exam to prove their proficiency in English in order to work or continue their education. These classes are among the hardest, yet they are also the most rewarding. You will receive thorough teaching in all skill areas for the Cambridge FCE/CAE.


    An academic course for students who want to take the IELTS exam or finish their English-language education. In addition to giving you the academic skills you need to succeed in higher education, this intense course will teach you the methods you need to take the IELTS exam.

    Business English

    Ideal for those who must communicate in settings where professional English is spoken. A variety of business-related themes will be covered, along with expanding your vocabulary and teaching you the skills necessary to succeed in the global corporate world.

    Clinton Institute

    clinton institute

    61 3 8394 2033

    About us

    With locations in Melbourne and Hobart, Clinton Institute is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) that is rapidly expanding. We have a responsibility to assure the quality of the nationally recognized training and assessment we conduct as an RTO accredited with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). We must always abide by the Education Services for Overseas Students Act of 2000, the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018, and the Standards for RTOs 2015, all of which are a component of the VET Quality Framework (National Code).

    Because we care about our students, we work hard to provide them with the best possible vocational education and training.

    We have created extensive internal policies, procedures, and systems that direct our compliant operations in order to assure compliance and student satisfaction, and we are required to take part in ASQA audits upon their request. In addition, we must ensure that any third parties that we work with who have any involvement in your training and assessment comply as well. This includes, as appropriate, our salespeople, marketing brokers, and training partners.

    Why Choose Us?

    The Clinton Institute is eager to assist you in expanding your education and professional skills as you get ready for a fulfilling career.


    The goal of the Clinton Institute is to provide students with a high-quality education and individualized attention so they can gain the most knowledge and practical skills for their professional careers and grow into future leaders and entrepreneurs in their fields of specialization within a fast-paced environment.

    The Clinton Institute aspires to be one of Melbourne and Hobart's top educational institutions for students from all backgrounds who are abroad. Our teachers are educating our students using the best practices so that they can adapt to and advance their abilities in the workplaces of the present and the future.

    Core Values


    We teach students to apply critical thinking to develop original, insightful ideas that allow them to be independent, adaptable, and goal-oriented.


    We present examples of inventive teaching and learning. By responding to the demands of their profession, we are encouraging our staff and students to be genuine.


    We value and honor diversity. By providing secure and welcoming surroundings, we foster respect and solidarity. We cooperate to bring about real and enduring change in our communities.


    Throughout their instruction, we help our students grow and improve their own skills and abilities.


    Through communicative learning, we encourage the change to help our students become conscious of and skeptical of presumptions.

    Outcome driven

    By making decisions, setting priorities, and prioritizing time and effort, we teach students to establish their objectives and strategies that set them apart from everyone else.


    We give our students the freedom to create their own concepts, competencies, or capacities to advance their professional knowledge.

    Blue Lotus College

    blue lotus college

    03 9349 2533

    About Us

    A Registered Training Organization, Blue Lotus College (BLC) offers VET courses to both domestic and foreign students as well as ELICOS to international students.

    To provide learners a sense of the industry and the abilities they'll need, we base our programs on the idea of hands-on practical training in realistic work contexts.

    The BLC is a group of educators and support workers that are passionate about fostering a learning environment that is centered on the unique needs of each learner and provides equal opportunity to all.

    Visit us on Elizabeth Street, which is close to Melbourne's renowned Queen Victoria market. We’re conveniently located near public transport links (including Melbourne Central Station), student accommodation, and a vibrant neighbourhood of shops and restaurants.

    Why choose Blue Lotus College (BLC)?

    Training Location

    At Level 2, 540 Elizabeth Street, across from Queen Victoria Market, is where you'll find Blue Lotus College.

    Kitchen Location

    727 Nicholson St, Carlton North, VIC: 3054

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    Students have access to learning materials and exams whenever and wherever they need them thanks to the Moodle LMS. Additionally, Moodle will be made available to the students so they can read and download additional learning materials.

    Training Rooms

    All classrooms are cutting-edge, heated, air-conditioned, and equipped with computers, projectors, conference rooms, and Internet access.

    Library & Resources

    A variety of accounting and business resources and software will be made available to learners. These include sample templates of policies and forms typically found in the industry to provide learners with real-world experience and hands-on training.

    Additionally, students will have access to Microsoft Office and accounting systems like MYOB and XERO. Additionally, pupils will have access to the library's collection of reference books.

    Studying at BLC

    Course Delivery

    Blue Lotus College offers its business and accounting courses in a variety of formats to ensure the best level of learning. Lectures in a classroom, simulated accounting settings, workshops, presentations, learning management systems, tutorials, and guided study are a few examples of these. By contributing to conversations, expressing their thoughts, and cooperating in groups, students are encouraged to make the most of their time in the classroom. Presentations and roleplaying exercises will both be crucial components of the course.

    Course Assessment

    Assessment is based on learning and includes case studies, projects, written exams, skills demonstrations in the workplace, and performance in class.

    The method and timing of their assessment will be disclosed to learners, who will also be given the opportunity to improve any unmet competencies. For further information on Blue Lotus College's assessment practices, please see our Policies page.

    Qualifications Issued

    The credentials offered by Blue Lotus College are accepted across the country and are awarded in accordance with the concepts, regulations, and criteria established by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and VET Quality Framework (VQF), in addition to TAFE and short courses. A certificate of qualification will be given to learners if all assessment requirements have been successfully met.

    A Statement of Attainment will be given for each competency that has been completed if you are studying for a part-qualification.

    Change of Address

    Learners must provide the College with their current residential address, email address, and phone number in order to ensure they receive all necessary and official messages.

    Blue Lotus Code of Conduct

    No of a person's gender, religion, culture, color, sexual orientation, age, ability, or financial situation, Blue Lotus College is dedicated to providing equal opportunity to everyone. All learners must preserve these rights for everyone and behave politely and properly toward one another. They should encourage everyone's access to education without outside influence and uphold a climate free from all sorts of intimidation and discrimination. All learners can anticipate working in an environment that is secure, hygienic, well-organized, and friendly. Property belonging to individuals and institutions must be respected and kept safe from harm or abuse.


    Blue Lotus College has high expectations for its students' behavior. Allegations of plagiarism, cooperation, and cheating will be looked into, and if there is evidence of infringement, any marks awarded will be revoked and the VET unit of competency will need to be retaken. Any related fees incurred are the learner's responsibility. Incidents that keep happening will lead to suspension or expulsion.

    To truly reflect the learner's level of proficiency, all work presented must be their own. Read the plagiarism and cheating policy in its entirety.

    Unique Learner Identifier (USI)

    To track their progress and accomplishments, all Learners enrolled in vocational education and training must possess a current USI. These are provided to the College upon enrollment and are issued by the government. In addition, certificates, Statements of Attainment and training transcripts are linked to a Learner’s USI and cannot be issued without it. To learn more about USI, go to If you require assistance with your USI application, contact Learner Services.

    Credit Transfer

    The courses that students have already completed at other institutions may be recognized or counted toward their degree at Blue Lotus College. A validated transcript, award, or Statement of Attainment must be logged alongside a written request for credit transfer. Credit transfer application forms are available on our Policies page.

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    Blue Lotus College accepts students from all backgrounds, and your assessment for the qualification may take into account previous education and training. People who feel they already possess some of the course skills may submit an application for RPL in writing. Documents including resumes, work performance evaluations, descriptions of roles held, and any certificates of in-house or formal training will be used to evaluate proof of competency. You can also be requested for the contact information of references who can attest to your experience. You can find application forms for RPL on our Policies page.

    Payment of Fees

    Tuition, campus amenities, and your learner identity card are all included in the course fees. Full-fee, Fee-for-Service learners must pay their fees in accordance with the agreed-upon payment schedule or plan that was offered at the time of enrollment. Over AUD 1500 in cash is not accepted as an upfront payment to Blue Lotus College.

    Fee Help

    Blue Lotus College provides fee assistance based on academic merit and noteworthy accomplishments since it thinks that financial difficulty shouldn't be a barrier to learning. The amount of financial support, which will be determined by the Academic Board and CEO of the College, may include a tuition discount.

    Materials and Equipment

    Each Learner will receive a package of instructional resources that includes workbooks, assessment records, and course-specific textbooks. Any additional materials may incur fees. Trainers will also let learners know about any additional recommended learning materials.

    Every Learner should have a personal laptop with Adobe Acrobat 8 or later, Microsoft Outlook email software, and word processing software comparable to Word.

    Complaints / Appeals

    Blue Lotus College values student input and gives complaints and appeals top priority.

    Issues may be reported formally or unofficially. If the outcome is not satisfactory, students may submit a formal written appeal to Student Services. Additional appeals may be made externally to the head of the mediation agency.

    Blue Lotus College’s complaints and appeals process do not affect learners’ consumer rights, and further external assistance can be sought if necessary. The Complaints and Appeals policy is available here.

    Colleges in Melbourne, Victoria FAQs

    There are many colleges out there that offer financial aid to students in need. Some of the most "friendly" ones have higher retention rates, do everything they can for their graduates so as to keep student debt low and maintain high levels of satisfaction among those who attend these universities every year or two (or more).

    A college is more than just an opportunity for education, it's also a launch pad to your future. A good university will provide you with the best possible faculty and students so that no matter what field of study interests you most there'll be plenty of opportunities available within those walls as well as connections throughout all industries outside them too!

    In order find this type school consider looking at their reputation in relation to others offering similar programs before making any final decisions about enrollment because choosing incorrectly could mean missing out on valuable experiences or knowledge crucial not only now but down the line.

    • The terms "college" and "university" are often used interchangeably.
    • Colleges and universities primarily differ in program offerings and degree types.
    • "University" refers to larger institutions offering both undergraduate and graduate programs.
    • "College" refers to community colleges, technical schools, and liberal arts colleges.

    The difference between "college" and "university"? Unfortunately, the two terms are often used interchangeably to refer to higher education institutions. This confusion can be frustrating for students who want a clear understanding of what they're getting into before enrolling in college or university programs abroad.

    For prospective international learners especially--especially those from non-English speaking backgrounds where meanings vary depending on where you live--it becomes essential to understand all these variations so that your choice won't lead you astray later down the line!

    A college campus is a place where you can try new things and meet amazing people. From clubs to events, there are so many opportunities for fun on our campuses!

    A great college experience isn't just about what happens inside of the classroom--it's also exploring all that your university has in store such as visiting other schools or building professional networks through extracurricular activities with peers who share similar interests like sports teams do at private high schools.

    Colleges offer a less mainstream educational experience than universities. There, you're likely to find smaller student populations and more intimate campuses with fewer program offerings that focus on-tic or in-depth curriculum for each major subject area instead of breadth across many disciplines as is seen at most state school systems (i). For example, one college might have only four different majors while another has thirty.

    Colleges are often smaller, more intimate communities that offer students the chance to work closely with a professor on campus. These colleges also provide many programs not found at universities and may have religious affiliations like other schools of higher learning do.

