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Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Sydney (2022)

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of your life. But, if you’re worried about how you’ll get everyone on the dance floor or that there will be awkward pauses in between dances, then you need a Wedding DJ & MC! Whether it’s an outdoor wedding under a tent with hundreds of family and friends or an intimate backyard affair for close friends and family, our DJs are here to make sure your guests have no excuse not to cut loose. 

Planning a wedding that is beautiful and fun, and memorable for all of your guests can be quite the task. One of the most important aspects of your day will be choosing the right entertainment, which you might already know is no easy feat. With so many options, it can be hard to pick just one service provider for each category.

To help you get started on your Wedding DJ & MC hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding DJ & MC from right across Sydney.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding DJ & MC in Sydney

    Melbourne Entertainment Company -Wedding DJs and MCs Sydney

    melbourne entertainment company wedding bands, singers & musicians melbourne

    1300 858 981

    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With a more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.



    This will be achieved by providing a consistent and reliable service to our customers time and time again, and fostering our strategic relationships with various venues and partners. Our youthful and professional staff are committed to ensuring each event is entertaining and enjoyable for all guests through every performance.

    We will continue to use only the highest quality entertainers, musicians, performers and staff. It is our benchmark that 100% of our clients will receive an outstanding and energetic performance which everyone will remember and talk about for years to come.


    Our core values are to be young & fresh, flexible and reliable. Our business was formed over a decade ago on the premise that nobody should have to put up with a daggy, out-of-touch has been DJ who’s playing the chicken dance to a dead dance-floor. Nothing made us cringe more than seeing some of the poorest, unprofessional budget entertainers that ruined the evening.

    Entertainment unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury of being unprofessional and has the potential to ruin up 60-70% of your wedding if done poorly. Many couples will try to save on entertainment, willing to risk their $30-$40,000 wedding on a cheap DJ. If you’re wanting to create memories that last and have your guests raving about the best wedding of the year, then you need to invest in high quality entertainment.


    100% satisfaction is the benchmark that we hold ourselves accountable to. Our standard can be viewed across the more than 800 5-star reviews we hold across GoogleFacebook and Easy Weddings. Our vision is to have our talent going above and beyond for every single client, ensuring that we’re doing everything within our power to keep them ecstatic about the level of service they’re receiving.


    Nothing beats the performance and the crowd interaction that an incredible live band can provide. The experience that the music is actually being made, produced & delivered live right before your very eyes! It’s encapsulating, invigorating & all encompassing.

    The most talented professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer will create a vibe that your guests will not shut up about at your hangover brunch the next day. “How incredible was that Cover Band Singer!?” “The drummer was so hot!” “What about that Sax solo in the Jazz Band?!”

    It’s our job to create the memories that last a lifetime. It’s our job to guarantee when you hire a band Melbourne Entertainment Co ensures that everyone from your grandma, to bridal party, to your niece/nephew is dancing around to your favourite requests and d-floor hits.


    When it comes to looking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most talented artists and greatest diversity of choice. Hire an incredibly talented Event / Wedding Acoustic Duo or guitarist who will knock your socks off. These Acoustic soloists and duos will serenade you down the isle, or provide the perfect chill background vibes at your cocktail event. There are vocal virtuoso’s who can play guitar, piano or use loop pedals to create a multi-instrumental soundtrack live before your very eyes. With so much acoustic talent on offer, you’ll have trouble narrowing it down to your favourite soloist. If you’re not sure sure about whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician, and don’t have the budget or both: check out our amazing complete soloists who can tick both boxes for you.

    Explore some of Melbourne’s most incredibly talent performers available for hire. Our artists are committed to creating the most memorable and magical of experiences whenever they perform.

    White Clover Weddings - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    white clover weddings

    0412 330 030

    More than wedding music- Australia’s most loved wedding duos are Tom & Kate: 

    The award-winning, in-demand acoustic Duet, DJ, MC, Coordinator & Concierge package you won’t want to get married without!

    If you would like to book exceptional live acoustic music, a high energy DJ, a wonderfully personal MC, an experienced Coordinator, and a multi-talented Concierge, then let Tom & Kate take care of it all for you. And yes! They travel Australia-wide.

    Performing weddings together since 2011, the husband & wife team are committed to making your wedding a complete success. They are currently one of Australia’s most in-demand wedding music duo’s and have performed over 600 amazing weddings.

    Both with music degrees, they can easily learn & perform your special moment songs while facilitating a smoothly run day and looking after the comfort and happiness of your wedding guests.

    Tom & Kate take care of all of the music for your day and so much more. 

    Wedding Music Packages

    Sometimes it can be challenging to decide exactly what you would like for your wedding music

    and every wedding is different! 

    Your day will be unique in timing, but the structure may look like this: 

    • Your Ceremony (usually an hour duration)
    • Canapés/Drinks/Photos (usually 1-2 hours duration)
    • Your reception (usually 5-6 hours duration)

    The most popular package Tom and Kate are booked for is the

    Whole Day Complete Wedding Music Package:

    • Tom & Kate to sing your ceremony (While guests arrive, aisle song, signing of the register, exit)
    • Tom to sing your canapés as a soloist
    • Tom and Kate to duet dinner music and first dance
    • Kate to MC throughout your reception
    • Kate to DJ the dance component of your reception

    For your wedding, if you would like us to learn additional songs to the current song list on offer,

    we can arrange that for you.

    Wedding DJ Hire - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    wedding dj hire

    0466 066 661 

    The Best DJs

    Best Wedding DJs - professional and reliable.

    Best DJ gear - for clear, high-fidelity sound.

    Best music - all the songs you want, none you don’t.

    Wedding Dj Specialists

    We focus on wedding entertainment and nothing else.

    Each of our DJ’s has 100+ weddings under their belt and

    are devoted to playing the best tunes for your beautiful day.

    Celebrating 10 Years

    A stellar reputation in the wedding entertainment industry.

    Rest assured that you are dealing with a pro DJ company that boasts 10+ years of experience.

    Your Dj Will Be a Pro

    Your wedding DJ will have a minimum of 3 years of experience entertaining at wedding receptions exclusively. We only send out the best wedding DJ’s

    We Always Play on Time

    Punctuality is guaranteed. We come early to set up, and we always play on time. If we’re 1 minute behind playing time, we’ll take 30% off your package price.

    We Play All Your Requests

    You can choose as much or as little of the music as you like and we will play it all for you. It’s your day, and we play the songs that mean something to you.

    The Power of Music

    It’s really not that surprising when you think about it…the Power of Music touches our emotions and moves us in ways that words cannot.

    Despite this fact, many bridal couples still do not put wedding music on top of their planning priorities.

    But why is the music important, really? Why should you prioritise your wedding music over, let’s say, your wedding favours or your wedding shoes?

    Here Are 8 Reasons Why:

    It’s What Your Guests Will Remember More Than Anything

    Not all your guests will remember the types of flowers on your bouquet, or the number of tiers on your wedding cake, or the colour of your table napkins. They might remember what they had for dessert, but they will definitely remember the wedding DJ that rocked your party and got your father-in-law dancing all night on the dance floor!

    It Sets the Tone of Your Special Day

    Your wedding music is the soundtrack to your wedding! It sets a romantic atmosphere and allows guests to take part in the joy of your union. Without music (or with the wrong playlist!), the chances are that some of your guests would leave right after dinner.

    Great Music Energises the Crowd

    Great music energises the crowd, and an energised crowd makes a great party. Music amplifies the happiness of the couple’s newlywed status and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate.

    It Brings People Together

    Weddings are huge gatherings that involve friends and family from all walks of life and generations. Apart from alcohol, music helps to break down social barriers among guests and makes them loosen up. Great background music helps to set a mood and puts people at ease when mingling. Dancing also brings perfect strangers together. It helps guests meet new people without ever having said a word to each other before!

    It Keeps Your Guests Wide Awake

    Your older aunts and uncles might not be able to stay on the dance floor as long as the other guests, but they’re far from sleepy. Great music plus great performers keep everyone wide awake, alert, and tapping their feet to the beat.

