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How Do You Host A Hens Party?

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    Hens parties are traditionally a send-off for the bride's single life. The responsibility of planning the entire day, evening, or weekend for the bride may be too much for any bridesmaid to handle. No matter what you choose to do, planning a hen party will not be simple. You have a lot on your plate between coming up with creative ideas for the bride's farewell and making sure that everyone's needs are met. Even the best-laid plans for a bachelorette party can't always guarantee that guests won't fall into the trap of doing the same old thing over and over again. In your opinion, is Sydney the right place for a classy hens' night?

    Even though the bride and groom are the centre of attention on their wedding day, the hens night is a time for the bride's loved ones to celebrate her impending marriage and build strong bonds. There is no better reason to get the gals together for a wild night than a hens party. A classy vibe is essential if you're throwing a hen party for guests of varying ages, from grandma and the girls in their early 20s to the bride-to-be herself. However, if you want to mix things up and are looking for inspiration for a high-end Sydney hens party, you need not worry. While preparing to say farewell to their single lives, brides can find something that speaks to their individuality. If this is your first time in the role of bridesmaid, this guide will be especially helpful in organising a Sydney hen night that will be remembered fondly by all.

    The First Steps For Planning A Hens Party

    As was already mentioned, organising the perfect hen party is no simple task. Because the bride will be so preoccupied with wedding planning, it is up to you to make sure that the bachelorette party goes off without a hitch and is an event to remember. Keep the following in mind during the early stages of planning:

    Setting A Budget:

    Each bridesmaid has a different budget they're willing to spend on the hen party. The first order of business is to get in touch with all of the contributors in advance and find out what kinds of expenses they can comfortably cover.

    Know Your Bride And Your Guests:

    To that end, it's crucial to have a thorough familiarity with her likes and dislikes prior to the big day. It's also a good idea to do some preliminary research on your guests and their interests to get a feel for how many people to expect. When you do things this way, you can be sure that everybody will have a great time. Keeping things light while still elegant is a surefire way to earn everyone's approval.

    Unique Hens Party Ideas

    Life Drawing – Art, Tunes, Champagne And Nudes

    During a life drawing class, you can explore your creative side while sipping champagne and laughing with your peers. Professional artists will guide your group through the process of recreating the male form as you sip champagne and listen to your favourite tunes. During this time, professional assistance will be available to you. You can either have the art party come to you or take part in the activity in the setting of a specialised art studio. The class will end with a fun photo session with the model, so don't forget to bring your cameras!

    Male Revue Show – Gentlemen Of The Night

    Do away with The Full Monty and the associated recollections. These gentlemen are too useful to have their caps off at any time! Featuring thrilling choreography, spectacular music and light production, and audience participation, this adult-only male cabaret performance is sure to impress. Upon arrival, your Hen will be greeted with a cocktail and, as a special surprise, given a lapdance on stage. She'll be given the royal treatment befitting her status. With Australia's sexiest male strippers, jaw-dropping performances, and a luxurious setting, this is the kind of night that stays with you long after it's over.

    Archery Attack – Badass Babes With Bows

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    Hollywood has a long history of celebrating strong female characters who use bows and arrows, including the fiery-haired Meridan from Disney Pixar's Brave. Some other cases in point. When you play Archery Attack, you'll be engaged in a battle, and you'll be the target of the assault. 

    Burlesque – Burlesque Baby

    At this racy and risqué Hens Party, you and your girlfriends will play the lead roles in your very own burlesque show. Experience a different era through a fully immersive theme night, where you can choose to be entertained by risqué classic burlesque acts, Charleston flappers from the 1920s, groovy 1960s Go-Go dancers, or glamorous vintage cabaret acts. When you arrive at the venue, your hostess will give the Hen a special makeover in keeping with the evening's theme. Soon after that, we'll begin the festivities with games and giveaways. When that's done, it's time to get down to the business of having fun by enrolling in a dance class and then staging your own burlesque performance. The impromptu flashmob on the big day may have a dress rehearsal, and this one looks the part.

    Gin Tasting – Botanicals And Bridesmaids

    It's time to start playing around! Experience a private tour of the distillery with your Hens Party and enjoy a gin and tonic tasting in a cosy setting. Do you not know that juniper berries and citrous peels have very different flavour profiles? Try not to worry. The distillation process will be explained, the flavours and botanicals of each gin will be introduced (along with plenty of samples for research purposes), and the scandalous history of Prohibition will be explored in an engaging and educational masterclass. The cocktails, however, are guaranteed to pique your interest regardless. This is a classy and fun activity for Hens Day, and it can be done at any time of day or night (because gin o'clock never sleeps)!

    Puppetry Of The Penis – A Different Kind Of Puppet Show

    Intimately viewing "Puppetry of the Penis" is a great way to show your admiration for both the performing arts and the male physique. That's exactly right! Live performances of the acclaimed stage production can be arranged at your convenience, whether in the comfort of your own home, a hotel room, or another private location of your choosing. In this one-of-a-kind performance, a troupe of highly trained male puppeteers will perform anatomical acrobatics and junk gymnastics right in front of you. The event includes opportunities for audience participation, such as a question and answer session, photo ops, and a catered meal. To avoid spoilers, we'll just say that the "Hamburger" isn't something you'll want to eat and that you can't say we didn't warn you about the "Wedding Ring." That's about all we can say without giving anything away.