    Danford College

    danford college

    61 3 9642 1612



    For more than 14 years, Danford College has provided top-notch instruction through its range of programs. We have been dedicated to quality since 2007, making sure that students get the most out of their time at Danford.

    There are various career paths available to students at Danford College.

    Additionally, we provide tertiary education pathways through our collaboration with Melbourne Polytechnic. A qualification earned at Danford can be applied toward a Bachelor's degree and transferable credits.

    You can count on us to make the most of your time at Danford College.

    Our Vision & Values

    Education excellence is important to Danford College. We are dedicated to enhancing educational value in our community as a Registered Training Organization and a CRICOS Provider. We help students around the world and offer special learning opportunities, and we are proud of our diverse staff and student body.

    Our Mission

    Danford College strives for the best instruction possible as well as stronger industrial partnerships. Therefore, we work hard to continually improve our services, facilities and educational offerings. We strive to draw talented, dedicated students from all over the world and support their career advancement through education with qualified instructors and top-notch facilities. A route is a Danford College education. We assist students who want to continue their professional development, advance in their employment, or enter higher education.

    Our Motto

    Believe, Achieve, Grow.

    Our ability at Danford College is a result of our high standards. According to our credo, every student can achieve what they believe they can. The sooner you recognize and use your abilities, the faster you will advance.


    Earning a Danford College degree entails more than just completing a postgraduate course or obtaining a certificate, diploma, or advanced diploma. You can count on a top-notch education, a unique experience, and exceptional support at Danford as you advance in your profession.

    We’ve outlined six reasons for you to choose Danford College:

    We are committed to excellence.

    We want you to benefit as much as possible from your time studying at Danford in Melbourne. Our exceptionally skilled instructors create a welcoming and compassionate learning atmosphere. We also offer top-notch tools and resources to help you with your study.

    We know how to support you.

    We have more than 13 years of experience, and because we have helped students over the years, we are familiar with their issues. In order to help our students in the greatest way possible, it's important to know the kinds of assistance that are acceptable, including our in-house counsellor.

    We promise a tailored experience.

    In the event that you choose to continue your education into tertiary studies, Danford College's partnerships support your success. Your Danford College coursework paves the way for Bachelor's degrees in accounting, business, information technology, and hospitality management at Melbourne Polytechnic.

    We offer a clear pathway to higher education.

    Students at Danford College have the option of continuing on to tertiary education thanks to their partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic. At our partner college, Danford qualifications can be applied toward a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business, IT, or Hospitality Management.

    We offer world-class facilities located in one of the best cities.

    The CBD of Melbourne is where Danford College is located. You will enjoy learning in our cutting-edge facilities and cutting-edge classrooms as well as getting to know one of the world's most student-friendly, entertaining, and cosmopolitan cities.

    We are a global village.

    We are proud of the diversity of our faculty and students at Danford College. Make friends with individuals from all over the world and be astonished by the variety of languages spoken in the student lounge. Through our vibrant student community, social events, and outings, we will help you meet new friends. Our students are from countries including Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador,  France, Fiji, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Iran, Italy, Ireland, Japan, South Korea,  Malaysia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Poland, Russian Federation, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Unites States


    Experienced & Friendly Trainers

    Trainers at Danford College have extensive professional backgrounds. Additionally, they were chosen and taught to relate to and assist kids in their learning in a suitable manner.

    Relevant Content and Resources

    To make sure it is current and pertinent to the demands of the industry, course content is continuously evaluated. A variety of top-notch, thorough, and educational resources are available to students and staff for our trainees. Students can access our most recent course materials on our online learning management system, CANVAS®.

    Class Structure

    At our two locations in Melbourne, located on William Street or King Street, all Danford courses are taught in person.

    The theory portion of the course is taught in a classroom setting with a maximum of 26 students, while the practical portion is done in small groups.

    Students are required to participate in class discussions by offering their thoughts, posing and responding to questions, collaborating with other students in groups, and giving presentations.

    Digital Platforms

    At Danford College, we provide a variety of digital tools to help support our students as they study with us.

    Our student learning management system, CANVAS®, streamlines instruction and improves learning. It simplifies the student's trip because it includes all the instructional and evaluation resources as well as other features that are conveniently available from anywhere, such as posting an announcement, using Zoom, collaborating, and submitting assessments.

    Another piece of software utilized at Danford College to streamline the submission of online assessments is Turnitin®. It examines the originality of the papers and the accuracy of the citation styles used in the students' work.

    Our user-friendly student management system, RTO Manager®, allows students to view information about their schedule, course progress, tuition costs, exam results, and attendance.


    Through extremely useful and interactive examinations, students must show that they understand the material and learn it. Tasks for formative and summative evaluation are required to earn certifications.

    These include:

    Study Term

    The term length is ten weeks for Certificates III, IV, and Advanced Diploma levels as well as Postgraduate Courses. The level and duration of each course will determine the overall number of study terms per year. According to the course specifications, there are two 10-week terms and one 12-week term for various Certificate IV Levels.

    Credit Transfer

    Students may request a credit transfer with a validated transcript, award, or statement of attainment if they have successfully completed the same units at another Australian institution.

    Your course duration will be altered if a credit transfer is approved. Your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) may expire sooner as a result, and your Student Visa may also be impacted.

    Unique Student Identifier (USI)

    All Danford College students are required to have a USI, which they must present when enrolling. Danford College is unable to provide you with a Certificate, Statement of Attainment, or Transcript for your finished course without a USI.


    The plagiarism policy at Danford College is very rigorous. All actions of plagiarism, collusion, or cheating will result in a written warning and compel you to repeat the unit and suffer any associated expenses.

    According to the college's plagiarism policy, a student may be suspended or expelled from Danford College if they are found to have plagiarized, conspired, or cheated twice after receiving a written warning.

    CIC Higher Education, Melbourne

    cic higher education

    1300 242 437

    About CIC

    A private corporation registered under the Corporations Act of 2001 is CIC Higher Education Pty Ltd. CIC is a well-known educational institution with a focus on offering students higher education degrees in a nurturing environment. We take pride in our dedication to our pupils.

    Our students, who represent more than 40 different nations, bring a love for learning to the College and help create a vibrant, multicultural environment, which we not only acknowledge but also promote. For the purpose of offering courses to international students with Australian student visas, CIC is listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS Provider No. 01718J). At CIC, there are about 700 students enrolled.

    Based on their depth of expertise and breadth of experience in the industry, our academic team was chosen. They support students in developing the abilities and information necessary to pursue successful jobs in their chosen fields in addition to helping them achieve their academic goals.

    The TEQSA website,, lists CIC's registration and course accreditation, along with its current registration status.

    The EduCo Global group of enterprises includes CIC. EduCo is a pioneer in offering education to students from all over the world in significant English-speaking nations. The colleges run by EduCo offer higher education, university pathways, vocational training, and English language courses to a wide spectrum of students.


    CIC gives its students the tools they need to develop into high-performing individuals with the capacity for innovation and value creation in their chosen industries.


    In Australia, CIC will be known as a highly regarded supplier of top-notch educational programs.

    Core Values

    The following ideals will always be upheld at the College, according to CIC:

    Whistleblower Disclosure

    In all of our commercial endeavours, CIC is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of conduct and ethics. We also work to foster and support a culture of integrity, corporate compliance, and sound corporate governance.

    CIC is dedicated to offering safeguards and procedures so that people who report violations can do so in confidence and without fear of retaliation, intimidation, or disadvantage.


    Bachelor of Business (Management)

    Graduates of the Bachelor of Business (Management) program should be prepared to hold middle management positions in a range of public and private industries. Since they are in charge of the expansion and development of their organizations, managers are essential to every organization. Students who complete this program will get the capacity to successfully manage teams and individuals as well as expand their business and leadership skills. The degree guarantees that students will have the chance to gain crucial business information and abilities, such as good management concepts, business legislation, and principles of finance and marketing.

    250 students are thought to enrol in the Bachelor of Business (Management) program per year.

    Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

    The Bachelor of Business (Accounting) program seeks to generate graduates who can communicate perceptively and effectively in a business setting, come up with creative solutions to issues, and use investigative abilities to tackle a variety of complicated business situations. Additionally, graduates will get a deep understanding of the fundamentals of both business and accounting, preparing them for a range of accounting-based jobs in the corporate sector. Students will gain a solid foundation in accounting principles and crucial business skills by enrolling in the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) program at CIC Higher Education. The program's graduates will be well equipped to work in pre-management and management positions in the accounting and/or business worlds.

    450 students are thought to enrol in the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) program per year.

    Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

    Graduates of the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) program should have a solid understanding of business and marketing principles and procedures.

    Students will learn the fundamentals of contemporary business trends and practices during their first year. Students will expand their knowledge base in their second and third years to include critical marketing strategies that apply to both Australian and global contexts.

    Students will learn about marketing theories and models, how to evaluate marketing possibilities, and how to create a strategic marketing plan that will help the organization achieve its overall business goals.

    Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities to recognize marketing possibilities, develop fresh concepts, conduct market research, and confidently apply their knowledge and abilities in marketing positions within domestic or global firms.

    60 students are anticipated to enrol in the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) program each year.

    Graduate Certificate of Business

    A one-semester course offering graduate-level foundations in fundamental business skills and knowledge, the Graduate Certificate in Business. The ability to communicate effectively, analyze data, and apply ethical, strategic and practical management principles will be developed in students. Graduates will be well-versed in management, accounting, and advanced economics concepts as well as business skills and expertise. Graduates will also be more equipped to pursue higher education if they so want.

    Graduate Diploma of Business

    A two-semester course that awards a graduate-level foundation in fundamental business skills and knowledge, the Graduate Diploma in Business is for you. Students will learn how to analyze data, communicate persuasively, and solve complicated problems. Graduates will possess advanced management, leadership, communication, accounting, and economics expertise as well as business skills and knowledge. Graduates will also be more equipped to pursue higher education if they so want.

    Master of Business

    The Master of Business is a three-semester program designed to give students a solid foundation of advanced business and management skills along with specialized knowledge and skills in either project management or accounting. Students will gain a critical eye, compelling communication skills, leadership and management abilities, and the ability to assess strategic options and decisions in organizations with a practical, modern perspective. Graduates will be prepared to take on employment and roles in a variety of local and international contexts thanks to their business skills and expertise, as well as their advanced, specialist knowledge of accounting or project management.

    Master of Business Administration

    Students have a rare opportunity to develop and hone their abilities to apply knowledge of business and management skills paired with either accounting or project management in the four-semester Master of Business Administration degree. Students will develop a critical eye, persuasive communication, analytical skills, ethical leadership and management capabilities, and abilities in analyzing strategic choices and decisions in organizations through a practical, contemporary focus and a focused industry-related project. Graduates will be prepared to assume administrative and leadership positions in a variety of local and international contexts.

