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How Do You Host A Hens Party?

Hens parties are known to celebrate the bride's last hurrah as a single woman. But, being tasked with organising the day, night or even weekend can be overwhelming for any bridesmaid. No matter what you choose to do, planning a hen party is certainly not a small task. Not only are you trying to think and plan the perfect send-off for the bride, but you are also managing the schedules and needs of multiple guests. Even the most well-planned bachelorette parties often follow the same tired routine, and it's hard not to fall into that trap. So how about a classy hens party in Sydney? 

While the big day is all about the bride and groom, hens parties should be all about bonding with each other before the bride enters married life and are ultimately a perfect excuse for a fun night out with the girls. If you're catering to guests of all ages, from older relatives to younger girlfriends, sticking to a classy hen night will prove enjoyable for every guest. However, if you're looking to shake up the schedule and need ideas for planning a classy hens party in Sydney, then fear not. There's something to suit every kind of bride as they farewell the single life. Particularly useful if you're a first-time bridesmaid, here is our guide to help you plan a classy hen night in Sydney that is sure to impress everyone.

The First Steps For Planning A Hens Party

Like we said, planning the perfect hen party is not a small task. The bride will be preoccupied with organising everything for the big day, so we recommend that you plan as early as possible to make the hen party seamless and unforgettable. Some important things to consider for the initial planning include:

Setting A Budget:

Different bridesmaids are willing to pay different amounts for the hen party. The most important thing is to speak with everyone contributing ahead of time and determine what costs they are most comfortable with.

Know Your Bride And Your Guests:

Of course, you want the day to be perfect for the bride, so it's important to know what she likes and doesn't like (perhaps she has even hinted a few ideas or hen party themes to you). It's also really good to know your guest numbers and their general interests. This way, you can ensure everyone will have a great time. Keeping things fun and classy is a great and easy way to impress everyone!

Unique Hens Party Ideas

Life Drawing – Art, Tunes, Champagne And Nudes

Let the music, champagne and laughter flow as you discover your inner artist in a life drawing class. This unique experience is designed exclusively For your Hens Party, with a personal nude male model who promises not to be offended by any less than flattering artwork or fits of giggles. Your group will receive expert guidance from professional art teachers on recreating the male form while sipping champagne and enjoying all your favourite songs. You can enjoy this experience in the surroundings of a dedicated art studio or bring the art party to you. Oh, and bring your cameras for a fun photo session with the model at the end of the class!

Male Revue Show – Gentlemen Of The Night

Forget those memories of The Full Monty. You won't want these guys to leave their hats on! This male cabaret performance is an immersive and interactive adults-only experience, set to impress with spectacular music and light production, thrilling choreography and, of course, audience participation. Your Hen will be treated like the Queen she is with a cocktail on arrival and a special on-stage lapdance (but let's keep that a surprise!). The winning combination of Australia's hottest male strippers, stunning performances and a lavish venue truly make this a night to remember.

Archery Attack – Badass Babes With Bows

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Hollywood has embraced fearless females with bows and arrows from Robin Hoods' Maid Marian and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games to the red-haired Meridan in Disney Pixar's Brave. Now it's your turn to bring the archer goddess dream to life, with your very own coloured bow, foam-tipped arrow and faceguard. True to its name, Archery Attack is a battle, and you are the target. Your group will be thrown into the battlefield with only the inflatable obstacle course and your safety gear to protect you. And we make sure the Hen can't hide with a target strapped to her back!

Burlesque – Burlesque Baby

Be the starlets of your very own Burlesque performance with this sexy and sassy Hens Party. You'll travel back in time for a fully immersive theme night, with your choice of traditional busty Burlesque, 1920's Charleston flappers, groovy 1960s Go-Go dancers or glamorous Vintage Cabaret. Your hostess will meet you at your chosen venue and kick off the night with themed hair and make-up for the Hen, followed by games and prizes to get the party started. Then let the real fun begin with a guided dance class before staging your very own burlesque show. Rehearsal for a wedding day flashmob, perhaps?

