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    Where exactly in the region surrounding Melbourne can you locate the wineries that have the best reputations? There are times when you just do not have the time to travel the three to four hours to a wine region, and there are also occasions when you do not have the desire to do so. The city of Melbourne is home to a number of really beautiful vineyards that are not too far away.

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    Merricks Creek - Mornington Peninsula

    Merricks Creek is a magnificent winery that offers individualised experiences and is located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Once you get to Merricks Creek, you won't need much time to unwind with some of their exceptional Pinot Noir and Estate Chardonnay because the drive there will just take you an enjoyable hour.

    They use tight planting techniques to produce Pinot Noir, which is frequently considered among the top quality wines available in Australia (made in the French Burgundy tradition). In addition to the superb quality of the wine, the natural beauty of the location cannot be denied. On the high timber deck, which provides the feeling that you are sitting in the heart of the vineyard, you are more than welcome to take a table (which is metres away). In the vineyard, you can watch the passage of time as the seasons change (excellent in both summer and winter).

    You may also make group bookings at The Garden View Table, where you can dine and drink while seated around a giant wood slab that is at least a century old and originates from the Jamieson High Country. If you do so, you will have the opportunity to visit the Jamieson High Country.

    The winemaker and owner of the company, Dr. Peter Parker, will often be present during any tastings that take place at the cellar door.

    This winery is owned and maintained by a family, and their enthusiasm and love for wine in general, and Pinot Noir in particular, is infectious. In addition to all of this, Merricks Creek offers exceptional gourmet sample plates at affordable prices (now approximately $15), and a glass of wine may be purchased for a fair price of $10 per glass (whereas other locations charge up to $17 per glass). Both of these prices are currently available.

    After taking part in a wine tasting, the ideal activity would be to order a selection of gourmet sharing plates, as well as wine, and spend some quality time with the people who are important in one's life. In addition to that, don't forget to stop by the gardens that were modelled after Monet's. An lovely setting not too distant from the city of Melbourne!

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    Morning Estate - Mickleham

    The Marnong Estate is a pleasant surprise and feels very much like a luxurious resort. In addition to its panoramic vistas that are absolutely stunning, it is home to the outstanding Bankvale Restaurant, elegant rooms, a cellar door, and other facilities. It came as a surprise to find out that the location was so close to both the airport and the major business centre of Melbourne.

    The Bankvale Run Restaurant at Marnong Estate is an ideal choice for dining out on a regular basis or celebrating a big event with friends and family due to the restaurant's handy location and reasonable prices. It has a strong following among the community members. You won't believe the quality, size, and breadth of Marnong Estate, especially when you take into account how easy it is for tourists and residents of Melbourne to get there.

    The culinary experience at the Bankvale Run restaurant, which is headed by a top Executive chef and is led by Adam Upton, is of the highest level and marries extremely well with the spectacular elevated panoramas. Adam Upton is the executive chef at the Bankvale Run restaurant.

    The kitchen makes more use of local foods, and the influence of European culture can be seen in virtually every aspect of the space. You are afforded a breathtaking vista that takes in the entire Macedon Ranges in its entirety. The World Loves Melbourne was extended a kind invitation to have lunch at Bankvale Restaurant on a Friday in the heart of winter, when the weather was cold but sunny. What we saw was incredibly impressive, but it didn't absolutely blow us away like we had hoped it would. What a secret treasure Victoria possesses, and it's located so close to the heart of the city!

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    Rob Dolan Wines - Warrandyte South/Yarra Valley

    Rob Dolan, a winemaker that is bigger than life, is the driving force behind Rob Dolan Wines. In the area known as the Yarra Valley, Rob Dolan is revered as a character of mythical renown. The fact that this subterranean entry can be discovered on the edges of a suburban neighbourhood and is only a stone's throw away from Eastland Shopping Centre is something that has taken us completely by surprise (Rob Dolan is an ex-footballer).