    It Entertains All Guests, Young and Old

    Professional DJs know how to give your guests – regardless of age – a fun and happy time. This little one probably had so much dancing she got her feet dirty.

    Good Music Showcases Your Personality

    Your choice of music is a great way to put a personal mark on one of the most important days of your life. It reflects your taste as a couple and allows you to show your guests what your fun-loving tastes are like. Aside from that, good music can also help you wow the crowd with your amazing dance moves.

    It Gives People Something to Talk About

    If your guests had a great time on the dance floor, they would talk about it – for ages! Plus, you’ll be the envy of all your single friends who will be trying to follow in your footsteps when it comes time for them to get married.

    Lily Road - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    lily road

    0401 594 986

    What Is Lily Road?

    The Lily Road Band is one of Australia’s BEST wedding bands, comprising a group of select musicians and DJ’s. We pride ourselves on providing top quality wedding entertainment featuring beautiful acoustic music and energetic performances by seasoned professional musicians.

    The Lily Road Band’s broad musical repertoire allows it to tailor its song selection to its audience. We play the right songs at the appropriate time for weddings, festivals, private and corporate events. You’ll find us performing all around Australia and Internationally, but you’ll see us most often at our home bases in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Sydney Dj Hire – With a Twist!

    Lily Road Band not only offers exceptional live music for Sydney weddings, but we also offer a world-class Sydney wedding DJ and live music combo. Lead by our DJ. We create the perfect musical backdrop to your Sydney wedding, from the arrival of the first guests to the happy couple’s entrance, through to the first dance. And when the wedding party really gets going, the unique combination of personal, electric live music underpinned by an epic DJ set will bring the house down!

    Make Your Wedding a Memorable One! Book a Dj With a Live Band!

    Your favourite songs, performed live at your wedding, supported by a professional DJ backbeat, will bring a unique touch to your reception – the real personal feel of live music with the dynamic complement of a professional DJ tempo.

    Discover what a truly magical wedding can be with Lily Road’s unique Sydney Wedding DJ service. 

    Demand the Very Best Wedding Dj Experience

    Not all DJs are cut from the same cloth. As professional musicians, we’ve toured with the best audio professionals, so when we made the decision to enhance our wedding entertainment offering with a DJ, we sourced seasoned professionals.

    In this configuration of the Lily Road Band, our DJs don’t merely support our musicians. They lead the team by setting the tone. The result is wedding music magic, and your Sydney wedding is sure to stand out.

    Your guests and family will love hearing your favourite songs set to a modern twist. They’ll crowd the dance floor until the wee hours and make it a wedding day to remember!

    melbourne s most affordable wedding venue (10)

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding DJs

    So, you have a friend who is really into music, DJs as a hobby, or maybe even has DJ’d for an event or two. You are looking for ways to save money on your wedding, and you think that having this friend DJ your wedding would be great.

    You could pay the friend a little money, or maybe they will DJ as a gift to you, and you can still get great wedding music. While we cannot tell you that it never works out when people have their friends DJ at their weddings, we can tell you our top five reasons we think it is a bad idea to have a friend DJ at your wedding instead of a professional photographer.

    • Amateurs don’t have anything to lose if they mess up your wedding performance. If your friend gives you DJ services for free, even if that friend does things that would be unacceptable from a professional, you are the one who seems like a jerk if you mention it at the time, and you have no recourse afterwards. While the amateur has nothing to lose, a professional DJ is building a reputation at your wedding.
    • Professional DJs know the songs that get people up and moving AND the ones that keep people in their seats.
    • Professional DJs are experienced with weddings and can help keep your wedding flowing smoothly.
    • If your friend is working as a DJ, they cannot simultaneously enjoy the wedding as a guest.
    • The DJ doesn’t just play music; he also acts as an MC.

    Experience and Skill to Handle Your Wedding

    If you need someone who can read the crowd and make necessary adjustments, you should hire a wedding DJ. This is because they are professionals for a start. Also, they probably have decades of experience in having everything that happens at your event under control.

    Again, if you want a flawless wedding ceremony and reception, an experienced wedding disc jockey is just what you need. Besides playing music to entertain guests, a wedding DJ coordinates other aspects of the event. For example, they can work smoothly with other vendors you hire. 

    Adequate Backup Plan in Case of Uncertainties

    No one plans to have a wedding that will bore guests or one that will not be as entertaining as was originally planned. Let’s face it. Unfortunate events can happen that can disrupt the entertainment at an event. It could be as simple as a malfunctioning speaker or even a bad cord.

    A professional wedding DJ will ensure that your special day goes according to plan no matter what happens. They usually come prepared for such uncertainties with backup equipment or any other gear that will be useful.

    Value for Money

    Apart from providing quality entertainment and keeping the dance floor alive, a DJ can also play several other crucial roles at an event. For example, there is no need to hire an extra vendor to handle announcements and act as an Emcee. A wedding DJ can perform the task adequately.

    If you even require a DJ, but you also want the services of a live band, this is also possible. There is no need to hire a DJ and a live band separately, as you can save money by hiring a DJ affiliated with a live band.

    Start Your Search Early.

    While choosing your wedding DJ doesn’t have to be the very first thing on your wedding checklist, it shouldn’t be one of the last either. Once you choose your wedding venue, make wedding entertainment your next focus. Like venues, sought-after DJs book up quickly. So, don’t hesitate to start your search, especially if your top choices are popular in your area.

    Consider Your Style.

    Like we said, not all DJs are meant to be wedding DJs—it’s a broad title. Wedding DJs are specific experts in how receptions flow and how to choose music that suits many demographics. So be sure to immediately cross off any DJs without wedding-specific experience (unless you have an unconventional reception or if you’re asking a friend to DJ, of course).

    A wedding DJ can still mean a lot of different things. So, it’s important to keep your style and wedding vision top of mind. If you’re more old school and a fan of music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, for example, pursue a DJ who specialises in music from those decades. If you’re more into rap or pop or other more modern genres, you want to find a DJ who’s well-versed on the top of the charts.

    Ask Around for Recommendations.

    The easiest way to narrow down any vendor search: word of mouth recommendations. Ask your family, friends, colleagues, whoever if they hired a DJ they loved. Even if they’re not engaged or married, they may have recently attended a wedding with a DJ that wowed.

    Of course, you can also always trust the Internet to help you start your search too. We recommend starting with a vendor search from a reputable wedding source. Of course, we’re biased, but Zola makes the vendor search process seamless. You can read vetted reviews from real couples, find out what services each DJ specifically offers, and more. It’s an easy way to taper your search to at least a handful of options.

    As you conduct your Internet search, pay special attention to any trends you see in reviews. For example, look out for any mentions of tardiness—you don’t want anything to hold up your reception once you’re ready to party.

    Conduct Your Interviews.

    Once you choose your top three DJ options, contact them to ensure they’re available on your wedding date first. If so, schedule a call, in-person, or even FaceTime appointment to talk. These meetings are your opportunity to get all of the intel you need to choose your wedding DJ.

    Get Everything in Writing.

    Before you solidify your wedding DJ, be sure to get the hammer out all of these details in writing. Also, be sure to include any notes on special requests, including certain songs recommendations, exact start and end times, who will DJ day-of, etc.

    Once you choose your DJ, you’ll likely be tasked with coming up with a list of must-hear songs, another list of absolutely-do-not-play songs, and a list of nice-to-hear-but-not-necessary songs. After that, your DJ will take it from there.

    Typically couples choose between DJs or live entertainment like a band. You can also forgo both options and DJ your wedding (an ambitious choice!) or figure out some combination of the two. If you’re on the fence, here are some benefits of a wedding DJ.

    It’s Cost Effective. 

    Compared to live musical entertainment, DJs typically boast lower rates. This isn’t always true, but generally speaking, DJs require less housekeeping costs. Bands require more manpower and potentially more travel costs because of their equipment.

    Hear Your Favorite Music—the Way You Remember It. 

    Don’t get us wrong: We love a cover band. If you chose Elton John’s “The Way You Look Tonight” as your first dance song because it conjures a specific romantic moment for you, it’s nice to know it will sound the same way as the time you fell in love with it.

    DJs Can Read the Crowd. 

