The Nightlife of Melbourne

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    The city is home to some of Australia's most well-known cultural landmarks, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Royal Exhibition Building, which is on the list of World Heritage Sites. Australian impressionism, Australian rules football, the Australian film and television industries, and Australian contemporary dance all originated in this country.

    A UNESCO City of Literature and a hub for street art, live music, and theatre, it has gained international prominence in recent years. Australia's second-largest city, Melbourne also played home to the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, as well as numerous other annual international events.

    The EIU currently ranks it as the second most liveable city in the world due to its high scores in the areas of entertainment, tourism, and sport as well as education, healthcare, research, and development. From 2011 to 2017, it was ranked as the world's most liveable city for seven consecutive years.

    In addition to the Port of Melbourne, Australia's biggest seaport, Melbourne is home to Australia's second-busiest airport, Melbourne Airport (also called Tullamarine Airport).

    With that in mind, this article will go deeply into such aspects of Melbourne that will make your trip outstanding, including the city's extensive and great choice of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, which has boosted the city's nightlife experiences for its locals and foreign visitors alike.

    Intriguing and full of wonderful spots for a wide range of visitors, Melbourne is a fascinating city. During the day, the city is bustling and attractive, but at night, it transforms into a quiet, eccentric, and sparkling oasis. And it's easy to see why this city is often cited as having Australia's prettiest skyline after dark. In addition, Melbourne is home to a plethora of excellent eating and drinking establishments, so you can spend quality time with your significant other or make new friends while taking in the city's stunning nightscapes. If you want to get a feel for Melbourne, a visit at night is the best bet.

    Best Nightclubs in Melbourne

    It's important to let go on the dance floor occasionally. You may dance the night away to electronica, dance, house, trap, disco, hip-hop, and everything else at these Melbourne nightclubs.

    Revolver Upstairs

    Soulful deep house and techno can be heard at Revs, better known as Revolver, all night long on Fridays and into the early hours of Sunday morning. Considering how long it will last, Saturday Some of the guests that have appeared on The Late Show are Pearson Sound, Maurice Fulton, Flava D, Loefah, Pinch, and Auntie Flo.

    The "cage," a booth in the dining room, hosts local and international dance DJs. When everyone is sober, this place transforms into a fantastic Thai eatery. You wonder what they are once you get to Revs.

    Shortly after their previous closures, Revolver reopened. Due to current constraints, store hours have been shortened. Reservations are currently being taken for Thursday through Sunday at Colonel Tan's. On Fridays and Saturdays till sunrise, Revolver Upstairs reopens on December 11. It's best to show up at 11 p.m., as no reservations are taken. Constraints, such as population density, need a review of the current hospitality legislation.

    Grand, opulent club There's something filthy and wonderful about Revolver. Morning-after misbehaviour is often traced back to the late-night bar or club where it occurred. An amazing evening out.

    Just above the always-full Thai restaurant is a theatre featuring the best local talent. An explosion of high-octane power and enticing wickedness in a slick cityscape; that's what Revolver is.

    Angel Music Bar

    A wide selection of recordings can be heard playing on the custom-installed Funktion One speakers. An 80-room black box is used for events by, Crown Ruler, Animals Dancing,Pelvis, and Cool Room. Even though it's pitch black, the DJ booth is partially obscured by the shadow of a disco ball illuminated by a single spotlight. We weren't exaggerating when we claimed Funktion Ones were potent.

    We haven't heard a watering hole with better music than this one. Records are being played on Funktion One speakers. Informally, Tuesdays are Jazz Night at Angel Music Bar, however their definition of "Jazz" is somewhat broad.

    Mixing it up with some David Bowie and Tarantino, the bartender mixes up a Martini to the sounds of Esther Phillips,Susan Wong,John Coltrane,and Ute Lemper.

    Gotcha. The flavour of a Martini? Is it possible for a sober individual to describe it? Watered down and not as hydrating as the original, but it gets the job done. Considering it only cost $20, the Martini is surprisingly not the best we've ever tasted.