    Della International College

    della international college

    61 3 9329 9474

    About Della

    Della International College Pty Ltd. is a Registered Training Organisation and meets administrative, delivery, staffing, facility, marketing, financial, quality assurance and assessment standards agreed to by Federal, State and Territory Governments in Australia. To ensure that these requirements are being followed, the State Government registering authority keeps an eye on us and requires that we undergo routine external audits.

    Why Della International College?

    Staff members:

    The mission of Della International College is to provide students with the highest quality educational experience. Every member of our staff is extremely efficient and available seven days a week to help you with your inquiries. Our instructors have years of experience in their respective fields and are highly skilled. They also hold recognized degrees.


    Campuses are situated in accessible areas. Our Melbourne CBD campus is only a short distance from Queen Victoria Market and Melbourne Central Station, both of which provide a wide variety of international foods for you to sample. Elizabeth and Queen Streets each have coffee shops nearby.


    Wireless internet access is available in both our common spaces and classes. Students can access other services, like copy machines, at the front desk. To aid in learning, training rooms are furnished with modern computing equipment like projectors. For your convenience, there are bathrooms and kitchens on every floor.

    Student Support:

    Our Student Support staff members are available if you have problems regarding your training or anything that may be causing you concern. This includes advice and welfare support. You will be directed to a trained Counselor if you need professional counselling. Students requiring special or intensive assistance must contact the Compliance Manager, who may refer them to appropriate support or counselling services.

    Deakin College


    deakin college

    61 3 9244 5123


    Deakin University may be reached directly from Deakin College. The College provides the Deakin student experience and supports the successful transition to further studies at the University.

    About Deakin College

    Deakin College offers the Deakin student experience that facilitates the smooth transition to future study at the University, serving as a direct route to Deakin University.

    We deliver:

    We provide the recommended Deakin pathway with certain admission to the second year of the bachelor's program.


    Start in March, June or October.

    Our Students

    3000 international and Australian students from various countries.


    Melbourne Burwood Campus, Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, and Geelong Waterfront Campus are the three campuses where Deakin College is housed on three Deakin University campuses in Victoria, Australia.


    25 students are allowed in Foundation classes and 30 in Diploma classes. Our teachers are able to give our kids the greatest support possible because of the small class sizes. Each course will have two 2-hour classes per week. Here is a sample schedule.

    Student Support

    At Deakin College, we understand how critical it is to take both your academic and personal requirements into account. We provide a variety of services and amenities as a result, ensuring that your experience at Deakin College is as delightful as possible. Additionally, our knowledgeable team will help you as you get used to studying in a new setting.

    Why Deakin

    In a very encouraging atmosphere, more than 22,000 students who studied with us successfully transitioned into Deakin University degrees.

    Deakin College offers the Deakin student experience that facilitates the smooth transition to future study at the University, serving as a direct route to Deakin University.

    We provide cutting-edge instruction, a satisfying learning environment, and a commitment to using digital learning tools.

    Why Choose Deakin College

    Flexible Start Dates, a graphic of a calendar and a clock, and Deakin University Pathways

    Flexible Start Dates

    You can select when to enrol in a course because there are three intakes each year.

    Located with Deakin Uni

    We have full access to all facilities and services because we are situated on Deakin University grounds.

    Supported Learning Environment

    Having access to a variety of services will enable a smooth transition to Deakin University.

    Fast-track Options

    Finish a diploma program in just eight months, which enables you to enter university far sooner than students who are enrolled in a typical pathway program.

    Small Class and Tutorial Groups

    You will receive intensive academic help and contact in classes with no more than 30 students, along with small group tutoring and workshops.

    Convenient Transport

    Every campus of Deakin College is ideally situated and accessible by public transportation.

    International College Of Melbourne

    international college of melbourne

    61 03 9662 3300


    International College of Melbourne (ICM) is a Registered Training Organization with the National VET Regulator (NVR) (RTO). We provide instruction and evaluation for nationally recognized qualification programs. We are authorized to offer vocational education and training to foreign students studying in Australia as well. ICM strives to offer classes and other educational opportunities that will enable our students to learn completely, successfully, quickly, and with great joy.

    We are constantly looking for innovative approaches to maximize the training environment's capacity to promote students' learning and minimize factors that can obstruct it. ICM has a commitment to providing learners with high-quality training programs through established partnerships with businesses and other educational institutions in Australia. Our highly skilled staff members, who have a wealth of expertise and ongoing commitment to their respective professions, deliver ICM's unique courses. Our campus is situated near all forms of public transportation and other attractions in the heart of Melbourne.

    Modern facilities and a trainer-to-student ratio at the ICM campus enable individual participation in learning. We provide all students with a variety of face-to-face support services. Our bilingual staff offers students a warm, encouraging environment. Additionally, students have access to expert assistance and counsel to aid them with specific issues.

    To ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to attain their learning objectives, ICM is dedicated to offering and promoting non-discriminatory, inclusive practices and procedures. We work to make sure that all decision-making procedures demonstrate a dedication to access and equity and treat all current students and potential students equally.


    The International College of Melbourne's aim is to offer international educational opportunities that place an emphasis on knowledge and skills that will enable the student to adapt to a lifetime of social and technical changes and afterwards join a global workforce. We acknowledge that education is crucial in fostering a person's sense of self-worth, values, and high ethical standards. It is also crucial in developing skills for a productive society.

    ICM is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education that satisfies their requirements and supports them in identifying and accomplishing their professional and academic goals. The institution outlines the following goals to help us realize our mission:



    In an environment of sincere, open communication marked by respect and care for one another, we value behaviour that is responsible, accountable, and ethical.


    We value the eager pursuit of novel ideas and the taking of creative risks.

    Continuous Improvement

    Through employee empowerment and professional growth in a culture that emphasizes teamwork, we value the ongoing improvement of our programs, services, and procedures.

    Customer Focus

    By attending to client needs, we value devotion to the success and satisfaction of students.


    We place high importance on a learning environment that draws in, values, and supports a diverse student and staff body.

    Continuing Education

    We offer a variety of training and professional programs.

    Promotion Of Cross-Cultural Understanding And Appreciation

    Through educational and social events that encourage intercultural dialogue, we will advocate.

    Promotion Of Cross-Cultural Understanding And Appreciation

    Through educational and social events that foster intercultural understanding and connection, we will advocate.

    Academic Support Services

    Academic services, such as a comprehensive learning resource centre and fundamental skill activities that support instruction, will be made available to pupils.

    Student Support Services

    All kids, especially those with special needs, will get assessment, counselling, guidance, tutoring, social and cultural activities, and more from us.


    Our staff members are courteous and serve our students with great student support services. Additionally, the ICM campus greeting doubles as a student service centre, where our knowledgeable staff may provide you with information and guidance on admissions, enrollment, progress, deferment, and course completion, including:


    ICM has a dedicated team of student support staff and a student welfare officer to look after the student needs for other matters. A student may also look for the following services:

    Information on life in Melbourne, including travel, lodging, and public services.

    Atlantis College of Management

    atlantis college of management

    03 9614 7853

    Welcome to ACM

    We appreciate you choosing the Atlantis College of Management (RTO No. 41458) to help you meet your educational objectives. We are proud of the top-notch instruction and support services our outstanding faculty and staff provide our students with excellent career-focused programs in high-demand professions, the most pathways to prestigious universities, and flexible learning alternatives.

    At ACM, we take great pride in our facilities and the high calibre of instruction we offer to our students. You are invited to visit our city and college. We want you to benefit the most from your experience and have fun while you're with us.

    To ensure that students achieve their objectives, Atlantis College of Management is here to assist them in selecting and enrolling in the programs that are most appropriate for them. Our commitment to the academic success of our students is unwavering.

    We hope your time with ACM will be rewarding and enjoyable. Join us and take part in it by coming!


    Collaboration, diversity, and individual accomplishment are valued at Atlantis College of Management.

    Regardless of students' nationality, gender, or religious beliefs, Atlantis College of Management (ACM) is dedicated to offering high-quality education to support their pursuit of self-improvement.

    Both local and foreign students can obtain superior vocational education from ACM. ACM works diligently to cultivate entrepreneurial thought, intellectual integrity, and social responsibility in its students by providing a dynamic, student-centred learning environment and devoted pursuit of best practice teaching and evaluation.

    Our job training programs for a diploma and certificate are created to provide you with the abilities, information, and real-world experience necessary to succeed in the workplace of the modern age. For a complete selection of diploma and certificate training programs, visit our Programs page.

    For students, ACM offers a variety of simple payment alternatives. Make an appointment with us to go over all of your financial choices.


    We appreciate you choosing the Atlantis College of Management (ACM) to help you meet your educational objectives. We are proud of the top-notch instruction and support services our outstanding faculty and staff provide our students with excellent career-focused programs in high-demand professions, the most pathways to prestigious universities, and flexible learning alternatives.

    At ACM, we take great pride in our facilities and the high calibre of instruction we offer to our students. You are invited to visit our city and college. We want you to benefit the most from your experience and have fun while you're with us.

    To ensure that students achieve their objectives, Atlantis College of Management is here to assist them in selecting and enrolling in the programs that are most appropriate for them. Our commitment to the academic success of our students is unwavering.

    We hope your time with ACM will be rewarding and enjoyable. Join us and take part in it by coming!


    We adhere to the principle of putting your brilliance ahead of our own. As a result, we make sure that the students are comfortable with the content being taught and work to provide them with all the support they need to succeed. We will support you each step of the way whether you are beginning a new profession, switching to a different career path, or improving your abilities.

    ACM will achieve this vision by:

    ACM Value Statements

    A shared set of values is held by faculty, staff, and administrators and directs the College in carrying out its mission. Our behaviours, decisions, policies, and strategic planning are all influenced by these principles.

    Excellence in Education.

    We are committed to achieving excellence in education by offering a faculty and staff that is highly qualified, creative, and supportive; facilities that are outfitted with the most recent technology; quality academic and occupational programs; and integrity and high standards for teaching, learning, and service.

    Accessibility and Achievement.

    In addition to providing instruction and support services that will help students reach their unique educational objectives in terms of completing a course, developing a skill set, or a program, we are dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to affordable and high-quality education.

    Respect for Diversity.

    Diversity in thought and culture is something we respect. We promote a diverse student body through open admission and the provision of educational programs that support student achievement because we think that everyone should have the chance to study and succeed in the classroom, the workplace, and the community.

    In order to preserve public confidence and provide a sustainable, financially responsible environment for the organization, we are committed to efficient and effective management of human and financial resources.

    Quality of Work Environment.

    Through shared governance, we cultivate respect, trust, and support among faculty, staff, and students. We also encourage ethical risk-taking and creativity, and we acknowledge excellent performance and contributions to our vibrant learning environment. We value every member of our community.

    Contribution to Community and Economic Development.

    Through successful corporate and industry partnerships and collaborations, we are dedicated to meeting the educational, occupational, and enrichment needs of our communities, boosting the quality of life, and assisting in the development of the economy.