    All performers should have some ability to read the room, but DJs have the unique ability to shift musical direction with just a few key mixing elements. On the other hand, Bands will typically have to finish out a song even if the crowd doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Bands also tend to have a set lineup that they stick to for formal events.

    Stay Far Away from Bargain Dj’s

    A common mistake is underestimating the complexity of keeping a crowd on the dance floor. Because of this, many couples make the fatal decision to have a friend DJ their wedding or shop for the best deal in town, but just because someone has equipment or DJs at a club, that does NOT mean they know what they are doing. 

    You get what you pay for! A professional can appease the musical likings of everyone from grandchildren to grandparents and do so seamlessly. They should have an extensive collection of songs (10,000 minimum) and be willing to acquire more just for your wedding based on your musical tastes.

    They should play the songs YOU want to hear, not just what THEY want to hear. Seasoned pros are wanted on your team because they have already seen it all, and they can knock potential mishaps out of the park before they even happen. Does Groom have cold feet? The pro DJ won’t get frazzled and can play a few extra songs to kill time.

    Or maybe a bridesmaid is running late before the grand entrance? The emcee can banter with the crowd, so no one notices. Your guests will remain oblivious to any setbacks if you choose your team wisely.

    Use an Emcee/dj Combo

    Great DJ companies should provide you with TWO professionals for your wedding. It is very difficult for one person to control the music, make the announcements, handle a (possibly drunk) crowd, and stay in contact with the event coordinator. 

    Sharing the workload leads to a smooth night, happier guests, no stress for the DJ/Emcee and most importantly, no stress for you.

    Why is two so crucial? Anyone passionate about DJing knows that in and of itself, it is a full-time job. Your mind must be on the music and hands-on the turntables. That doesn’t leave much room for guiding the events of the evening, does it? 

    Many weddings have been abruptly interrupted by the DJ either forgetting to keep an eye on the music or get off track by making announcements at the wrong time. There is just too much going on, so why risk it? This is one of the most important nights of your life. Treat it that way.

    An Emcee(MC) means ‘Master of Ceremonies for a reason; they need to MASTER the art of handling an audience! They must be confident on the microphone and speak in a clear, concise, and charismatic way. They are also there to guide the timeline of the night’s festivities by making all necessary announcements and keeping the bridal party or other vendors on track. 

    All of your vendors are looking toward the DJ for their next move. Inexperience is most obvious in an MC that is still learning the ropes. A professional will spend time preparing, where an amateur might get frazzled and stumble over words, or worse, mispronounce names.

    Don’t Forget. You Are the Star

    Too often, DJs try to be the centre of attention. This is YOUR wedding, not a glorified nightclub. Your DJ or Emcee should never try to steal the show by continually drawing attention to themselves. 

    There is a thin line between engaging a crowd and being an attention hog, and the difference is professionalism. One of the biggest complaints in the industry is that “the Emcee kept telling jokes all night.” Why would an Emcee do that, you ask? We have no idea either. This isn’t open mic night. Make sure they keep it professional.

    Bundle Your Vendors

    Imagine getting a random group of people together to complete a task. Now imagine getting a group of people who have done this together many times. It’s quite obvious which one has an advantage for success. 

    If a wedding company has options for bundling, definitely consider that. Not only can bundling help you save on the overall cost of your wedding, but you can be sure that these vendors have worked together in the past, which will help you feel confident in your wedding team’s ability to provide you with the best day possible. 

    Some companies might not have this listed openly as an option, so be sure to ask if they contract out to other vendors and if they offer deals for bundling.

    Impression DJs - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    impression djs


    Sydney Dj Hire – Multi-Award Winning

    Impression DJs is the preferred Sydney DJ hire used by a large percentage of Sydney’s finest venues. With a team of 15 highly experienced Sydney DJs, Impression DJs will transform your wedding, party, formal or corporate event, the best and most memorable day of your life.

    Impression DJs offers a premium personal DJ hire service and has won the ABIA Award as the best professional DJ Hire company in NSW an impressive 9 times, and our many 5-star Google reviews underscore our commitment to the very best DJ hire service.

    Why Choose Impression DJs?

    Working in conjunction with Sydney’s finest venues and boasting a team of 15 highly experienced professional DJ’s, you know you’re in very good hands when you use our Sydney DJ hire service.

    Outstanding customer service is at the core of our business. From booking through to the event, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service.

    The most awarded Sydney DJ Hire Company in NSW.

    Impression DJs supports wedding equality for all wedding DJ Sydney.

    You only get one chance to make your special event amazing. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we treat it with the respect it deserves. We’ll make your day as special as it should be!

    Each of our DJs is a professional DJ who has experience in all types of functions, including weddings, parties and corporate events. Some of our DJs are also professional MCs.

    All of our DJ’s use the best DJ Sydney equipment and, of course, come equipped with a repertoire of great music to make your dance floor come alive.

    The Best Sydney Party DJ Hire

    With our busy lives, occasions to celebrate only come occasionally. To celebrate in style, consider our premium Sydney party DJ offers. A team of 15 multi-award-winning professional Sydney DJs and MCs. When your special day – be it a birthday or engagement party demands the very best DJ hire, trust Impression DJs to provide an epic soundtrack to your Sydney party.

    Read our many testimonials and outstanding Google Reviews to see how we stand head and shoulders above other Sydney DJ hire services. It’s your party, so make it a great one. Trust Impression DJs to deliver the very best Sydney party DJ hire.

    Pro Dj’s Australia - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    pro djs australia


    The Most Trusted & Professional Djs & Mcs in Sydney and Melbourne.

    When you’re looking for DJ or MC services for your upcoming event, don’t settle for less! Talk to us about our highly qualified and experienced Sydney Wedding DJs or MCs today. Our team will take the stress out of your planning and work with you every step of the way to guarantee your dream entertainment experience filled with energy and a fun-filled atmosphere for you and your guests to remember for years to come.

    The Pro Dj’s Australia Difference

    • Highly professional entertainment services, with over 30 years experience.
    • Customised packages with our personalised service guarantee our clients a stress-free process.
    • We are passionate entertainers who are driven by going above and beyond.
    • We meet with our clients in the comfort of your own home, at your venue once or by video call to demonstrate our inspiring & creative wedding lighting and special effect designs.
    • We specialise in multicultural events with a focus on the finer details and traditions for an authentic experience for clients and their guests.
    • We fully support and love performing for LBGT Weddings… Love is Love!

    The Most Experienced & Reputable Wedding Djs & Mcs for Hire in Sydney & Melbourne

    The wedding reception is almost as important as the ceremony itself, and music is the most important element to all of this. If you’re looking for a premium wedding DJ in Sydney, you’re in the right place. Pro DJs Australia is the number one choice for wedding DJ and MC services in Sydney & Melbourne, and here’s why.

    Our DJs

    • Our Melbourne and Sydney Wedding DJs are genuine professionals who are passionate and highly experienced in creating a stress-free, fun-filled celebration filled with love and emotion for our clients and their guests to remember forever.
    • Our Melbourne and Sydney wedding DJs performance is focused on what is important to you, what you value and how you want to remember your wedding reception and wedding ceremony too.
    • Each of our DJs has over 10 years of experience in the wedding entertainment industry.
    • Our extensive music library covers everything from the 1920s right through to the party hits of today. With access to music on-demand, too, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have all the tracks you want playing on your wedding day. Click here to review our most popular party playlists.
    • Another service we offer as part of our wedding DJ hire Sydney service is MC services. Part of a professional Sydney Wedding MCs dues is to introduce speeches, greet your guests, read out housekeeping announcements, and just about anything else you can think of. On such a busy day, it makes a difference to have all of this taken out of your hands and consider investing in a professional Melbourne or Sydney Wedding MC.

    Exclusive Wedding DJ’s - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    exclusive wedding dj’s

    (02) 8205 9642

    Exclusive Wedding Dj’s Provides Best Dj’s for Hire in Sydney

    Our benchmark standard and promise to you:

    Top-Notch Dj’s

    You will be provided with access to a high calibre professional DJ with a minimum of 7 years of professional, public & wedding experience. This is our benchmark because we take pride in what we do & know what your wedding means to you.

