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What Are The Different Hens Night Ideas In Melbourne?

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    In Melbourne, you'll find Hens Ideas, a company that puts on exciting and memorable events for hens. We facilitate the bonding of the bride's female entourage by providing workshop suggestions and planning guidance for hen's parties. What the hens want is no secret to us. Whatever kind of party you're planning, from a bachelorette bash to a bridal shower, the professionals at Hens Ideas are here to help you make it a night to remember with a wide variety of creative challenges, games, and activities. If you need help organising a bachelorette or bridal shower, we're here to help. Plus, we have a web shop where you can order everything you need for your get-together without leaving your house. Try one of our Hen's party kits, or peruse our selection of fun products; either way, you'll have everything you need for a memorable celebration!

    Almost all of us secretly wish to contribute to a cause bigger than ourselves. Having a sense of community is important to our well-being, and it's not just about having friends and family nearby. That includes hens! Her "inspiration" blog is full of useful information that will make your hen party planning easier and more fun for everyone involved. Then, what is the definition of a hen party? Women who are about to get married often throw parties known as "hens parties" to celebrate. Traditions can be anything the couple wants, but traditionally they have included a night of drinking and revelry with friends the night before the wedding. This blog post will discuss the best practises for planning a fun and memorable hen party.

    Hens are crucial to the success of your event for a variety of reasons. Chicken will provide an initial dish that is not only filling but also visually appealing and nutritionally sound. In addition, if you have chickens at your party, you can set up a station where people can interact with the hens and learn how to butcher, pluck, gut, and prepare their own bird to cook.

    Melbourne's Hens Party Ideas

    Magic Men Australia

    Laughter, drinks, male entertainment, and plenty of photos to look back on and remember the wild and crazy fun you had with your best friend at the hens party are all necessary ingredients for a memorable hens party. Based on this information, Magic Men Australia has created a custom package just for you that is sure to fulfil all of your needs and more. The dinner and show, drinks and show, and limo transfer and show packages include everything you need to host a memorable event for your group without breaking the bank.

    Magic Men have become the standard bearers for hens parties and male entertainment. Or, you could hire a couple of police officers to come to your place for an inspection and noise complaint, or you could go see some of Australia's most wanted men in a four-hour event that will have you and the girls in tears of laughter. No matter what happens, you'll be unable to contain your laughter. We do this every day; it's part of the job. If you're looking for a venue that can host both a hens night and a girls' night out, you should definitely give them a try.

    The perfect strategy for throwing a memorable hen party. Relax and let MagicHen's hens' party packages take care of the entertainment while they transform your get-together into a memorable event that everyone will be talking about for weeks.
    Best Party Planners in Australia Award Winners We have spent the last five years establishing ourselves as the authority on all things grand and luxurious catering specifically to women. The stress of organising the perfect Hen's party is eliminated by our chic girls' night out packages, which can be tailored to meet any preferences or budgets. The sexy games, private shows, and tickets to see the boys perform on stage are just a few examples of the great entertainment we can provide. This takes place in a sweltering setting while our shirtless hunks keep the refreshments coming.

    Hazy Tales Hens Parties

    Geelong, on Australia's Bellarine Peninsula, is the perfect spot for a memorable hen do. Don't spend the weekend in Melbourne, or at least plan to take a bus there and back. Very tasty and very entertaining! To get the party started, we won't be playing any inappropriate games, but we might play a couple of naughty but fun games to get people in the mood. Whether you stay for two or four hours, you will be charged the same rate. It's a lot of fun to get drunk, socialise, and engage in other forms of creative activity with a group of friends. Build some cups, vases, or urns. They will be bisque fired, glaze fired, and glazed so that you can use them for your coffee or flowers without having to worry about losing any of the clay.

