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    The city of Melbourne is a vibrant and modern metropolis, home to a vibrant downtown district, charming residential neighbourhoods, and beautiful parks and mountain ranges where you can experience the best of Australian nature. The city's extensive network of alleyways, its rich cultural offerings, the high quality of its restaurants that are affordable to people of varying financial means, and its incredible street art have all contributed to its widespread renown. Moreover, it is widely recognised as the world's coffee capital and is consistently ranked as the world's most liveable city. Let's have a look at some of the best places and things to do in Melbourne:

    Melbourne Restaurant

    Eat a late-night burger at Butcher's Diner

    What is it?
    Butcher’s Diner is a 24-hour restaurant with a heavy focus on meat. Surprisingly, it’s not just for carnivores and it serves one of the best burgers in Melbourne.

    Why go?
    Where else can you get a premium burger made with a mix of fill and half-blood Robbin’s Island wagyu, 24 hours a day? Plus, at $12.50, it’s a steal.

    Don’t miss:
    Trying a skewer of offal, if you’re game!

    Surprisingly, it's not just for carnivores

    A day is divided into twenty-four hours. Con Christopoulos's new CBD enterprise will be open for business for an unprecedented twenty-four and a half hours, seven days a week. This provides strong justification for practises like sleeping in and eating steak for breakfast. The number of late-night businesses in Melbourne's CBD is expanding, and Butchers Diner is the latest addition.

    Simon Poole, a long-time member of the European Group who is also a meat fanatic, is the restaurant's director. Poole has produced a wide variety of cured and aged foods for restaurants like the City Wine Shop, the European, Kirk's, and the French Saloon by dissecting animals for their meat. Now he runs the show at Butchers.

    Although there is a lot of meat on the menu, it is not as carnivorous as it may seem at first. When you walk in, your eyes are immediately drawn to the massive meat display case that takes up the entire back wall. Even though it's the same as what you'd get at any number of other restaurants, the diner's offering has enough of a twist to make it interesting.

    European dishes take up the bulk of the menu, but there are also some that draw inspiration from other regions (like the United States, Japan, and China). Burgers made from the day's cuts start at $9.50, and you can get Japanese fried chicken with sesame for $12; it comes with marinated dark meat, Kewpie mayo, and spicy pickled daikon and is lightly battered. Both of those things come with a few different burger toppings.

    You can get two skewers of offal for $7.50, and they can be chewy, bouncy, or irony (and served medium) after being cooked over Japanese white charcoal; for an additional $10, you can get a soft, spiced blood sausage and a curried egg bap.

    On top of that, there is a special one-plate meal that rotates frequently and features a new and exciting menu item every day. Past examples have included crispy skin confit duck served with pickled vegetables and a sweet chilli jam, as well as Carolina-style barbeque pork served with slaw and cornbread. Although each of these items can stand on its own, we recommend that you bring a group of friends with you and order food from all over the world.

    But the meat-fest isn't without its vegetarian crown jewels. Prices range from $6 for a classic grilled cheese sandwich to $10 for falafel on a daily salad, $8 for wood-fired seasonal vegetables, $10 for a crispy tofu noodle salad, and $12 for an American-style vegan hash with your choice of toppings.

    If none of these options appeal to you, a new vegan vending machine selling only items under $10 is available around the clock. Coconut yoghurt, fresh salads, superfood-packed energy bars, cold-pressed juices, and raw chocolate are just some of the items that can be found in the vending machine's extensive selection. The thought of eating at a diner at 3 in the morning probably never crossed your mind when you first heard about this 24-hour eatery.

    All orders must be placed at the front counter, and payment can only be made in cash (but don't worry if you forgot to bring any cash with you, they have an ATM conveniently located next to the entrance). The trays on which the food is delivered can be made of plastic or stainless steel. We would not recommend this location for a business lunch meeting due to the casual atmosphere (eating with your hands is encouraged).