    Your Music, Your Way

    We will work with you to fulfil your requests and musical tastes. The process is very easy and won’t involve you having to fill out or complete any long lists. In the lead up to your wedding day, we will also go through the music for your chosen formal moments.

    We, Will, Be There!

    Reliability is something that we always maintain (and we’re not only referring to punctuality). Your booking will be confirmed in writing so that you can be assured that your booking is safe, secured and we’ll be there for you as agreed.

    Exclusive Wedding Dj’s in Sydney

    Our experience & expertise provides a wedding service second to none.

    We focus on weddings & take pride in each one. Our focus & expertise in weddings separates Exclusive Wedding DJ’s® from all other industry providers. Music provided by a dedicated professional DJ mixed with the ambience is the perfect recipe to create the most stunning & successful wedding ever. This is what we do, after all! It is our utmost priority to satisfy each couple, and we are very’ hands on’ when it comes to tailoring your wedding to match what you have in mind. Wouldn’t you love to have access to successful DJ’s who regularly work in big-name venues? We make this possible for the biggest day of your life.

    The Marquee is installed; tables have been arranged; the stage has been set, but wait… There’s something that’s missing in the order. It’s definitely the music! A wedding is not a wedding without decent tunes, so hiring a DJ for a wedding is a must. Wedding DJ Hire can make your day so successful and worth cherishing in the future. We offer the best wedding DJs Sydney has.

    How Wedding Dj Hire Makes a Difference?

    We acknowledge the significance your Big Day holds, and there’s a lot you can expect from us. We strive hard to meet and exceed your expectations through good music and being a quality Sydney DJ hire service. We recognise that the best DJ in Sydney can also sometimes be in the eye of the beholder, which is why we identify exactly what you like before matching you with what we believe will be the best DJ for your wedding. In addition to great DJ’s, top-notch industry professional DJ equipment, we also offer elegant decorative lighting to set the mood for one incredible celebration, so when everything comes together, it’s pure magic!

    It’s your wedding, and we play the music that pleases you and not what we like or what is trending around. Prior to your wedding, we will schedule a suitable time to discuss all of the elements that you have in mind, not just a playlist so that every wedding moment is special! We would like nothing more than to create a pleasant memory for you and your guests.

    Reliable Bookings

    We give you our word for Australia-wide bookings. Every booking detail, including price and services, will be communicated to you in writing. You can rest assured of seamless conduct with us – no last-minute cancellations, lack of service or changes in plan. Everything will proceed as planned.

    yarra valley most popular wedding venue (12)

    Star DJ Hire - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    star dj hire

    +61 1300 304 941

    Who Are We?

    Simply put – we’re a team of DJs and event specialists.

    We are Australia’s premium DJ hire and entertainment specialist, with our headquarters based in Sydney, and we’ve served customers for over 6000 weddings, engagements, corporate functions, parties and school formals to date! On the left is one of our team meetings where we discuss ways to rock your night!

    Why Us?

    • We know how to rock parties.
    • Consistent 5-star independent reviews across platforms like Facebook, Google and Product Review.
    • Our DJs hold relevant licenses and insurances.
    • Our packages include all required equipment at no extra cost.
    • We regularly play at Australia’s most prestigious venues. Some Sydney venues include Doltone House, Le Montage, and Oatlands House.
    • Our team is regularly trained and upskilled.
    • We have back up DJs and equipment for your peace of mind.

    Providing Australia With Damn Good Events

    Star DJ Hire is Sydney’s premium DJ supplier, and we have now spread the love services Australia for DJ hire services. We provide DJ services throughout Sydney, and the rest of Australia, for all parties, functions, and celebrations. From private function and birthday party DJ hire, through to corporate and wedding DJ hire.

    ​Our packages offer a premium DJ service and will leave you and your guests with a memory to share forever. Our DJs have respectable experience in the industry and provide the best music from a wide range of genres. Our packages include all of the essentials with no extra or hidden costs! We guarantee our service.

    We also provide enhancements to take your event to the next level, including photo booths, AV, lighting design and more!

    But you’ll get a lot more than the above. We go further.

    DJ:Plus! - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    dj plus

    0411 529 256

    Wedding Dj Sydney | Master of Ceremonies

    DJ: Plus! Entertainment – Professional Award Winning Wedding DJ Sydney & Wedding MC Sydney

    DJ:Plus! Entertainment is a premium boutique-style full-time Wedding DJ and Wedding MC service located in Sydney, Australia, designed to offer creative planning to reflect a couple’s personal style and delivering so much more than just great music. Considered among the very best wedding DJs & Wedding MCs in Sydney and Australia, DJ:Plus! Entertainment focuses on quality, not quantity, to exceed wedding DJ and wedding MC expectations.

    Weddings are extensively planned and include the provision of a polished MC service, unique ideas for guest involvement and coordination with other professionals, all tied together into a smooth flowing agenda that will not only flow seamlessly but be simply unforgettable. DJ:Plus! Entertainment also prides itself on the highest level of customer service and is ideal for the discerning client who desires a uniquely personal, elegant, distinctive, smooth-flowing and fun wedding or vow renewal celebration—based in Sydney, Australia, wedding DJ & MC services are available in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Bowral, Southern Highlands, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Wollongong, South Coast, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and other locations by arrangement.

    About Dj:plus! Entertainment

    • Full-Time Professional Premium DJ & MC with over 40 years of experience. Based in Sydney, Australia and servicing the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury Valley, Wollongong, South Coast, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central West. Other areas by arrangement.
    • Offering individual attention and superior customer service as DJ: Plus! Entertainment is not a large franchise disc jockey service. This means you always have direct contact with me, and I will personally be the DJ and/or MC at your event.
    • Able to cater for a variety of celebrations, however, specialising in Weddings.
    • Comprehensive music library. I don’t play from a “script”, and requests are always welcome.
    • Audience participation and engagement is actively encouraged. This ensures that your guests are entertained and involved so that they have fun, which makes your celebration memorable.
    • Performances include an array of effects lighting to enhance your event and create an atmosphere.
    • Only using industry professional-grade equipment.
    • Using proper MC techniques making events effective without being overbearing – you and your guests are always the focus of the celebration.
    • DJ / MC Entertainer is always properly attired.
    • Acts professionally. No alcohol is consumed before or during your event. Client and guests are always treated with professional courtesy.
    • Assisting with guiding and directing the flow of events, including coordination with all other professionals to ensuring a celebration that flows smoothly.
    • For customer protection and peace of mind, carries $30,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.
    • Multi-Award Winning DJ & MC Entertainer – DJ:Plus! Entertainment is one of Australia’s most awarded wedding MC and wedding DJ Entertainment options. Winner and/or Finalist of multiple Regional, State, National & International Wedding Industry Awards.
    • Holder of required music performance and reproduction licenses, Accredited Member of ABIA Weddings Australia, Sydney’s First DJAA Accredited Entertainment Specialist, Certified Ethical Wedding Professional and a certified wedding planner.
    • 85% of bookings are from word of mouth referrals.
    • LGBTI friendly Wedding DJ & Wedding MC.
    • Clients have access to a special area of the website where they may complete a variety of event planning forms, submit music requests and update client and event information securely.
    • To continually improve customer service, a performance appraisal is sent to all clients following the event. The appraisal allows the customer to bring to notice any aspect of the performance and/or service which they felt was less than satisfactory. This allows rectification of any issue which may require attention.
    • DJ:Plus! Entertainment’s philosophy focuses on quality, NOT quantity. Your event is unique and is treated as such. To ensure that each event is given the proper attention it deserves, DJ: Plus! Entertainment only takes on around 25 clients per year.

    JJK Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    jjk entertainment


    20 Years Experience Is Why Jjk Is Sydney’s Trusted Entertainment Provider

    We’re all about servicing our client’s needs beyond expectations. By being prompt, always early at a function, presented in an appropriate manner, helping you with your Wedding Engagement Birthday Party all types of events selection of music & making sure the dance floor is always raving with the appropriate vibes.

