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Where Do Australians Go On Honeymoon?

After you say, "I do", and dance the night away, all there's left (aside from enjoying years of happiness) is enjoying the perfect honeymoon. When it comes to romantic getaways, the Land Down Under over-delivers. Australia is one of the best honeymoon destinations for couples who want it all: beaches, culture, sightseeing and adventure throughout.

An Australian honeymoon features scenic coastal activities (have you seen Bondi Beach?) and iconic cultural and architectural sights like the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. In addition, there are plenty of art galleries, which juxtapose perfectly against Mother Nature's splendour, whether it's the Outback or the Great Barrier Reef.

Is Australia Good For A Honeymoon?

The Pros Of An Australian Honeymoon

Australia has something for every couple. "We are so diverse in landscape," says Dianne Hall, the director of GoWalkabout Travel Ltd. It may not be an all-inclusive resort (though the country does offer luxe accommodations), but honeymooners could spend their entire time relaxing beachside. But, of course, they likely won't want to, with the gorgeous scenery and unique experiences the country offers. There are several locations for wine-tasting, snorkelling and experiencing the arts. And after wedding planning, you'll likely want to be treated well by the locals. You're in luck: visitors are quick to note Aussies' friendliness and charm.

The Cons Of An Australian Honeymoon

The biggest drawback of a honeymoon in Australia is the long flight. Hall says there's truly no way around it. It could be up to a 36-hour ordeal from the U.S. If you want to go from your post-wedding brunch to an all-inclusive beach, you may want to save this bucket list trip for another day.

Many honeymooners may ask for a layover on the way back home. "It could be a combination of Australia and Fiji or Australia and Tahiti," Hall says. "Many do Australia and New Zealand as a combination of Australia and the gorgeous Cook Islands. I think the stopovers on the way home are better, so you wind down at the end of your trip." Check with your travel agent. Currently, Australia is under COVID-19 travel restrictions, so this honeymoon may be one you need to take in the more far-off future.

If you are searching for honeymoon locations in Australia, the destinations listed above are the best. However, New Zealand is a great option for honeymoon destinations around Australia. It also brings the thrill, flora and fauna, and unique experiences to the table.

Fraser Island, The Barossa Valley, and Hunter Region are a few of the best honeymoon places in Australia, lying on the east coast of the country.

From rugged mountains and beautiful valleys to pristine beaches and unique attractions, Australia offers a perfect lot for a honeymoon.

A honeymoon to Australia costs at least 500 dollars for a couple per day. It includes sightseeing, meals and transportation.

The months of June to August are perfect for visiting Australia. During these months, the country's weather is cool, and it experiences the winter season.

Australia is a beautiful country and offers various kinds of amazing experiences. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive to visit Australia.

April to June is when the flights to Australia are cheaper and not many people visit Australia. So, you can plan a trip at that time.

The Climate in October in Australia is pleasant as well as it is welcoming. It is a great time to enjoy water sports activities and other events that take place during this time.

It is spring in October, so it is the time when the summer heat starts hitting the continent.

FAQs About Australia Honeymoon Destinations

The Best Time Of Year To Go On An Australian Honeymoon For Good Weather

The weather is constantly changing Down Under, so it's tough to pinpoint the best time for your great escape to Australia. Keep in mind: Australia's seasons are opposite the US Northern Hemisphere, so November and December are warmer months. Typically, July will be a little cooler. Generally, it's recommended couples travel from October through early December, when the weather is mild, and before the winter vacationers cause larger crowds.

Things To Do On An Australian Honeymoon

Experience Culture In Sydney

Sydney seamlessly blends a cosmopolitan lifestyle with relaxation. You won't want to miss out on the iconic cultural experiences (and obligatory Instagram snaps) like the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Instead, take in a show and experience a romantic dinner nearby the Sydney Opera House.