    Attention, office workers: Everything is being made for takeout, all day, every day. Booze consists of handpicked cans of craft beer ranging in price from $8.50 to $12.50, as well as premium half-bottle wines priced anywhere from $18 to $60. You shouldn't go here to drink a few beers after a concert if it's the middle of rent week because the prices are more reasonable than smashable. A cup of filter coffee will set you back $2.50, but it could be just what the doctor ordered if you need a little pick-me-up.

    Despite being one of Melbourne's first 24-hour food temples, it acts just like any other restaurant during prime eating hours and is completely packed. Additionally, the restaurant provides a wide variety of food at reasonable prices, despite the name making it sound like a club for carnivores.

    Melbourne Restaurant

    Shop along Brunswick Street

    What is it?

    In the heart of Melbourne, you'll find the alternative side of the city, and it's called Fitzroy. It's a haven for all things hip and offbeat.

    Why go?
    Fitzroy’s main drag, Brunswick Street, is packed with vintage clothing stores, Melbourne fashion labels and secondhand stores including Hunter Gatherer, Mud, Alpha 60 and the Lost and Found Market.

    Don’t miss:

    When in town on a Saturday or Sunday morning, stop by the Rose Street Artists' Market to check out local talent. Market day occurs weekly on Rose Street. It is a gathering of some of Melbourne's most interesting artists and designers, who will be showcasing their work and discussing all things related to handmade goods.

    Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

    Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

    As the only observation wheel in the Southern Hemisphere, the Melbourne Star offers a breathtaking panorama of the city below. Astounding from a height of 120 metres, this is Melbourne as you've never seen it before.

    From this breathtaking vantage point, you can see all the way to the Dandenong Ranges and Port Phillip, as well as numerous famous landmarks and glittering skyscrapers in between.

    The Melbourne Star now offers its guests a wider variety of amenities. From the comfort of their climate-controlled cabins, passengers can take in breathtaking views of the city in every direction while also learning about the landmarks below through an audio commentary.

    Indulge in a Sparkling Flight with a glass of sparkling wine or beer, or let Peter Rowland, who has devoted his life to the art of creating memorable celebrations, take care of the catering. Peter Rowland has made the experience more glittering by creating a Sparkling Flight. Canapés, both sweet and savoury, are available for your tasting in the privacy of your Private Cabin aboard the Melbourne Star.

    As a reward for yourself, why not buy the Sights, Lights, and Delights package, which includes admission to all of Melbourne's top attractions? You can take in the amazing scenery during the day, and then let the nighttime lights enchant you. You can also purchase a drink and a digital photo pass while you're there.

    The pilot and flight attendants can't wait to meet you, and the clock is ticking: it's time to take off!


    • Actively welcomes people with access needs
    • Suitable for guests who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behavior
    • Suitable for guests with vision impairment. Attained by providing for guests with partial vision impairment or total loss of useable vision
    • Suitable for guests with a hearing impairment, from mild hearing loss to profoundly deaf
    • Suitable for guests with sufficient mobility to climb two or three steps, but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance
    • Actively welcomes people with access needs
    • Suitable for guests who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behavior
    • Suitable for guests with vision impairment. Attained by providing for guests with partial vision impairment or total loss of useable vision
    • Suitable for guests with a hearing impairment, from mild hearing loss to profoundly deaf
    • Suitable for guests with sufficient mobility to climb two or three steps, but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance

    Yarra River

    Take a kayak down the Yarra

    What is it?
    A kayak ride right through the center of the city thanks to Kayak Melbourne

    Why go?
    It’s one of the coolest ways to see Melbourne’s skyline – and nothing beats seeing the sunset over all those buildings.

    Don’t miss:
    The Moonlight Kayak Tour. It runs for two and a half hours, is suitable for all ages, and there’s no experience necessary.

    We’re pretty lucky to have a river running through our city

    Lucky for us, a river runs right through the heart of the city.

    There are many advantages to having a river traverse our city, including the possibility of paddling a kayak through the heart of the metropolis and the observation of Melbourne's skyline from a relatively unrivalled vantage point. It is a great fortune that a river passes through the heart of our city.