    We have many years of experience and have worked with industry leaders in all aspects of entertainment. In other words - Your function is in great hands; We pride ourselves on our previous positive feedback from our clients and every guest that attends each function. People rave about the music selection for years after an event that has been performed by JJK Entertainment. We have worked in the following venues such as Taronga Zoo, Sergeants Mess, Doltone House Venues, QVB Tea Room, Navarra Venues, Ottimo House, Centennial Homestead, Clarence House Ivy Ballroom, Four Seasons Hotel, Waterview Sydney, Deckhouse Woolwich, We have Dj’s Mc’s & Entertainment available for your next Event Specialising in Greek Entertainment & Multicultural Weddings, Greek, Arabic, Maco, English, Indian, Asian, Chinese, all cultures are welcome.

    Wedding Dj

    A wedding is one of the most important nights of your life. We believe that music plays an important part in your event, creating the best memories.     

    We will work together with you to ensure what you have selected your perfect playlist for your special day. With many years of experience in Sydney wedding entertainment, our Sydney Wedding DJ’s have your event covered, so you can be sure that our advice, guidance and execution will be second to none.

    Having the skill to read your audience is the difference between a successful night and a disaster. Your wedding day is like no other and will be one of the most significant moments in your entire life. It is a joyous occasion filled with fun, romance, family and friends. This unique day will be forever etched in your mind – truly a rare and special day.

    Everybody has a different dream for their wedding day. You may want it to be elegant. You may want it to be romantic and intimate. You may want it to be relaxed. You will most certainly want it to be lots of fun with our Sydney Wedding DJ service.

    JJK Entertainment, your Sydney wedding DJ’S & MC’S, wants to make your dream a reality.

    Evoke Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    evoke entertainment

    +61 2 9580 1463

    Make it Memorable’ Is What We Do at Evoke Entertainment.

    Premium wedding bands and corporate entertainment share many attributes of a successful sporting, sales or even marketing team. There’s no disputing that a team that trains together, performs week-in, week-out and reaches set targets together are a champion team. Evoke Entertainment embodies this philosophy throughout our customer service, production and, of course, our acts. Our passion for quality ensures we exceed client expectations every time.

    What Would You Prefer, a Champion Team or a Team of Champions?

    More than just a booking agency, Evoke Entertainment is a family business that exudes Chris Ninni’s passion for performance & Alison Ninni’s expertise in corporate management. For over a decade, Chris has successfully forged his own path in the entertainment industry, bringing all of his professional experience to every facet of Evoke Entertainment. Chris has performed and toured internationally with the acclaimed Broadway musical ‘Burn The Floor’ as the lead male vocalist, been a member of ‘Team Joel Madden’ as a contestant on ‘The Voice Australia’ in 2012, and has entertained thousands of satisfied wedding, and corporate giants such as Ferrari, IBM, BMW, Nestlé, Holden, Channel 9, Ernst & Young, Macquarie Bank and AstraZeneca both nationally and internationally.

    When it comes to beautiful Wedding Singers, Wedding Bands, Corporate Entertainment with flair, professional MCs, String Quartets to melt your heart or DJs that set the dance floor on fire, our Creative Events Specialists would love to hear from you. Talk to us about our optional extras to make your wedding or corporate event unforgettable, including fireworks, dry ice machines and uplighting. We’re available to meet on-site or at a location that suits you. If you’re looking for the perfect Sydney Wedding Band, get in touch with us today!

    The Evoke Entertainment Story

    To tell such a story, we must wind the clock back to 2007-2008. The lead vocalist of our number one event band, ‘Let’s Groove Tonight’ and CEO Chris Ninni found himself frustrated and disappointed with the quality of the Sydney cover band scene. You see, Chris was a hired hand, the fill-in or feature artist many acts and clients would request for a particular event. This is a great position to be in, except for one fact, every night, Chris found himself working with new musicians in new configurations that simply weren’t meeting his own personal expectations. Don’t get me wrong, these musicians were all fantastic, but as a band, they were weak, disjointed and deeply uninspiring. Driving home from every performance, Chris constantly pondered the notion “there has to be a better way”, and so in 2009, “Let’s Groove Tonight” was born.

    Early 2009 Chris was on a mission to band together with the finest like-minded musicians Sydney had to offer. The goal was clear, the crystal, in fact. “Let’s Groove Tonight” was going to go against the grain and deliver a product like no other for the Australian scene. The days of throw together lineups were numbered. This is a new beast, one with a consistent lineup that performs together week in, week out. A band that is truly a band. One that can reflect its individual qualities yet react as one.

    Chris’s vision and pursuit for excellence have seen “Let’s Groove Tonight” thrive at the heights of the Australian corporate, wedding and events scene for many years now. How “Let’s Groove Tonight” became Australia’s most dedicated, respected and loved party band is no secret. Upholding the industry’s highest work ethic and values is what we’re known for. Our personalised client approach keeps past clients coming back, and our attention to detail instils confidence in new clientele.

    Dj C How - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    dj c how


    Our History​

    ​Dj C How has been a DJ for many years and has many talents, including beat mixing for both English and Arabic Music.

    ​Being ambitious, he never hesitated to take advantage of everything to grow his talent. It all went fast as he started spinning tracks flawlessly.

    Being resident DJ at White Club since 2007, he gained experience shaking the dance floors all night long.

    DJ C How’s choice of music comes from a wide range of genres, combining everything from Top 40, 90’s, 80’s Funk, Pop, Disco to House, R’n’B and Arabic Dance and Dabke.

    Our Philosophy

    Dj C How’s philosophy is to ensure that the client’s needs are fulfilled to the highest standard in entertainment. We are highly professional and aim to be prompt, dressed in an appropriate manner, help and guide you with your selection of music, making sure that your guests are enjoying themselves all night long.

    Our clients are very important to us, and we strive to ensure that attention is given to every aspect of the function. We have many years of experience in DJ’ing, so your event is guaranteed to be in good hands.

    ​Book Dj C How today and C how it should be done.

    Sydney Disc Jockeys - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    sydney disc jockeys

    +61 422 316 956

    What We Do

    SDJ is a Sydney based mobile DJ hire business and are your partner in entertainment working with you to take your event to the next level. Our highly experienced DJs are very professional, well organised and are a lot of fun and who will work with you to create not just a great event but an event that will have your guests saying “What a night !”. We operate across the Sydney region, and our packages are inclusive with a top of the range sound and lighting setup. What makes SDJ unique is that our team of DJs has a young professional female DJ. Jess has been a professional DJ for seven years and is in very high demand. For information about packages, pricing, music and how we can cater to your event, please see our services page.

    Why Sdj for Your Wedding Day

    On your Special Day, your DJ will have a huge responsibility as they create the atmosphere that makes your wedding memorable for you and your guests, which is why it is important to hire a DJ who is experienced, skilled, organised and professional. SDJ offers a service level that exceeds your expectations. With fully inclusive packages that include not only the best music to suit the occasion playing through the top of the professional line equipment, beautiful lights and lasers and wireless mics at no extra charge. So why hire SDJ… that’s easy! Our wedding DJs have over 5 years of professional wedding experience and are always very busy, which is very important as they understand how to read your crowd, judge the dance floor to pick the music for your crowd and are there for you to create amazing memories for your special day. We are very organised, professional and punctual as we always arrive at events early and are always set up in plenty of time before your event.

    Our Sound and Lighting Setup

    Our wedding pricing and packages are all-inclusive with a DJ, 2 Speakers, speaker stands, pioneer DJ mixer, lighting setup and a wireless microphone for announcements and speeches. However, we are more than happy to work with you prior to your event you with any special requirements and extra equipment that will be needed for your event. We are very passionate about the quality of our sound and lighting setup and use top of the range sound and lighting equipment. Our speakers are from the brand JBL, our mixers are from pioneer, and our microphones are from Shure. Sydney Disc Jockeys uses lighting by Chauvet Dj, the premier line of entertainment lighting, which is acclaimed by our clients for its superb quality. Our lights contain multiple effects as well as built-in lasers, UV, Strobe and Colour Washes.

    ​​the Music for Your Special Day

    With our experience, we understand that the music on your wedding day plays a key role in creating a fantastic atmosphere that you and your guests will remember for many years. We have a very large selection of music from current to the classics and everything between Rnb, dance, top 40. Prior to the dancing bracket of the evening, we have a beautiful selection of background music that will set the mood for the evening. Our system and our software are compatible with different services that will allow us to access a song that we may not have previously. Along with arranging the music for your formalities and special moments, we will read your crowd and will cater to you and your requests.