Take The Ghan Train

Considered one of the world's best passenger trains, The Ghan runs from Adelaide to Melbourne. With stops along the way, you could spend more than 53 hours on this mode of transportation. Honeymooners likely don't want to go the distance—and you can fly to different areas of Australia—but it's worth travelling by land to at least one location. Destinations include Darwin, Alice Springs & Uluru, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Spot Wildlife On Kangaroo Island

Experts like Hall flag this as a must-do for couples. "This is where you see koalas in the wild and marine life, and it is a beautiful area," she says. An expert tour guide can help you spot kangaroos, though the koala could be a miss. If you don't spot all your favourite marsupials on Kangaroo Island, Hall suggests wildlife spotting in Queensland. Also, pay attention to the local laws—not every spot allows you to hold a koala for a photo, nor is it recommended.

Have A Beach Day (Or Several)

where do australians go on honeymoon (2)

Relaxed beach vibes are a hallmark of Aussie living, and there are plenty of spots to enjoy water views. "Whitehaven Beach is usually a day sailing trip from the Whitsunday Islands," Hall says. The gorgeous, 4.3-mile stretch of white sand and shoreline is accessible by boat, seaplane or helicopter from Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island.

Sydney's Bondi Beach is another popular (albeit crowded) option, and Cable Beach near Broome is a white-sand oasis in Western Australia. Finally, you'll find a surfer's paradise on the opposite end of the country in Byron Bay. Even if riding the waves isn't your thing, it's worth going for sunrise hikes, exploring shops with bohemian pieces, and enjoying organic food to write home about.

Hall's clients have also raved about the Gold Coast and Noosa beaches, which are north and south of Brisbane. But, regardless of where you're headed, she recommends only swimming and wading where there is a lifeguard and following any instructions to leave the water. "We have incredible rips, so choose your beaches wisely," she says.

Explore Tasmania

Hall says there's much for newlyweds to love about this island state, known to locals as "Tassie" and a truly unknown destination. "If you adore hiking, cute little stores and beautiful beaches and river areas, then Tasmania is a must," she says.

She often designs Australian honeymoon packages to include a self-driving tour of the area. Hobart's capital is home to Victoria-era architecture and the expansive Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Freycinet National Park and Cradle Mountain National Park are also must-sees, particularly those who love natural beauty. Freycinet National Park, for instance, offers stunning views of Wineglass Bay.

Discover The Great Barrier Reef

Go beneath the Coral Sea off and explore the world's largest barrier reef system. The Great Barrier Reef is a wonder to behold, spanning nearly 1,500 miles. It helps to support a diverse ecosystem, including humpback whales, sea turtles and corals. Honeymooners can snorkel or scuba dive along the reef and see the diverse marine life up close in an unforgettable, unique experience in a World Heritage-listed site. Hall suggests doing this activity in the Port Douglas/Cairns area. "I like to base my clients in this region as it is the gateway to the Outer Barrier Reef," she says.

If one couple is a little worried about taking this adventure, but the other is ready to dive in, there's no need to make this your first fight. Tours often allow people to stay on a boat while the rest of the crew goes underwater.

Take In Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park

Located in the heart of the Australian Outback, visiting Uluru is something of a mystical experience. No one quite knows how the large, red sandstone formation, once known as Ayers Rock, came to be, but a tour guide can give you all the theories as you stand in awe of it. It's hallowed ground for the Aboriginal people and surrounded by hot springs and rock caves.

Go-Wine Tasting

Australia is home to multiple areas with special vino. Yarra Valley, located just outside of Melbourne, boasts buzz-worthy Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Hunter Valley's Chardonnays, Shirazes, and Cabernet Sauvignons are legendary, as is the World Heritage Site Blue Mountains located within proximity.

Both Barossa Valley and nearby Adelaide can be done on back-to-back days (if you dare, says Hall). Both areas are known for their Shiraz, scenic views, and easy access to other tourist activities like the Ghan Train. However, if you're short on time, Hall suggests exploring Barossa Valley with an expert guide, as it's the better-known option of the two.

Best Hotels In Australia For A Honeymoon

Longitude 131

For a modern but still-rugged Outback experience, consider Longitude 131. It is the most luxurious of accommodation in the Uluru (Ayers Rock) area," Hall says. "It is something truly special waking up and seeing the Rock in the distance but also the amazing Milky Way [and] night on a clear night."

Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island offers a convenient home base for travellers exploring the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach. And these apartment hotels are more than just a spot to rest your head. The balconies give way to unbeatable views of Catseye Beach and the bay, and there's a pool.

Key attractions at Whitsunday Islands

Enjoy early morning scuba; go snorkelling and fishing; or if you're too besotted by the love of your life, unwind at Whitsunday beaches, one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

  • Best places to stay in Whitsunday Islands
    • Reef View Hotel, Island Resort, and Beach Club Hotel Resort
  • Best food options
    • Mariner's Restaurant, Fish D'vine & The Rum Bar
  • Best time to visit
    • May to December is the best time to visit this one of the top Australian honeymoon destinations.
  • How to reach
    • Both Brisbane and Cairns are nearest to The Whitsundays. You can take a domestic flight to the Whitsundays.

Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel At Circular Quay

This hotel overlooking Sydney Harbour offers easy access to the city's famous landmarks and lively dining scene. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are 15-minute walks. It's a three-minute stroll from the Circular Quay, a transportation hub with access to rail, ferries and bus stations when you're ready to head to your next destination.


For a five-star island resort, look to the northernmost tip of Australia. Not only does Qualia offer luxe and plush accommodations, in addition to gorgeous oceanfront views, but it also has unique experiences for guests. For example, you can book trips to the Great Barrier Reef, along with other boating excursions, golf outings and even spa treatments.

Melbourne Mariott Hotel

It's easy to explore the city on foot when staying in the Melbourne Mariott Hotel. Favourite shops are less than 10 minutes walking distance, and you can get to Melbourne Museum in fewer than 15 minutes. You can wind down in the on-site hot tub or sauna and rest weary legs on the plush pillows and mattresses.

Elements Of Byron: Byron Bay Resort

Stay in a peaceful eucalyptus forest at this luxurious Byron Bay resort. You can choose between a studio that comes complete with a mini-bar or one or two-bedroom villas, some of which have balconies with bay views. In addition, guests have access to complementary rainforest walks and beachside yoga.

Melbourne – Adore The Glinting Skyline

Melbourne is a vibrant and bustling city, one of the most popular destinations for a honeymoon in Australia. Be it the quaint alleys or cafe-filled lanes, wonderful restaurants or the beautiful old buildings – Melbourne is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia for an enchanting escape. To add, shopping in Melbourne is something that your partner would not be able to resist!

  • Why Melbourne
    • Movie screening under the stars, champagne and great food on a boat with just you two and a private wine tasting tour – Melbourne has everything you need for a lovey-dovey honeymoon.
  • Key attractions in Melbourne
    • Take a romantic stroll around Melbourne's Botanical Gardens; sip coffee at one of the sidewalk cafes; and yeah, do hog on the scrumptious Aussie cuisine. History buffs must visit Old Melbourne Gaol, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Melbourne Museum.
  • Best places to stay in Melbourne
    • The Langham, Crown Towers, and Royce Hotel
  • Best food options
    • Longrain Restaurant, Flower Drum Restaurant, Sezar Restaurant
  • Best time to visit
    • All year round
  • How to reach
    • If you are travelling from Sydney, the best way is to take a flight (3 hours flight time). You can also take a direct train or bus, but it will consume more time, like 10-12 hours.

The Great Barrier Reef – An Underwater Treasure

If you thought the world's largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, is just for the adventure enthusiasts, we bet you don't know enough! Not only is it one of the most thrilling attractions, but also one of the most romantic weekend getaways in Australia.