    Commitment to the Future.

    To answer the demands of the present and the difficulties of the future, we are committed to the ongoing examination of the institution.

    Melbourne Girls’ College, Victoria

    melbourne girls college

    03 9428 8957

    Welcome to the Melbourne Girls’ College

    Melbourne Girls' College (MGC) is a pioneer in cutting-edge education and was founded in 1994. For local, out-of-town, and international students, we provide enrollment options to study inquiry and cross-disciplinary units in Years 7-9, followed by a significant number of Year 10, VCE, and VET subjects in the senior years.

    Our College is constantly evolving programs and learning schedules to ensure students are future-ready with an emphasis on persistence, teamwork, respect for diversity and personal best. Excellent teachers, parents, peers, and mentors provide instruction and care for our 1400 children.

    Although academic performance is undoubtedly one of MGC's accomplishments, a broader definition of success assures that social, emotional, athletic, and creative success are essential components of being a student at the College. The English, Humanities, Languages, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), International, and Wellbeing Programs are made to help each student develop the abilities to work with others and ask questions at ever-higher levels of sophistication.

    The Gillard Centre, which houses flexible learning, hospitality, and meeting space and gives river access for our world-class rowing program, is one of the new buildings that MGC has created in recent years. A STEAM and a 400-seat performing arts centre are now being planned by the college to serve the school as well as the larger Richmond community.

    Melbourne Girls' College students are aware of the special lessons that going to a school where students are educated from over sixty different nationalities and backgrounds may bring because they are global citizens.

    On the banks of the historic Yarra River, we offer you a place of welcome.

    Why MGC?

    Melbourne Girls' College, a pioneer in cutting-edge girls' education, was founded in 1994 on the Yarra River in Richmond, Victoria. Positive psychology is incorporated into the college's well-being program as part of its future-focused ethos. Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) and Girls' Leadership are also integrated into the learning and teaching processes. A school-wide coaching methodology, the Curiosity and Powerful Learning Framework, and High Impact Teaching Strategies are used to enable this complicated work.

    MGC – History

    In preparation for the 1994 academic year, Melbourne Girls College will begin to take shape as a centre of excellence for female education. In an announcement made by the Directorate of School Education in 1993, it was said that the College's founding will improve educational possibilities for girls in the Melbourne area.

    Melbourne Girls' College, a pioneer in cutting-edge girls' education, was founded in 1994 on the Yarra River in Richmond, Victoria. The college has a future-focused culture, and starting in 2016, Positive Psychology, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and the arts will all be recognized (S.T.E.A.M.) Learning and instruction are permeated with a focus on girls' leadership and wellbeing. A school-wide coaching strategy and the Curiosity and Powerful Learning Framework are used to facilitate this challenging activity.

    The Confucius Classroom program at the school, which is run in collaboration with Hanban University, our international student program, the development of a new sister school relationship with Beijing, study tours, and exchange programs are all evidence of the work that has already been done to establish M.G.C. as an international school.

    For local, out-of-town, and international students, we provide enrollment options to study inquiry and cross-disciplinary courses in Years 7-9, followed by a significant number of Year 10, VCE, and VET units in the senior years.

    The vision of young women who will "lead and achieve" encapsulates the core ideals of our college. This prioritizes success and individual performance, as well as both covert and overt leadership. Our outstanding faculty, supportive parents, peer mentors, and our 1400+ students teach and care for our pupils.

    MG Concourse While academic success is undoubtedly one of M.G.C.'s accomplishments, a broader definition of success assures that personal, social, emotional, athletic, and artistic participation are essential components of being a student at the College. The school community takes pride in teaching ethical understandings to guarantee that our young women grow a feeling of stewardship for the future, the environment, and for being a positive influence on others. MGC's Sustainability Collective is well-known throughout the world. As a City Edge institution, M.G.C. is a member of a Community of Practice that makes use of the city as a resource. The Albert Park S.C., Mac Robertson Girls' College, University High School, Princes Hill Secondary College, and Victorian College of the Arts are all part of our community.

    The University of Melbourne, Yarra City Council, the National Australia Bank, nearby businesses, Richmond and Melbourne Rotary Clubs, Lennox Street Tutoring programs, and environmental organizations are all part of our larger community.


    The vision of young women who will "Lead and Achieve" encapsulates the core ideals of Melbourne Girls' College.

    While academic performance is one of our College accomplishments, we also consider personal, social, and emotional welfare as part of success.

    Students in year levels 7 through 10 take part in timetabled classes in wellbeing on a regular basis, in addition to several whole-school initiatives in wellbeing such as clubs and programs. As our kids advance through the year levels, wellness classes have been created to address their specific needs. We provide kids with context-specific wellness support and methods that are in line with the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities.

    A priority for the College is student wellbeing at the VCE level. In these years levels take part in a range of events, such as skill workshops and guest presenters, which help students build their positive psychological abilities.

    The Wellbeing Center is available to students who need more individualized counselling and support for their mental health or other difficulties.

    Positive psychology serves as the foundation for the well-being themes of Melbourne Girls' College, which seeks to foster emotional literacy in all of our students. Resilience, empathy, gratitude, kindness, and mindfulness are some of these themes.


    An Innovative curriculum for all

    The Melbourne Girls' College curriculum is created to give all girls the knowledge, skills, and talents necessary for success in the 21st century's economic, social, and cultural spheres.

    All of our students are inspired to pursue personal achievement in their academic work and extracurricular pursuits. Setting goals and being organized are vital aspects of daily living.

    The college curriculum adheres to all Victorian Curriculum Standards as suggested by the Victorian government. These standards cover the academic subject matter, the arts, English, humanities, health and physical education, mathematics, science, and technologies, languages, as well as moral and intercultural competence, social and personal development, and critical and creative thinking.

    recognizing that information literacy—the capacity to find, assess, and use information—is a crucial component of all subject areas. Every learning area incorporates teaching strategies and technologies. The curriculum encourages girls to take ownership of their education and supports a problem-solving attitude.

    The college offers a wide variety of VCE subject options in addition to an exceptional program that enables girls to enroll in practical courses through a network of nearby schools, ranging from multimedia studies to hospitality.

    Based on the following tenets, MGC has created a cogent curricular program with a distinct concentration at each year level. They represent:

    All college programs are designed to build students' personal qualities, grasp of the current global context, and capacity for future autonomous learning, in addition to delivering outstanding academic results.

    Parents and students can access a summary of each unit in Years 7-10, a unit calendar and individual unit descriptions. The mapping of the curriculum is far from finished and is constantly being improved in order to satisfy the students' ever-changing needs.

    Strathfield College

    strathfield college

    1800 849 133

    Welcome to Strathfield College

    International students can enjoy a dynamic educational experience at Strathfield College.

    We offer nationally recognized vocational education and training at our campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, two of Australia's top student cities (VET).

    Why Choose Strathfield College

    International students can enjoy a dynamic educational experience at Strathfield College. Melbourne and Sydney, two of Australia's most popular student cities, are home to our campuses, where we provide nationally recognized vocational education and training (VET).

    We make sure that a group of experts with experience in caring for the particular requirements of overseas students supports our students. However, we also make sure to enjoy ourselves along the way. To that end, we routinely arrange entertaining events on campus and in the neighbourhood, such as parties, outings, religious festivals, and seminars.

    Our students choose to study with us because of our: ​

    *The months of January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November are when applications are accepted.

    Pax Institute of Education

    pax institute of education

    61 3 9041 3410


    One of the top suppliers of vocational education in Melbourne, Australia, Pax Institute of Education offers instruction that is of the highest calibre. We offer a learning environment that supports high-quality education and training together with robust support services because we feel that education is crucial for empowerment and growth. Our knowledgeable faculty members are committed to comprehending your learning preferences, skill levels, and professional objectives.

    We invite you to visit Pax and see the difference for yourself. We offer nationally recognized qualifications and are completely accredited.



    In order to give our students the greatest vocational education possible, we are dedicated to helping them acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for lifelong learning. The Institute is dedicated to creating resilient and adaptable students who have the information, skills, and attitude to continue their education and grow up to be individually content and socially responsible adults in a caring, respectful, and multicultural community.

    In order to ensure that our programs are current and industry-focused, we create a climate that draws in and nurtures the greatest calibre of personnel who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in instruction.


    It is an honour for me to welcome you to PAX Institute of Education and your academic adventure. I hope you are prepared to seize the opportunity and promise that each new year offers. The PAX Institute has steadily expanded and formed new partnerships over the years.

    The varied student body, dynamic culture, and sense of community define PAX Institute. Our local community, partners, clients, students, and employees are what make us who we are. Our idea of continual improvement, which is influenced by feedback and the experiences of our stakeholders, helps us attain academic excellence.

    You may be confident that you will be well-prepared for your future profession in Australia and abroad if you study at PAX. Additionally, PAX students profit from the expertise of our teaching staff.

    We value your personal progress and success, and we think that education is crucial for empowerment and growth. It is my pleasure to welcome you and support you in reaching your academic and professional objectives as the CEO of PAX Institute of Education. Join our welcoming and culturally aware institution to participate in the learning process and hassle-free student adventure with PAX.


    Victoria, a state in southeast Australia, has as its seaside capital Melbourne. Yarra River plazas, bars, and restaurants form part of the contemporary Federation Square development in the heart of the city. The National Gallery of Victoria, which houses Australian and indigenous art, is located in the Melbourne Arts Precinct, which is part of the Southbank neighbourhood. Arts Centre Melbourne is a performing arts complex.

    Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia, serves as the state capital of Victoria. Greater Melbourne is centered on a single city and spans an area of around 9992.5 km2, with a population of about 4.96 million. Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia, takes pride in its multicultural background and its population, which hails from practically every country in the world. The city's sporting, cultural, social, and religious communities let visitors to discover its diversity and rich legacy. Melbourne enjoys a reputation for offering the best education and training, making it one of the top destinations for international students.

    Melbourne is home to the attractions that make the Australian way of life desirable and is frequently referred to as Australia's cultural capital. Furthermore, Melbourne is a more alluring destination thanks to its ranking as the 10th best city in the world for "employer activity."

    Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in the world. Melbourne consistently ranks among the most livable cities in the world. The title is given to the city with the highest rating in terms of security, healthcare, culture and environment, infrastructure, and education. Living in Melbourne while you study will allow you to experience a safe, thriving city with the best study opportunities, services, and activities.


    Students are given access to a variety of student support programs throughout their academic careers. The student is not charged for these services. However, the external supplier of such service may charge a fee if an external referral is necessary.

    For help and direction with anything from personal issues to questions about attendance and studying, get in touch with a student services officer.


    Through Student Support Services, students who are having academic or other personal difficulties can get short-term counselling. A third-party counselling agency that may charge a fee will be recommended for longer-term counselling.