    ​​One of the most beautiful parts of your wedding day is your special moments. As these formalities are precious memories for you and your guests, it is very important that the music is well organised and prepared to ensure all runs seamlessly on your special day. Leading up to your event, we will be in frequent contact to arrange your music selections as well as to understand any specifications or preferences you may have. To organise the music we like to arrange a music sheet for our couples. We are also happy and encourage our couples to meet over a coffee to discuss what they would like for their event … it’s about you … it’s your day … let’s work together to make it a day that you will remember forever.

    Party DJ Hire Sydney - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    party dj hire sydney


    Most Experienced Dj’s at Your Event in Sydney

    No more boring and useless DJs at your event! Party DJ Hire Sydney Guarantees to deliver the best service.

    We can also offer Photo Booths to make your event even better! We have the best packages in Sydney. Visit our Packages Page and choose the right one for you. We can also put you in touch with the best Catering Companies, Professional Mc’s, Live Performers & Much More.

    We concentrate on delivering the best experience during your event.

    We understand that every event & crowd are completely different, so it has to be the music. With our experience, we read what you and your guests are after, and we adapt the music to make sure it connects with the audience.

    We are always updating our music catalogue with the latest big hits, but we always keep the classics handy.

    Tight Budget?

    We understand that budget is always an important factor, so we are happy to negotiate our rates. Your satisfaction is my Guarantee!

    Visit our Hire Prices Page or our Packages Page and choose the one that is right for you. No hidden costs. Our partners can also help you with staffing, catering etc. Visit our DJ Hire Sydney page to get in touch with them.

    We only use the latest Pioneer Professional equipment to deliver the best quality along with Professional Speakers. Visit pioneer’s website to look at some of the equipment we use.

    We know that you may find cheaper options, for sure. You may want to assess if you want a non-professional DJ at your event using old equipment and with no experience ( trust me, we have seen them 100’s of times). You really get what you pay for, and with us, you get an affordable and professional service each time.

    Sydney Wedding Dj Hire

    If you are looking to hire a Professional Wedding DJ for your Wedding Reception or Engagement Party in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place!!! With over 15 years of experience playing at Weddings in Sydney, we certainly have the experience you need.

    Why Party Dj Hire Sydney

    Every wedding & crowd is different, so we need to constantly adapt. We have the experience to understand and adapt our music to make people dance and have a great time. We also have the capacity to play any song during the night, so just come to us and ask for your favourite song. We can take on any special requests during your event.

    Party Dj Hire Sydney

    What is the special occasion? Wedding Reception? 21st Birthday? 40th Birthday? Wedding Anniversary? Private Party? We have wide experience with them all! We have the widest selection of music to cater for all occasions. Party DJ Hire Sydney has over 15 years of experience playing at 100’s of events.

    About Me – Daniel Cervantes (dj Romo)

    Party Dj Hire Sydney was created by me, Daniel Cervantes (Dj Romo), to share my passion for music and to have a great time with my friends and relatives. A few years later things are starting growing and growing to what it is now thanks to YOU, thanks to the people who keep calling me and referring us all the time.

    Each and every event is different, so we have learned how to manage different events, different crowds and how to adapt to the new music waves. Each year there are new beats, new disruptors and new ways to mix music. We learn and move on with the trends, always keeping the classics under our wing.

    I was born in America but have lived in Europe, USA and have been in Australia for over 15 years. I had the opportunity to play in pubs and clubs in Lake Tahoe, California, Mexico City, London, Reno, Madrid, Barcelona, Melbourne and of course in Sydney. This experience has given me enough tools and experience to play any genre and to move crowds.

    Celebrate Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    celebrate entertainment

    1800 453 934

    We Are Sydney’s Number 1 Wedding Dj Hire Company

    No matter the size or scope of your wedding, we guarantee we have the ultimate entertainment package for you. We bring our professionalism and dedication to provide the very best entertainment experience available, specialising particularly in expert wedding DJ hire.

    From the moment you book with Celebrate Entertainment, you will know that you have made the right decision for your special occasion.

    All our DJ’s have over 10 year’s experience and operate with the utmost professionalism throughout the sound and AV setup, as well as throughout the event.

    Contact us today to discuss your personalised wedding entertainment requirements. We are happy to discuss your upcoming special event and suggest the best option to suit you.


    Located in the Sydney CBD, we also operate throughout the greater Hunter and Central Coast regions to provide unparalleled services for your special wedding day. Offering a comprehensive range of services, we assist with complete entertainment options to make your wedding planning and function seamless.

    Tailoring our service to suit each of our clients, we specialise in being an all-inclusive wedding event entertainment company. We offer services ranging from wedding invitation design to photo booth hire. We assist in making sure all amenities are catered for.

    Why Use Celebrate Entertainment?

    Premium Service

    With a wide range of wedding services available, we offer complete entertainment solutions to make your wedding run with ease. Stress is a thing of the past with our efficient, comprehensive and adaptable services when it comes to assisting with the organisation of your wedding event.

    Sydney’s Favourite Wedding DJs

    Offering services throughout the greater Sydney region, we assist in making your wedding a complete dream. Choose your ultimate location, and we’ll be there. No matter your requirements, we operate throughout the Hunter and Central Coast, dedicating our services to those who require them. Contact us today to ensure we can come to you.

    Flexible & Customisable

    Enjoy services that are uniquely catered to your exact requirements. Customise, request and enjoy our comprehensive services, which are perfect for the wedding of your dreams. Contact us today to discuss your wedding event requirements or for a detailed quote. We are happy to assist with your future wedding plans to help make your event the best it can be.

    Osmic Productions - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    osmic productions

    +61 (0) 420 671 492

    This Is Your Big Day. Make it Memorable.

    When it comes to Weddings, one size does not fit all. We have carefully curated packages that tailor to a range of needs and budgets. Awesome DJ entertainment, Best Wedding DJ Hire, sound system, ceremony systems, cocktail hour playlists, reception systems, photo booth, solo musicians, awesome lighting, we got you covered. In order to help us identify the best package for your wedding, we take a personalised approach. We like to get to know our couples, their likes and dislikes so that we can create a soundtrack and wedding experience that is totally representative of you as a couple. 

    Creators of Your Wedding Soundtrack

    Best Wedding DJ Hire will plan out your wedding event carefully to make sure we have everything covered.

    From the music you want to play during the bridal party entrance, dinner service, speeches and the bridal waltz.

    Our online wedding & function planner allows you to create a list of “must play” songs, as well as songs you would like us to avoid and any other special requests you may have.

    Choose from thousands of songs in our catalogue, with hundreds of recommendations for your weddings waltz, cutting of the cake and farewell song.

    If you don’t know what you want playing, then don’t worry. Our experienced DJs will rock the night whilst you focus on having fun.

    We have the special ability to be able to download music “on the fly,”… so if you think of that perfect song during the night. We can play it.

    We let the music do the talking, so we aim to keep the MC’ing professional and to a minimum.

    Let’s create your perfect wedding soundtrack. 

    Our ​​story

    Osmic Productions - Best DJ Hire started in 2008 in Europe as an event management organisation and DJ booking agency ( founded by Enis Osmic).

    Now Best DJ Hire | Osmic Productions is an international event, artist & DJ booking company. We are operating worldwide, and our production team are currently based in Gold Coast, Australia.

    All our DJ’s for hire are capable of a wide variety of performances from “Classy & Fun” to “Energetic & Active”.

    Each DJ is trained to get your guests involved in your party with a combination of interactive techniques and extensive knowledge of music. A keen sense of timing and professional and courteous conduct are just a few reasons why our DJ’s have become consistent crowd favourites.​​​​

    Since 2008 we have been offering the highest level quality of DJ Services and Entertainment Services to customers around the world.

    We cater to all age groups and musical preferences, delivering a completely customised playlist to make your reception memorable.

    You can trust Osmic Productions DJ Hire to help you create the ideal atmosphere for your very special occasion.

