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What Are The Gay Bars In Melbourne?

All of Melbourne's bars should be 'queer friendly'. And they are, for the most part. Yet, many dedicated gay bars and clubs have intentionally made space for the LGBTQIA+ community from the beginning.

To celebrate what these venues offer for the queer community and beyond, here's a list of Melbourne's dedicated gay bars and clubs. Of course, if you want to live the time of your life, you should embrace your sexuality and have fun. However, if you are homosexual, seeking out exclusive bars set just for you and your needs will improve your life. In a gay club, you will not only find like-minded people, but you can also please yourself sexually.

List Of Melbourne's Dedicated Gay Bars

Circuit/Mollie's Bar & Diner

Same owners, completely different venues. Upstairs at 103-105 Smith Street, you'll find Mollie's, a dedicated safe space for everyone. With a sunny terrace, sheltered from the elements and cozy interior, Mollie's combines a focus on great, freshly-prepared food with a hint of sassy service. So, of course, they said dinner with a show… So, from Wednesday to Sunday, you can enjoy your meal with a side of fabulous, raucous drag entertainment.

Downstairs is the famous Circuit, which needs no introduction. With free inclusive entry every night from Thursday to Sunday, Circuit is the go-to if you like your evenings to end in sweat-soaked shambles. With a rotating roster of events, DJs and Queens, Circuit is always on.

Pride Of Our Footscray Community Bar

Pride of our Footscray Community Bar is quietly nestled in the inner-west, opposite Footscray Market. Footscray's dedicated LGBTQIA+ space, wholly community-owned, Pride is a pioneering example of the possibilities open for co-op living, working and thriving. Locals have the opportunity to buy into the bar, strengthening the community surrounding the space. The bar has a pool table and offers a multitude of fabulous entertainment nightly, from comedy to live music, poetry, adult bingo and – of course – drag.

Poof Doof

The name says it all! Possibly the most famous gay space in town, with a sister venue holding it down in Sydney, Poof Doof has recently undergone an inclusivity makeover. It is now, as their revamped slogan decries, "A gay club for all". We love to see it.

Evie's Bar & Diner

Tucked away near the intersection of Smith and Gertrude is Evie's. Did we expect anything less from Evie's fabulous, aggressively-bubblegum and ultraviolet interior? Evie's is an absolute must-visit with weekly events hosted by "the hottest queens in town", including Balls Deep Bingo and Queeraoke.

The Laird

Melbourne's longest-running gay owned and operated establishment. Since the '80s, The Laird has been a fixture of the gay male community, being granted a male-only status in 1998. The pub has accommodation and is a meeting place, haven, and party space for both cis and trans-same-sex attracted men.



Located at Inflation Entertainment Complex on King St, ADAM is Melbourne's nudist bar for guys, doubles as a club. Known for hosting huge Thursday night parties, ADAM provides a safe space for trans and cis, same-sex attracted men to come and dance. Clothing is optional.

The 86

Smith Street's queer cabaret bar offers a nightly selection of fabulous shows, focusing on drag performance. Former home to the popular Honcho Disko, The 86 is your certified go-to for entertainment, whether it's a comedy, parody or bingo. In short, all things high camp.

Sub Club

Honourable mention for this list has to go to Sub Club. While not a dedicated gay space, the club is undoubtedly a safe space for the wonderful community of queer babies who love the techno. While we truly miss Hugs&Kisses, Sub Club is somewhat filling the rowdy, frenetic, fun void it left in the CBD's nightclub scene.

Dt's Hotel

Over in Richmond, DT's Hotel is a fuss-free cabaret space, pub and gay bar. A friendly queer local, at DT's, you'll find classic pub fare, lovely locals, and maybe even some karaoke or trivia.

The Peel

Their slogan, "All roads lead to The Peel", says it all. Open 'til very late, The Peel is always there for you, beckoning in the night, the promise of a good boogie within. But, of course, that is if you're a man. So a strict door policy applies: The Peel is for trans and cis, same-sex attracted men – straight males can attend as guests but are asked to be respectful and mindful of their behaviour during their time at the venue.

Rainbow House Club

A cute neighbourhood bar committed to showcasing queer excellence five nights a week, Rainbow House Club offers a plethora of entertainment – from Wednesdays' Tinkle, a "free queer piano bar" where you can score a free drink for having the enthusiasm to sing, to Fisty's Hyperpop Paradise, promising a rotating roster of iconic live performance and DJs on Sundays.

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Guide To You Finding The Best Gay Club

What Do You Want?