    There is a brewery on the property, in addition to a winery, and both the beers and the wines are of an exceptionally high grade. Pay a visit to the cellar door and pick up some charcuterie items to enjoy either on the verandah or within the warm and inviting cellar door itself. If you stay in one place for a sufficient amount of time and gaze out over the vineyard, the winery dog may approach you to say hi.

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    Kellybrook (about 30 min)

    The Kellybrook Winery is a popular destination for vacationers in the Yarra Valley not only because of its proximity to the valley's border, but also because of the quality of its wines. People from the surrounding area who are in the know make their way to this place in order to take part in the Cider Festival. Despite the fact that their wines are of great quality, they are more renowned for their ciders; the ciders are made using a method similar to that of champagne and are fermented in bottle.

    Guests are invited to have a glass of wine, cider, or even a beer anywhere on the property, including at the entrance to the cellar, on the verandah, or even in the grounds.

    Instead of using artificial additives and essences, a well-known cider is made from genuine fruit that has been mashed up and fermented into a beverage. You will find a buffet stocked with fresh vegetables from the area near the entrance to the basement.

    The Kellybrook property, which is located in close proximity to the city, is home to a quaint basement entrance in addition to historically significant gardens and grounds.

    Wineries Around Melbourne

    Arundel Farm Estate

    The Arundel Farm Estate can be found in the north-west region of Melbourne, next to the Calder Freeway. It is just around 27 minutes away from the central business district of Melbourne. The uplifting information is that the winery in question is of the highest calibre, which is wonderful timing given that we have recently been there and were extremely pleased with it. In the heart of the Sunbury wine region is the Arundel Farm Estate winery, which is owned by the same family for three generations. It is a little winery, but it has a lot of personality.

    A brand new, modern basement door is waiting for you (check for opening times). The wines are of a very high calibre. We were able to get our hands on a few bottles of their Shiraz, one of which was a back vintage from 2011 and was just delicious. Because this is a dry region, the wines have a stronger concentration because the grapes have to work harder to obtain moisture. This results in the grapes producing wines with a higher alcohol content.

    Wineries Around Melbourne

    Wineries That You Can Crash At Near Melbourne

    Wine tours are fun, but the one who has to be the designated driver can find themselves bored during the tour. Is it not true that somebody is going to have to step up and accept responsibility? However, this is not the case in these locations. These are previously operating wineries that have been transformed into hotels. There is no obligation to spit into silver buckets, rent buses, or designate drivers. Additionally, there is no need to hire buses or designate drivers. You are free to drink as much pinot and Savvy B's as your heart desires, and then you may retire to a double bedroom on the second floor that has a view of the vineyard when you've had your fill.


    That is such a lovely image, don't you think so? Your cosy bell tent, a glass of Cofield Quartz Shiraz in one hand and a good book in the other, all while being around by a variety of components of the natural world: this is the definition of relaxation. Due to the fact that this Rutherglen winery is a rather little company, the amount of wine that it produces is strictly regulated. Grapevine Glamping is the word that has been given to this type of camping experience. A word of advice: make your way to the Pickled Sisters Cafe in the morning for some breakfast.

    Red Hill

    Polperro is a flourishing winery that can be found tucked away in the forests on Red Hill and encompasses a total area of 25 acres. They began construction on a group of lavish individual residences back a good number of years ago. You are given access to the spa, a balcony with views of the vineyard, and blazing fires in addition to the complimentary breakfast that is served to you each morning. Inquire about dining deals and discounts in the nearby Peninsula Hot Springs with the hotel's concierge, who will be able to direct you to the best options.

    Merricks North

    The Jackalope Hotel, which can be found on the Mornington Peninsula, has been recognised with the vast majority of the most prestigious hotel design accolades that Australia has to offer. This is not your normal warm and cosy lodging in the form of a bed and breakfast. A better comparison would be Blade Runner mashed together with The Ritz. In addition to the ultra-modern features, rain showers, double vanities, and custom-made bath items, you can even have a deep soaking tub in the manner of Japanese culture installed in your bathroom if you pay a little bit more money.