    Bungy Jump

    For the Hen who values a more rustic lifestyle. The objective is simple: use an elastic band tied around your ankles to climb to the top of a tall structure. If this describes you, read on. After the first one was completed in Bristol, England, fools and heroes alike continued to take on the dangerous challenge. Fortunately, modern bungee jumping is safer than ever before, and it's possible to do it in some breathtaking settings. The fact that it often distracts people's attention from you and the Hen while you're shitting yourself on the way down is a huge plus.

    High Tea – Let Them Eat Cake

    When you visit, we will be happy to educate you on the history and etiquette of high tea, which was first enjoyed in the 1840s by the upper crust of English society. You have cake, French champagne, and cucumber sandwiches waiting for you; why should I bore you with the details? Freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam are just the beginning of the sophisticated atmosphere that permeates this afternoon activity. All of the Hen's guests are sure to have a great time participating in this event, which is perfect for the Hen who enjoys the finer things in life. But no one can deny that cake is delicious.

    Blow Dry And Style – Blow Wave And Bubbly

    Closed-door bar Turn up the volume! Prepare for the day of celebrations you have planned with a VIP blow wave and some champagne. Your luscious locks will be bursting with life after you get this relaxing treatment and scalp massage. Finally, your hair will be given a professional blow wave to enhance its natural beauty. The Blow Bar is the perfect place for the Hen because it provides the highest quality services in a fun and relaxed setting. While you are relaxing in the chair, you can make plans for the rest of the day and even some surprises for the Hen.

    Paintball – Swap Pedicures For Paintballs

    Avoid the Manicure and Invest in Some Paintballs
    Don't be a wallflower while the guys have fun. If the idea of relaxing at a spa with your gal pals bores you to tears, you might find the chaos of a paintball game more your speed. What better way to show your appreciation for the Hen than to attach a target to her back and give each member of your tribe three hundred paintballs to shoot at it? You won't even feel guilty about the carbs in your pizza lunch if you work them off with a vigourous workout that also involves some heart-pounding excitement. Having experienced this one-of-a-kind daytime event, you will be refreshed and ready to enjoy a sumptuous evening.

    Pole Dancing – Fit, Fun And Flirty

    Why not give pole dancing a shot today instead of hitting the gym? Your instructor will give you the inside scoop on how to perfect the sexiest moves, so you can rock your own "Showgirls" moment with confidence. An arrival toast with champagne can help guests feel more at ease before revealing their one-of-a-kind gift to the guest of honour (including a new bag of tricks for the honeymoon). No matter where you are in your pole dancing journey, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, this practise will help you feel more at ease and prepared for whatever may come your way. With this service, you can choose to either visit a pole studio or have the party come to you at your convenience.

    Speak To The Bride

    Once you have an idea of what the bride wants, the next step is to get a list of the guests she wants to invite. So that you can better accommodate those who are expected to attend, you'll also have a good idea of the crowd size from this. Consider splitting the event into a daytime portion and an evening portion if you expect a large number of relatives to show up; Grandma may not be our biggest fan (though she may be!). Next, discuss potential event dates and times with the bride, and see if she has any other preferences that should inform your next steps. Since you now have a guest list and a date for the event, "save the date" cards can be sent out. You should also collect email addresses and phone numbers; if this is not possible, we recommend creating a group chat where everyone can be kept abreast of the budget's and planning's progress.

    Choose A Location And Activity

    The knowledge and familiarity you have with your best friend will serve you well at this juncture. The hen party needs some spectacular events planned immediately. You have already asked her for her general thoughts, so you should have a good idea of what to prepare for. Though, it's also important to consider, what does she like to do in her spare time? And what sort of night do you suppose she would want, really? Will she be the type of bride who prefers an elegant bachelorette party? Does she miss the days of going out on the town, or is staying in more her style these days?

    You should first consider where everyone will be meeting, as hens nights often involve more than one location. Is there a place you can stay with a friend or relative, or would a hotel be more convenient? Booking a hotel room where the Hen and the bridesmaid can all stay together after the party is over is another recommendation if you're organising a night out. Make sure that your planned events and locations are available by reserving them as soon as you have an idea for them.

    Choosing A Theme And Games

    While it's not necessary, we recommend picking a theme for your hen party to make the night even more memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Your task of choosing a theme that is fitting for the event and the bride-to-be will be much easier once you know where most of the action will take place.

    Factor In Food

    If you plan on drinking, which, let's be honest, you probably do, you should probably also plan on eating. Make preparations! Having one of the guests (who was not the guest of honour) throw herself onto herself and pass out by 5 o'clock in the afternoon is not how you envisioned making the evening memorable.

    The Entertainment

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    We think this is the most crucial part of organising the hens' party, and we doubt many other women would disagree with us. Also, when we say "entertainment," we do mean our male members. Choosing a male stripper was probably the first thing that came to mind when you were asked to plan the hens night (we know it is... doesn't lie), and even if she included strippers in her list of "no's," we've got great topless waiter options that we're sure she'll love!