Gin Tasting – Botanicals And Bridesmaids

Let the good times begin! With a gin and tonic in hand, your Hens Party will be guided on a personal distillery tour and private gin tasting. Don't know your juniper berries from your citrus peels? Don't worry. You'll be treated to an insightful and entertaining masterclass explaining the distillation process, introducing the flavours and botanicals of each gin (with plenty of samples along the way for research purposes), and delving into the cheeky history of the prohibition era. And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, the cocktails certainly will. This is a classy and fun Hens Day experience, and it's available day or night - because it's always Gin O Clock!

Puppetry Of The Penis – A Different Kind Of Puppet Show

Show your appreciation for the performing arts (and male physique) with a private viewing of Puppetry of the Penis. That's right! We're bringing the famous stage show direct to you, performed live in your home, hotel room or another private venue. You will be treated to front-row seats of this unique display of anatomical acrobatics and junk gymnastics, performed by the talented all-male puppeteers. The experience includes audience participation, a Q&A session, group photos, and a food and drinks package.  We don't want to reveal too much, other than to say the "Loch Ness Monster" does exist, you won't want to eat the "Hamburger", and don't say we didn't warn you about the "Wedding Ring".

Bungy Jump

For the Hen who lives on the wilder side. Nice and simple, you jump off a tall structure with an elastic band tied around your ankles. Sound like your vibe? The first one was completed in Bristol, England and idiots and legends have been completing the dangerous activity ever since. The good news is, bungy jumping has never been safer and is completed in some truly picturesque settings. This is a massive advantage as it often takes the focus off you or the Hen shitting yourself on the way down.

High Tea – Let Them Eat Cake

We could tell you all about the history and etiquette of high tea, which originated among England's wealthiest classes in the 1840s. But why bore you with the details when there's cake, cucumber sandwiches and French champagne waiting? This afternoon experience exudes elegance, from the fresh scones with cream and jam to the classy reserved area just for your Hens Party inside the exquisite venue. This is the perfect experience for the Hen who loves the finer things in life, and it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all of her guests. But, of course, who doesn't love cake!

Blow Dry And Style – Blow Wave And Bubbly

Private bar Pump up the volume! What better way to prepare for your big day of celebrations than a VIP blow wave - with bubbly! Your luscious locks will be bouncing after this relaxing hair treatment, and scalp massage finished with a professional blow wave to prime your tresses to perfection. The Hen will love being pampered with the highest quality services in a relaxed and fun Blow Bar environment. While you're in the chair, there's plenty of time to plan the rest of the day's activities and some surprises for the Hen.

Paintball – Swap Pedicures For Paintballs

Don't let the guys have all the fun! If a ladies day at the Day Spa sounds as entertaining as watching paint dry, the fast-paced action of the paintball battlefield might be more your style. What better way to show your love for the Hen than strapping a target to her back and arming everyone in your tribe with 300 paintballs - each. The carbs won't count when your pizza lunch is served by combining heart-pumping fun and a killer workout. Best of all, you'll leave energised and ready for a night of luxury after this unique daytime event.

Pole Dancing – Fit, Fun And Flirty

Ditch the gym for a day and give pole dancing a spin. In this fun and flirty private class, you'll learn the basics of a pole and perfect a cheeky routine, hand-picked from your selection of pole dancing, lap dancing or striptease essentials. You're sure to nail your very own Showgirls moment, with secrets to achieving the sexiest moves revealed by your instructor. Sip champagne on arrival for a confidence boost before the special gift is revealed for the guest of honour (including a new bag of tricks for the honeymoon). So whether you're new to the art of pole dancing, or an old hand, you'll feel relaxed and ready for anything. And being a fully mobile experience, you can take the party to the pole studio, or it can come to you!

Speak To The Bride

You'll most likely want to keep the details of the event a surprise, but it's important first to ask her a few questions such as

FAQ's About Hens Party Host

Some may want to keep it local, whereas others may be dreaming of a getaway!

She may be happy with an afternoon and night event, or perhaps she's always wanted a full weekend long hen!