    We supplied DJ’s for some of the ​​​World Biggest Festivals, Clubs, Bars, Raves & Promoters In Australia & Worldwide - and all have rated our DJ Services as No1 in the industry! 

    Our DJ’s will play any music requested from Motown Classics to ’70s 80’s 90’s till the present day, including all the latest Pop and Chart Hits. 

    Not forgetting our club DJ’s that play Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae, Dancehall, Soul, Rare Groove, Deep / Tech House, Techno, House, Garage, Funky, Afro Beats, Drum N Bass & Dubstep.


    Our professional pa hire sound hire can be arranged and set up anywhere you choose.

    We can also do short notice events, so if your having a party and have not booked a DJ yet, then don’t hesitate to leave us a message, call or text.

    Mobydisc - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney


    1800 100 607

    Need a Dj for Your Party or Wedding Reception?

    Organising the music for a party or a Wedding Reception has never been easier than having a Mobydisc DJ in attendance. And with the Mobydisc online music selector, you can choose and listen to all the music beforehand.

    Mobydisc Jukebox Hire and Karaoke

    Are you thinking of hiring a Jukebox? Then you have come to the right place. Mobydisc Jukebox Hire has the same great music selection as a Mobydisc DJ would bring, plus Karaoke. And with the Mobydisc online music selector, you can choose and listen to all the music beforehand. With every Mobydisc Jukebox Hire, you get 2 microphones for speeches and Karaoke plus the latest in Led-lighting effect.

    A Mobydisc Wedding Dj Gives You a Great Reception!

    From the moment you book a Mobydisc wedding DJ, you know our 30 years experience will make an unforgettable difference to your reception.

    Your expert Mobydisc wedding DJ arrives early, sets up on time, is formally dressed and will be the life of the dance floor.

    Special requests, special effect dance lighting, your choice of songs and mike for speeches all come with your Mobydisc wedding DJ reception package.

    Your Mobydisc wedding DJ will even act as MC if required. And you can book a cordless mike if the reception room is large or the speeches are not located close to the dance floor.

    Because you have chosen the music with our online song selector, you know the reception will sound as good as the bridal party look. And you can always bring your favourite songs on CD or iPod that you want your Mobydisc wedding DJ to play.

    Special Moments at Your Wedding

    Certain important moments at a wedding reception require special music. There’s the official entry of the bridal party, cutting of the cake, the bridal waltz and the farewell circle.

    Mobydisc understands the significance of these important moments. Your wedding DJ knows exactly what to play and when to capture the moment and ensure it stays in your memory forever.

    Speeches and Formalities

    The sound systems at reception venues can be unreliable or of poor quality. The microphone provided by the Mobydisc wedding DJ plugs into our state-of-the-art music system, and the cordless mike can be requested where a regular mike cord may not reach the official table.

    Do you already have an MC? They will sound better through our system. And your Mobydisc wedding DJ is trained to act as MC for no extra charge if you prefer.

    Why Mobydisc?

    Try getting these benefits from any other mobile music hire operator! Little wonder Mobydisc is the popular choice for Weddings, Parties, Anything! What makes us different from the rest also makes the difference at your special function. Don’t plan a celebration without making sure Mobydisc comes to the party!

    The Mobydisc Difference

    • You can select every song
    • 30 years experience
    • Weddings Parties Anything!
    • Huge range of music
    • Friendly professional DJ’s
    • Brilliant sound equipment
    • Special effect dance lighting
    • Karaoke available
    • Online song selection
    • Mike for speeches
    • Cordless mike available
    • DJ will MC on request
    • 5 hours of entertainment
    • DJ sets up early
    • No extra crew
    • Jukebox Karaoke available
    • Online booking
    • 24-hour operator service

    Northern Beaches DJs - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    northern beaches djs

    (02) 8015 5093

    Dj Hire Sydney Wide

    Our Dj’s Are Passionate About Your Taste... Not Their Own

    We have grown up DJ’ing, so we know exactly what makes one good. Not only will we play what you want, but we will read the crowd and take requests on the night to ensure you and your guests are hearing all of your favourite party tunes! Our DJ’s are aged between 25 - 30 and are all energetic, approachable and super fun! We also provide a pre-event consultation to ensure we play all the music you want to hear.


    Events are special, and we think you are too! Our aim is to simplify as much of the event planning process for you. We are providing tailored options for Live Music, DJ Hire, Photo Booth Hire, Photography & Videography. We have been helping weddings, corporate & special events Sydney wide for over 7 years. 

    Having helped create special moments for some of the biggest brands, like HP, Mercedes and LinkedIn, and also some incredible weddings with boutique venues like Jonah’s Whale Beach, The Boathouse Group and Moby’s Whale Beach, we have covered. 

    Get in touch with some of our specialists today for an obligation free 30-minute event consult. 

    P.s check out our wedding packages here and our event packages here.

    Why Northern Beaches DJs?

    Extended Service

    We aim to go above and beyond. You’ll get a free consultation to ensure that we know what you are after and that everything runs smoothly on the night. Head ups, we have 1 Musician, DJ and Photographer on call.


    Stressless, with over 7 years experience in Weddings, Corporate Events and Parties, you can be assured that we will take care of every aspect. 

    Quality Assured

    It really pays to have the best. Our equipment includes only premium brands, offering you the best in quality. Plus, we are fully insured!

    BJ Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    bj entertainment

    0423 285 100

    Wedding Dj

    It’s important that your special day has the music you and your wedding guests love. Every wedding package we offer involves consultation with the couple. Whether you’re looking for the latest Top 40 playlists, a retro (70’s, 80’s, or 90’s) vibe, Latin styles or a combination of your favourite songs, we’ve got the mix for you. We understand the need and tastes of the crowd and make sure the floor is filled at every wedding we DJ.

    Beyond dj’ing countless weddings, we’ve also been a guest at a fair share of them too, and we have seen how a great DJ can lift an event to the next level and, unfortunately, how a bad one can drag the mood down. One thing we’ve always recognised as important is serving the needs and tastes of the crowd. We’re passionate about matching your taste, not our own. We make sure to play the music you like and focus on making your wedding special for you and memorable for all of your guests.

    Throughout our time creating memorable musical moments, we’ve had almost every song you could imagine requested. While the latest top 40 playlist tends to be the most popular choice, we also get a lot of requests for retro themes from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. We’ve also provided Latin style and Hip-hop DJ services. We can run off a pre-agreed playlist, we can create the playlist for you, and we can take requests mid-party or not, depending on your preference.

    • Consultation with the couple before the event
    • Premium Equipment, Comprehensive Packages, Microphone always available
    • Top 40 Playlist, Retro (70’s, 80’s, or 90’s), Latin Style, Hip Hop

    We are continuously reinvesting in our equipment and make sure we always have the absolute best tools to deliver the ultimate experience. Beyond the superior speakers we use, we always provide the highest quality microphone for your use at any stage. We have brilliant lighting packages as well that work with our audio systems to create a stunning and seamless experience. We also highly recommend our Dancing on the Clouds package. Rather than the pathetic smoke machines you might be used to, we use a state of the art machine that creates a thick layer of cloud on the ground, a perfect ambience for your first dance. See some of our pictures and videos below to see what we’re talking about.

    Tigerboy Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    tigerboy entertainment

    0424 135 859

    Lebanese Arabic Dj in Sydney

    DJ Tigerboy Entertainment provides its clientele with a unique experience for both corporate and private functions. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and will incorporate your ideas and visions with our expertise to ensure a successful program of events runs as effortlessly as possible whilst being cost-effective as we will work within your budget. We are time efficient and are always well presented with our services.