    Sending Out Formal Invites

    You are ready to send out the official invitation to the guest list once you have made all of the fundamental decisions, confirmed your attendance, and completed all of the necessary preparations. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, you should use Canva to make fantastic invitations. Specifics like these should be included in your reply.


    Traditional hen parties celebrate the bride's final days of singledom. A hens party is the perfect excuse for all the ladies to get together and have a good time. If you're inviting people of varying ages to your hen party, you'll want to maintain a sophisticated atmosphere. One surefire way to win over critics is to keep things humorous while maintaining a sense of refined sophistication. The variety show Gentlemen Of The Night is strictly for men, while the anime Archery Attack is all about tough women.

    Attending a Life Drawing Class, where you can sip champagne and laugh with your peers while you unleash your inner artist, is a great way to do just that. Join a dance class and go on a tour of the distillery to put on your own burlesque show. This masterclass will be an interesting and informative look into the past of Prohibition. The men in the "Puppetry of the Penis" troupe have received extensive training. Audience participation is encouraged through various means, such as a question and answer period.

    In the 1840s, the upper classes of England began partaking in the ritual of High Tea. The Hen should have her party at the Blow Bar, which offers first-rate services in an enjoyable atmosphere. In order to put the guest of honour at ease, a champagne toast can be served upon arrival. After you've established a general plan with the bride, it's time to start compiling a guest list. Organizers may want to think about holding separate daytime and evening sessions.

    When planning your bachelorette party budget, don't forget to account for these expenses. Immediately, plans must be made for the hen party's main attractions. Since hens nights typically involve more than one venue, it's important to plan where everyone will be gathering first. If you're planning a night out, it's a good idea to book a hotel room so you can all stay together after the party. Is it what time it is and when (as well as duration). The Money It Will Cost You (but remember to tell them to keep it a secret).

    Content Summary

    • Traditional hen parties celebrate the bride's final days of singledom.
    • Organizing a hen party is going to be difficult no matter what you do.
    • Do you think Sydney has what it takes to host a high-end hens' night?
    • Despite being the centre of attention on their wedding day, the bride and groom's loved ones still get to spend quality time together and celebrate the bride's upcoming marriage on her hens night.
    • However, you need not worry if you want to shake things up and are searching for ideas for a lavish Sydney hens party.
    • For this reason, it is crucial to know her preferences inside and out before the big day.
    • Everything You Want in a Life Drawing Party: Art, Music, Champagne, and Bare Bodies
    • Life drawing classes are a great way to express your creativity while having fun with like-minded people.
    • You and your gal pals will be the stars of your own burlesque performance at this racy and risqué Hens Party.
    • Upon arrival, the hostess will dress the Hen up in a costume appropriate to the evening's festivities.
    • Then, it's time to get down to the serious business of having fun by taking a dance class and putting on a burlesque show of your own.
    • Join your Hens Party on a private tour of the distillery, complete with a gin and tonic tasting.
    • Enjoying "Puppetry of the Penis" in close quarters is a wonderful way to express your esteem for the performing arts and the male physique.
    • With a parachute
    • This one's for the Hen who prefers a simpler, more natural way of life.
    • Thankfully, you can now bungee jump in some truly breathtaking locations, and the sport is safer than ever.
    • Indulge them with some afternoon tea and cake.
    • Get a VIP blow wave and some champagne ready for the big day of celebrations you have planned.
    • Pole dancing is a great way to socialise, stay in shape, and meet new people.
    • Instead of going to the gym today, why not try pole dancing?
    • After getting a feel for the bride's preferences, the next step is to compile a guest list based on her preferences.
    • "Save the date" cards can be sent out to guests once a guest list and event date have been finalised.
    • Available refreshments include both food and liquids.
    • You can rely on the information and familiarity you have gained from your best friend.
    • You have already probed her for her broad impressions, so you know roughly what to expect.
    • Choosing a Topic and an Outcomes-Based Approach
    • Having a theme for your hen party is optional, but it will help set the tone and make the evening more fun for everyone.
    • Finding out where the bulk of the action will take place will make it much easier for you to settle on a theme that is appropriate for the event and the bride-to-be.
    • You probably didn't plan on having one of the guests (who wasn't the guest of honour) throw herself onto herself and pass out at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
    • You should use Canva to create amazing invitations regardless of whether or not you consider yourself creative.

    FAQs About Hens Party Host

    Some may want to keep it local, whereas others may be dreaming of a getaway!

    She may be happy with an afternoon and night event, or perhaps she's always wanted a full weekend long hen!

    This is something you will need to finalise with the other bridesmaids; however, it always helps to get a rough idea of what the bride-to-be has in mind, and also as she will know what is suitable for her guests. The first two questions will also be important in working out the budget.

    There's always a lot going on in the lead up to a wedding, so ideally, speak to her about which dates work best for her within the whole wedding schedule.

    Ultimately the planning is up to you, but you want to make sure it's something she will remember for the right reasons!

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