This is something you will need to finalise with the other bridesmaids; however, it always helps to get a rough idea of what the bride-to-be has in mind, and also as she will know what is suitable for her guests. The first two questions will also be important in working out the budget.

There's always a lot going on in the lead up to a wedding, so ideally, speak to her about which dates work best for her within the whole wedding schedule.

Ultimately the planning is up to you, but you want to make sure it's something she will remember for the right reasons!

Guest List

Once you've got an idea of what the bride-to-be wants, the next step is to get a list of who she wants to invite. This will also give you an initial idea of who is coming and plan accordingly. For example, if there's a lot of family coming, you may want to consider splitting the event up into day and night activities; Grandma might not be the biggest fan of our men (though again, she might be!) Next, you'll want to plan with the bride when she wants to host the event, and if she has any general preferences and after this step – it's up to you! Now that you've got a guest list and date worked out, you can start sending out save the date info. Make sure you also get emails and contact phone numbers; otherwise, we recommend setting up a group chat to keep everyone updated with budgets and planning easily.

Working Out A Budget

People can be unclear on who pays for a bachelorette party, but this is usually one part of the wedding events paid for by the guests. Generally, all guests pay a set amount per head, and the bridesmaids may opt to pay more. For the budget, remember to factor in costs such as:

  • Activities for the day
  • Drinks and food
  • Location, venue high or club entry
  • Transportation costs
  • Decorations and any extras such as items needed such as game prizes, sashes, party bags (we may be technically adults, but who doesn't love a party bag?!) and balloons
  • Last but not least, strippers or topless waiters
  • You may also wish to have different cost options for those who may only be attending for the day (if you are splitting the event) or also for those who don't drink.

Choose A Location And Activity

This is where your expertise and knowledge of your best friend is called upon! Time to work out some epic hens night ideas. As you've already spoken to her about her general thoughts, you should have a good idea of what to plan, but also ask yourself: What does she like? What sort of night would she honestly want? Is she more of the classy hens kind of bride to be? Does she want a simple good old fashioned night out, or is she more of them staying in kind?

Often, hens nights have more than one location, so consider where everyone will be meeting first – do you have someone's home you can use, or would it be easier to book a hotel room? If you're planning a night out, we also recommend booking a hotel room in which both the Hen and bridesmaid can all stay together when the night is finally over. Once you've got an idea, make sure you book in your locations and events asap so you can ensure they are locked in!

Choosing A Theme And Games

Not every Hen's party needs a theme, but we think it helps to make the night more unique and memorable! Once you've worked out the main location and activities, you can easily choose a theme that matches both the event and the bride to be.

Factor In Food

If you're going to be drinking, which, let's face it – you are, then you need to factor in some food! You want the night to be memorable for sure, but not because one of the guests (and not the guest of honour) threw upon herself and then passed out by 5 pm.

The Entertainment

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We think this is the most important step in the hens' party planning process, and we doubt many ladies would argue with us! And yes, by entertainment, we're talking about our men. Choosing a male stripper is most likely the first thing that came to your mind when you were asked to plan the hens night (we know it is… doesn't lie), and even if she included strippers in her list of "no's", we've also got great topless waiter options which we're sure she'll love!

Sending Out Formal Invites

Once you've decided upon all of the basics, booked in, locked and loaded, you can send out the formal invite to the guest list. If you're the creative type (or even if you're not), we love Canva for creating awesome invites. Don't forget to include details such as:

  • Date & time (as well as duration)
  • Location of where to meet
  • Activity details (but remember to tell them to keep it a secret)
  • Cost (and when and how they need to pay)
  • Anything they need to bring to the event (such as a change of clothes for the evening)


Now that the event is planned, the invites are sent, and you've got the funds ready to go, the last step is bringing it all together. Make a checklist of everything you need to buy (decorations, food, drinks, anything you need for the games etc.) and make sure you've got everything organised and bought before the day. Then, leading up to the event, check-in with your bookings to make sure everything is finalised and then it's time to relax and make some memories!

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