First of all, you must be aware of what you are looking for in a gay club and have the fun you always dreamed of. Then, if you have a certain goal in mind, be sure that the club's environment supports it. Once you are clear of what kind of fun you have to have, it will be easier for you to easily narrow down the options you have to find the best for you and even your friends.

Check Out The Website

The best way to get to know the happening events at the club, the type of services you can pay for and whatnot is to check their website. Usually, the website will have all the details you are looking for, from the club's location to the exclusive services. So just by looking at the website of the gay club, it will be easier for you to decide if it is right for you.

The Location Of The Club

The next important thing that you should find out is the club's location that you choose. If you plan to have fun at the club, you choose frequently. Therefore, it would help to choose a club you could easily visit. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also give you the chance to enjoy your life whenever you feel like you should.

Talk With Your Partner

If you plan to attend the gay club with your partner, you must discuss it with him. If you are looking for some sexual fun with your partner, you should look for a club with these activities planned out for you. You can get to know what kind of sexual services are offered, and then you can easily plan with your partner about how the experience you are getting will go.

  • Be Able to Explain Why You Want to Start a GSA.
  • Find Out Your School's Rules for Setting Up a Club.
  • Find a Faculty Advisor or Sponsor.
  • Tell the Administration That You Want to Start a GSA.
  • Prepare and Turn In Any Necessary Paperwork.
  • If the School Says Yes. Start Meeting.

Once an iconic gay bar until the early 2000s, the Flinders had reinvented itself, targeting an urban crowd with a small bar vibe. Unfortunately, the Flinders is the latest Darlinghurst pub to report a downturn in trade.

A gay bar is a drinking establishment that caters to an exclusively or predominantly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) clientele; gay is a broadly inclusive concept for LGBTQ+ communities.

One in 10 gay men lives within two kilometres of Taylor Square on Oxford St, the beating heart of Sydney's gay scene. Sydney's most gay-friendly neighbourhoods stretch from premier harbourside Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay through Darlinghurst and Surry Hills.

Sydney. The New South Wales capital has long been recognised as one of the top destinations in the world for LGBTQI travellers, and around Mardi Gras time, you'll feel like the whole city has turned gay.

FAQ's About A Gay Bar

Best Lesbian Bars & Clubs In Melbourne

That is also true when trying to find a full-on lesbian bar in Melbourne. You can probably have success at most bars or clubs from the mixed list, and if no other lesbians are looking to meet women inside, try another place until you find the right one. This could even mean going to popular nightclubs around town that are not known as LGBT hot spots in your area per se.

Drag Shows & Trans Bars

We aren't really to the point of having full-on trans bars in Melbourne, but you can find drag shows that may help you locate ts near you at:

  • Drag Show at Circuit Bar on Wednesdays
  • Hey Henny at Circuit Bar on Thursdays
  • Adult Bingo at Pride of our Footscray on Wednesdays
  • Fellas in Frocks at The 86 on Friday Nights
  • DT's Bar

We know the scene here pretty well, if we may say so, but we cover way too many cities to have a piece of more intimate knowledge on all of them than the local experts. Our goal is to keep our lists as up to date as possible, but we need your help to do so.

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Please use the comments section to let us know if you notice anything dated. There is not one main gay area or gayborhood here, but we have a map coming up that can help you understand the lay of the land better. We have also written posts on:

  • LGBTQ Nightlife in Sydney
  • LGBTQ Nightlife in Brisbane
  • LGBTQ Nightlife in Adelaide
  • LGBTQ Nightlife in Gold Coast
  • Weekly, Monthly, & Pride Events

Here are some of the best LGBT events that occur regularly:

  • Hoochie with Pool Comp at The Laird on Tuesdays
  • Trivial Hirsute at The Laird on Wednesdays
  • Spit and Polish at The Laird on Thursdays
  • Thursday at Yah Yah's on Thursdays
  • Bad Habits at Yah Yah's on Saturdays
  • Feeling Frisky Fridays at The Peel Hotel
  • Boys Night Out at The Peel Hotel on Saturdays
  • Big Gay Trivia at DT's Hotel on Thursdays
  • Friyay at Francesca's Bar on Fridays
  • Apollo at Circuit Bar on Saturdays.

And these are the best pride events plus other LGBT events throughout the year:

  • Midsumma Festival
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival in March
  • Closet Party

Best Lgbt Dating Sites

Trying to find other LGBT people near you for dating or hookups was a lot tougher back in the day, especially if you don't like to party. But then, going to gay or lesbian bars in your area was pretty much all you could do, but thankfully that is no longer the case.