    Red Hill

    If you've spent the day exploring the Red Hill basement doors, here is without a doubt the place where you'll want to lay your head down and unwind before retiring for the night. Luxury Travel Magazine ranked the Lindenderry in Australia as one of the most romantic hotels in that country, and it is located in Australia. We recommend that you stay in either the Balcony Suite or the Vineyard om, and you should most certainly place an order for a hand-packed picnic hamper while you're there.

    Wineries Around Melbourne

    Red Hill South

    In addition to its well-known subterranean entrance, the Port Phillip complex features six luxurious apartments that may be rented by guests who choose to spend the night there. You may probably expect seeing eggshell bathtubs, Missoni bathrobes, and Aesop products in the bathrooms of premium establishments. These are just some of the beautiful elements that you might discover in the bathroom of a luxurious institution. Our tip? Put that off till the colder months. In the fall and winter months, they offer romance packages at a price that is significantly lower than the rest of the year.


    In our opinion, these are just unparalleled. The Crittenden Estate is comprised of three opulent private residences, each of which is appointed with butler service and has a peaceful setting on one of the estate's many lakes. You could go off to sleep listening to the sound of water lapping up against the shore outside your window, and when you awake, you might discover a breakfast basket that was lovingly constructed for you waiting there. Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, Red Hill Muesli, bread, condiments, and Delgrosso apple juice will be some of the local products that will be available there.

    Yarra Glen

    It's been stated that there's no school that compares to the good ol' days, so that must be true, right? About an hour's drive from the city's core business centre is the location of a vineyard that seems as though it was plucked straight out of the 19th century. As the Chateau Yering is situated on a 250-acre estate, the only term that truly depicts the luxury of each of its 32 suites is "regal." This is the only word that adequately captures the opulence. If you have seen the movie "Marie Antoinette," you will have a fair sense of what to anticipate from this play because it is extremely similar to the movie.


    Although there are just three rooms at the Oakdene Winery, the establishment places an emphasis on quality above quantity in all they do. In each and every one of them, you will be treated to some of the most stunning landscapes as well as breakfast at Mr. Grubb, which is the on-site restaurant at the vineyard. Visit the "Upside-Down" cellar entrance at Oakdene and plan to spend the afternoon there. This should be a priority on your itinerary. Their Shiraz is very outstanding in a lot of ways.

    Wineries Around Melbourne

    Willung South

    There is a significant possibility that you are not familiar with the brand Tom's Cap. The Strezlecki Ranges, the ninety-mile beach at Woodside, and the breathtaking Tarra Bulga national park are all located in close proximity to the teeny-tiny vineyard that can be found in the middle of Gippsland. Additionally, the vineyard is located in an area that is known as the Gippsland Heartland. You have your choice of staying in one of these four rustic cottages that were built entirely out of wood. They are straightforward, yet unrivalled in their endearing cuteness.


    Coming here is always a great time for me. Lindenwarrah is a tranquil country house that can be found tucked away in the heart of Victoria's high country, and it is surrounded on all sides by some of the most acclaimed wineries in the state (not to mention the best food). After making yourself at home in one of the opulent rooms, you may idle away the days drinking at the pub next door, Brown Brother's, or shopping at the cheese factory across the street, the Milawa Cheese Factory. Both are convenient locations.

    Yarra Glen

    Is there a private hot tub with a view of the Yarra Valley that you can reserve? This setting almost shouts "Valentine's Day" no matter which way you turn your head. Start off your vacation by paying a visit to the world-famous Balgownie Cellar Door. Here, you'll get the opportunity to try award-winning wines such as the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and the Estate Shiraz. After that, take some time to relax in the seclusion of your own room while taking in the view of the Winelands.