    Christopoulos curated the wine and fortified list, which is full of tasty, well-priced bottles with cryptic descriptions on the menu. Both the Victor Gontier Calvados and the Dr. Loosen, which is labelled as "German Riesling," cost $15 and $16, respectively. The NV Krug Grand Cuvee and Dom Perignon , the two most expensive products on the menu, are priced at $400 to $450, respectively (we suppose a few at the end of some nights).

    More seasoned and well-traveled patrons of the pub explain the expensive Champagne by saying that every day ending in "Y" is a holiday. Executives from design firms may storm the premises, throwing their business cards carelessly to the floor. Beautiful Vivien's stylists and teams may drop by after the shoot is over. End of story.

    Butchers Diner is right next door, and when you order snacks from them, they first give them to the bartender. If you've had a few beers and then imagine your jalapeno poppers hanging out, you could be left wanting more, but the elaborate method is effective. You can eat on nuts and olives but we suggest ordering fried food doused in spicy sauce.

    Deep-fried fish goujons and jalapeo poppers are tasty on their own, but they really shine when seasoned with salt and hot sauce. The 1970s-style prawn drinks is served in a glass of  martini with thousand island salad dressing and iceberg lettuce. Let's say you're interested in acquiring further resources. An inch of gooey bechamel is nestled between two thick slices of buttered bread in a six-point ham and cheese sandwich. This is a fantastic way to wrap out the celebration, in our opinion. Suppose you think about the nighttime.

    Those who feel out of place at hip bars should head to Angel Music Bar. If you're not a young, stunning 20-something, don't worry; you can still have a good time at a party with folks who get it. You can always tell that something is up with Angel, and it usually is. O'Connor and the Fur crew were busy making invitations and arranging for a Parisian music duet to play a surprise party. The regulars at Angel aren't quite youthful, yet they may serve as examples to today's youth. Another home run for Christopoulos.


    Where In Melbourne Can One Enjoy A Night Of Disco Dancing?

    The 86

    Numerous LGBT events and a disco are held at this cabaret and cocktail lounge. On regular Saturdays, the bar transforms into a boogie paradise thanks to the party band Piu Disco. Original disco from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s is the main emphasis of the LGBT disco party. This is unabashedly old school disco, so if you're hoping for something more modern, like house or techno, you'll be disappointed. This club night offers free admittance before 10 p.m. and has DJs that play a wide variety of music styles to get the party started.

    Burn City Disco

    Burn City Disco is still committed to serving up disco in Melbourne. The organisation is growing from its first "burn, baby, burn" activewear dance sessions to include other venues in the city, such as Brown Alley and Bourke Street Courtyard. After determining that disco is what the crowd and the venue are looking for, they proceed to deliver exactly that. Look out for parties featuring DJs who are known for playing disco-inspired music from that era.

    The Night Cat

    The Night Cat is a Fitzroy landmark that often welcomes disco on the dance floor. The Cat regularly features disco DJs of varying styles during parties that quickly reach capacity. With the stage situated smack dab in the middle of the dance floor, revellers will be able to enjoy performances by acts such as Evelyn Champagne King, Sunshine, and Disco Faith Choir from any position in the room.

    Why the atmosphere in this red-lit boudoir of a concert hall is so charged is not hard to guess. Live jazz, funk, and reggae are just some of the genres that have made The Night Cat a Fitzroy tradition.

    As long as you don't mind waiting in the line that stretches down Johnston St., admission is free. Once inside, though, you'll notice that the wait was well worth it: the stage is front and centre, allowing you a perfect view of your favourite jazz band no matter where you sit.

    Where to dance to hip-hop in Melbourne


    Laundry Bar

    Are you a fan of the OPP? If so, you'll feel right at home at Laundry, undoubtedly Melbourne's best hip-hop club. On Friday and Saturday nights, the DJs who spin there are rap fans, so make sure to hustle your way through the club to get near to them. On Fridays, you can expect to hear classic hip-hop and R&B (hello, NWA!) while Saturday features a wider range of music, from the '90s to Kendrick Lamar's most recent release.

    The Laundry Bar in Fitzroy has been a mainstay of the Melbourne club scene for decades. Even if many of its Johnston Street neighbours have passed away, Laundry Bar remains, drink in hand, ready to welcome the weekend.