    Kayak Melbourne operates Yarra River moonlight kayak tours. Three and a half hours long, these tours are suitable for people of all ages and experience levels. A group of punters will gather in Victoria Harbour a few hours before sunset, and then, after a briefing on safety, you'll set out to see the sights.
    The kayakers will then dock at the marina, where they will enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal of fish and chips while overlooking the water.

    As soon as you're done eating, you'll make your way upstream, under the Bolte Bridge, and into the heart of central Melbourne. Stops along the way include the historic Princes Bridge, Flinders Street Station, and the Crown Casino's breathtaking fire show. You can get an amazing Instagram photo of Melbourne as the sun goes down if you visit at the right time.

    Melbourne Restaurant

    Taste Michelin-starred food for less than $10

    Experience Michelin-starred cuisine for under ten dollars.

    Residents of Melbourne no longer have to take a plane to Singapore to enjoy the cuisine from the hawker centre that was recently awarded a Michelin star.

    The new restaurant features the low-priced signature dishes of chef Chan Hong Meng.

    There is no table service and all orders are taken at the counter, and the restaurant is known for its lightning-fast food production. When everything runs smoothly like this, that's when efficiency really shines.

    Although the original stall was located in Singapore's Chinatown Complex, Lonsdale Street is a far cry from there. A decent meal for less than ten pounds is hard to complain about, even if it is difficult to replicate the unique hawker market charm in a large, new venue.

    Melbourne Cricket Ground

    Melbourne Cricket Ground

    In sport-mad Melbourne one venue stands head and shoulders above the rest as the epicenter of Victorian sport – The Melbourne Cricket Ground.

    'The G'

    The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), or "The G" as it is affectionately known by locals and cricket fans around the world, is a cultural landmark and widely considered to be among the finest cricket stadiums anywhere.

    History in the grass

    The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has hosted many notable events over the years, including the 1956 Olympics, the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and concerts by the Rolling Stones and Madonna, among many others.

    Football and cricket

    More than 90 days of cricket and Australian football are held annually at the massive Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), which has a seating capacity of 100,000. More than 3.5 million fervent spectators enter the stadium each year.

    Event tickets

    The public, MCC members, and AFL members typically sit in their own separate sections of the stadium. Customers can guarantee their entry to the vast majority of events by purchasing reserved seats in the general admission sections in advance. Any unsold tickets will be made available for purchase at the event's public gate on a first-come, first-served basis. To be safe, it's best to call ahead and make sure there aren't any surprises.

    Food and drink

    You can purchase refreshments at any of the many stands that will be set up around the venue. Watch for the white and black posters. Salads, sushi, sandwiches, wraps, kebabs, burgers and rolls, pies, hot dogs, chicken, and fish are just some of the options. The usual assortment of baked goods and beverages, including chips, ice cream, doughnuts, and muffins, will also be on hand, in addition to the always-present pot of hot coffee.

    Where to stay

    Numerous hotels surround the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), and even more can be found in the city's central business district (CBD). You can stay at the Hilton on Wellington Parade, the Flag Choice on Jolimont Road, the Royal Hotel on Punt Road, or any of the other backpacker places or cheap options spread out across the city.

    Getting there

    Yarra Park, where the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is found, is situated between the districts of Richmond and East Melbourne. Downtown can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes. Birrarung Marr, near Federation Square, connects to Yarra Park via the William Barak Bridge.

    Gates 4 and 5 provide access to the Great Southern Stand, while Gate 1 leads to the Ponsford Stand and Gate 3 leads to the Olympic Stand. You can use the ramp in front of gate 4, or the stairs, to reach gate 5. A ramp at the intersection of Jolimont Terrace and Jolimont Street provides access to Gate 1.

    Coburg Lake Reserve

    Go tobogganing at Lake Mountain

    What is it?
    Lake Mountain is an alpine village only two hours from Melbourne that’s perfect for a day trip.

    Why go?
    This alpine region is great for skiers and snow bunnies in winter, and in the warmer months the resort is an ideal day-trip destination for bushwalking, mountain biking, cycling, trail running, leisurely picnics and nature walks

    Don’t miss:
    Trying out tobogganing. Lake Mountain has dedicated toboggan slopes that are great for beginners.