    The development of a vineyard villa complex with two levels and five bedrooms has recently been finished by the Cape Horn firm. The separate apartments each have wonderful furnishings; nevertheless, what truly differentiates this property from others is its location on the Murray River and the views that can be seen from there. Maintain a vigilant lookout for any live acoustic performances that could be going place on the lawn.

    Melbourne City

    When is the best time to visit Melbourne?


    The climate in Melbourne, Australia, is often very agreeable. Its summers are hot, with average high temperatures that are higher than 25 degrees Celsius in January, while its winters are frigid, with average high temperatures that are merely 13 degrees Celsius. The average high temperature in January is higher than 25 degrees Celsius. Even though it rains at all times of the year, the wettest months in the city are September through February. Even though it rains throughout the whole year.

    One of the many annual cultural events that takes place in Melbourne, which is widely considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan towns in Australia, is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This festival is recognised all over the world for its high level of talent and professionalism. The city is kept busy throughout the whole year by events such as these, in addition to its vast zoo, magnificent botanical gardens, and lively bar and restaurant scene.

    You will need to bear in mind the major sports events that will be taking place in the city if you want to avoid the crowds and the increased costs that go along with them.

    Tens of thousands of sports fans travel to Australia each year to witness events such as the Australian Grand Prix (held in March), the Australian Open (held in January), and the Melbourne Cup (held in November), in addition to the AFL Grand Final (held in September) and international matches of cricket, rugby league, and rugby union. These events are held in Melbourne, Sydney, and other cities across Australia.

    It is strongly advised that tourists from other nations, as well as those travelling inside Australia, stay away from the city of Melbourne during the seasons of the year that are customarily allocated for school holidays (December and January).

    Melbourne City

    Weather and prices

    Best time to visit Melbourne, weatherwise: November to May.

    August or September is the ideal time to go to Melbourne if you want to see the city without breaking the bank because there are less major events taking place in the city during those months. Keep an eye out for deals on airfare and accommodations close to this time.

    Best time to visit Melbourne for…

    • If you need a little retail therapy, the months of March through May in Melbourne are the best time to visit the city's shopping malls, high-end boutiques, and charming food and flea markets.
    • Tours of lavender farms: If you want the best chance of seeing the blooms in their full splendour, schedule your visit to a lavender farm during the months of October or November. This will give you the best opportunity of seeing the blooms at their peak.
    • When it comes to places of interest for tourists, Melbourne is famous for its enormous zoo and botanical gardens, as well as its art galleries, theatres, and elegant architecture from the Victorian era.
    • The months of March, April, and May are perfect for going on excursions to any of these places.
    • Between the months of March and May is the ideal time to see the world-famous penguin colony that is found on Phillip Island. If you are interested in making the trip, the best time to go is between those months. These months are significantly less busy than December and January, which are the busiest months of the year. the busiest months of the year are December and January.
    • It takes a little more than two hours to drive from Melbourne to Mount Baw Baw and Mount Buller, two mountains that are widely regarded as being among the finest places to go skiing in the entirety of Australia.
    • Melbourne. The snow season, which begins in July and continues through September, is the best time to go exploring for both of these.
    • Wineries: October and November are the best months to pay a visit to the five different wine regions located a little more than an hour's drive from the Melbourne Central Business District. Wineries are located in a little over an hour's drive from the Melbourne Central Business District.
    • District. A number of vineyards have annual events during these months, such as "Toast to the Coast," which is hosted in Geelong. These events take place during these months.
    • Flying a balloon in the warm air You can go hot air ballooning in Melbourne at any time of the year, but the best months to go are from March to May and September to November since the weather is a little bit more reliable during those periods of the year.

    Melbourne City

    Top 5 Weekend Things To Do In Melbourne

    Let's find out from Jess what she believes to be the best productive and enjoyable ways to spend a weekend in Melbourne, and see what recommendations she has.

    The Yarra Valley

    The Yarra Valley is highly known across the world for its stunning natural beauty, exceptional quality of veggies, and wines that are created in a cool climate. The trip to the city should take roughly an hour by car. Here is the excellent environment for sampling some of Australia's greatest wines, and this is the right spot to do it since the rolling green hills that are covered in grapevines make this the ideal backdrop.