    A lively, imaginative, stylish, and light-filled venue among gum trees on the Bellarine. We'll have some great tunes and exciting games to get you in the party spirit. You can save a lot of money by providing your own drinks. The area also features a number of highly regarded wineries and distilleries, all of which are within easy driving distance. As a result, you can move on to one of those options afterwards; we can help with logistics like transportation if needed. Staying on the beautiful Bellarine Surf Cast is a great way to make the most of your weekend. You won't be sorry. Beautiful places like Portarlington, Ocean Grove, and Barwon Heads can be found in this area.

    Oriental Queen Cruises In Melbourne's Beautiful Harbour

    Discover the best party boat in Melbourne, the Oriental Queen charter boat, ideal for any celebration thanks to its one-of-a-kind style and unrivalled comfort. One-of-a-kind and elegant, this traditional Chinese junk is ideal for formal and informal occasions alike. If you're looking for something special on your Melbourne boat tour, look no further than the Oriental Queen, a private charter boat that offers a cruise that will make you the talk of the town. If that's what you're after, come aboard this ship and see for yourself what makes it special.

    Built in Hong Kong for use in a private gentlemen's club, the teak-built Oriental Queen has a length of 17 metres (57 feet). This beautiful ship has been tastefully renovated with luxurious materials to create a yacht charter fit for celebrating any special event in style. Our Melbourne boat hire packages feature extras like a state-of-the-art sound system and a fully stocked bar, so your guests can relax and enjoy the boating experience to the fullest. There is no point in settling for a small, cramped box that lacks any character or charm when you can hire a charter boat that will impress your guests with space, luxurious fittings, and total comfort. Don't just go with this as a last resort. Since the Oriental Queen is docked permanently at North Wharf, your guests will be able to come and go as they please while still enjoying the magnificent sights of Victoria Harbour and Docklands. When hosting a party or other event on the boat, this is a fantastic bonus for your guests. There isn't another spot in Melbourne that comes close to matching the uniqueness of this one.

    Princes Of The Night Hens Party Idea Melbourne

    Princes of the Night, Australia's number one male cabaret show, is the perfect way to commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime hen's party. This famous Show takes place at Crown Melbourne and is known for its excitement, glitz, and, most importantly, elegance. The event planners are committed to making sure everyone has a pleasant and safe experience. Therefore, you should show off your style, grace, and a little sass as you celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Crown Melbourne, where the Show is held, is an elegant, welcoming, and intimate venue that leaves visitors feeling fantastic, joyful, and anticipatory. It's a different dynamic just because you're at Crown. It combines sophistication with ostentation and glitz.

    Bottoms Up Dance

    In this studio, everyone is valued and the atmosphere is electric with creativity. An incredible and unique hens party that will have everyone raving for years to come. Don't forget to invite your future mother-in-law because each event is catered to the specific group attending and welcomes people of all ages! Students can anticipate lots of belly laughs in party classes because their focus is on having fun and engaging with others. All of our classes are designed with complete beginners in mind.

    Determine which subgenre best suits your humour preferences. After some warm-ups and introductions, you will learn a foundational set of tricks and dance moves that will be woven together into a sassy routine. This will occur after a style has been decided upon. Next, you'll spend some time practising your routine with your prop before taking it in turns to decorate yourselves with boas, feathers, or hats and perform for one another. There will always be a "special piece" within the routine that the Hen or guest of honour gets to enjoy more than anyone else. Whether you prefer to have your event at our Brunswick studio or at your location, we are happy to accommodate you.

    Holly's Hens

    what are the different hens night ideas in melbourne (3)

    Please allow Holly to host a night of bold and beautiful burlesque entertainment for you and your closest friends to add a touch of girly glitz to your special evening. Your hens night should be the best party you've ever been to, because you deserve it. Holly Delight-Me, owner of Holly's Hens, would love the chance to provide a hen party for your upcoming event.