    Lake Mountain

    Lake Mountain is a year-round getaway that's convenient to the Yarra and Goulburn valleys. Beginners can take advantage of the resort's on-mountain ski school, beginners' terrain park for snowboarding, tobogganing, and other activities like the flying fox, tube ride, and laser skirmish.

    Aimed at cross-country skiers rather than downhillers, Lake Mountain features 30 kilometres of groomed trails. Bushwalking, mountain biking, cycling, trail running, trail running, picnicking, and other outdoor activities can all be enjoyed during a day trip to the resort during the warmer months.

    Equipment hire

    Packages including skis, boots, and poles start at $40 for adults and $20 for children. Boots and poles are included in the snowshow packages, which start at $25 for kids and $35 for adults. Packages that include a toboggan, pants, and boots start at $60 for adults and $50 for kids. It will cost you $14 for the day to rent just a toboggan.

    Where To stay

    Lake Mountain's charming neighbouring communities are teeming with easily accessible lodging options. The cheapest of the caravan and holiday parks start at just $95, making them affordable even for those on a tight budget. Healesville and Marysville both have lakeside cottages with kitchenettes and living areas for around $200 per night, if you're looking for a more affordable middle ground.

    It's only a half-hour drive from Lake Mountain to the Woodlands Rainforest Retreat in Narbethong, which is a great option for those seeking a luxurious getaway. The rooms at the chalet are equipped with a minibar, fireplaces for a cosy ambience, kitchenettes, and a mini-bar, and there is a luxurious in-ground jet spa. In addition, for an extra fee, guests can take advantage of the hotel's in-room massages, complimentary bicycle rentals, and proximity to local horseback riding opportunities.

    What to do in the offseason

    At Lake Mountain, you can rent a mountain bike or bring your own during the warmer months for a relaxing off-road experience or a thrilling road cycling adventure. The trails in the mountains are perfect for both easy strolls through the wilderness and challenging hikes to the peak. Playing laser tag, going on the flying fox, and navigating the tube run are all additional activities available to you.

    Melbourne Markets

    Queen Victoria Market

    The now-famous Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia, opened to the public for the first time on March 20, 1878. For over 140 years, this marketplace has served the needs of city dwellers. After undergoing significant change in recent years, it was recently added to the National Heritage List.

    Since Melbourne is both Australia's financial centre and primary market for perishable goods, it naturally ranks among the city's top attractions for foreign visitors.

    During the week, the market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while it is closed on Sundays. During the appropriate seasons, the Queen Victoria Market is open, especially on Wednesday evenings. People are encouraged to come together in the middle of the week between the hours of 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. to enjoy the delicious street food, drinks, and live entertainment that is provided.

    Due to the many eco-friendly measures taken, consumers can now shop there while keeping the planet and sustainable methods in mind. When Vic Market banned plastic bags and straws in May 2019, it was the first store in the country to do so.

    Customers can choose from a number of convenient alternatives to plastic bags when going grocery shopping. You can get a recyclable bag from Vic Market, rent a trolley from Market Espresso, and fill a cardboard box at the Pick-A-Box stores on I Shed and Queen Street.

    Melbourne Market

    How to Reach Queen Victoria Market

    1. Taxi, cab or shuttle:

    You can get to Queen Victoria Market from Melbourne Airport by cab, taxi car, and shuttle. You can also take a cab or taxi, which is the fastest way to get to Queen Victoria Market in 17 minutes. The distance is just 21.8 km via M2 taking around 19 minutes.

    1. Bus services:

    You can board a bus from Skybus Coach Terminal, which would take about 45 minutes or so.

    1. Car:

    Again, you can also choose to drive from the airport to Vic Market, which is an affordable option, taking approximately 17 minutes.