    "During these extraordinary times, not only is our Private Yarra Valley Wine Tour with Lunch the best way to dodge the crowds, but it's also a fantastic option for groups. After a substantial lunch, we take our guests on a tour of three award-winning wineries, such as Domaine Chandon, Yering Station, Yarrawood Estate, Rochford Wines, Punt Road Winery, Zonzo Estate, or Oakridge Wines. Guests also have the option of touring Oakridge Wines. Jess continues by saying, "If there's time, I'd like to take you all to the Yarra Valley Choclaterie and Ice-Creamery, where you could have some chocolate samples and do some shopping."

    Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens

    This well-kept landmark is now available to the general public as a gorgeous and expansive garden that spans over 36 hectares and is filled to the brim with more than 50,000 different types of plant species. It may be found right in the middle of the core business centre of Melbourne.

    Jess claims that there is never an inappropriate time to visit, and that the optimal time to travel would be any time of the year. Imagine one-of-a-kind and immersive minitours, in addition to a diverse range of plant collections, all of which enable guests to soak in the soothing atmosphere. She goes on to state that in addition to that, "They also happen to host outdoor movie screenings beneath the starry skies and comfortable weather, which is a wonderful way to spend the evening."

    The Dandenong Ranges

    Jess asserts that this is one of the secrets that is kept under the utmost discretion throughout the entire region. The Dandenong Ranges are located about 45 minutes outside of the city centre and provide a fantastic blend of lush rainforests, walking pathways, and little businesses in lovely hamlet villages. The Dandenong Ranges are sometimes overlooked because of its proximity to the city centre. In addition, Jess recommends going on a ride on the Puffing Billy steam train, which travels through the wild ecology of the area as well as the flora and wildlife that are native to the area while descending a hill that offers spectacular vistas.

    Beneath Driver Lane

    Everyone working behind the bar is a grizzled old pro who is kind, knows their stuff, and looks smart in their black chef coats. They are preparing a strong mixture right now, which is another advantage. You may get the wow factor you've been searching for by ordering a custom-made Martini that is presented in a beautiful wine glass and chilled with swirling liquid nitrogen.

    Peninsula Hot Springs

    The Peninsula Hot Springs went through a change in 2018 that cost close to $13 million and culminated in the establishment's reopening with nine new pools, a vegetable garden, and, most thrilling of all, an ice cave and a deep freeze chamber. The transformation took place in the year 2018.

    It is said that alternating heat and cold treatments is an excellent technique to lessen levels of inflammation, tension, and discomfort.  This would be the perfect way to put the vacation to a conclusion after having spent the weekend sight-seeing and perhaps treating oneself to some indulgences. Try your hand at it.

    FAQs About Wineries in Melbourne

    With over eighty vineyards dispersed throughout Healesville, Coldstream, Yarra Glen, Seville and Lilydale, the Yarra Valley is Australia's premier cool-climate region, and is renowned for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and méthode traditionnelle sparkling.
    The Yarra is best known for pinot noir and chardonnay – two varieties you'll rarely go wrong with here – but the cool climate also produces award-winning sparkling wines. Dig a little deeper and you'll find great shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and lesser-known drops such as nebbiolo and gamay.
    Victoria, Australia
    The Yarra Valley is the region surrounding the Yarra River in Victoria, Australia. The river originates approximately 240 kilometres east of the Melbourne central business district and flows towards it and out into Port Phillip Bay.

    Any wine labelled “Yarra Valley” must contain at least 85% fruit from this region, which possesses about 6,400 acres under vine. The main grapes are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay (both also used for sparkling), Shiraz, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

    Over eighty wineries span the Yarra Valley, each of which express the diversity of its terroir, the passion of its producers, a mastery of traditional practices and a rebellious instinct to push the boundaries.
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