    Puppetry Of The Penis Private Parties

    Melbourne's Finest Hens Night Entertainment Genital origami is the mysterious art of folding one's genitalia. Ideal for a night out with the girls. Over the past 13 years, puppetry has become the go-to form of entertainment for hens' nights and girls' nights out across Australia. We are happy to bring the Show to you wherever you may be, be it your home, a hotel room, or any other private location. Visitors to Melbourne can book a wide variety of activities, from dinner and cocktail packages to hens parties and shows. Within a two-hour drive of Melbourne, we can reach most of the surrounding areas. (additional travel costs will be incurred, please enquire about additional costs). In case you have never been to one of our exclusive events, you can get a feel for what it's like by clicking on the "Video" tab and watching a reaction video from a previous event.


    One Melbourne-based company, Hens Ideas, organises spectacular parties for stag and hen groups. By offering workshop recommendations and party-planning advice, we help the bride and her female friends bond before the big day. There are many reasons why hens are essential to the success of your event. When it comes to male entertainment, hens parties and Magic Men have become the gold standard. Having a dinner and a show put on for your guests doesn't have to break the bank.

    The cost and quality of a girls' night out can be adjusted to suit any budget or taste. Geelong, located on the Bellarine Peninsula in Australia, is an excellent choice for a stag or hen party. In addition, there are several acclaimed breweries and distilleries in the region. The weekend is best spent relaxing on the scenic Bellarine Surf Cast. Packages for boat rentals in Melbourne often feature perks like a hi-tech sound system and a fully stocked bar.

    Crown Melbourne is a sophisticated, warm, and cosy event space. The Hotel Windsor's Grand Ballroom, which is featured on the National Register, spans 310 square metres. Its three stories and capacity for 400 guests at a cocktail party give the Bourke Room a sense of originality and panache, perfect for your special day. Our hotel's first dining room dates back to the late nineteenth century, and its cosy Winston Room is now available for weddings with up to thirty guests. The Pole Room, Melbourne's only pole dance studio, is centrally located in the business district (CBD).

    You can reach Flinders Street station on foot in just three minutes, and the hotel is also situated close to some of Melbourne's most popular restaurants and nightclubs. When it comes to planning a Hens or Bucks party, OzParty has you covered from start to finish. All of the best local attractions, shows, restaurants, and hotels are reserved exclusively for our customers. Our party organisers are here to make sure your bachelor/bachelorette party, or guys' weekend, is one to remember. Anybody can join Holly's party classes, as they are made for novices.

    Because they are centred on having a good time and interacting with their peers, students can expect to laugh a lot. The Hen or special guest will receive extra attention and special treatment during a "special piece" of the routine. There will be performances of the Charleston, the Go-Go, the Disco, and the 80s Glam. These days, hens' nights aren't complete without some good old fashioned puppetry. Most of the suburbs and countryside around Melbourne are accessible within a two-hour drive.