    Melbourne Market

    Best Time to Visit Queen Victoria Market

    Because of the pleasant weather, the best times to visit the Queen Victoria Market are during the autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November) seasons. If you want to avoid the crowds at the market, the best time to go is first thing in the morning. If you want to shop at Queen Vic and get the best prices, the best time to go is in the late afternoon.

    In the summer months of December through February, the temperature in Melbourne can rise to potentially life-threatening levels at noon, so if you plan on visiting the market during this time, it's best to try to avoid going then if at all possible.

    In the fall, when temperatures are still relatively comfortable, you should check out your neighbourhood farmers market. During the spring, Melbourne is a sight to behold, making it an ideal time to do some shopping in the city. It's best to postpone your trip until later in the year so you don't have to deal with the cold and rain that typically occurs between June and August.


    Melbourne is known as the "Coffee Capital of the World" and has been named the "Most Liveable City in the World" year after year. Foodies flock to the city because of its incredible street art, diverse cultural offerings, and mazelike network of alleys. You can get marinated dark meat and spicy pickled daikon alongside your $12 order of Japanese fried chicken with sesame. Grilled cheese sandwiches and falafel on the house salad are just two of the vegetarian options. The 24/7 availability of a vegan vending machine stocked exclusively with items costing less than $10 is greatly appreciated.

    Fitzroy, Melbourne's alternative shopping district, is a mecca for the cool and unusual. Star Observation Wheel, the only such attraction in the Southern Hemisphere, provides a breathtaking view of the city from 120 metres in the air. The Rose Street Artists' Market is a weekly showcase for creative individuals in the neighbourhood. Passengers can relax in the air-conditioned cabins while taking in the sights of Melbourne below. An audio commentary gives travellers an opportunity to find out more about the sights below.

    A variety of canapés, both sweet and savoury, are at your disposal in the privacy of your Private Cabin. Melbourne's Yarra River offers excellent paddling conditions for kayakers. Tours of the city centre can be taken by kayak with Kayak Melbourne. The route takes in the historic Princes Bridge, the busy Flinders Street Station, and the exciting fire show at Crown Casino. The MCG can accommodate up to 100,000 spectators.

    Each year, the stadium welcomes over 3.5 million visitors. Customers who purchase reserved seats in the general admission sections in advance are guaranteed entry to nearly all events. Within about 15 minutes, you can reach Yarra Park, where the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is located. Convenient to both the Yarra and Goulburn valleys, Lake Mountain is a year-round vacation destination. The terrain is perfect for snowshoers and cross-country skiers.

    Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia, was first opened to the public in 1878 and has since become internationally renowned. Mountains offer excellent hiking opportunities, from leisurely strolls through the wilderness to strenuous ascents to the summit. The hotel offers in-room massages for a fee and bicycle rentals at no cost to guests. When plastic bags and straws were first introduced to Australia, it was at Vic Market. The market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during the week.

    From Melbourne Airport, you can reach Queen Victoria Market by taking a shuttle, taxi, or standard taxi. In general, the fall and spring seasons are when the Queen Victoria Market is at its best for customers and vendors alike. It should take about 45 minutes to get there via bus from the Skybus Coach Terminal. Springtime in Melbourne is a sight to behold and a great time to do some shopping.