    The team at Student Support Services is available to talk to students about any physical, mental, or emotional problems that may develop while they are studying. Among the issues that can be supported are the following:

    Students who are having issues are advised to seek advice and support from a Student Services Officer. Visit Reception or email


    The requirements of the students in terms of language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN) are crucial to ensuring successful course progression. At the beginning of the course and as they progress through it, students' LLN needs are determined. Trainers and assessors are aware of each student's unique learning requirements in the classroom and will modify their teaching and evaluation techniques to meet those requirements. Students will receive additional LLN support as required to help them finish their course.

    Monash College

    monash college

    61 3 9903 8831

    About us

    The largest institution in Australia, Monash University, wholly owns Monash College. We are the international students' chosen route to Monash University. We provide foundational courses, English language training, diplomas, study abroad opportunities, and other things. We have been assisting overseas students enrol in the degree programs of their choice and preparing them for employment success for more than 20 years.

    Our vertical campus

    Our brand-new Monash College campus is a friendly vertical village with cutting-edge facilities. The Docklands campus is a ten-story building with more than 130 exciting, adaptable learning spaces that is intended to encourage student and teacher cooperation and innovation.

    The welcoming Welcome and Events Hall, which has two auditoriums that seat 200 people each and an amphitheatre, is where your Monash experience and orientation will get started. After that, as you ascend the building, you can socialize with friends in the laid-back Village Social and Urban deck areas, get help in the designated Student Hub, and finally reach The Library and Learning Center, the hub of knowledge exchange and learning support.

    There are lots of unofficial breakout areas where you can study quietly, work on group projects, and hang out with pals.

    Sacred Heart International College

    sacred heart international college

    61 3 9453 8317

    Why us

    Our Mission

    In order to cultivate intelligence, creativity, and character in a vibrant, student-centred learning environment, Sacred Heart International College is a comprehensive, learner-centred university that constantly seeks to set the bar for excellence.

    The Institute offers programs and coursework for jobs in continuing education that support Australia's dynamic, intellectual, cultural, and economic development issues.

    The institute works to provide each student with the skills, information, and values required for higher programs, workforce entry, progress, and personal enrichment through support services and a technology-rich learning environment. Additionally, Sacred Heart International College supports academic success, respect for cultural diversity, and social responsibility.

    Your professional education and growth are Sacred Heart International College's top priorities.

    We are dedicated to giving our students instruction that positively impacts their lives in Victoria, the country, and around the world as an institute with a special location in the heart of Melbourne.

    Tuition Protection Service

    The Australian government created the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) as a way to help you if your institution, which is known as an "Education Provider" under the TPS, is unable to completely deliver your course of study.

    If you have dropped out of or haven't begun your study and are entitled to a refund of your tuition costs because the school hasn't paid them, the TPS may also be able to help.

    Why choose us

    Best Location

    The centre of Melbourne's CBD is where Sacred Heart is located. We are situated at the well-known Bourke Street and Swanston Street crossroads. Locating us is simple.

    Beautiful Campus

    Our campuses are spotless and lovely to give your pupils the greatest education possible because the first impression is always the best.

    Multicultural Students

    Your pupils will feel at home interacting and making new friends around the world because we have students from 45 different nations.

    Best Student Service

    Our committed student support team at Sacred Heart is here to assist and mentor your students in achieving their objectives because we believe in providing the best possible service.

    Competitive Fees

    One of the reasons students adore SHIC is our affordable tuition rates. We are aware of the demands of the kids, and we provide the greatest support possible.

    Teaching Quality

    One of the four main pillars of Lincoln's student-first approach to education is teacher quality.

    Student Support

    Student Support Officer “SSO”

    Students who want to live and study in Melbourne, Australia can use the student support services at Sacred Heart International College. Students can always consult the Student Support Officer (SSO) for guidance on both academic and personal matters.

    The student support officer also provides qualified, private advice in their areas of specialization. Additionally, after completing their studies at Sacred Heart International College, the students may receive advice from the school's student support staff regarding their future careers and/or academic pursuits.

    Language, Literacy And Numeracy Support

    If students need assistance with language, literacy, or numeracy, it must be included on the application. If assistance is required, special lessons may be set up, or pupils may be directed to a language-learning group. This can incur other charges.

    Student ID Card

    Each student will be given a student ID card when you arrive, and you MUST use this card to access the classroom. Please be aware that there will be a replacement fee if a student loses their student ID card.

    Administration Office

    The management of Sacred Heart International College will take students to the locations of their inquiries and assist them in becoming familiar with school amenities.

    Reasonable Adjustments

    Students with impairments are guaranteed equal treatment under the Disability Discrimination Act through reasonable adjustment, often known as a reasonable accommodation. To fulfil the requirements of a student with a handicap, reasonable changes must be provided wherever practicable.

    McClelland College, Victoria

    mcclelland college, victoria

    (03) 9789 4547


    The award-winning teaching staff is passionate about personalized learning and committed to providing instruction that develops professional and vocational skills by focusing on each student's unique strengths.


    When you first enter McClelland College, you will see the well-kept grounds and the contemporary, roomy teaching & learning facilities, which are frequently referred to by visitors as "a hidden gem."

    Naturally, appearances aren't everything. What distinguishes our school from others is the creative teaching methodology. The award-winning teaching staff is passionate about personalized learning and committed to providing instruction that develops professional and vocational skills by utilizing each student's unique strengths.

    At McClelland, we encourage students to discover and nurture their unique passions and skills. Our pupils will have the ability to acquire abilities in IT development, science, media, business, performing arts, and sports thanks to key sets of pertinent lifelong learning competencies taught throughout the McClelland Academy Program (MAP). The College will soon begin building on a significant facility renovation after receiving capital works money from the Victorian Government recently.

    A selective entrance program called the Elite Performance Program (EPP) is designed to help junior year students pursue their passions further. Our curriculum is structured such that these students spend more time developing their leadership potential and higher-order thinking skills. This enables students to further increase their personal learning and continue to maintain learning above the expected level for their year group.

    Through partnerships and active engagement, McClelland has developed strong connections with outside organizations. We constantly strive to improve teaching and learning outcomes through interaction with business and industry ties in order to boost the quality, reach, and impact of our education.


    Values and Democratic Principles

    All students, employees, and community members will find a safe, encouraging, and inclusive environment at McClelland College. In order to enhance student learning, engagement, and wellbeing, our school understands the value of collaboration with parents and caregivers. We all share a dedication to and responsibility for fostering a welcoming and secure learning environment for our pupils.

    The curriculum and instruction of McClelland College uphold and advance the ideals and practices of Australian democracy, with a particular focus on:

    In order to honour and firmly establish our Statement of Values and Philosophy throughout the school community,



    McClelland's remarkable outcomes are the consequence of a very straightforward philosophy: We know your child better than you do. Our instructors instruct pupils, not courses. Our teachers' goal is to help students become highly effective learners in order to support successful learning, which is McClelland's dedication to discovering and developing students' passions and skills.


    The industrial method of teaching, which does not meet the needs of today's students, has been abandoned by McClelland. Due to the outdated assumption that all children learn the same things, in the same methods, and at the same rate, students were forced to progress through their years of education in predetermined modes and batches.


    The foundation of factory-style education was rigid knowledge and skill sets, which made it "content-focused" rather than "student-focused." This antiquated system does not meet students' needs to successfully live and work in the modern world and stifles their growth and creativity in a time of fast social, economic, environmental, and technological change. It also excludes kids who need their learning to be expedited.


    Our teaching team receives ongoing coaching and development based on research that is solely focused on the kids they teach and the outcomes they achieve with these students. To make sure we are addressing all the students' needs and challenging them to attain the highest standards they are capable of, every teacher participates in class visits and feedback sessions with a member of the Principal Team.


    McClelland is aware of the value of setting up adaptable learning settings where pupils are grouped to focus on particular knowledge and skills that they are prepared to master. For more than ten years, McClelland has been improving this strategy and is known as a forward-thinking institution that is prepared to handle any challenges that the field of education may face in the future.


    Finding out who you are, what you're passionate about, and how you study best is one of the most crucial components of becoming a great student at McClelland.

    Careers planning starts in Year 7 at McClelland College and all learning is constantly brought back to how every day builds toward the future. By doing this, teachers can make sure that their pupils never lose sight of the big picture, feel in charge of their future, and learn how to make it happen.

    By offering one-on-one course counselling starting in Year 8 where parents, teachers, and students sit down and discuss career plans and all the different pathways that can be taken to allow students the best possible choices in qualifications as they advance their secondary education, McClelland creates the space for this to happen and ensures parents are active contributors.


    The primary objective of McClelland is to ensure that every student learns how to be the best lifelong learner they can be. This objective is at the centre of all of the school's policies, strategies, programs, and endeavors and underpins all of the elements mentioned above. We are aware that providing young people with solid, "future-proof" sets of individualized learning skills provides the best chances for success, both immediately and over the long term. Our entire college's concentration on individualized learning is what really distinguishes McClelland as a place where things are done differently and, in concrete terms, best captures our primary objective. For our young students at McClelland, we consistently promote individualized learning at all grade levels, in all disciplines, and at all times.

    Stott's College, Melbourne VIC

    stotts college

    61 3 9663 3391


    Stott's College has endured the test of time and has developed over the past 138 years as a quality private education provider, challenging itself to be relevant in order to meet the ever-changing needs of industry and students. This is true despite the fact that it was founded in 1883 (before our famous Melbourne trams and before "The Big Australian," BHP).

    Since 2001, Stott's has been a provider of the VCE program. In 2006, the company registered and received accreditation as a higher education provider for the delivery of undergraduate business programs, bachelor's degrees in business and business (accounting), and bachelor's degrees in community services 2017.

    Out of all the secondary schools in the state of Victoria, Stott's Secondary is ranked an impressive 203rd. The successes of our pupils fill us with pride.

    Academic achievement depends on having high-quality teachers, and successful teaching is so much about support and compassion. Our academic staff excels in teaching, and we take our commitment to offer top-notch student services and academic and first-language counselling seriously.

    Stott's continues to uphold its record of hiring graduates who are prepared for the workforce, and Acknowledge Education has hired our graduates in management, accounting, and student services. Being an organization that successfully runs business programs and attracts industry partnerships makes us proud.

    In order to help our students with funding for their academic education, Stott's College has both FEE-HELP status and VET Student Loans status.

    In addition, Stott's is eligible for Victorian Skills First Funding for Certificate and Diploma programs for both qualified students and programs that meet the criteria.

    When it comes to administrative, delivery, staffing, facilities, marketing, and financial management, Stott's College complies with strict quality assurance requirements. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, the Australian Skills and Quality Agency, and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority all have jurisdiction over Stott's College's operations.


    Stott's College was founded in 1883 and was the first institution in Australia to provide specialized business training. Stott's College, Melbourne Language Centre, and Front Cooking School all started conducting business under the Acknowledge Education parent company in 2013. A typewriter training school that was founded in Melbourne about 140 years ago has since grown to include campuses in Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. Discover more about the unique background of this historical institute by reading on.