    Our Services:

    • Lebanese DJ

    • Arabic DJ

    • Egyptian DJ

    • English DJ

    • Zaffe

    • Belly Dancer

    • Sword Fighters

    • Traditional Lebanese Mizmar (Flute)

    • Fire Breathing

    • Lebanese Drum (Entry & All Night)

    • Weddings

    • Pre Wedding (Laylieh)

    • Engagements

    • Christenings

    • Birthday Parties

    • Private Parties

    • Live entertainment with Dabkeh (Lebanese Drums)

    • Special Events / Promotions

    • School Discos and Formals

    • Organisation of all events

    • Master of Ceremonies (MC)

    • Corporate Functions

    • Nightclubs and Bars

    • Civil Ceremonies

    • Sound Engineering

    • Sound Installation

    • Thousands of tracks & tunes from varying genres

    • Multicultural music including Middle Eastern, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and more…

    Over 15 years of Experience Between Lebanon & Australia

    Our Philosophy:

    We strive for excellence and create the right ambience for your event every time, and we believe in making each occasion as individual and memorable as possible. We have a passion for music and people and can assure you that our equipment and skills are well looked after as we continue to improve & innovate.

    Tiger Boy Entertainment was founded by Bernard Hobeich, AKA DJ Tiger Boy, in Lebanon over 18 years ago and continues to operate with a partner and his brother Joseph Hobeich spinning the turntables today in two countries, establishing them as an international success in both Lebanon and Australia.

    Our Experience

    DJ Tigerboy Entertainment has over 18 years of experience and within the 10yrs of migrating to Australia quickly gained a large following due to the unique experience we provide our clients, and we have received our biggest reception in Sydney. We offer a large number of services incorporating international cultures and music for all occasions.

    Extreme Dj Services - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    extreme dj services

    0484 192 018

    Make Your Plans Right Here With Us!

    Wedding prep takes a lot of time and effort, and we understand that. It’s why we’ve made your search for the right tunes and an affordable, versatile service a lot easier! After all, only the best wedding DJs in Newcastle have the music knowledge to cater to every generation that’s coming along to your wedding, and we’ve got a mix of everything.

    Hiring a DJ for your wedding is one of the best ways to lift the atmosphere and get everyone in the mood for celebration. Hey, you should be able to expect everything from your Wedding DJ hire in Newcastle, and we plan to deliver! And seeing as we’re an experienced wedding DJ hire in Sydney, that means we’ve got exactly what you need.

    Do you want your favourite tracks to sound off the whole night through? We’ll do our absolute best to curate a wedding playlist that’s perfect for you and your partner. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want; we’re DJs with years of experience, so we’ll use our knowledge to fill the gaps for you. Music makes a wedding special, and we want to help ensure you have the best day of your life. 

    Want to Hire a Wedding Dj? Then You’ve Come to the Right Place!

    You might think locating the right wedding DJ hire in Newcastle service doesn’t come cheap, but we’re here to provide you with an affordable rate for your upcoming nuptials. In comparison, all you need to do is lace up your dancing shoes!

    It’s only $800 for up to 5 hours within the Newcastle area – that’s 5 whole hours of premium music systems to keep your party rolling. It’s our guarantee – we bring our own professional sound system along with us to make sure you can hear good music at all times!

    You can talk to us over the phone, so you won’t take time out of your wedding plans to go through the initial consultation. Or you can just complete our enquiry form right here on the web! Your wedding deserves a proper wedding DJ hire, so contact us now and don’t delay!

    First Class Wedding Mc Hire & Dj/MCs in Sydney

    Extreme MC Services offers experienced Masters of Ceremonies and Toastmasters for all your event needs!

    With many talented speakers, we are able to provide events and services including tub not limited to: Wedding MC, Wedding Toastmaster, Engagement Party MC, Corporate Party MC, Party Host.

    Our MC’s realise that knowing what to say is only half the job. The other half is knowing how to say it. Our team members are all reliable, talented, confident, and well-spoken, all essential aspects to a successful MC!

    The MC’s here at Extreme MC Services understand you don’t want the burden of keeping everything going on the day, which is why we are more than happy to help with the organisational duties on the day to make sure everything flows well and you get a seamless experience! Call us today for a quote.

    Lippsinc - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney


    +61 411 567 375

    Professionals in the Bridal Entertainment Industry

    When it comes to wedding entertainment, there is a large and sometimes overwhelming selection of talent to choose from, and there is no way of knowing that the entertainment that you choose is going to successfully rock your reception!! At Lippsinc, we take the guesswork out of that equation as we have carefully hand-selected the very best of the best from each section of the bridal entertainment world to help make your decision easier and ensure that our talent gets your party rocking!

    Professionals in the Bridal Entertainment Industry

    Quality entertainment brings people together; it breaks the ice and creates interest. If you can break the ice with great entertainment and make your audience smile, laugh, move or dance, then you are well on your way to a successful event.

    Lippsinc Bridal Entertainment is an agency offering the very best in Wedding Entertainment with nearly 10 years of experience booking amazing talent for bridal events. We have taken the guesswork out of trying to find talented, professional and well-presented entertainment for your reception by screening all of the acts that we offer for your event. We are a one-stop shop for brides (and grooms) to find experienced Bridal DJs, Bands, Entertainers and performers – Lippsinc Bridal is also an accredited Weddings and Event of Australia (WEOA) business that is dedicated to recognising, supporting and educating elite brands in the Australian Wedding Market.

    When it comes to wedding entertainment, there is a large and sometimes overwhelming selection of talent to choose from, and there is no way of knowing that the entertainment that you choose is going to successfully rock your reception!! At Lippsinc, we take the guesswork out of that equation as we have carefully hand-selected the very best of the best from each section of the bridal entertainment world to help make your decision easier and ensure that our talent gets your party rocking!

    Mac Dj’s Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Sydney

    mac dj's entertainment

    +61 420 946 001

    Wedding Entertainment

    From the moment you book a Mac DJ’s wedding DJ, you know our 15 years experience will make an unforgettable difference to your reception. Your expert wedding DJ arrives early, sets up before time, is formally dressed and will make your night unforgettable.

    Because of our pre-wedding talk, you know the reception will be as good as the bridal party look. Requests, effect lighting, your choice of music and a wireless microphone for speeches all come with your Mac DJ’s wedding reception package. Certain important moments at a wedding reception require special music, such as the official entry of the bridal party, cutting of the cake, the bridal waltz and the farewell circle. Mac DJ’s understands the significance of these important moments. Your wedding DJ knows exactly what to play and at a level that will capture the moment and ensure it stays in your memory forever. Your entertainer will even act as MC if required. And you can always bring your favourite songs on CD or iPod that you want your wedding DJ to play.

    From the moment you book a Mac DJ’s wedding DJ, you know our 23 years of experience will make an unforgettable difference to your reception.

    Your expert wedding DJ arrives early, sets up before time, is formally dressed and will make your night unforgettable.

    Because of our pre-wedding talk, you know the reception will be as good as the bridal party look.

    Requests, effect lighting, your choice of music and a wireless microphone for speeches all come with your Mac DJ’s wedding reception package.

    Certain important moments at a wedding reception require special music, such as the official entry of the bridal party, cutting of the cake, the bridal waltz and the farewell circle.

    Mac DJ’s understands the significance of these important moments. Your wedding DJ knows exactly what to play and at a level that will capture the moment and ensure it stays in your memory forever. Your entertainer will even act as MC if required.

    And you can always bring your favourite songs on CD or iPod that you want your wedding DJ to play.

    About Us

    Mac DJ’s Entertainment is a family operated business that has been entertaining for over 23 years.

    We are Macarthur’s leading wedding entertainment providers,

    We pride ourselves on OUTSTANDING entertainment every time,

    Our DJ’s are professional, experienced and interactive.

    We cater for all types of functions and music styles, specialising in Weddings.

    Mac DJ’s Entertainment is dedicated to making your event stress-free, entertaining and above all, FUN!

    We will play music from the ’50s through to today’s top hits and everything in between, or feel free to customise your own playlist for the night.

    We also offer MC (Master of Ceremonies) services, if required, to help ensure a smooth-running function.

    Mac DJ’s Entertainment knows that providing entertainment is much more than just providing music, so from the time of your first phone call to Mac DJ’s until the completion of your function, we consider you and your requirements our utmost priority.

    If this is the type of DJ Entertainment service that you are looking for, please give us a call to set up a personal one-on-one consultation to see if Mac DJ’s Entertainment is right for you.

    We are available for all of your entertainment requirements, including and specialising in Weddings, Parties, Deb Balls, Corporate Functions, Karaoke, general DJ Entertainment as well as Jukebox hire.

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