    Content Summary

    • Hens Ideas, based out of Melbourne, is an event planning business specialising in hen parties.
    • In this article, I'll go over some tried-and-true methods for throwing a fantastic bachelorette party.
    • The following are some fun and original ideas for a hen's night in the Melbourne area.
    • Australians, the Mystical
    • Hens parties are only memorable if they include plenty of laughter, drinks, male entertainment, and photographs to recall the wild and crazy times shared with your best friend.
    • Magic Men Australia has tailored a special package to your specific requirements based on the information you've provided.
    • Packages that include dinner, drinks, and the show, as well as limo transportation and the show, are available so that you can throw a memorable party for your guests without breaking the bank.
    • When it comes to male entertainment, hens parties and Magic Men have become the gold standard.
    • You should try them out if you need a place to hold a hens night or a girls' night out.
    • The ideal plan for hosting a fun and exciting stag do.
    • Soothe your nerves and let MagicHen's hens' party packages handle the entertainment while they turn your party into an event that no one will soon forget.
    • Geelong, located on the Bellarine Peninsula in Australia, is an excellent choice for a stag or hen party.
    • The weekend is best spent relaxing on the scenic Bellarine Surf Cast.
    • Take in the sights of Melbourne's harbour aboard the luxurious Oriental Queen.
    • The Oriental Queen charter boat in Melbourne is the best party boat in the city, boasting a one-of-a-kind design and unparalleled comfort, making it perfect for any occasion.
    • Hong Kong's Oriental Queen is a 17-meter long teak yacht designed for a private gentlemen's club (57 feet).
    • Your guests can come and go as they please from the Oriental Queen, which is permanently docked at North Wharf so that she can offer passengers unobstructed views of the beautiful Victoria Harbour and Docklands.
    • This is a great perk for anyone attending a party or other event on the boat.
    • Outing to the Bourke Room
    • The elegant Bourke Room has been added to the hotel's selection of function rooms.
    • Its three stories and capacity for 400 guests at a cocktail party give the Bourke Room a sense of originality and panache, perfect for your special day.
    • The bride and her attendants will receive a full makeover and have a photo shoot.
    • Complimentary Meals and Lodging Discounts for the Bachelorette Party at the Airport: When booking the Runway Room, your hens will be treated to nothing but the most extravagant and memorable celebrations.
    • We host The Runway Room Hens Days at all four of our Melbourne-area Makeover Bars (in Hampton, Prahran, Chadstone, and Sorrento).
    • The menu for High Tea includes:
    • There is a wide variety of tasty foods available.
    • Located in the heart of Melbourne's financial district, The Pole Room is the city's only dedicated pole dance studio (CBD).
    • As soon as the rest of your party shows up, the pole dance instructor you hired will start the party.
    • You can expect a demonstration of what is possible in terms of a pole performance that meets or exceeds the national standard from your instructor at the end of the session.
    • Everything you could possibly need for your Hens and Bucks parties can be found in one convenient location.
    • The kind of unforgettable hens party about which people will be talking for years to come.
    • We can host your function at our Brunswick studio or travel to wherever you'd like.
    • Holly's chickens and other farm animals
    • So that your special night has a dash of feminine glitz, please allow Holly to host a night of bold and beautiful burlesque entertainment for you and your closest friends.
    • You deserve to have a fantastic hens night.
    • I, Holly, the owner of Holly's Hens, would be thrilled to host a hen do for your upcoming celebration.
    • This is the perfect outfit for a girls' night out.
    • Puppetry has been the most popular form of entertainment for hens' nights and girls' nights out in Australia for the past 13 years.
    • From dinner and cocktail packages to hens parties and shows, Melbourne has something for everyone.

    FAQs About The Different Hens Night Ideas

    The Princes of the Night promise you a heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, first-class male striptease experience with an outrageously sexy cast of Australia's hottest and most talented men.

    Those uncomfortable with these modern customs of debauchery often celebrate the night before their wedding with a combined stag and doe party, a custom that has become increasingly popular. The phrase "hen party" mirrors the male "stag party" in referencing social stereotypes of each gender at the party.

    This event should be held a month or two before the wedding according to etiquette. If you are planning a long journey, make sure that the weather doesn't ruin your plans. Please speak with the bride and the rest of the group to find out whether they have any pre-booked holidays around the time of the hen's night.

    This isn't your average "male strip show", but a one-of-a-kind, world-class experience filled with a visual storyline, creative and sexy male talent, thrilling choreography, and audience participation guaranteed to excite all the senses.

    Highlights of Princes of the Night:

    • The evening of classy, live male entertainment
    • Reasonably priced tickets
    • Comfortable, safe environment
    • The Show caters to women and men of all ages
    • Centrally located at Crown Melbourne
    • Crown restaurants pre-show dinner options

    You can place some bets, cheer on the horses, and spend your winnings on a big night out with the hen. Although, at House of Hens, we know the day is more about dressing up, enjoying some sunshine, and laughing with your girls.

    Whilst there's no hard and fast rule, tradition dictates that the bridesmaids and the other attendees cover the cost of the bride's place on her hen weekend.

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