    Our goal is to continue to be a demanding, current, and innovative leader in the education sector.

    Honesty and integrity in dealing with all stakeholders are among our core values.

    CBD College Australia

    cbd college

    1300 616 274

    Why Choose CBD College

    CBD College is a 100% Australian-owned training organisation.

    We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID. 91399).


    In 2001, CBD College was established. CBD College is a 100% Australian-owned training organisation.

    Our training courses are renowned around the country. For our clients, we specialize in offering rigorous training programs that lead to prompt and affordable solutions.

    We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 91399).

    Adelaide, Melbourne (Melbourne CBD & Dandenong), Newcastle, Perth, Brisbane, Southport, Hobart, Sydney (Sydney CBD, Hornsby, Liverpool, Parramatta & Penrith), Central Coast (Erina), Canberra, and Wollongong all have our training facilities in the city centres.

    Located at Suite 1, Level 10, 428 George Street in Sydney is where we have our main office.


    Why Our Integrated Assessments Mean Less Work for You

    When delivering your course, CBD College uses an integrated and practical approach. We have developed a streamlined delivery and a lower number of tests that cover the necessary information and abilities across all of the course units, as opposed to delivering and grading each of the course units separately.

    This integrated method has the advantage that all knowledge and skill criteria are connected and related to one another, making it simpler for you to comprehend the material and complete the tests. Additionally, since you won't be tested more than once on information that is covered in many units, you will use your time more effectively overall.

    How Our Face-to-Face Learning Helps You Achieve Your Career Goals Faster

    Many budget online learning marketers will withhold the fact that their courses are frequently tedious and dull, which makes many students unhappy. Lack of student resources, poorly designed "off-the-shelf" assessment assignments for each unit, and a lack of human connection are some of the main reasons why students become dissatisfied and why many of them fail to complete these courses.

    In contrast, our instructors really present and instruct you on the material you need to know in our face-to-face courses. You can get essential learning points from our specially created electronic materials and CBD Study Guides. A free textbook that covers all the course's essential concepts is also provided. You can also access additional beneficial learning aids and support materials in our student portal section at no additional cost.

    You are guided through our integrated exams in class, so you won't leave without fully comprehending what is required of you. You even have a designated time in class to begin the tests, and you can speak with the trainers directly at any moment during the week.

    Once you are away from the classroom, we continue to help you. You can get in touch with our assessors with any questions or to request help as needed while you are completing your examinations.

    Ultimately this means you will:

    Flinders International College

    flinders international college

    61 3 9005 1930


    Flinders International College

    The Australian Skills & Quality Authority has approved and regulated Flinders International College, a CRICOS accredited RTO (ASQA). We take pride in providing students from all over the world with outstanding possibilities to earn the degree they desire. In the centre of Melbourne, the college's two campuses are ideally situated. Both campuses are served by a very effective transportation system.

    Our nationally recognized Australian Qualification Framework courses are of the highest calibre and are CRICOS-approved VET and ELICOS programs. The courses are made to meet the learning needs of the students and get them ready for the workforce or future education.


    Flinders International College (FIC), which was founded in 2013, is a CRICOS Registered Training Organization (RTO) that is sanctioned and governed by the Australian Quality and Skills Authority (ASQA). We provide Business and English Language (ELICOS) courses to international students who wish to learn business skills and/or develop their English language.

    Our campuses are ideally positioned near St. Kilda Road and the Melbourne CBD. The State Library, Victoria Market, as well as a number of restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues are all close to the Melbourne CBD campus. Albert Park, St. Kilda Beach, cafes, and restaurants can all be found nearby the St. Kilda Road campus.

    Australian Qualification Framework courses that are of the highest calibre are offered in our VET and ELICOS programs. The courses are made to meet the learning needs of the students and get them ready for the workforce or future education.

    In order to guarantee that our courses are suitable for student needs and continuously meet their expectations, we rely on our existing partnerships with stakeholders in the industry and other groups. Through our method of continuous improvement and conformity with the VET Quality Framework, quality is upheld.

    We recognize the value of adult learning techniques in providing efficient training. However, we think that every student should be motivated to take ownership of their education and recognize their active participation in the training, learning, and evaluation processes as learners.

    Each FIC trainer is qualified, courteous, supportive, and lively, and they all have relevant industry expertise and experience.

    Our minimal class sizes are done so that students can feel at ease while taking our courses. This makes sure there is enough support available and that the learning environment is constantly student-centred.

    Student Services

    Pre-enrolment information

    The Student Handbook is sent to every student who is considering enrolling in a course at Flinders International College. Students will benefit from this material, which explains how to live and study in Melbourne and offers details on all courses. There are numerous links to important material throughout the Handbook.

    The Student Handbook and the FIC website must be read in full by all students. If a student is uncertain about any information in the Handbook or has any concerns, they are invited to contact the college at or +61 3 9005 1951. Your education agent may also be able to help you with any inquiries if you have one.

    Before submitting an application for enrollment, students are also urged to explore living and studying in Australia.

    Student Orientation

    A brief orientation is held prior to the start of your program. Its goal is to review and verify the student's training, evaluation, and responsibility processes, as well as those of Flinders International College, during the course. Students can also ask any last-minute queries at this time.

    Academic Support

    Students are urged to speak with their trainer or any other staff member if they are having issues with any component of their course. Our instructors can offer academic assistance to make it easier for you to complete your course successfully. In some cases, they may suggest that you seek assistance from outside organizations.

    English Language Support

    Our student services division offers assistance to students who have trouble with the English language. For instance, a student should be referred to the student services department if they are having problems reading, comprehending classes, or submitting written assignments that are up to grade.

    Unless otherwise noted, all delivery, evaluation, and training are done in English. Depending on how much support you need, there might be a chance for "reasonable modification" in relation to the evaluation procedure. If you want more details, get in touch with the Student Services Office.

    Personal/Welfare Support

    We are aware that sometimes our students need additional assistance to get through their training program. Personal problems occasionally can affect a student's ability to successfully complete a course. To guarantee that students with personal or welfare difficulties are helped, FIC offers access to expert welfare services.

    Contacting your trainer or the FIC Student Support Officer is encouraged for students who are having problems that are interfering with their academic progress.

    External Student welfare support

    Students who are recommended to Flinders International College by the college will get help from outside welfare organizations. In order to facilitate the scheduling and delivery of counselling services, FIC will communicate with the student and the welfare organization.

    Eastern College Australia

    eastern college australia

    03 9790 9204

    Who We Are


    Through the lives of its graduates, EASTERN COLLEGE AUSTRALIA offers instruction, training, and research from a Christian point of view that benefits the church and the advancement of humanity.


    It will be acknowledged that Eastern College Australia offers university-calibre instruction with a Christian viewpoint.


    Eastern College Australia is committed to the following values:


    The mission of Eastern is to promote a Christ-centered, biblically based, character-building, gift-affirming faith that is expressed through vocation, a caring community, helping others, and church involvement.


    With a focus on academic excellence, the value of the mind, and lifelong learning, Eastern is dedicated to discovering knowledge and truth that integrate theory and practice.


    Eastern is dedicated to treating people fairly in all interpersonal interactions, practising careful stewardship of God's creation, and pursuing the fair transformation of our planet.

    Our Faculty

    Eastern College Australia is fortunate to have a fantastic workforce made up of professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge from a variety of Christian denominations and backgrounds. Teachers, supervisors, and staff are chosen in accordance with the standards of the government accreditation and registration agencies and based on their devotion to Christianity, academic credentials, and expertise in pertinent fields.

    Areas of Study

    Choices are the key to effective study, and at Eastern College Australia, we provide a wide range of disciplines and courses to choose from. To learn more about how Eastern can support you in using your profession to change the world, click the link below.

    School of Education

    Children and young people undergo change and develop in schools. In addition to helping students understand themselves, acquire information and skills, and build the capacities to live abundant and fruitful lives, Christian instructors have a tremendous impact on their students' lives by demonstrating the love and power of God.

    Bachelor of Education – Primary or Secondary

    This will qualify graduates to apply for registration as teachers in Australia and overseas and teach in government, Christian and independent schools.

    You will learn the skills required to teach while interacting with concepts of faith and spirituality in a welcoming and small-class setting. A core of theological units will also stretch you intellectually and help you stay connected to your profession as a teacher.

    There are Commonwealth-sponsored spots and HECS-HELP funding options for the Bachelor of Education.

    The Bachelors of Education are integrated, and the College's Bachelor of Arts. Therefore, throughout their first two years of education, students can simply switch between courses. This offers a lot of flexibility because we understand that students' initial aims may change as their academic careers develop.

    Application to Eastern College Australia is made directly, NOT through the Victoria Tertiary Admissions Center (VTAC).

    Master of Teaching – Primary or Secondary

    If you already have a degree in another field, you can teach in primary or secondary schools in Australia and abroad with a Master of Teaching.

    With an Eastern Master of Teaching degree, you'll be qualified to work as a professional educator and leader in independent, Catholic, public, and other educational settings.

    You will be given the skills necessary to build curriculum and assessments, comprehend varied learners and learning styles, and participate in educational concepts and advancements based on a Christian conception of education.

    Master of Education

    Our Master of Education program offers registered teachers the chance to uphold Victorian Institute of Teachers Professional Standards while providing teachers and school administrators with cutting-edge professional knowledge and skills based on a Christian conception of education.

    Here at Eastern, we urge educators to think about taking their skills and methods to the next level.

    Welcome to the School of Christian Studies

    The ability to think and speak coherently about God is essential, no matter what your calling is or where it is to be performed.

    The Christian studies programs at Eastern give students a thorough understanding of how to handle the Bible and develop their spiritual lives. All of our courses give you an overview of history and ethics in relation to their historical and social contexts, as well as studies of Scripture and Christian truth.

    Courses in the School of Christian Studies will enable you to:

    Welcome to the School of Arts and Social Sciences

    The School of Arts and Social Sciences seeks to offer a flexible, all-encompassing education. It offers students the chance to build substantial philosophical and theoretical frameworks. Additionally, it aids in creating a foundation for the development of task-specific abilities and results.

    Graduates with wide educational experience, solid beliefs, distinct personal commitments, and social awareness and responsibility are advantageous to employers.

    In response to changing community needs and the counselling profession, Eastern College Australia has continued to develop its counselling curriculum. The most recent course to be added to Eastern's counselling curriculum is a Graduate Diploma in Arts with a counselling concentration.

    We are encouraged by the rising number of Christians who wish to get the necessary training to practice counselling. Many people see a calling to work as a professional in the world of business as a missional interaction with non-Christians. Others see themselves working alongside their local church to offer qualified counselling services to members and non-members of the church.

    The counselling and academic psychology staff at Eastern have close ties to a number of religious and community-based counselling organizations. The top practitioners, many of whom teach alongside us, are who we are devoted to learning from and with. So join us and learn while honing your abilities in this exciting series of activities.