We don't know or care what your current status is, but we are pretty sure that some people are reading this who may not want to have their photos taken at a gay bar and posted on social media. Adult Friend Finder has been the biggest hookup site on the planet for almost two decades. They have a big network of sites that some may not know. Their top site for finding gay men near you to hook up with is Men Nation, and most people are surprised at how many users it has in major cities like this one. Lesbian Personals is where to go to find hot women near you to hook up with quickly. Those bi-sexual and like all varieties should go with Adult Friend Finder.

It combines all of the users on their numerous sites across their network, which are not only straight and LGBT but also include swingers and different types of kinks and fetishes. So if you want m4m hookups, look into Men Nation, and for f4f hookups, use Lesbian Personals. We also want to mention the world's top transgender dating site. More ts near you than ever before are enjoying the life they want to live, which means trans dating in Melbourne has never been easier. At this point, we have covered the Melbourne LGBT nightlife in full. You know all about the best local gay or lesbian bars and clubs plus drag shows to party with trans and all sorts of LGBT dating sites to have some fun with. Now choose the best option for you and enjoy yourself.

Gay Bars In Brisbanite

It's Saturday night in Brisbane. Expect to encounter a melting pot of people and personalities as dense and diverse as the lush foliage that decorates this modern concrete jungle. In contrast to its larger interstate counterparts, Brisbane does exceptionally well to enable intermingling in its venues. All sexualities and genders get stuck together to make it one hell of a fun night out.

We're not sure if it's the humid subtropical climate that encourages us to get frisky here. Perhaps we're simply absorbing Queensland's freewheeling, free-spirited and low pretension attitude. Either way, whether you're an established Brisbanite or a visiting queen in Queensland, buckle up and brace yourself for a butt load of antics with some of the most fun locals you'll find anywhere.

The Wickham

Nestled snugly in Fortitude Valley's nightlife district sits The Wickham Hotel. Now a heritage-listed building, The Wickham has made a name for itself as an iconic LGBTI landmark throughout the years. Despite gossip over the owners' commitment to continuing its identity as a dedicated queer space, you'll still find a mixed and relaxed crowd frequenting it on a Saturday evening. The venue also has a proud tradition of hosting the annual Big Gay Day street party event in March.

The spacious, renovated courtyard deservedly picked up the winning spot for Best Outdoor / Non-Enclosed Facility in the 2016 Queensland Hotels Association Awards. Music from live bands helps sustain an upbeat and chatty atmosphere, and for those finding themselves a tad hungry after a few beers, food is served until late. So if you're looking to pick up early, it's a great place to start your quest. Otherwise, it's off to Spring Hill for our next stop.

The Sportsman Hotel

More typically referred to as "Sporties" by locals, The Sportsman Hotel is the only completely gay owned and operated hotel in Brisbane, now in its 26th year of service. Much like a variety of beloved ball sports, the venue could be described as a game of two halves. Enter on the left, and you'll find a classic pub bar with pool tables and room to lounge around with a pint. Meanwhile, on the right, expect to take things up a notch with dance music and a late-night double-feature drag show. Wander effortlessly between the two for contrast and a change of pace at your leisure.

Besides Saturday night's antics, Sporties finds various ways to keep the community united and entertained throughout the week. Every Friday night, 'Balls Out Bingo' is a hoot, especially if you join in with the smutty bingo calls. Saturdays play occasional host to special events downstairs in Nellie's Bunker too. Keep an eye out for upcoming ones on its website. And if you made it this far into the evening without even a hint of a disco pash, fear not! All roads lead to The Beat.

The Beat Megaclub

If you've yet to experience the joys of five rooms, six bars and three courtyards all pumping out tunes for a variety of musical tastes, then you've not been to The Beat Megaclub! Once you've wandered back to Fortitude Valley, let your disco trip begin at the Cockatoo Club upstairs for a gay old time, then venture through the maze to find Crystals over the bridge. Trashy pop and dance numbers from the eighties, nineties, naughties and beyond pound you from all angles, with a few cheeky dance floor surprises thrown in for good measure.

There's plenty to explore, and you won't be short of people to interact with. If you're anything like us, you might even find yourself chatting up a handsome straight guy. As a mixed venue, you'll encounter a delightful assortment of folk, all with one thing in common: a strong desire to make the most of a boisterous night out. Our recommendation is to let your hair down and get among it! You never know when someone might catch your eye across the bar while you're waiting for another Bundy.


Even if you are going alone, it is always best that you look into the activities present in the club so that you can easily plan out your night. With everything planned, the best night for you will happen so that you can have the best kind of fun and live your life to the fullest. With a gay bar that provides all your needs, you can live your life to the fullest and satisfy yourself to the core!

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