    Content Summary

    • Check out some of the best Melbourne has to offer below: Midnight burger cravings? Butcher's Diner is your best bet.
    • The Butcher's Diner is a 24-hour establishment that serves a variety of meat dishes.
    • Not only does it have one of the best burgers in Melbourne, but it also caters to non-meat eaters.
    • Butchers Diner is the newest addition to Melbourne's growing collection of late-night establishments.
    • The majority of the dishes on the menu have a European focus, but there are also some that draw from other parts of the world (like the United States, Japan, and China).
    • In addition, there is a unique one-plate meal that changes frequently and offers something new and exciting to try every day.
    • Falafel on a daily salad is $10, wood-fired seasonal vegetables are $8, a crispy tofu noodle salad is $10, and an American-style vegan hash is $12.
    • If none of those sound good, there's a brand-new vegan vending machine open 24/7 with everything priced at $10 or less if you really need something to eat.
    • It may be one of Melbourne's first 24-hour food shrines, but during peak mealtimes, it's just as busy as any other restaurant.
    • Fitzroy, located in central Melbourne, represents the city's alternative scene.
    • Visit the Rose Street Artists' Market on a Saturday or Sunday morning to see the work of local artists.
    • Hotel amenities at the Melbourne Star have been expanded as of late.
    • Peter Rowland has spruced up the experience by making a Sparkling Flight.
    • Delicious sweet and savoury canapés are served in the privacy of your Private Cabin on the Melbourne Star.
    • If you want to treat yourself, why not spring for the Sights, Lights, and Delights package, which grants you entry to every major tourist destination in Melbourne?
    • Day trips spent kayaking on the Yarra River are highly recommended.
    • In our favour, a river cuts through the middle of town.
    • Moonlight kayak tours on the Yarra River are available from Kayak Melbourne.
    • Enjoy Michelin-quality food for under $10.
    • Famous cricket ground in Melbourne, Australia
    • Sport-crazed With the Melbourne Cricket Ground as its centrepiece, Melbourne is unquestionably Victoria's sporting mecca.
    • 'The G'
    • As a cultural icon and one of the world's finest cricket stadiums, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), or "The G" as locals and cricket fans around the world call it, is a must-see for visitors to Australia.
    • The massive Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) hosts more than 90 days of cricket and Australian football each year, with a seating capacity of 100,000.
    • Tobogganing is a blast on Lake Mountain, thanks to its perfect slopes.
    • With rates for caravan and holiday parks starting at just $95, they are within reach of even the most financially strapped travellers.
    • The Woodlands Rainforest Retreat in Narbethong is a great option for those looking for a luxurious getaway, and it's only a half-hour drive from Lake Mountain.
    • In the Queen Victoria Market
    • Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia, first opened to the public on March 20, 1878.
    • There are specific times of year when the Queen Victoria Market is open, but it is always open on Wednesday evenings.
    • In May of 2019, Vic Market became the first retailer in the country to outlaw the use of single-use plastic bags and straws.
    • To get to the Queen Vic, this is the best way to get there
    • Call it a taxi, a shuttle, or a cab; the concept is the same.
    • You can get from Melbourne Airport to Queen Victoria Market via shuttles, taxis, or standard taxis.
    • Alternatively, a taxi or cab can take you to Queen Victoria Market in just 17 minutes.
    • Bus transportation:
    • It should take about 45 minutes by bus from the Skybus Coach Terminal to reach the destination.
    • Getting from the airport to Vic Market will take about 17 minutes if you drive, which is much faster and more affordable than taking any other mode of transportation.
    • Successfully Navigating Queen Victoria Market at the Right Time
    • The Queen Victoria Market is most popular from September through November and from March through May, when the weather is typically mild.
    • The best time to visit the market, if you wish to avoid the throngs of people there, is first thing in the morning.
    • The best time to go shopping at Queen Vic and score the lowest prices is late in the day.


    FAQs About Melbourne

    Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, known for its music, art centres and museums, and celebration and expression of art. It has been ranked, year after year, the most 'livable city' and it's not hard to see why. Everyone is extremely laid back and there are always good vibes floating throughout the city.

    There are a few reasons why Melbourne is considered such a great place to live: there are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers an awesome arts and culture scene, first-rate universities and easy lifestyle.

    We're proud to have consistently ranked as one of the world's top three most liveable cities since the index began in 2002. Our cohesive and stable society, healthcare, education and world-class infrastructure make Melbourne a magnificent city in which to live, work and study.

    ​Melbourne is open for business, shopping, dining, exploration and of course, coffee. We've missed you, and while you've been staying safe at home, we've been supporting our local businesses and creating a captivating Melbourne for residents to enjoy and visitors to return to.

    With heaps of stuff to do, see, eat (and of course, drink), the Yarra Valley is still Victoria's ultimate city escape. You can get everything here: boutique hotels among the trees, some of Australia's best wineries, highly renowned cheese shops and some truly epic drives.

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