    Australian College of Trade

    australian college of trade

    613 9484 8783

    Our College

    A fascinating, cutting-edge, and exceptional teaching facility is the Australian College of Trade. We offer training and evaluation for short courses and nationally recognized credentials as a certified training organization. Since its inception in 2007, the institution has been educating individuals, and it today welcomes applicants from all around the world.

    The primary goal of ACOT is to deliver recognized training of the highest calibre. It has consequently assisted thousands of students in honing their talents so they can enter the workforce as successful professionals.

    Your overall experience studying with us will be enjoyable because of the knowledge learned in the classroom and the talents developed in the Thornbury Theatre.

    The personnel at ACOT training is devoted to ensuring the success of our pupils. They have a lot of expertise working with overseas students and can see any skill deficits in students right away. Additionally, our staff is constantly prepared and eager to offer additional support and care as needed.

    Why Choose ACOT

    With this tactical approach, ACOT is ideally positioned to tackle the main problem in VET: moving as much training as possible from the classroom to the workplace. All of our training will now be more pertinent, valuable, and timely thanks to this initiative.

    Centre of Excellence at the Thornbury Theatre

    Early in August 2008, ACOT introduced its specialized Center of Excellence, a business-based training facility housed inside The Thornbury Theatre and led by industry. To ensure that goods and services adhere to regional and international industry standards, the centre is governed by an industry advisory council. This guarantees that ACOT's delivery scope is determined by business requirements and will be expanded and adjusted in response to The Thornbury Theatre's and our other industry partners' needs.

    Code of Practice


    High standards in the delivery of education and training are something that ACOT is dedicated to. The minimal standard of ACOT's education and training is outlined in the following Code of Practice. The rules outlined in this Code of Practice aid ACOT's operations. If ACOT does to uphold the requirements of this Code of Practice, registration as a Registered Training Organization may be revoked, as acknowledged by ACOT.

    Legislative requirements

    Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Relations, Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity, and Mutual Recognition of Accredited Qualifications Issued by Another RTO are all areas in which ACOT complies with all applicable State and Federal Legislative Requirements.

    Quality management focus

    ACOT pledges to offer high-quality services with an emphasis on ongoing development. ACOT values feedback from students, trainers and other industry representatives. When it is feasible, ACOT creates diagnostic evaluation tools that are unique to each student's needs.

    Language, literacy and numeracy

    To determine whether their literacy and numeracy levels are sufficient to effectively complete the training program, all students have the choice to be tested. Typically, this is done through an interview or by doing a writing assignment regarding the suggested training course. Those who need more evaluations will be referred to a knowledgeable specialist. Any expenses incurred are the student's responsibility.

    Marketing and advertising

    With honesty, precision, and expertise, ACOT offers training items while avoiding nebulous and misleading claims. In order to ensure that ACOT's marketing techniques do not break the law, no comparisons with other training providers are made in the information provided.

    Access and equity

    By incorporating access and equitable standards, ACOT will cater to the requirements of both individuals and the community. By ensuring that resources are distributed fairly and that everyone has the ability to pursue opportunities without prejudice, ACOT will ensure that equity ideals are upheld for all individuals. People will have more opportunities to participate in the vocational education and training system and in related decisions that have an impact on their life thanks to ACOT.

    ACOT forbids discrimination in any form against any group or person, including but not limited to:

    Personal data is gathered strictly for the purpose of conducting business as a Registered Training Organization under the National Vet Regulator Act of 2011 and the Australian Skills Quality Authority's (ASQA) administration of the VET Quality Framework (VQF). Your personal information may be released for audit purposes and/or collected for data purposes by departments and agencies of the Commonwealth and State Governments as well as the fund manager of the ESOS assurance agency, depending on the needs of the registering authority. According to the VET Quality Framework, students must have access to their personal information maintained by ACOT and may ask for updates or changes if it is inaccurate. If you want to see your records, contact the Chief Operating Officer.

    Training and assessment standards

    To deliver the training and assist the assessment related to the training items provided, ACOT has the necessary training and experience. There will be credit transfer and acknowledgement of earlier learning, as required by nationally accredited training packages, in the assessment. To guarantee that training and assessment learning objectives can be met, enough training resources and physical assets will be used.

    For students who are dissatisfied with their training or assessment, there are appeals processes in place. All evaluation procedures will be accurate, trustworthy, adaptable, and fair. Before training begins, students will be informed of the prerequisites for the assessments.


    Students will be chosen for recruitment in a responsible and ethical manner that complies with any training package or product criteria. As part of its commitment to eliminating all forms of prejudice, ACOT always complies with anti-discrimination and equal opportunity laws when hiring new employees and making hiring decisions.

    Due to health criteria or the nature of the program, there may be prerequisites before beginning.

    Course Progress

    Issue of completion documents and certification

    Before training begins, students will be informed about the assessment approach. Following successful course completion, qualification documents (diplomas, certificates, completion letters, and records of results) will be issued according to the flow chart in the attachment. The qualification will be in compliance with the law's standards and those of the training program or product.

    Melbourne City College Australia

    melbourne city college australia

    61 3 9614 8434

    A Few Words About Us

    About Melbourne City College Australia

    Melbourne City College Australia is the number one choice for both domestic and international students who seek quality vocational training. We are not simply a training provider but passionate about effective and practical education. We aim to provide high-quality, personalised and hands-on vocational training.

    Our campus, which is in the centre of Melbourne, is very large and has a variety of amenities that can make studying a pleasant and comfortable experience. To improve the teaching-learning process, we utilize the most recent technological tools and equipment.

    Through our exclusive "student support program," our students will always feel empowered and supported, and a variety of support services are accessible on-site.

    Enrol in one of our vocational programs at Melbourne City College Australia right away if you're excited to improve your present abilities or learn new ones.

    Our Campus

    Our campus is a cutting-edge, energetic site right in the middle of Melbourne City CBD. To facilitate learning and teaching, the school is furnished with all modern amenities and equipment.

    Free Wi-Fi, computer laboratories, libraries, student hangout areas, open study rooms, and more are all available to our students. A variety of student support services are available to our students, including help with learning skills, language literacy, counselling, career advice, and IT support.

    Public Transport Victoria makes it very simple to get to our campus because we are close to trains, trams, and buses. The main train station and transportation hub for Melbourne, Southern Cross, is located directly across from our campus.

    The Yarra River, Spencer Outlet Center, Etihad Stadium, Docklands Stadium, Rod Laver Arena, MCG, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, Victoria Police Museum, Immigration Museum, Melbourne Helipad, Crown Casino, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and many other fantastic attractions can be found close to our campus.

    Our Mission

    By offering the best learning opportunities and encouraging the development of enduring abilities, Melbourne City College in Australia seeks to improve the profession of education.

    Rhodes College Australia

    rhodes college

    61 3 8395 0170


    Welcome to RHODES COLLEGE

    Rhodes College was founded in 2006 and was certified as an RTO and CRICOS provider in 2008 so that it may provide courses to both domestic and foreign students. Since then, we have increased the number of approved courses we offer, including ones in business, leadership & management, human resources, and work health and safety, all of which are taught from two locations in the heart of Melbourne at 118 Queen Street and 123 Queen Street.

    The vocational programs at Rhodes College are all developed in collaboration with business. Our students obtain industry-specific skills through courses that have been created to adhere to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), enhancing their chances of finding employment in the future. We provide a variety of options from vocational programmes at Rhodes College that enable students to continue on to Bachelor's degrees at Australian Universities.

    Assessments are ongoing and intended to track students' academic growth and successes as well as support and improve instruction from fully licensed and experienced trainers. Relevant industry organizations, the Department of Education, and the Australian Skills Quality Authority all recognize Rhodes College qualifications (ASQA).


    To make sure Rhodes College is an organization that is safe, secure, and equitable, the Student Welfare and Support Committee is in charge of providing advice and services to students, staff, and the entire Rhodes College community. Rhodes College is dedicated to providing its students with top-notch facilities, services, and support.


    Application for Recognition of Prior Learning is open to students.

    RPL means we recognise what you have already learnt:

    We compare the skills and knowledge you have obtained outside of the official education and training system to the course's units as part of the RPL process. The Admissions office can provide RPL application forms upon request.


    An established payment schedule must be followed to pay the above-quoted charge and any related material fees.

    International students may choose to pay a higher percentage of the tuition in advance, but domestic students are only allowed to commit to paying up to $1500 in advance at a time. You can download the whole Fees and Refund policy from this website's Download section. Nothing in the policy is meant to restrict your right to natural justice.

    Please be aware that "Other Course Costs" are specified in the policy document and could be charged if necessary. You are urged to read this policy before submitting an application for enrollment. If after you enrol, Rhodes College updates or modifies the fees, Rhodes College agrees to let you know via email, website, or noticeboard.


    Aged Care, Business, Leadership & Management, Work Health & Safety, and Human Resources


    A specialized student services officer (Student Administration Officer) is available at Rhodes College to assist students with all of their academic and other personal concerns or issues. Contact Rhodes College's Student Administration Officer if you need assistance with such issues.

    For the following reasons, you can get in touch with the student administration:

    and much more…

    Central Australian College

    central australian college

    61 3 9687 4233

    Welcome To CAC | Central Australian College

    CAT PTY LTD Central Australian Institute of Technology T/A Central Australian College (CAC) is an RTO that is registered with CRICOS and complies with national and regional educational requirements. Our goal is to create a trained workforce that is prepared to participate in the expanding Australian labour market.

    Due to our registration with Skills First Victoria Funding, Apprenticeship and Traineeship, we are able to offer our students excellent instruction that is industry-focused.

    Our students come from across Australia and the world, creating exciting, dynamic and multicultural classes. Additionally, participants come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, which fosters a distinctive learning environment where students can benefit from the knowledge and inspiration of their peers and instructors.

    At CAC, we offer specialized industrial training across a number of industries. We are authorized to offer nationally recognized training in English language instruction, business, management, marketing, and automotive mechanical technology.

    Three offices make up our company, two of which are in Melbourne, Victoria, and one in Hobart, Tasmania. Additionally, we have launched a brand-new campus in the heart of Melbourne's CBD at 276 Flinders Street, which is right across from Flinders Street Station. With cutting-edge facilities and convenient access to many of Melbourne's well-known attractions, it is the ideal location for studying.

    Our second Melbourne location is located at 8 Cross Street in West Footscray. It is conveniently located across from West Footscray train station, is quick to get to, and is close to the CBD.

    Melbourne, which has been named the world's most livable city, boasts the most cafes and restaurants per capita than any other city. Melbourne is situated in Victoria, known as "The Education State," which has some of the finest educational standards in the world as if that weren't enough. It's understandable why students want to study here given these outstanding honours to its name.