    Three evenings a week, Laundry plays hip-hop and rap across two floors. Expect anybody from resident DJs to huge touring bands to up-and-coming Melbourne artists to be spinning tracks as you slosh your way through the night in this crowd that loves to get down and dirty on the dancefloor. Even while sneakers and streetwear are more appropriate than dress shoes and collared shirts on a Friday in Fitzroy, anything goes. Have something to toast? Reserve a private booth and order bottles of alcohol for your group.

    Chaise Lounge

    On Fridays, the resident DJs at Chaise play classic hip-hop, and on Saturdays, they play a wide variety of R&B, often including trap and twerk into their sets under the name Bright Lights, Big City. DJ Kahlua, C-Ram, and Shook are regulars at the club, and they keep the energy high all night long.

    Chaise Lounge is one of the best hip hop bars in Melbourne, playing everything from old school hip hop to R&B, trap, and twerk. Until the wee hours of Saturday morning, DJs Culture King DJ Rcee, DJ Kahlua, DJ Shook, and DJ Angel Jay will keep the dance floor at Chaise Lounge jumping every Friday night. It's finally Friday, so crack open a Henny.

    Section 8 

    When you get past the big bouncers, you'll be in Section 8, which is a prime people-watching location in the Central Business District. "Do and be seen" every night of the week. You'll have no trouble making friends if you have a passion for DJs and hip hop. Most evenings will be quite busy and loud.

    In an alley, in a converted cargo container that doubles as a bathroom. There is a basketball hoop in front of the pub, and inside, there are water fountains.

    It's not a watering hole, but rather a bar. Bottled, canned, and on draught craft beers and sour ales can be found here. However, despite having a wide variety of spirits and seasonal cocktails, most customers come for the beer. There are many different types of wine available at the bar, including champagne, white, rose, red, and goon.

    Even now, skilled bartenders can whip up delicious beverages. The Floppy Hat Sweetness from Tom is balanced with lemon acidity and a hint of pepper. Strawberries, rose lemonade, black pepper, lemon juice, Poor Tom strawberry gin, and Chamberyzette strawberry vermouth. Just like a dip in the pool, this fruity, not-too-sweet beverage will revive your senses. Mechanical Arms Megan muddles together Casamigos Reposado tequila, Vida mezcal, spiced syrup, lemon juice, and nutmeg to create a drink with hints of eggnog and Margarita.

    When it comes to drinking, Section 8 is not Melbourne's favourite back alley tavern. In Melbourne, the best DJs play during daytime festivals and massive after-hours events. There are regular, free dance parties. We're relieved that this pop-up eatery will remain open for the foreseeable future.

    FAQs About Melbourne Night Life

    Melbourne is a fantastic place also with regard to the kitchen, music and art: with a vibrant street art and an active hipster culture, this Australian metropolis has a large selection of great food and beautiful bar. Even the Melbourne nightlife can rival the world's great capitals.

    Melbourne nightlife has a little bit of everything—hidden bars, rowdy pubs, swanky nightclubs, and live music venues. And then, of course, it has your reliable late-night food options and non-drinking activities. As a traveler, navigating the nightlife in a foreign city can be confusing.

    Best places to party in Australia
    • Melbourne. Undoubtedly the coolest place to party in all of Australia, Melbourne is where you go if you want a little culture with your Carlton Draught. 
    • Sydney. 
    • Byron Bay. 
    • Gold Coast. 
    • Airlie Beach & Whitsundays. 
    • Magnetic Island. 
    • Nimbin. 
    • Cairns.

    Melbourne's nightlife is a more relaxed affair, we feel completely at home turning up to a bar in jeans rather than feeling woefully underdressed in Sydney. They are big on laneway bars - which Sydney loves to - but Melbourne does them better. It feels more effortless in Melbourne.

    According to a HomeToGo 2018 report on the best cities for nightlife worldwide, a night out in Sydney can set you back $54.52 while Melbourne will cost you $52.12. Melbourne is followed by Adelaide, which is $42.78, while Brisbane will cost you $42.23 and Perth $39.55.
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