  • where do australians go on honeymoon (3)


  • Why The Great Barrier Reef
    • With the entire islands available at your expense, it's one of the most wonderful honeymoon spots in Australia you could ever expect! Also, splurge on lavish facilities while you honeymoon here.
  • Key attractions at The Great Barrier Reef
    • Walk along the islands taking in the panoramic views of the deep blue waters; relax on the white sand beaches with your loved one; go for some water activities like snorkelling to witness the beauty of marine life; and don't miss places like Wilson Island, Lizard Island, Heron Island and Dunk Islands.
  • Best places to stay in The Great Barrier Reef
    • Lizard Island Resort, Wilson Island Eco Lodge, and Dunk Island Resort
  • Best food options
    • Watergate Port Douglas, Lotus Leaf Asian Salads, Cicada
  • Best time to visit
    • June to November
  • How to reach
    • Various tour operators in Cairns and Port Douglas organize tours to the Barrier Reef. Cairns has an airport with direct flights from Perth, Adelaide, etc.

Kimberley – A Date With Nature's Mystique

Thanks to the Tidal Rivers, the ancient Kimberly plateau has been transformed into a vast wonderland of ranges and gorges, rugged mountains and breathtaking landscapes. The surreal beauty that Kimberley is, it is certainly among the unique Australian honeymoon destinations. Moreover, with no shortage of things to do in Kimberley, this destination never fails to impress!

  • Why Kimberley
    • Set in the new plateaus, it offers you a quiet and astounding honeymoon.
  • Key attractions in Kimberley
    • Tour the national parks to get a glimpse of the diverse wildlife, cycle your way through the valleys; enjoy an outdoor dinner with delicious food and fine wine, and visit Cape Leveque, the Mitchell Falls and Horizontal Falls.
  • Best places to stay in Kimberley
    • El Questro Station Homestead, The Berkeley River Lodge, and Kimberley Hotel
  • Best food options
    • Derby Wharf Cafe, Tongs Chinese Restaurant, Zanders Cable Beach
  • Best time to visit
    • April to October
  • How to reach
    • The town of Kimberley is only a kilometre from the nearest airport. You could take a flight to Broom International Airport from Perth, Darwin, or Port Headland. The next best way is a four-wheel drive, but that will take you a couple of days to reach here.

Uluru – For The Golden Sunsets

Dome-like rock formation in Uluru 

A World Heritage Site, Uluru is famed for its romantic golden sunset. The ochre-hued landscape makes it among the best honeymoon destinations in Australia. The sight with its rock formations, namely Uluru and Kata Tjuta, is utterly captivating. One can spot a red kangaroo, Australian bustard, and black-footed rock wallaby, among many other animals and birds.

  • Why Uluru
    • The wilderness assures you to connect with nature and enjoy privacy amidst a scenic panorama.
  • Key attractions
    • Other than wildlife, many activities await, such as camping, hot air ballooning, and dining at Sound of Silence
  • Best places to stay in Uluru
    • Ayers Rock Resort, Ayers Rock Campground, and Longitude 131
  • Best food options
    • Bough House Restaurant, Sounds of Silence, Ilkari Restaurant
  • Best time to visit Uluru
    • May to September

Leura – Beauty At Its Height

Leura Cascades is located at a distance from Sydney and is one of the most romantic places in Australia that not many people might be knowing about. The place is filled with mesmerizing waterfalls, thrilling hiking trails and awe-striking mountains. All these things together make for a perfect honeymoon idea. You will not be wrong if you choose Australia for your honeymoon.

  • Why Leura Cascades?
    • This is for those honeymooners who love to be around nature and just nature. 
  • Best places to stay near Leura
    • Echoes boutique hotel, Lilianfels resort, Hotel Mountain heritage
  • Best time to visit Leura
    • February to April
  • How to reach
    • The best way to reach Leura from Sydney is by bus, which takes 2 hours. From there, you can reach the cascades via a cab. 
  • Nearest airport
    • Sydney airport 


On that note, while we're all quick enough to close our eyes and point a finger to a map of the world—Australia is an absolute gold mine of romantic honeymoon destinations with secluded islands, desert dinners, moonlit walks, breakfast in bed, private plunge pools, outback adventures, scenic flights, bottomless champagne and dreamy rustic hideaways nestled into peninsulas so you can get some solid RnR post-weddings antics.

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