    The Hobart campus is located at 45 Murray Street in Hobart's busy CBD. Located at the corner of Murray Street and Collins Street next to "The Cat & Fiddle Arcade", it's within easy reach of Hobart's landmarks, airport and stunning surrounding bushland. Taxis leave the Hobart airport in about 21 minutes. Fast, regular, and reasonably priced airport transfers are offered by SkyBus to Hobart City. A ticket can be purchased either online or at the airport's e-kiosk. A short distance from the university, at 119 Collins Street, is the closest local Metro bus station. Tasmania offers some of the most magnificent scenery and the purest air on the whole globe. The part of Australia that students get to witness is special and has unmatched beauty and global allure.

    Modern classrooms, library materials, student hangout areas, workshop spaces, and computer labs with free internet and email access are all available at CAC. Our campuses are ready to assist you with anything you need to further your education, regardless of the topic of study you have selected.


    We give our children the tools they need to succeed in a world that is changing quickly so that they can become global citizens.


    to engage with industry and be a market leader in delivering education and training to both domestic and foreign learners.


    Excellence, respect, collaboration, accountability, responsibility, openness, and communication.

    Focus On Quality

    At CAC, providing high-quality training and assessment is our main priority. Students have started a potential professional path once they enrol in one of our courses, which we will support with our student support services and top-notch instruction. We want to support every student in achieving their academic objectives.

    Many of our students decide to enrol in further CAC courses after finishing a course in order to better improve their professional chances. We are honoured that so many of our students continue to study with us while they pursue further degrees.

    Our training staff is extremely skilled and well-equipped to instruct and motivate our students because they have a plethora of industry and teaching expertise to draw from. They are frequently exposed to internal and external professional development opportunities, and they are urged to stay current on their knowledge and skills so they may apply it in the classroom.

    Our learning and assessment materials are compliant with and mapped against the training package descriptions on and are particularly created to match industry requirements. In order to contextualize assessments based on training requirement analysis and explicitly take into account the necessary accommodations for special students, we use trained and experienced curriculum writers. To provide authentic, sufficient, current, and legitimate learning resources, our curricula are periodically subjected to assessment validation both internally and externally by staff and industry groups.

    Annual Quality Indicator Summary Report 2019 | Annual Quality Indicator Summary Report 2018

    Focus On Student Support

    Student satisfaction is a key to CAC's core vision, and we ensure that students are being provided end-to-end assistance from the moment they start the course. During their studies, students are given access to student support services like supplementary tuition, peer learning, and mentoring. In light of the unique circumstances of each learner, revised deadlines for finishing tests and other services will also be taken into consideration.

    Student welfare services offer additional support for students. They can meet with the assigned student support officer at any time during college business hours. The Student Support Officer can provide necessary consultation and support and, if required, refer the student to external welfare services.

    To guarantee a secure learning environment for all students, CAC complies with all health and safety regulations and regularly undertakes OHS audits.

    We are committed to offering our students high-quality courses, and whichever one you choose, we'll be there to support you along the way.

    Monarch Institute

    monarch institute

    1300 738 910


    But not as you know it.

    What if we could rethink what 'education' should mean?

    You deserve an education that prepares you for life in the real world. not just for academic settings. Monarch Institute offers practical education as a result. We start with the outcomes that real employers want and work backwards from there. We reject the idea of teaching solely from textbook material and intellectual thought.

    Respected experts who are still at the top in their fields teach the courses. From the minute you begin learning, you will profit from their experience.

    Our major attention is on our students and their professional paths. And with good cause. The job market is, let's face it, more competitive than ever.

    A definite competitive advantage is required. That entails obtaining knowledge that aligns with what potential companies are already seeking. It's that easy.

    Our goal is to advance your career in the direction you desire. In other words, we've got your back at every turn, whether you're just starting out or boosting up your game.

    Learn from doers, not talkers.

    Your Monarch Institute course was created by professionals. Our industry advisory committee is comprised of top executives from industry associations, top academics, and eminent authors. Additionally, top experts who are also accomplished in their fields will be teaching you.

    As a registered training organization (RTO No. 22530; see our information here), our courses are accepted across the country. They are made to increase your "street cred" in each industry. We accomplish this by including genuine difficulties. Take on challenging case studies, learn industry-specific software, and become job-ready right away.

    We make significant investments to ensure the quality of our platforms and content. Additionally, our academic board and industry consultants are always developing new courses to address particular industry needs.

    Our established connections with influential figures in academia, business, government, and industry will be advantageous to you. Our graduates work for market-leading organizations with promising employment opportunities, including Australia's Big 4 banks, Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture, AMP, Toll, Linfox, Oracle, and IBM.

    As a graduate of the Monarch Institute, you'll be in good company. Additionally, some of the largest business entities in Australia choose us as their training partner.

    Fit study around work, family, and life.

    It shouldn't be difficult to study. You can learn at your own pace and convenience using our user-friendly online learning environment. Explore public transportation for a few pages. On your lunch hour at work, try taking a quiz. On the couch, watch a video. Attempt to view things from a different perspective. You have the choice.

    We give you the control and the best chance to succeed by letting you customize your educational experience.

    Online doesn't mean alone.

    Monarch Institute ensures that you are never learning alone. We provide the most up-to-date online learning solutions, such as Moodle, a clever but user-friendly interface that is utilized by the top universities in the world.

    We carefully pick our trainers based on their unbeatable combination of training and industry expertise. Individuals that have achieved success in their profession and understand how to help you get there are the best people to learn from. We comprehend. At Monarch Institute, you'll never experience academic isolation.

    In conclusion, we acknowledge that different people learn in different ways. Reading a traditional textbook is simply not for everyone. As a result, each module has a wide variety of multimedia content.

    ALACC Health College Australia

    alacc health college australia

    61 3 9480 4417

    Why choose AACC?

    ALACC is a Melbourne (Preston)-based Vocational Education and Training (VET) institution that offers nationally recognized programs.

    ALACC is dedicated to providing adaptable and cutting-edge education and training. At ALACC, we are aware of the variations in each student's background, skills, and learning preferences.

    Why Study With Us

    ALACC is a Melbourne (Preston)-based Vocational Education and Training (VET) institution that offers nationally recognized programs.

    ALACC is dedicated to providing adaptable and cutting-edge education and training. At ALACC, we are aware of the variations in each student's background, skills, and learning preferences.

    ALACC also provides a welcoming and multicultural environment. Our staff members are highly qualified and show a personal interest in each student. You can be sure to gain foreign experience and be entirely confident to enter your profession or pursue further education with well-developed communication and interpersonal skills thanks to a large number of international students.

    Both domestic and foreign students can take classes at ALACC's campus in Preston (Northern Suburbs). The Preston site offers well-equipped classrooms, Wi-Fi-enabled computer centres, a nursing practical demonstration lab, a library, student entertainment areas, and quick access to public transportation.

    Statement of Expectations

    Director's Message

    Welcome to ALACC Health College, Australia

    The need for qualified healthcare professionals in Australia is bigger than it has ever been, making this a unique opportunity to work in the field.

    At ALACC Health College Australia, we are always working to develop a learning environment that encourages excellence and gives our students the knowledge and abilities they need to fulfil market demands.

    I hope you will take the time to explore our website and learn how ALACC Health College Australia can help open up a world of career opportunities for you in healthcare, early childhood, community, and business services, whether you are a current or prospective student, someone just looking for more information on our courses, or someone else.

    I'm convinced that after you enrol in our College, you'll be able to go out into the world with the knowledge that you can uphold and enhance the standard of living for our inhabitants and contribute to making the world a better place.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you and collaborating with you in any capacity you need, on behalf of our entire team.

    Dr Janet Lawrence - FACN

    CEO/Director of Studies

    As ALACC Health College Australia, Australasian Lawrence Aged Care College focuses mostly on aged care, health care, nursing, early childhood and home care, disability, and business. We are aware that Australia's population is expanding as a result of longer lifespans, higher birth rates, and a rise in migration, which is one of the country's largest issues today.

    Our staff is prepared to meet the educational requirements for caregivers working in aged care, community, disability, nursing, and early childhood settings. Many people will require assistance with their health care and disability issues.

    Due to the ongoing demand for professional services in aged care, there are many job opportunities. Individuals in residential aged care institutions, as well as those in their homes, increasingly require support and assistance. Today's health and community workers not only need to be caring and efficient, but they also need to be up-to-date with the latest advances in care for the aged, the sick and people with disabilities in the community.

    The aging, nursing, community, disability and allied health, early childhood, pathology, and business industries are among those where ALACC is a proven way to alter or advance your career, expand your understanding of your existing field, or start a new career with our courses.

    We provide adaptable, cutting-edge training that works with how you learn best. Our programs are cutting-edge, exciting, and focused on helping students achieve their full potential. Because our classes are small, you will get to know your lecturers personally rather than being a nameless student in a massive lecture hall. English-language one-on-one assistance is also offered.

    With face-to-face lectures, online learning and support, and practical placements to develop your abilities and supplement the theoretical knowledge base earned at ALACC Health College, Australia, you will have the best of both worlds in education and training.

    You will also gain a variety of talents through interaction with students from various nationalities, including English language proficiency, communication, leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, innovation, and skills.

    Our Training Locations

    The Preston campus in Melbourne, where ALACC is based, is adjacent to a wide choice of cafes and motels, including fine dining establishments and fast food restaurants, as well as stores that sell everything from basic foods to clothing and accessories. Trams, trains, and excellent bus service all serve the Preston district. Currently, ALACC is renting out this educational institution. To find out where we are exactly, go here.

    The campus is equipped with amenities that are intended to help students and ease their lives as much as possible.

    Computer and Internet Access

    Computers are the future of everything, there is no denying that given the rapid pace of globalization.

    Being computer literate is becoming more and more important, especially for health professionals, since the Internet becomes the source of so much information.

    In consideration of this, we created an open computer centre with WIFI connectivity at ALACC where students can benefit from unlimited access to a computer and the Internet from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, seven days a week.


    We at ALACC are committed to giving our students a well-rounded education. As an ALACC student, you will have access to our sizable collection of supplemental resource materials, which range from books, professional periodicals, video DVDs and CDs, in addition to obtaining any materials pertinent to your lectures free of charge. A variety of topics, including the development of personal talents, are covered in the resources. Students can log into their computers to get a copy of our library's catalogue.

    Well Equipped Classrooms and Lab

    On campus, there are classrooms with projectors, computers, and individual chairs with soft backs. The classrooms are also lit adequately. The College also has a nursing laboratory that is furnished with beds, wheelchairs, and all other tools and supplies needed to deliver aged, nursing, health, and community care services in order to give students hands-on experience.

    Student Study Area

    Studying is only one aspect of student life. It also involves socializing with new acquaintances. On the campus of ALACC, there are places where students can unwind, take a rest, or socialize. The "Student Study Area" is a spot where students frequently congregate in groups to study or just catch up with one another. It is located behind the computer library. The dining area's kitchen facilities are a further well-liked amusement space.

    Students enrolled in some courses are obliged to get practical experience as part of the training program. International and local student placements are handled by ALACC.

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